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August 14, 2008 – During a regularly scheduled meeting today, the Campaign Finance
Board assessed penalties against one campaign, reviewed a formal petition challenging a
determination of non-payment by the Board, dismissed a complaint against the 2005
campaign of Manhattan borough president candidate Scott Stringer, and adopted
proposed changes to Board Rules for public comment.

Penalties and a finding of breach of certification were assessed against the 2005 City
Council campaign of Danny King. For a complete list, see below.

The Board considered a Rule 5-02(a) petition from Stephen B. Kaufman, a 2005 City
Council candidate, challenging the Board’s denial of a post-election public funds
payment. Mr. Kaufman’s campaign received $63,528 in public funds prior to the 2005
primary election, but was denied further payment because it could not demonstrate
compliance with the primary election expenditure limit. Following a post-election audit,
the Board determined that the Kaufman campaign had exceeded the primary election
expenditure limit by $9,076, and did not provide the Kaufman campaign with an
additional public funds payment. The Kaufman campaign filed a Rule 5-02(a) petition to
challenge that determination. The Board denied the petition, and announced that it will
“not grant campaigns which have been found to have exceeded the expenditure limit any
additional public funds.” The formal determination can be found here.

The Board also dismissed a complaint filed in 2005 by Eva Moskowitz, candidate for
Manhattan borough president, against one of her primary election opponents, Scott
Stringer. Ms. Moskowitz alleged that certain electioneering activities supporting Mr.
Stringer and opposing Ms. Moskowitz conducted by the Working Families Party (WFP)
were coordinated with the Stringer Campaign, and as such, represented an in-kind
contribution in violation of the contribution limit. After an extensive investigation, the
Board was unable to find evidence of any coordination between the Stringer Campaign
and the WFP. The formal determination can be found here.

The Board also issued for public comment proposed changes to its Rules. The proposed
changes would conform the Board’s Rules to recent amendments to the Campaign
Finance Act contained in Local Laws 34 and 67 of 2007. These changes also, among
other things, clarify the applicable limits on contributions from contributors having
business dealings with the City and contributions from entities controlled by such
contributors. In addition, proposed new Rule 1-08(c) clarifies the timing and evidentiary
requirements to demonstrate to the Board that a primary election was reasonably
anticipated. Proposed new Rule 4-01 would clarify, among other things, how records for

credit card contributions must be kept, and proposed new Rule 4-04 would clarify that a
campaign’s failure to keep or produce records could result in a determination that the
campaign made unqualified expenditures or that the campaign must return excess public
funds to the Board. Written public comments will be accepted until September 22, 2008,
the date of the public hearing on the proposed Rule changes.

                                      Penalties Assessed

Candidate   Office    Funds                      Violation                     Penalty
             CD                                                                             $14,595
 Danny               $39,623    Failing to report an in-kind contribution     $100
             #41                                                                           and breach
                                Making cash disbursements greater than
                                $100                                          $194
                                Maintaining a petty cash fund greater than
                                $500                                          $185
                                Filing Statement 17 one day late              $50
                                18.49% monetary receipts variance             $500
                                24.34% monetary disbursements variance        $500
                                76.78% cash receipts variance                 $2,000
                                Failing to provide itemized deposit slips     $50
                                Making $20,000 in non-campaign related
                                expenditures and $320 in improper post-       $1,016
                                election expenditures
                                Falsification of contribution documentation
                                                                              and breach


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