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       I need your help! I have customers that are having problems with
ultimate mascara, some say it goes on clumpy no matter what they do and
some say it feels heavy. What can I do, what should I do?


Mary Kay Independent Senior Executive Sales Director

Nashville, TN

Simple fix!!! I think where there has been some confusion concerning the
understanding of the “smart wipe system“. I, as most of you thought “smart wipe“
meant it cleaned more product off the brush. I have come to discover that this is
not the case.

       Apparently research and focus groups led to the discovery that many of
you and your customers wanted more product on the brush for a faster one coat
application. So if that is the case for you or your customers then you can now
achieve what you want faster.

        For those of you experiencing any clumpy or heavy application- this is an
easy fix, we just need to remove some of the product from the brush before
applying our mascara. Those of you that know me, are aware that I always do
multiple coat mascara application, which as you know means multiple thin coats,
letting each coat dry in-between. So I always clean excess product off my brush
before I apply all my coats of mascara.

        By apply thinner coats using less mascara; you will fix any issues with a
clumpy or heavy application of your ultimate mascara. I hope this helps all of

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