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August 16, 2006                                                                  Michelle Garakian

     Measure Protects Drinking Water, Improves Water Supply & Protects Natural Resources.

Los Angeles — The Los Angeles Business Council today announced its support for
Proposition 84, the Clean Water, Parks and Coastal Protection Bond Act that will appear on the
November 2006 statewide ballot. The measure seeks to protect drinking water quality, improve
water supply and protect our precious natural resources.

California is facing enormous population growth in the coming years, with 25 million new
residents expected by 2040. But our state’s investment in infrastructure has not kept pace with
population growth. Current funding for water quality, water supply reliability, natural resources
and environmental protection programs is critically low, with past bond funds running out as
early as this year. The lack of funding will cause significant and widespread problems for all
Californians, ranging from the safety of our drinking water supply, and vulnerability to destructive
flooding, to the most basic conditions of our parks, bays and coastline.

Proposition 84 will provide $5.4 billion to fund critically needed improvements and programs to
ensure safe drinking water, local water supply reliability, flood protection, and preservation of
California’s natural landscapes, including parks, forests, lakes, rivers, beaches, bays, ocean and

Proposition 84 brings specific benefits to the Los Angeles area, that helps the local
economy, including:
* $72 million to clean up the Los Angeles and San Gabriel Rivers
* $215 million in clean drinking water programs and projects
* $45 million to protect the Santa Monica Bay and its watersheds and beaches
* 45 million for improvements to the Santa Ana River Parkway

“Proposition 84 serves to protect our natural resources and works to ensure
that future generations have the same opportunities and access to resources
that we have today,” said Los Angeles Business Council Energy and Environmental Co-Chair
and Interfaith Environmental Council President Lee H. Wallach

Los Angeles Business Council now joins a broad coalition of more than 260 water,
conservation, business and civic organizations and leadders. Supporters include: Governor
Arnold Schwarzenegger, U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein, Metropolitan Water District of Southern
California, Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce, League of California Cities, and The
Nature Conservancy.
The Los Angeles Business Council (LABC) is a nonprofit association of more than 300 businesses, agencies and individuals working to address
critical issues and concerns that impact the business climate and economic health of Los Angeles. As a 70-year-old advocacy and educational
institution representing the business and professional community, the LABC serves as an influential link between the public and private sectors
in Los Angeles, connecting the power of business with the power of government to improve the state of the region.

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