Retouching Handcoloring lip palette by benbenzhou

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Retouching Handcoloring lip palette

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									        Retouching / Handcoloring

    Ink Jet Canvas

             A. Marshall’s InkJet Canvas Sheets
             The lastest dimension in handcoloring your own creations. Marshall’s
             InkJet Canvas, a specially coated inkject receptive artist canvas.
             Acid-free. Woven. Richly textured. Compatible with most inkjet
             printers. Specially coated.

             MFG#                 Description                           Price
             MSIJC10              8.5 x 11 - 10 pack                    $17.95
             MSIJC6               11 x 17 - 6 pack                      $33.50

             B. Marshall’s Inkjet Canvas and Photo Oils Set
             The latest dimension in handcoloring your own creations. Marshall’s
             inkjet canvas, a specially coated inkjet receptive artist canvas. Acid-
             free, Woven, Richly textured, Compatible with most inkjet printers,
             Specially coated.
A        B
             MFG#                 Description                           Price
             MSCANCOMBO           Inkjet Canvas and Photo Oils Set      $38.95

             C. Memories by Marshalls Inkjet Photo Paper Set
             Inkjet Photo Paper Set. 10 sheets - 8.5 x 11

             MFG#                 Description                           Price
             MSSMMPAPER           Inkjet Photo Paper Set                $8.99

             D. Memories by Marshalls Assorted Inkjet
             Paper Pack
             Assorted Inkjet Paper Pack. 3 inkjet canvas, 7 inkjet paper - 8.5x11

             MFG#                 Description                           Price
             MSMMASSORT           Assorted Inkjet Paper Pack            $10.99

             E. Marshall Black & White Ready-To-Color
             Photo Sets
             Marshall Black and White Photo Sets feature professional black and
C       D    white photographs by photographer Cheryl WInser. Each set con-
             tains three pictures on a selected theme. The gerneral directions
             and “before and after” pictures of each photograph appear on the
             back. These photographs are printed on semi-matte polycontrast

             MFG#                 Description                           Price
             MSPHS2               Pure Romance - 8 x 10                 $10.95
             MSPHS3               Child Smiles - 8 x 10                 $10.95
             MSPHS4               Kids At Play - 5 x 7                  $8.95
             MSPHS5               Fancy Flowers - 5 x 7                 $8.95
             MSPHS6               Babys Room - 5 x 7                    $8.95

             F. Marshalls Exclusive Greeting Card
             Collection Series
             Marshall’s Exclusive Greeting Card line features world famous pho-
             tographers and artists. They share with you their treasured images
             to handcolor with Marshallís Photo Oils. Add your own greeting on
             the inside and send to a friend or keep for yourself and frame. Each
             card is printed on fine card stock, just prime with Marhallí Extender
             and handcolor your very own Colorful Greetings Creation. Each set
E        F
             contains 2 each of 4 different sepia toned cards and 8 envelopes

             MFG#                 Description                           Price
             MSPHC1SET            Floral Fantasies                      $8.95
             MSPHC2SET            Adorable Bears                        $8.95
             MSPHC3SET            Victorian                             $8.95

Retouching / Handcoloring

                                     Marshall Ready-To-Color Photo and Card Sets

    A. Marshall’s Canvas and Card Set
    Enjoy handcoloring canvas art and cards with Marshall’s Photo
    Coloring System. Each set contains one - 8x10 canvas sepia-toned
    print and one matching greeting card with envelope.

    MFG#                 Description                            Price
    MSCANCAR1            Wicker Flower Combo                    $10.95
    MSCANCAR3            Chest of Flowers                       $10.95

    B. Marshall’s Three Canvas Sets
    Enjoy handcoloring canvas art with Marshalls Photo Coloring System.
    Not only are Marshallís Photo Oils the perfect choice for handcoloring
    black and white prints, but also for coloring beautiful photos on
    artist canvas. The canvases included in these sets are ready for you       A       B
    to color. Hancolor each of three images in the Romantic Reflections
    Canvas set, Fabulous Flowers Set, or Steppin Out set.

    MFG#                 Description                            Price
    MSCANV1              Fabulous Flowers                       $21.95
    MSCANV2              Steppin Out                            $21.95
    MSCANV3              Reflections                            $21.95

    C. Memories by Marshalls Photo Set
    Photo Set (3 - 5x7 pictures)

    MFG#                 Description                            Price
    MSMMPHSET            Photo Set                              $7.99

    D. Memories by Marshalls Student Handcoloring                              C       D
    Memories by Marshalls Student Handcoloring Kit (4 student oils, 2 -
    8x10 pictures).

    MFG#                 Description                            Price
    MSMMSHK2             Student Handcoloring Kit               $17.99

    E. Memories by Marshalls Canvas Student Oil Set
    Canvas Student Oil Set (3 canvas, 5 student oils, instructional CD)

    MFG#                 Description                            Price
    MSMMCOMBO            Canvas Student Oil Set                 $25.99

    F. Marshall’s Book “Marshall’s Handcoloring
    Guide                                                                          E
    The Official Guide to Handcoloring from the John G. Marshall compa-
    ny. Inside these 100 full-color pages, you’ll find a gallery featuring
    the work of over forty artists. Also included are sections covering
    the history of handcoloring, a material guide, getting started, papers
    and toners, insider information, step-by-step approaches portraits,
    landscapes, and still-life handcoloring, artists’ directory, and working
    with new media. Printed on heavy-duty gloss paper.

    MFG#                 Description                            Price
    MSBK                 Handcoloring Guide and Gallery         $21.95


                                                                     Retouching / Handcoloring

                                                    Marshalls Accessories

                                  A                                  B                                  C                                       D

                                  E                                  F                                  G                                       H

A. Marshall’s Marlene                                                    E. Memories by Marshalls 2 Brush Set
A cleaner for removing and cleaning colors from photos and palette       2 Brush Set (Gold Taklon)

MFG#                Description                         Price            MFG#                 Description                           Price
MSBLM1              1 oz. bottle blister pack           $8.95            MSMMBRUSH            2 Brush Set                           $5.99
MSM                 4 oz. bottle                        $12.25
MSM1                1 oz. bottle                        $8.95

                                                                         F. Marshall’s Artist Wipes
                                                                         Convenient canister with a pop-up cover for easy dispensing of per-
B. Marshall’s Fine Lady Dual Ended Brush                                 forated wipes. They are tough enough to clean the messiest of tools
Marshall’s Fine Lady Dual Ended Brush                                    yet gentle enough to wipe your hands because they contain a unique
                                                                         blend of natural citrus cleaners, plant extracts, jojoba oil, vitamin E,
MFG#                Description                         Price            aloe vera, wheat germ extract and biodegradeable surfactania.
MSFLBRUSH           Fine Lady Dual Ended Brush          $12.95
                                                                         MFG#                 Description                           Price
                                                                         MSWIPE               Artist Wipes                          $10.95

C. Memories by Marshalls PM Solution 1 oz.
PM Solution 1 oz.                                                        G. Marshall’s Skewers
                                                                         Skewers - Pack of 12
MFG#                Description                         Price
MSMMPMS             PM Solution - 1 oz.                 $8.95            MFG#                 Description                           Price
                                                                         MSSKEW               Skewers                               $2.15

D. Memories by Marshalls PreColor Spray
PreColor Spray                                                           H. Marshall’s Eraser
                                                                         Pencil style eraser to use with Marshall Photo Oils. Actually erases
MFG#                Description                         Price            mistakes and over-runs easily and quickly. Use before Oils dry.
MSMMPCS             PreColor Spray                      $13.25
                                                                         MFG#                 Description                           Price
                                                                         MSERASER             Eraser                                $2.20

Retouching / Handcoloring

                                                             Marshalls Accessories

    A. Marshall’s Mixing Tray - 10 Well
    Heavy duty white plastic mixing palettes. 10 well round tray comes
    with snap-on see through plastic cover, which helps keep Oils fresh

    MFG#                 Description                             Price
    MS400201             10 well Mixing Tray                     $3.25
    MS400202             6 well Mixing Tray                      $2.15

    B. Marshall’s Extender
    A colorless product of the same consistency and general properties as
    Marshall Oils. Makes color paler without thinning it. Excellent for
    cleaning small areas.

    MFG#                 Description                             Price
    MSEX2                1/2 x 2” tube                           $9.95               A       B
    MSEX4                3/4 x 4” tube                           $10.95

    C. Marshall’s Drier
    A little of this salve-like product mixed with Marshall Oil Colors will
    dry even thick brush application of the paints in six hours. Will not
    harm the color or cause peeling or cracking.

    MFG#                 Description                             Price
    MSDR                 3/4” x 4” tube                          $12.25

    D. Marshall’s Blend-All Blender Pencil
    Colorless Blender pencil allows you to blend colors smoothly with soft
    strokes. When handcoloring black and white photos with Marshallís
    Photo Oils and detailing with Marshallís Photo Pencils, you may use
    Marshallís Blend-All Colorless Blender Pencil to effortlessly blend the
    two mediums together.
                                                                                     C       D
    MFG#                 Description                             Price
    MSPBLEND             Blend-All Blender Pencil                $4.40

    E. Marshall’s Pre-Color Spray
    Used to pretreat glossy black and white prints, sepia or brown-tone
    prints, color prints, resin-coated photographic papers, canvas or can-
    vas board to allow them to accept Marshall Photo Oils or Marshall
    Color Pencils. 13 fl. oz. can.

    MFG#                 Description                             Price
    MSPCS                Pre-Color Spray                         $13.25

    F. Marshall’s P.M.S. Solution
    A solution of Marshall Liquid Medium in turpentine. Prepared as a
    convenience to the colorist. 4 oz. bottle.
                                                                                     E       F
    MFG#                 Description                             Price
    MSPMS1               1 oz. bottle                            $8.95
    MSPMS                4 oz. bottle                            $12.25

    G. Marshall Red Sable Brushes
    Excellent brushes for critical opaquing, spotting and retouching
    processes. Features red sable bristles, seamless ferrules on lacquered
    hardwood handles. Available in sizes from superfine 5/0 to no. 2. Use
    with Marshall Oils, Spot-All Liquids and Retouching Colors.

    MFG#                 Description                             Price
    MS0                  Retouching     Brush   -0               $5.95
    MS2/0                Retouching     Brush   2/0              $5.25
    MS3/0                Retouching     Brush   3/0              $4.75
    MS4/0                Retouching     Brush   4/0              $4.45
    MS5/0                Retouching     Brush   5/0              $3.75

                                                                         Retouching / Handcoloring

                                                              Photo Oil Sets

A. Marshall Oil Colors
Discover the diversity and satisfaction of direct image enhancement
via hand applied altered techniques on prints, film, transparencies,
negatives and other surfaces.The merging of painting techniques
with your own photographic imagery enables you to artistically
attain the best of both worlds — creating Colorful Creations to cher-
ish yourself or shair with others. Marshall products may be used
alone or in combination of any of these methods:

• Toning-Airbrushing
• Overlaying of oil colors on toned or retouched prints to produce
  other colored effects
• Applying Photo Pencils over or in combination with Photo Oils
• Applying Photo Oil colors over Spot-All Dyes after liquid has dried
• Applying oils in a light to heavy range with brush or palette knife.
• And always remember to prepare glossy prints with Marshall’s Pre
  Color Spray.                                                             MFG#             Description                        Price
                                                                           1/2” x 2” Tubes:
MFG#                Description                            Price           Flesh Colors:
1/2” x 2” Tubes:                                                           MSBL2BF          Basic Flesh                        $10.95
MSBL2AFB         Air Force Blue                            $10.95          MSBL2BFS         Basic Flesh Shadow                 $10.95
MSBL2BS          Burnt Sienna                              $10.95          MSBL2CFS         Combination Flesh Shadow           $10.95
MSBL2C           Carmine                                   $10.95          MSBL2F           Flesh                              $10.95
MSBL2CB          Chinese Blue                              $10.95          MSBL2F2          Flesh No. 2                        $10.95
MSBL2CBX         Chinese Blue Extra Strong                 $10.95          MSBL2F3          Flesh No. 3                        $10.95
MSBL2CE          Cerise                                    $10.95          3/4” x 4” Tubes:
MSBL2CH          Cheek                                     $10.95          MS4AFB           Air Force Blue                     $13.50
MSBL2CO          Cadmium Orange                            $10.95          MS4BS            Burnt Sienna                       $13.50
MSBL2COX         Cadmium Orange Extra Strong               $10.95          MS4C             Carmine                            $13.50
MSBL2CV          Cobalt Violet                             $10.95          MS4CB            Chinese Blue                       $13.50
MSBL2CVX         Cobalt Violet Extra Strong                $10.95          MS4CBX           Chinese Blue Extra Strong          $13.50
MSBL2CY          Cadmium Yellow                            $10.95          MS4CE            Cerise                             $13.50
MSBL2CYD         Cadmium Yellow Deep                       $10.95          MS4CH            Cheek                              $13.50
MSBL2CYDX        Cadmium Yellow Deep Extra Strong          $10.95          MS4CO            Cadmium Orange                     $13.50
MSBL2CYX         Cadmium Yellow Extra Strong               $10.95          MS4CV            Cobalt Violet                      $13.50
MSBL2IB          Ivory Black                               $10.95          MS4CVX           Cobalt Violet Extra Strong         $13.50
MSBL2IBX         Ivory Black Extra Strong                  $10.95          MS4CX            Carmine Extra Strong               $13.50
MSBL2K           Khaki                                     $10.95          MS4CY            Cadmium Yellow 3                   $13.50
MSBL2L           Lip e                                     $10.95          MS4CYD           Cadmium Yellow Deep                $13.50
MSBL2LR          Lipstick Red                              $10.95          MS4CYDX          Cadmium Yellow Deep Extra Strong   $13.50
MSBL2NB          Navy Blue                                 $10.95          MS4CYX           Cadmium Yellow Extra Strong        $13.50
MSBL2NT          Neutral Tint                              $10.95          MS4IB            Ivory Black                        $13.50
MSBL2OG          Oxide Green                               $10.95          MS4IBX           Ivory Black Extra Strong           $13.50
MSBL2OGX         Oxide Green Extra Strong                  $10.95          MS4L             Lip                                $13.50
MSBL2PG          Paynes Gray                               $10.95          MS4LR            Lipstick Red                       $13.50
MSBL2PGX         Paynes Gray Extra Strong                  $10.95          MS4NB            Navy Blue                          $13.50
MSBL2RS          Raw Sienna                                $10.95          MS4NT            Neutral Tint                       $13.50
MSBL2RSX         Raw Sienna Extra Strong                   $10.95          MS4OG            Oxide Green                        $13.50
MSBL2S           Sepia                                     $10.95          MS4OGX           Oxide Green Extra Strong           $13.50
MSBL2SB          Serge Blue                                $10.95          MS4PG            Paynes Green                       $13.50
MSBL2SKB         Sky Blue                                  $10.95          MS4PGX           Paynes Green Extra Strong          $13.50
MSBL2SX          Sepia Extra Strong                        $10.95          MS4RS            Raw Sienna                         $13.50
MSBL2TG          Tree Green                                $10.95          MS4S             Sepia                              $13.50
MSBL2TGX         Treen Green Extra Strong                  $10.95          MS4SB            Serge Blue                         $13.50
MSBL2TW          Titanium White                            $10.95          MS4SKB           Sky Blue                           $13.50
MSBL2UB          Ultra Blue                                $10.95          MS4SX            Sepia Extra Strong                 $13.50
MSBL2UBX         Ultra Blue Extra Strong                   $10.95          MS4TW            Titanium White                     $13.50
MSBL2V           Vermillion                                $10.95          MS4UB            Ultra Blue                         $13.50
MSBL2VB          Verona Brown                              $10.95          MS4UBX           Ultra Blue Extra Strong            $13.50
MSBL2VBX         Verona Brown Extra Strong                 $10.95          MS4VB            Verona Brown                       $13.50
MSBL2VG          Viridian Green                            $10.95          MS4VG            Viridian Green                     $13.50
MSBL2VGX         Viridian Green Extra Strong               $10.95          MS4VGX           Viridian Green Extra Strong        $13.50
MSBL2VX          Vermillion Extra Strong                   $10.95          Background Colors:
Background Colors:                                                         MS4BA            Background Aqua                    $13.50
MSBL2BA          Background Aqua                           $10.95          MS4GBB           Grayed Background Blue             $13.50
MSBL2BT          Background Tan                            $10.95          Flesh Colors:
MSBL2GBB         Grayed Background Blue                    $10.95          MS4BF            Basic Flesh                        $13.50
MSBL2GBG         Grayed Background Green                   $10.95          MS4BFS           Basic Flesh Shadow                 $13.50
                                                                           MS4CFS           Combination Flesh Shadow           $13.50
                                                                           MS4F             Flesh                              $13.50

Retouching / Handcoloring

                                                                 Photo Oil Sets

                                                                                C. Marshall’s Hobby Oil Set
                                                                                Contains 15 assorted 1/2 x 2” tubes of oil color, 3/4 x 4” tubes of
                                                                                Extender and Drier, 1 oz. bottle of P.M.S; a mixing palette, skewers,
                                                                                cotton and instructions for use with black and white and color photo-

                                                                                MFG#                Description                           Price
                                                                                MSHS                Hobby Oil Set                         $77.95

                                      A                                     B   D. Marshall’s Learn to Color with Photos Set
                                                                                Contains 9 assorted 1/2” x 2” oil color tubes, a 1/2” x 2” Tube of
                                                                                Extender, 1 oz. bottle of P.M.Solution, skewers, cotton and instruc-
                                                                                tions. Also includes one - 3 picture assorted Black and White - 8” x
                                                                                10” Photo Set.

                                                                                MFG#                Description                           Price
                                                                                MSLCS               Learn to Color Oil Set 9 oil set      $38.95
                                                                                MSLCSP              Learn to Color with Photos Set        $49.95

                                                                                E. Marshall’s Advanced Oil Set
                                                                                Contains 20 assorted 1/2 x 2” tubes of oil color, 3/4 x 4” tubes of
                                      C                                     D   Extender and Drier, 1 oz. bottles of P.M.S. and Duolac; a mixing
                                                                                palette, skewers, cotton and instructions for use with black and white
                                                                                and color photographs.

                                                                                MFG#                Description                           Price
                                                                                MSAS                Advanced Oil Set                      $99.95

                                                                                F. Marshall’s Master Oil Set
                                                                                Contains 46 assorted 1/2 x 2” tubes of oil color, 3/4 x 4” tubes of
                                                                                Extender and Drier, 1 oz. bottles of P.M.S. and Duolac; a mixing
                                                                                palette, skewers, cotton and instructions for use with black and white
                                                                                and color photographs.

                                                                                MFG#                Description                           Price
                                      E                                     F   MSMS                Master Oil Set                        $177.95

                                                                                G. Memories by Marshalls 8 Tube Student Oil Set
    A. Marshall Oil Sets                                                        Memories by Marshalls 8 Tube Student Oil Set (8 student oils)
    Rediscover the satisfaction of handcoloring photographs, using the
    time-honored Marshall system. Marshall’s Photo Oils are transparent         MFG#                Description                           Price
    oil colors that are intermixable, permanent, and highly concentrated.       MSMMOIL             8 Tube Student Oil Set                $18.99
    MFG#                Description                          Price
    MSELA               Extra Large Tube Set A               $119.95
                        (contains standard colors)
    MSELB               Extra Large Tube Set B               $119.95
                        (contains extra-strong colors)

    B. Marshall’s Introductory Oil Set
    Contains 5 assorted 1/2 x 2” oil color tubes, a 1/2 oz. bottle of
    P.M.S., cotton, skewers and instructions for use with black and white
    and color photographs.

    MFG#                Description                          Price
    MSIS                Introductory Oil Set                 $21.95


                                                                        Retouching / Handcoloring

                                             Photo Oil Sets / Retouch Colors

A. Marshall Portait Set
Contains 10 assorted 1/2” x 2” oil color tubes, 6 photo pencils, a
1/2” x 2” tube of Extender, eraser, skewers, cotton and “how to”
instructions for coloring portraits.

MFG#                Description                           Price
MSPOR               Portait Set                           $55.50

B. Marshall’s Metallic Paint Set
Perfect for adding special glimmering effects to your handcolored
creations. Let your creativity shine by adding these four iridescent
colors to your palette. Apply the gold or copper to special areas to
add that regal touch or apply the silver to areas that need an extra
shimmer. Use the pearl alone or mix with any of Marshallís Photo                                        A                                    B
Oils to create a whole palette of new frosted colors.
Contains 4 - 20mil tubes of acrylic paints; Bright Gold, Copper, Silver
and Pearl; 1 oz. bottle of non-toxic brush cleaner; 1 - detail oriented
paint brush

MFG#                Description                           Price
MSMPSET             Metallic Paint Set                    $27.95

C. Marshall Spot-all - Individual colors
Marshall Spot-all - Individual colors
Spot-All Kit - 3 Contains: blue/black, selenium brown, neutral black
in 1/2 oz. dropper bottles.
Spot-All Kit - 6 Contains: blue/black, selenium brown, neutral black,
sepia tone, brown tone, olive tone in 1/2 oz. dropper bottles.

MFG#                Description                           Price                                         C                                    D
MSCBB               Blue Black                            $4.40
MSCBT               Brown Tone                            $4.40
MSCNB               Neutral Black                         $4.40
MSCOT               Olive Tone                            $4.40           D. Marshall Retouch Colors - Individual Bottles
MSCSB               Selenium Brown                        $4.40           Marshall’s Liquid Retouching Colors are self-blending and can be
MSCST               Sepia Tone                            $4.40           applied over each other until desired shades are reached.
MS3B                Spot-all Kit - 3                      $9.95
MS6BT               Spot-all Kit - 6                      $21.95          MFG#                Description                          Price
                                                                          MSRC1               Retouching Color - Group 1           $55.50
                                                                          MSRC2               Retouching Color - Group 2           $55.50
                                                                          MSRC3               Retouching Color - Group 3           $55.50
C.P.M. SpotOut Brush                                                      MSRCCA              Aqua                                 $8.95
Premium series of SpotOut brushes for retouching negatives and            MSRCCBB             Basic Brown                          $8.95
prints. 100% sable brushes feature superb point retention and long        MSRCCBBK            Basic Black                          $8.95
life. Note - #10/0 is the finest point (very fine).                       MSRCCBBL            Basic Blue                           $8.95
                                                                          MSRCCBF             Basic Flesh                          $8.95
MFG#                Description                           Price           MSRCCBG             Basic Green                          $8.95
CPM15110            #0                                    $5.95           MSRCCBGR            Basic Gray                           $8.95
CPM15120            #2/0                                  $5.95           MSRCCBO             Bright Orange                        $8.95
CPM15130            #3/0                                  $5.95           MSRCCBR             Bright Red                           $8.95
CPM15150            #5/0                                  $5.95           MSRCCBRV            Bright Violet                        $8.95
CPM15160            #10/0                                 $5.95           MSRCCBS              Burnt Sienna                        $8.95
CPM15230            #3/0 - economy, bulk                  $3.95           MSRCCBV             Basic Violet                         $8.95
                                                                          MSRCCC              Cheek                                $8.95
                                                                          MSRCCFG             Foliage Green                        $8.95
                                                                          MSRCCFS             Flesh Shadow                         $8.95
                                                                          MSRCCLR             Lipstick Red                         $8.95
                                                                          MSRCCOG             Oxide Green                          $8.95
                                                                          MSRCCPB             Primary Blue                         $8.95
                                                                          MSRCCPR             Primary Red                          $8.95
                                                                          MSRCCPY             Primary Yellow                       $8.95
                                                                          MSRCCRS             Raw Sienna                           $8.95
                                                                          MSRCCSB             Sky Blue                             $8.95
                                                                          MSRCCVB             Verona Brown                         $8.95
                                                                          MSRCCVE             Viridian                             $8.95

Retouching / Handcoloring

                                                               Retouch Pencils

                                                                             B. Marshall Starter Pencil Set
                                                                             Contains 9 assorted pencils, 1/2 oz. bottle of P.M.S., cotton, skewers
                                                                             and instructions for use with black and white and color photographs.

                                                                             MFG#                 Description                          Price
                                                                             MSSPSET              Starter Pencil Set                   $27.95
                                                                             C. Marshall Color Retouching Pencils
                                                                             Perfect for small detail work. Can be used in conjunction with the
                                                                             Marshall oils. Contains 14 assorted color pencils, 1/2 oz. bottle of
    A. Marshall Oil Color Pencils                                            P.M.S., cotton, skewers and instructions for use with black and white
    Discover the diversity and satisfaction of direct image enhancement      and color photographs.
    via hand applied altered techniques on prints, film, transparencies,
    negatives and other surfaces. The merging of painting techniques
                                                                             MFG#                 Description                          Price
    with your own photographic imagery enables you to artistically attain    MSPSET               Color Retouching Pencils             $33.50
    the best of both worlds — creating Colorful Creations to cherish your-
    self or shair with others. Marshall products may be used alone or in
    combination of any of these methods:                                     D. Marshall “Tropical” Color Retouching Pencils
                                                                             Contains 14 assorted pencils including exciting new colors; Electric
    MFG#                 Description                         Price           Blue, Terra Cotta, Lemon Yellow, Olive Green, Blue Violet, Carmin
    MSMPBF               Blue Frost Metallic                 $3.50           Pink, Flesh, Pumpkin, Caribbean Green, Periwinkle Blue, Warm Pink,
    MSMPCF               Copper Frost Metallic               $3.50           Silver and Gold. Also includes 1/2 bottle of P.M. Solution, skewers,
    MSMPCHF              Chocolate Frost Metallic            $3.50           cotton and instructions.
    MSMPGF               Gold Frost Metallic                 $3.50
    MSMPGI               Green Ice Metallic                  $3.50           MFG#                 Description                          Price
    MSMPGRF              Green Frost Metallic                $3.50           MSTPSET              “Tropical” Color Pencils             $33.50
    MSMPLI               Lime Ice Metallic                   $3.50
    MSMPNI               Navy Ice Metallic                   $3.50
    MSMPPI               Purple Ice Metallic                 $3.50           E. Memories by Marshalls Portrait Pencil Set
    MSMPSF               Sienna Frost Metallic               $3.50           Portrait Pencil Set (6 skin tone pencils)
    MSMPSIF              Silver Frost Metallic               $3.50
                                                                             MFG#                 Description                          Price
    MSMPWF               Wine Frost Metallic                 $3.50
                                                                             MSMMPP               Portrait Pencil Set                  $16.99
    MSPBV                Blue Violet - Pencil                $3.50
    MSPCG                Caribbean Green - Pencil            $3.50
    MSPCH                Cheek                               $3.50
    MSPCO                Cadmium Orange                      $3.50
    MSPCV                Cobalt Violet                       $3.50
    MSPCY                Cadmium Yellow                      $3.50
    MSPCYD               Cadmium Yellow Deep                 $3.50
    MSPEB                Electric Blue                       $3.50
    MSPGO                Gold                                $3.50
    MSPIB                Ivory Black                         $3.50
    MSPLR                Lipstick Red                        $3.50
    MSPLY                Lemon Yellow                        $3.50
    MSPMA                Mauve                               $3.50
    MSPNB                Navy Blue                           $3.50
    MSPOG                Oxide Green                         $3.50
    MSPPB                Periwinkle Blue                     $3.50
    MSPPU                Pumpkin                             $3.50
    MSPRS                Raw Sienna                          $3.50
    MSPS                 Sepia                               $3.50
                                                                                                            B                                    C
    MSPSIL               Silver                              $3.50
    MSPSKB               Sky Blue                            $3.50
    MSPTB                Teal Blue                           $3.50
    MSPTC                Terra Cotta                         $3.50
    MSPTG                Tree Green                          $3.50
    MSPTW                Titanium White                      $3.50
    MSPUB                Ultra Blue                          $3.50
    MSPVB                Verona Brown                        $3.50
    MSPVG                Viridian Green                      $3.50
    MSPWP                Warm Pink                           $3.50

    Marshall Individual Retouching Pencils
    Please call for colors available

    MFG#                 Description                         Price
    MSP                  Individual Retouching Pencils       $3.25
                                                                                                            D                                    E

                                                                         Retouching / Handcoloring

                                                            Retouch Pencils

                                                                             A. Memories by Marshalls Metallic Pencil Set
                                                                             Marshalls Metallic Pencil Set (12 pencils)

                                                                             MFG#                Description                           Price
                                                                             MSMMPEN             Metallic Pencil Set                   $13.49

                                                                             B. Memories by Marshalls Blender Pencil
                                                                             Blender Pencil

                                                                             MFG#                Description                           Price
                                                                             MSMMPBLEND          Blender Pencil                        $4.40

                                      A                                  B
                                                                             C. SpotPen Black and White Retouching Pens
                                                                             SpotPens are designed to simplify the process of spotting b&w pho-
                                                                             tographs. Each brush-tip pen contains its own shade of photographic
                                                                             retouching dye from the lightest shades of gray to the blackest
                                                                             black. Pen tips are made of high-quality nylon fiber that gives them
                                                                             a fine brush point capability of a 000 sable brush. SpotPens are
                                                                             packaged in a clear, reclosable vinyl pouch. 10 pack

                                                                             MFG#                Description                           Price
                                                                             SOSP10K             B&W Retouching Pens                   $35.95
                                                                             SOSP10W             Warmtone B&W Pens                     $35.95

                                                                             Memories by Marshalls 3” Double Cotton Swab
                                                                             3” Double Cotton Swab - one side rounded - one side pointed - 25
                                  C                                      D
                                                                             MFG#                Description                           Price
                                                                             MSMMSWABS           3” Double Cotton Swab                 $2.95

E. SpotPen Color Retouching Pens
The SpotPen Color retouching pens are made of realistic colors that          D. Marshall’s Video “Handcoloring
blend and penetrate the photographic emulsion without leaving sur-           Photographs - The How To Handcolor”
face residue. Pen tips are made of high-quality nylon fiber that gives       Jim McKInnes, hailed as “one of the premier hand colorists of the
them a fine brush point capability of a 000 sable brush. SpotPen             world” by Darkroom Photography magazine, takes you through a
Color retouching pens contain photographic retouching dyes having            basic step-by-step method of handcoloring b&w photographs. You
the light fastness comparable to any leading color retouching dye.           will watch a photograph being handcolored from start to finish to
                                                                             see the process for yourself, as Mr. McKInnes explains his tech-
MFG#                Description                           Price              niques. You will also learn about all the materials you need to hand-
SOSP1C              Group   I                             $35.95             color your own photographs. A must for beginning hand-coloring
SOSP2C              Group   II                            $35.95             enthusiasts!
SOSP3C              Group   III                           $35.95
SOSP4C              Group   IV                            $35.95             MFG#                Description                           Price
                                                                             MSVIDEO             Video - Handcoloring Photographs      $27.95

F. SpotPen HandColoring Pen Sets
Easily create beautiful, one-of-a-kind handcolored images. The unique
system for handcoloring is fun and easy to use. They work breat on
both glossy and matte surfaces. The dye penetrates the emulsion, so
there is no need for a lacquer spray. SpotPen Handcoloring pens
have a broad chisel tip for even and controlled distribution. SpotPen
labels are colored coded, so its easy to select the color you want.
There are 8 pens per set, a total of 24 different colors available.

MFG#                Description                           Price
SOHC1K              Hand Coloring Kit                     $39.95
SOHCGRP2            HandColor Pen Set - Group 2           $35.95
SOHCGRP3            HandColor Pen Set - Group 3           $35.95
SOHCGRP4            HandColor Pen Set - Group 4           $35.95

                                                                                                            E                                    F

Retouching / Handcoloring

                                                             Retouch Pencils/Pens

     A. SpotPen HandColoring Pen Sets
     Each set contains 3 complimentary colors for specific highlighting of
     areas mentioned.

     MFG#                Description                           Price
     SOD1                Handcolor Pens - Eye Colors          $13.50
     SOD2                Handcolor Pens - Lip colors          $13.50
     SOD3                Handcolor Pens - Mixed detail colors $13.50
                                                                                                              A                                      B

     B. SpotPen Black Spot Remover Pen
     For removing those pesky black spots from white areas of your black
     and white prints. Use before you handcolor for that perfect looking

     MFG#                Description                           Price
     SOSPBP1             SpotPen Black Spot Remover Pen        $9.95                                                                                 D

     C. SpotPen Red Eye Retouching Pen
     Very fine point for ease in retouching Red Eye in all your snap-shots
     or important pictures

     MFG#                Description                           Price
     SORER               SpotPen Red Eye Retouching Pen        $3.75

     D. Spot Pen Dye Removing Pen
     For removing SpotPen dyes from prints when mistakes have been
     made. The Dye Remover Pen is also useful for blending and lighten-
     ing color during handcoloring as well as small area dye removal.

     MFG#                Description                           Price
     SOSPDRP             Dye Removing Pen                      $5.95
                                                                                                              E                                      F

     E. Flashpoint White Glow Remover Pen
     Private Label Products. Made especially for your Pet or animal pic-
     tures. Gets white glow out of your pet photos. Restores one of a kind
     photos instantly. Simple to use.

     MFG#                Description                           Price
     PLPI3000Z           White Glow Remover Pen - 12 pack      $58.50

     F. Flashpoint Photo Album Pen Kit
     Photo Album Pen Kit (Red-I, Gold and Silver Metallic)

     MFG#                Description                           Price
     PLPK2006            Photo Album Pen Kit                   $9.95

     G. Flashpoint Red-I Pen
     By Private Label Products. Rids Red-Eye from flash photos. Just like
     magic your favorite snap shots look like they were taken by a pro.
                                                                             SpotPen Video - Hand Tinting & Retouching
     MFG#                Description                           Price
     PLRI2000Z           Red-Eye Remover Pen - 12 pack         $58.50
                                                                             Learn how to use SpotPen from from their inventor, Tonya Evatt. Tonya
                                                                             teaches hand-tinting & retouching techniques. This is an easy, visual
                                                                             method of learning the techniques of SpotPen basics.

                                                                             MFG#               Description                         Price
                                                                             SOSPVDO            Hand Tinting & Retouching Photos    $29.95


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