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               Press Release
               18th March 2002
                                                      The Yacht of the New Millennium
Website                   Proa 2000                   (Asean Lady)
Contact        Mr Brian Chang-

               Mr Julian Chang-
               Executive Director

               Mr Delvin Kwek-
               VP (Marketing)

               Miss Oh Yen Ling
               Marketing Executive

               Mr Don Klennon
               Painting Director               The unique design & revolutionary lines takes the traditional yacht design into
                                               another dimension into the next Millennium 2000.
                                               Many believe that the Proa 2000 will hit the yachting community like the
                                               discovery of colour television decades ago. We definitely agree with them
                                               With a team of very capable engineers and designers from New Zealand
                                               lead by Ian Mitchell, the Proa 2000 is becoming a reality. Initially the plan
                                               was to have it built in fibreglass but the problems became too big and the
                                               owner finally chose steel.
 Equipment of Proa 2000
                                               The spark behind the new Millennium Yacht
 Main Engine - Caterpillar
                                               (Proa 2000)
 Propulsion - Kamewa (CRP)

 Air-Con - Heinen & Hopman                     Polynesian/Indonesian dug-out outrigger canoe has finally taken a new func-
                                               tion. The design has solved many of the biggest problems for a luxury yacht
 Navigation Equipment - JRC
                                               and these are space, noise, stability at anchor, stability while cruising and
 Paint - Jotun/US Paints                       large windows. Blending the ancient Proa design concept with the latest
                                               yacht engineering know-how was more then a stroke of genius – it will be
 Water Makers - Village Marine Tec
                                               the seed that will stimulate new concepts in mega yacht designs in the next
 Class - ABS                                   millennium.

  Press Release
        The owner of the Proa 2000 has sailed several yachts in the last 20 years
        and was looking for a yacht that would be stable enough to provide
        maximum comfort for his guests. He felt that the dug-out with the outrigger
        would be the answer. Ian Mitchell with an in house team from New Zealand
        and specialists, together with the Houston office of the American Bureauof

        Proa 2000 Dimensions.
        Main Hull
        Length                              88.15 metres
        Beam                                7.8 metres
        Draft                               3.5 metres

        Outrigger Hull
        Length                              42.00 metres
        Beam                                3.9 metres
        Draft                               3.5 metres

        Overall Beam                        21.2 metres

        The Proa 2000 is powered by a single 2000hp engine with a Counter
        Rotating Propeller (CRP) Azimuth Drive. The yacht has a speed of 15 knots
        at 90%MCR. The yacht is also equipped with a 600hp Retractable Thruster
        that is also capable of propelling the Proa 2000 at a speed of 7 knots.
        With both the forward and aft drives, the Proa 2000 could literally “walk”
        sideways which makes berthing and unberthing a “breeze”. Two units of
        300kw generators would take care of all the power requirements of the
        yacht with a 85kw genset for emergency. All other essential equipment like
        water makers, aircon, navigation equipment etc are of exceptional yacht
        At cruising speed the Proa 2000 has a range in excess of 10,000
        nautical miles.
        The Proa 2000 can accommodate 22 guests and 18 crew in luxurious
        standards with plenty of room left for other leisure activities.
        The Proa 2000 is due for launch around mid 2002.

Press Release
                                               The Shipyard is fully CAD CAM equipped and cutting files go from the
                                               design department direct to the computerised plasma underwater cutting
                                               machines without going through the mould loft. This results in clean and accu-
                                               rate cut steel profiles that saves much time and wastage in materials. The
                                               underwater cutting produces an accuracy not achievable in any other way.
                                               We are also working closely with some well known designers/architects in
                                               the yaching industry on some ongoing projects. We will build to owners
                                               drawings or nominated designers. All shop drawings are done in house. We
                                               have 300 engineers, of which 68 are naval architects.

                                               Raffles Yacht has put together a strong team of craftsmen to concentrate on
                                               building yachts and the results of the first will be available for viewing very
                                               soon. Special request for viewing by prospective Owners are most welcome.

                                               All equipment brought into Raffles Yacht in Yantai, Shandong, China are tax
                                               free and only the highest quality equipment are incorporated into the
                                               Proa 2000.

                                               Location & Facilities.
                                               Raffles Yacht building facility is located in Yantai, in the Shandong Province
Proa 2000 Design Team                          in China. The yard is equipped with all the latest design and construction
                                               equipment such as steel grit blasting plant, underwater plasma machines,
Hull Shapes
Laurie Davidson (Principle designer for TEAM   pipe benders, woodworking shop etc. We will build yachts from 80 ft to any
NEW ZEALAND 1995 & Proa 2000)                  length wished by an Owner. We have a big pool of skilled labour force with
                                               abilities to build yachts of exceptional quality. Yantai, which has a popula-
Structural Scantlings
Panalam Technologies (Wayne Smith)             tion of about seven million people has an airport that has direct flights to
                                               Hong Kong, Seoul, Shanghai, Beijing and other major cities within China.
                                               Raffles Yacht (a Division of Yantai Raffles Shipyard Pte Ltd) main office is
Bruce Woods
                                               located in Singapore.
Finite Element Modeling
Plytech & ABS Americas (Todd Martin)
                                               Current Projects.
Electrical                                     Besides the Proa 2000 which we are currently building, we are also in
Marine Industrial design (Peter Allen)         negotiation with Owners and Brokers for several steel and steel/aluminium
Sea Keeping Study                              superstructure yachts. Please view our web site at:
ABS Americas                                   for further information.

Press Release

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