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									Tips for Eyebrow Shaping

There are five basic shapes of eyebrows, "curved, angled, soft angled, round, and straight." All of these

shapes can accommodate most faces. Please consult professional makeup artist for the best current

fashion shape selection and the appearance that will match your face before you start shaping your

eyebrows. Most experts advise to "never wax your eyebrows," use tweezers for sha ping and maintaining

your eyebrows. TweezLight will make maintenance of your eyebrows perfect every time, as you will see

each and every unwanted hair with the light output that TweezLight provides.

Basic Eyebrow Shape

You can shape your eyebrows yourself by selecting basic shape for your face. Simply use eyebrow

pencil to draw the shape you like, over your eyebrows. Please see "Correct Eyebrow Shape" layout for

your guidance. Use 5x magnifier for final viewing. Evaluate your looks before you start tweezing any hair.

Basic Face Shape

Perfect Eyebrow Shaping Rules

The beginning of the eyebrow should align with the center of the nostril. Arch of the brow should fall at

the back third of the eye. Eyebrow should follow the length of the eye but it should n ot extend into the

temple area. Basic rule for the best appearance of the eyebrow is that the front part of the brow should

never drop below the back part of the brow.
Tweezing Your Eyebrow

When shaping eyebrows by plucking hair, TweezLight is your best tool in seeing all the hair that needs to

be removed. To minimize pain, numb the eyebrow areas first, either with numbing gel or ice cubes,

before tweezing. After hot shower tweezing is ideal, as most pores are open and hair will come out


First: Clean up the area between eyebrow by removing and stray hairs. Establish the beginning of your

eyebrows and be sure to work on one brow first, before you work on the next one. It is highly

recommended to pull skin taut and remove hair as close as possible to the root. Shape your eyebrow by

removing hair underneath rather than top area, and start forming your natural arch.

Second: Thin the eyebrow slowly, according to your layout and avoid tweezing into your drawn shape.

Third: Remove minimum of hair for shaping your brow from the top, and follow your natural arch.

Fourth: Brush eyebrows straight up and trim hair with scissors that are too long. Tweezing long brow hair

can result in gaps and can be more painful. Keep in mind, always pull hair in the directio n of natural

growth. Some people have sensitive skin and may require numbing for reduction of pain. Avoid

tweezing around menstruation. You can put some powder and rub it in for numbing tweezed areas. It is

best not to put any makeup for 30 to 60 minutes after tweezing and allow some time for pores to close.

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