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Shavasana Eyelash Extensions mascara


Shavasana Eyelash Extensions mascara

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									                              Shavasana Eyelash Extensions
               Semi-permanent procedure that can be maintained with touch-up appointments.

                      Natural looking, completely weightless,identical to your natural lashes.

                                Comfortable procedure that only takes 90-120 minutes.

                                  Comes in a variety of lengths, thickness, and colors.

What are Shavasana lashes made of?
Shavasana lashes are made of synthetic fiber that look and feel identical to a natural lash. Shavasana lashes have a perfect
curl creating a flirtatious and beautiful look to your lashes.

How long do Shavasana lashes last?
When properly applied Shavasana lashes will last for the full life cycle of your natural lash. Each lash has an average
growth cycle of 60 days. When your natural lash falls out the synthetic lash will fall with it. To full in the spaces where any
of your natural lashes may have fallen out, you will need to come in for touch up appointments every 2-4 weeks. The time
varies based on your age, thickness of hair, and how well you maintain your extensions.

What can I expect during the procedure?
Your lashes will need to be completely clean, free of make-up and mascara. We will prep your eyes with surgical tape and
cooling gel pads. You will relax for up to 2 hours as we apply one by one to each of your natural lashes and sealed for
longevity. You may even fall asleep, the procedure is so relaxing. The end result is longer, fuller, voluminous lashes.

How safe are Shavasana Eyelash Extensions?
The lashes are applied directly to the natural lash, never applied to the skin. The procedure is pain free and will not pull out
your natural lashes. The eyes should always remain closed and protected throughout the procedure.

Can I wear mascara?
Yes, you can. Be very gentle when removing your mascara. Only use water based make-up remover and do not pull or rub
the extensions. Face to Face Salon and Spa carries Volume Up Mascara, specially formulated mascara for Shavasana
Eyelash Extensions.

Client who can't wear Eyelash Extensions:
Individuals allergic to adhesives (glue,tape, band-aids), Anyone who has undergone chemotherapy within the last 6 months,
Individuals who have extremely oily skin and hair, has had Lasic surgery must wait 4 weeks post-op, who has
Blephoroplasty (eyelift) must wait 3-6 months post-op, Individuals taking thyroid medication, lashes will only last
approximately 2 weeks.

Introductory Price (good until December 31st 2008)
Full-Set $125.00
Partial-Set $75.00 (approximately 15-20 lashes per eye)

January 1st 2009 Prices
Full-Set $150.00
Partial-Set $100.00

Maintaining your lashes
2-week fill $45.00
3-week fill $65.00
4-5 week fill $75.00-$80.00

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