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									Mary Kay…A Real Job?
Shared by NSD Gloria Mayfield-Banks

Throughout my career I have seen many Consultants come and go because they felt they needed to find a
“Real Job.” Why do people think that Mary Kay is NOT a “Real” job? What classifies an opportunity as a “Real”
job? Does getting a paycheck with the same number of dollars each pay period classify as a “Real” job? Does
working 10-40+ hours, and still making the same amount of money classify?

How about getting up very early, taking a shower and leaving your house every day? What about putting your
kids in daycare- does that make it a “Real” job? How about having to schedule vacation time a year in ad-
vance? Or having to explain to your supervisor why you need a day off? Maybe that is what makes it a “Real”
job. Maybe you need to be working for someone else, have to report to someone else and let him or her decide
when you deserve a raise.

Let’s pretend for a moment. What if we apply “Real” job guidelines to your Mary Kay business? Just imagine if
you devote 20 hours per week of complete and total focus to doing your Mary Kay job well? What if you set
your own goal and always did today’s work today instead of waiting until you felt like it? Imagine the possibili-
ties- if you paid attention to profitability and actually took the steps necessary to promote yourself.

You owe it to yourself to make Mary Kay a “Real” job-even if it’s just part-time.
 Why would you give more time and commitment to someone else’s business than you would your own?
 Do you really want to work for someone else forever?
 Wouldn’t you prefer to work 20 hours, but get paid like you worked 40 hours?
 Would you like to be your own boss?
 Would you like to plan your own hours each week to work within your family’s schedule?
 What if you could take an extra day off one week, then work an extra two hours each day for the next week
   to make up for it?
 Do you have this type of freedom with your “Real” job?

If you feel like you have “tried Mary Kay” and it hasn’t worked for you, try asking yourself a few questions.
 If someone with my MK work habits worked for me, would I continue to pay them or reward them?
 Am I consistent in my efforts?
 Do I make calls when I need to make them- no matter what?
 Do I place orders in a timely manner to keep the “store” stocked with the hottest, most up-to-date prod-
 Do I give great customer service-going over and above what the client expects?
 Do I follow up on all leads and potential recruits quickly and professionally?
 Do I work with my Director on accountability and turn in my weekly accomplishment sheets?
 Do I attend trainings, weekly meetings and events in my area?
If you have answered any of these questions with a “NO”, perhaps this is an opportunity to change your ways
and make new goals for your business this month. Make it a point to treat your Mary Kay business like a
“Real”job-you will earn REAL money, REAL cars, REAL prizes and see REAL changes in your life! Want to
make a REAL difference in the lives of women? I believe we can!

                            With a Mary Kay Career, what you make is up to you!
    Florence Barnao $992.50        Barbara Vercollone$231.50
    Patricia A. Pojer $757.00      Patricia Ambrose $211.00
    Octavia Sulca      $679.00     Filomena Carretero$208.00
    Gina M. Lorenz $401.88         Stephanie Howard $207.50
    Vitaliana Maffucci $316.00     Emma Sampedro $202.75
    Lorraine Westervelt$265.00     Emily A. Hobbs $178.50
    Kaycie Jacobs      $244.25     Staci M. Drovdahl $68.00
    Nancy Alfonzetti $240.25       Susan J. Matra    $1,010.75

       New Consultant               From                     Sponsored by
        Patricia A. Pojer         PLEASANTVILLE, NY             S. Matra

                                                                      Love Checks
  Birthdays                 Day     Anniversaries         Years     13% Recruiter Commission Level
  Donna M. Boyles           7       Ingrid Ramirez         3             Susan J. Matra
  Nancy Alfonzetti          18      Emma Sampedro          2
  Staci M. Drovdahl         22      Jasmin Burrows         1        4% Recruiter Commission Level
                                                                         Emma Sampedro
                                                                         Tara M. Easton
                                                                           Kimberly D. Bremer

Lovely Sirens,
A blessed and joyous 2010! It was wonderful seeing all of you again at our holiday
gathering. Thank you, Flo! Your home is a reflection of you: warm and welcoming.
Looking more festive than Macy's, it was the perfect place for our celebration. Thank
you to everyone who donated so generously--the food was yummy!!!!!

As a new year begins, remember to ACT! "Get up, dress up and show up" to your life
each and every day! Let's make this the BEST YEAR EVER! Set your goals and create
your own personal path to reach those goals.

Our unit challenges are begin updated and more will be added soon:
1: Wholesale Bees: You will receive 1for each month you place an order. If you
order 10 months of the Seminar year, you will receive 1 large bee.

#2: $100 drawings in January and June! Your name will be entered for each
$200 ordered.
I'll always believe in you, Susan
                                                                           Star Recruiters
                                                                                                                                  Unit Goals
   *To become ACTIVE you must place a $200 wholesale order in one month.

                                                                           Recruiter :Kimberly D. Bremer
                                                                             Staci M. Drovdahl               Completed Grand Achiever
                                                                             Jeanne C. Eversley             Working on Premier Club
                                                                             Lorraine Westervelt            by June 30th
                                                                            * Carmen M. Casanova            Reward: Premier Club Party
                                                                            * Loreto M. Toussaint
                                                                                                            Star Consultants
                                                                                                            8 Stars by Mar 15th for Qtr 3.
                                                                           Senior Consultants               Reward: Each Star will receive a 3 month subscription to Pink Stars
                                                                                                            Customer Newsletter.
                                                                           Recruiter :Tara M. Easton
                                                                             Emily A. Hobbs                 Fabulous 50’s by June 30, 2010
                                                                             Stephanie L. Howard            Reward: Fabulous 50s Party
                                                                                                            (we need 50 active team members for this goal, we currently have 32
                                                                           Recruiter :Elizabeth A. Johnston Active, we need 18 more active team members)
                                                                             Gail A. Lewis
                                                                            * Regina Ambrosini              Party with a Purpose Challenge
                                                                                                            Our unit goal is 150 parties by June 30! Go back and add up all the parties
                                                                           Recruiter :Emma Sampedro         you have done since July 1st, the contest began July 1st and ends Dec 15th.
                                                                             Octavia Sulca                  Track your parties on Intouch (remember you can do this challenge along
                                                                                                            with the Customers Count Challenge, so each party counts 2 times!). A
                                                                                                            “party’ is a hostess and 2 guests and $200 in sales.

The New DIQ: It’s
The new DIQ rules are officially in effect and are no longer optional. To date, nearly 700
Independent Sales Directors have debuted under the new guidelines (Aug. 1 through Dec. 1,
2009, debuts) -- that’s approximately 90 percent of all Sales Director debuts during this time
Potential DIQs must meet the following pre-qualification requirements before submitting a
Commitment Form (pre-qualifications must have been met by Dec. 31, 2009):
    Must have 10 Active personal team members
    Must be personally Active (A1, A2 or A3 status)
      Must be a Star Consultant in either the previous quarter or have at least $1,800 in

   personal cumulative wholesale production in the current quarter
As a reminder, debut qualifications for potential Independent Sales Directors as of
Jan. 1, 2010 are:
   1. (NEW) $18,000 cumulative wholesale unit production in 1 – 4 months. At least $14,000
   wholesale production toward the total $18,000 wholesale requirement must come from your
   DIQ unit members. A DIQ may contribute up to $4,000 in personal wholesale Section 1
   production toward the $18,000 cumulative unit wholesale production during the qualification
   2. At least $4,000 per month wholesale unit production
   3. (NEW) DIQ must have at least $1,800 in personal cumulative wholesale production
   4. (NEW) 24 active unit members                (includes the DIQ)
   5. (NEW) At least 10 of the 24 active           unit members must have at least $600 in
     Sapphire Stars                                Star Consultant is one of the most recognized and
                                                   respected awards in Mary Kay. You’ll earn your
     Florence Barnao - 10 Career Star Qtrs         Ladder and first star after the first quarter in which
     Lorraine Westervelt - 3 Career Star Qtrs      you’re a Star Consultant. You can do it your very
                                                   first quarter in the business!

     Ruby Stars                                    Quarters begin on the 16th of December, March,
                                                   June, and September. They run until the 15th, 3
     Emma Sampedro - 2 Career Star Qtrs            months later. (ex: Dec. 16-March 15)
                                                   You can earn, based on your wholesale purchases
     Pearl Star                                    to the company, a beautiful star to add to your
                                                   ladder every quarter!! Plus, you’ll receive the prize
     Susan Matra - 26 Career Star Qtrs             that goes with your level from the prize brochure.
                                                                  Emerald Star —$3600 WS
     Florence and Susan are on target for the             (sell $600 per week/order $1200 per mo)
     Consistency Challenge                                        Diamond Star—$3000 WS
                                                          (sell $500 per week/order $1000 per mo)
                                                                  Ruby Star    —$2400 WS
                                                          (sell $400 per week/order $ 800 per mo)
                                                                  Sapphire Star—$1800 WS
                                                          (sell $300 per week/order $ 600 per mo)

                                                              You can do it!!

                                                                                Court of Personal Sales
                                                                                07/0109 through 06/3010
 1    Florence D. Barnao     $7,521.50          $100.00       $7,621.50    Personal estimated retail production
 2    Lorraine Westervelt    $5,374.00           $80.00       $5,454.00         National Court $36,000
 3    Staci M. Drovdahl      $4,808.50           $60.00       $4,868.50           Area Court $18,000
 4    Kimberly D. Bremer     $4,353.50          $275.00       $4,628.50            Unit Court $9,000
 5    Emma Sampedro          $4,573.00           $20.00       $4,593.00
 6    Octavia Sulca          $3,040.50            $0.00       $3,040.50             Court of Sharing
 7    Jeanne C. Eversley     $2,559.00           $20.00       $2,579.00       Qualified New Team Members
 8    Emily A. Hobbs         $2,465.00            $0.00       $2,465.00             National Court 24
 9    Elizabeth A Johnston   $2,073.00           $20.00       $2,093.00
                                                                                      Area Court 12
10    Kaycie Jacobs          $1,922.50            $0.00       $1,922.50
11    Patricia A. Pojer      $1,771.50            $0.00       $1,771.50
                                                                                       Unit Court 6
12    Tara M. Easton         $1,530.50          $195.00       $1,725.50
                                                                            Double Star Achievement Award
13    Carmen M. Casanova     $1,379.00          $175.00       $1,554.00
14    Gina M. Lorenz         $1,487.75            $0.00       $1,487.75
                                                                                   Achieve both the
15    Jennifer L. Goico      $1,439.00           $20.00       $1,459.00       National Queen’s Court of
16    Patricia Ambrose       $1,412.00           $20.00       $1,432.00       Personal Sales and Sharing
17    Nancy Alfonzetti       $1,417.00            $0.00       $1,417.00
18    Vitaliana Maffucci     $1,367.00           $40.00       $1,407.00
19    Sophia E. Long         $1,333.50            $0.00       $1,333.50
20    Adrienne N. Marano     $1,174.50           $20.00       $1,194.50      1              Kimberly D. Bremer    1
                                                                             2                Emma Sampedro       1
                                                                             3                  Tara M. Easton    1
                                                                       4     Susan J. Matra                  3
                     get your perfect shape

         How do you determine where to start? 

                             Here’s how to make the
                             perfect eyebrow take
                             shape. Locate three
                             pivotal points along your
                             brow line by following
                             this quick exercise: 
                             Point A. Hold a pencil
                             or the handle of a brush
                             vertically against the
                             side of your nose,
                             noticing where it meets      The following liners go with the 'eye' color boxes to make the eye
                             the brow. That is where                                colors "pop".
                             your brow should begin.               ♦ bronze for blue eyes         ♦ taupe for hazel
                                                                   ♦ amethyst for green           ♦ navy for brown
Point B. Hold the pencil
against your nostril and
move it diagonally                                        The correct brow grooming provides an instant face lift.
across the outer half of                                  Tweezing at home after a shower is a better value than
the iris of your eye.                                     waxing at a salon.
Notice where the pencil
                                                          Shape and groom brows with the new Mary Kay® Brow
meets the brow. This is
the best place for the                                    Tools, perfectly sized for the Mary Kay® Compact. The set
peak of your arch. If you                                 includes mini tweezers for shaping, a mini spooley brush
tweeze from Point A to                                    for grooming brow hairs and a mini angle brush for
Point B, tapering the line                                applying brow powder. Use hazelnut, cinnabar, storm,
slightly thinner toward                                   espresso or sienna mineral eye shadows. If using a brow
the peak, you will create                                 pencil, sharpen it first. Use short, feathery strokes to mimic
the ideal shape for your                                  brow hairs. Start light to get shape right, then you can add
brow.                                                     more as needed.
                             Point C. Again, place        The tiny tweezers are for "touching up" stray hairs...and
                             the pencil against your      grooming them on-the-go. Our gift with purchase contains
                             nostril and extend it        full size tweezers (your free gift with a $40+ purchase).
                             diagonally to the outer      Indulge Soothing Eye Gel can be put on the eye area after
                             corner of your eye.          tweezing to calm and soothe the eye area and close up the
                             Where it meets the brow
                                                          pores. Clean brow tools with soap and water. Dry
                             is the best place for your
                             brow to end. If you
                                                          tweezers with tissue or towel.
                             tweeze from Point B to       The brow gel keeps hairs in place and
                             Point C, tapering the line   creates a fuller appearance, conditions
                             even thinner, you will
                             create the best brow         brows, is flake-proof and dries quickly
                             shape for your face.         without becoming stiff or hard.

   LTD. ED.! Mineral Eye Color Bundle (Each bundle includes 3 mineral eye
             colors, Eye Applicators (pk./2) and application tips)
         Double Up for the New Year!
Start the New Year by seeing double...double credit that is! For Seminar 2010
receive double credit toward the Queen’s Court of Sharing.

Here’s how:

Queen’s Court of Sharing
Independent Sales Directors and Beauty Consultants can earn double credit for up to 3 qualified* new
personal team members for a maximum credit of 6 in each of the calendar months of January and February
2010 toward the Court of Sharing. Each qualified* new personal team member who submits her Independent
Beauty Consultant Agreement Jan. 1 through 31, 2010 or Feb. 1 through 28, 2010 will count double toward
Seminar contest credit.
           In regards to the monthly maximum for the Queen’s Court of Sharing, for the purposes of this
               promotion, the double credit (for up to 3 qualified* new personal team members) will not
               count toward the monthly maximum of 13 new team members in any calendar month. A new
               team member who becomes qualified will count toward the monthly maximum of 13 in the
               month her signed Independent Beauty Consultant Agreement is received and accepted by the
               Company, not the month she becomes qualified. If more than 13 new team members’
               Agreements are processed in a calendar month during the contest period, the 13 with the
               highest commissions earned by the recruiter will count toward the maximum.
                  *For Court of Sharing contest purposes, to be considered qualified a new personal team
                  member must submit an Independent Beauty Consultant agreement from Jan. 1 –Feb. 28,
                  2010 and place at least $600 or more in wholesale Section 1 products from Jan. 1,
                  through June 30, 2010.

 This can be the year of your dreams, the year
 of your greatest accomplishments, the year of             Mary Kay’s Spice Tea
 merited recognition, the year of achieving long-                               Serves 15 to 20
 sought mental, spiritual, social, physical and
 financial goals.                                        1 tea canister 3/4 full of Lipton Tea (loose)
 And what determines whether or not you make it          1 cinnamon stick
 such a year? It will be if you expect it to be; only    1 tsp. whole cloves
 if you live with positive expectancy.                   1 tsp. whole allspice
 If you expect the best, then the best will come to      1 6 oz. can orange juice—frozen
 you. Expect to make sales, and you will make            1/2 cup lemon juice
 them. Expect to book, and you will book.                2 tblsp. “Sweet ‘N Low” or 1 cup sugar
 Expect to recruit, and you will recruit. Expect to
 achieve the goal of your dreams, and you will           Put tea, cinnamon stick, cloves and all-spice in
 achieve it. [This] will be an exciting and reward-      a quart of boiling water. Steep one hour. Pour
 ing year only if you make it so. A great year           into a container with 4 cups of water and Sweet
 depends upon your understanding and applying            ‘N Low or sugar (With Sweet ‘N Low calories
 positive and expectant attitudes. That is why           are reduced to 20 per cup).
              you must adopt and maintain an             Mix orange juice with 3 cans of water and add
              attitude of positive expectancy.           lemon juice. Pour all together and heat.
              When you do, you will experience
              the year of your dreams.                   Can be kept in refrigerator for indefinite lengths
                                                         of time. Can be used cold with ice if desired.
                                 At-a-Glance                                        Career Conference 2010
               Here are just some of the great things you can expect:               Coming to a City Near You!
Day 1
March 19, 21, 26 & 28                                                               Atlantic City, N.J.        March 26-27
2 – 9 p.m. Registration (if space is available) Packet Pickup                                                  March 28-29*
3:30 – 5 p.m. Independent Sales Director Workshop                                   Baltimore, Md.             March 26-27
3:30 – 5 p.m. Emerging Leaders Workshop (Star Team Builders, Team Leaders, Fu-                                 March 28-29
ture Independent Sales Directors and Sales Directors-in-Qualification)              Bellevue, Wash.            March 19-20
7 – 10 p.m. Opening General Session (all attendees)                                 Biloxi, Miss.              March 19-20
                                                                                    Birmingham, Ala.           March 26-27
Day 2                                                                               Boston, Mass.              March 19-20
March 20, 22, 27 & 29                                                               Charlotte, N.C.            March 26-27
8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Registration (if space is available) Packet Pickup                                          March 28-29
8:30 – 10:30 a.m. |ndependent Beauty Consultant and Independent Sales Director      Chicago (Schaumburg), Ill. March 19-20
Classes                                                                             Columbus, Ohio             March 19-20
10:45 a.m. – Noon Morning General Session (all attendees)                           Covington, Ky.             March 19-20
12:15 – 1:45 p.m. Girls Love Pearls Luncheon (by invitation only)                   Dallas, Texas              March 26-27
2 – 4 p.m. Closing General Session (all attendees)                                                             March 28-29
                                                                                    Denver, Colo.              March 26-27
                                                                                    Des Moines, Iowa           March 19-20
  Register by Feb. 26, 2010, and find the star power in you!                        Duluth, Ga.                March 19-20
                                                                                    Eugene, Ore.               March 26-27
ONLINE:                     PHONE:                       MAIL:                      Fort Lauderdale, Fla.      March 19-20
                                                                                    Galveston, Texas           March 26-27
Go to the Mary Kay          Call (800) 338-3680          Special Events Registra-
                                                                                    Hartford, Conn.            March 19-20
InTouch® Web site: Click    from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.     tion                       Jacksonville, Fla.         March 26-27
on “Events” then on         Central time, Monday         Mary Kay Inc.              Knoxville, Tenn.           March 26-27
“Career Conference          throughFriday, except        P.O. Box 799045            Lansing, Mich.             March 26-27
2010.”                      holidays.                    Dallas, TX 75379-9045      Lexington, Ky.             March 26-27
                                                                                    Little Rock, Ark.          March 26-27
                                                                                    Madison, Wis.              March 26-27
With your $80 registration fee, you’ll get more than your money’s                   Minneapolis, Minn.         March 26-27
worth! (And you’ll receive a FREE fantastic product giveaway                        Ontario, Calif.            March 19-20
exclusively for you equal to your registration fee – an $80 value!)                                            March 21-22*
                                                                                    Orlando, Fla.              March 19-20
                                                                                    Overland Park, Kan.        March 26-27

Special Function                                                                    Phoenix, Ariz.
                                                                                    Pittsburgh, Pa.
                                                                                                               March 19-20
                                                                                                               March 26-27
Girls Love Pearls Luncheon                                                          Providence, R.I.           March 19-20
Independent Beauty Consultants and Independent Sales                                                           March 21-22
Directors who from Dec. 1, 2009, – Feb. 28, 2010, add two                           Raleigh, N.C.              March 19-20
qualified* new personal team members                                                Riverside, Calif.          March 26-27
will be invited to this special luncheon held in their honor.                       Sacramento, Calif.         March 26-27
Qualified* new Independent Beauty Consultants who add                               Shreveport, La.            March 19-20
one qualified* new personal team member from Dec. 1,                                Springfield, Mo.           March 26-27
2009 – Feb. 28, 2010, also will be invited to attend the luncheon.                  South Bend, Ind.           March 26-27
                                                                                    Syracuse, N.Y.             March 19-20
                                                                                    Virginia Beach, Va.        March 19-20
Onstage Recognition                       Additional Recognition
                                                                                    West Valley, Utah
On-Target Seminar 2010 Court              Pacesetters                               (Salt Lake City)           March 19-20
On-Target Double Star Achieve-            Customers Count                           Wichita, Kan.              March 19-20
ment                                      On-Target All-Star Consistency                                       *Spanish only
On-Target Triple Star Achieve-            Challenge
ment                                      Girls Love Pearls
On-Target Circle of Excellence            New Independent Beauty Con-
Cadillac Unit                             sultants
Class of 2010                             I’m a Star!
Movin’ On Up Challenge                    2nd Quarter Star Consultants
Girls Love Pearls                         Party With a Purpose
   Things to do in January:                                    Save $25 each week to pay for Career
                                                                 Conference and Seminar.
    Mark all Training Events in your datebook!
                                                               Enroll in PCP right away January 16th, you can
    Who can you/we do a career talk with?                      always add more clients thru February 15th. You’ll
                                                                 get the Early Ordering Privilege and get to order
    Call every client to tell them about the new Even          the new Spring 2010 products 5 days early!
      Complexion Mask. They deserve to know and you
      can book them for an appointment.                        Move into RED this month.

   NSD Jan Thetford's January Booking Script
   Here is the script that NSD Jan Thetford uses, and says that in 22 years nobody has told her “no”!

   "Hi ____ this is ________. Do you have a quick minute? One of my jobs as your MK consultant is to give you a
   seasonal update & January is the best month to do that because the winter weather wreaks havoc on our skin! I
   bet, if you are like most of us, you are looking for a “new year new you” makeover and I would love to spend
   some un-rushed time with you to update you and answer any questions you may have.
   Which would be better for us to get together? Weekday, Evening, or Weekend? (And you only
   give choices that you have available or are willing to work. You are in control of your sched-
   ule!!) You know what? We have some BRAND NEW and exciting products being released,
   and I will give you one for FREE ... and that's a $___ product for free ... (or some other product
   of your choice) if you have 2 friends just like you that are over 18 and do not currently have a
   Mary Kay consultant when I come on ________(the date selected).

                              Who do you think you will ask?

                    Susan Matra
                    Independent Sales Director
                    Mary Kay Cosmetics
                    295 Foggintown Rd
                    Brewster, NY 10509

Beauty Consultants Enrichment Program with
Pacesetters 1st-15th of each month check online
                   for details.

       January Important Dates
 28th Last day of the month for Beauty consultants
   to place telephone (until midnight Central time).
 30th Online orders (until midnight Central time).
 31st I can place an order for you. You can create
    your order on-line today along with your credit
   card payment then "assign" it to me . It's helpful
       to call /email me to let me know . Online
            agreements by 7 pm Central time
          Telephone Orders 1-800-272-9333
     Online Orders
                                                                        December Results & Recognition  January 2010

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