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									                       CUSTOMER SATISFACTION GRAFFITI
                                                                  Richard Feinberg, Ph.D.
                                                      Center for Customer-Driven Quality
                                                                       Purdue University
1.    The more high tech the world becomes, the more people crave high touch service.
            John Naisbett, Megatrends

2.    Customers do not buy products or services so much as they buy expectations.
            Ted Levitt, The Marketing Imagination

3.    The cost of landing a new customer is more than five times the cost of retaining an existing one.
             Robert Desatnick, Managing to Keep Customers

4.    A loyal customer is worth thousands of dollars over the life of their relationship with your company.
             Tom Peters, Thriving on Chaos

5.    Seventy-two percent of the consumers who switch to a competitor did so because of customer service
             A study by The Forum Corporation

6.    Only two percent of unhappy customers complain, while thirty-four percent of all dissatisfied
      customers penalized the manufacturer by quietly switching brands.
      The study by The A.C. Nielsen Company

7.    Sixty-eight percent of customers switch suppliers because of the indifference shown them by
      customer service personnel.
      Tom Peters, U.S. News and World Report

8.    Sixty-one percent of consumers polled say their pre-purchase decisions were most influenced by the
      opinions of their friends, i.e. the importance of word of mouth.
      General Electric Study, The Information Challenge

9.    The answer is yes…now what is the question?
            Waitress at LoneStar Steakhouse

10.   In the long run, the most important single factor affecting a company's performance is the quality of
      its customer service relative to that of its competitors.
               Robert Buzzell and Bradley Gale, Linking Strategy to Performance

11.   By the way customers act, you'd think they own this company. And, in a way, they do!

                               Center for Customer-Driven Quality
12.   Customer service expectations can be categorized into five overall dimensions:    RELIABILITY,
            Leonard Berry, Service Quality

13.   Customers perceive service in their own unique, idiosyncratic, emotional, irrational, end-of-the-day,
      and totally human terms. Perception is all there is!
      Tom Peters, In Search of Excellence

14.   Undertake not what you cannot perform, but be careful to keep your promise.
             George Washington

15.   Consistent, high-quality service boils down to two equally important things: caring and competence.
             Chip Bell and Ron Zemke, Service Wisdom

16.   Customers don't care what you know, until they know that you care.
            Digital Equipment Corporation, Customer Service Department

17.   Listening is about trust and respect and involvement and information sharing more than it is about
              Beverly Briggs, Customer Connection Newsletter

18.   Caring, respect, empathy, politeness are very important customer satisfiers that cost nothing.

19.   The simplest and yet the most powerful words in customer service are "Thank You."

20.   Customers don't expect you to be perfect. They do expect you to fix things quickly when things go
             Donald Porter, British Airways

21.   Customers are our best friends.

22.   When our customers rate us better or worse than somebody else, it's never very scientific, but it's
      always disastrous if you score low!
             Jack Welsh, CEO, General Electric

23.   Total quality customer service cannot be stored in inventory, it must be 100% available upon

24.   Experienced and loyal employees are five times more likely to create satisfied loyal customers.

25.   No company can produce outstanding customer service unless its top management are visibly,
      constantly, and sometimes irrationally committed to the idea.

                               Center for Customer-Driven Quality
               David Davidow and Bro Uttal, Total Customer Service

26.    Culture is nothing more than the values, beliefs, and norms of a group of people. Corporate leaders
       shape cultures, and the corporate culture is key to delivering total quality customer service.
              Richard Normann, Service Management

27.    People seem to noticE when you're everywhere. So how do you get there? Instead
       of worrying about how to drive people to your website, find creative ways to be on
       everyone else's. Provide a service that makes their websites far more useful, and
       they won't be able to live without you. You'll populate the Internet, be more visible,
       and, oh, yeah, become more profitable.

28.    To deliver total quality customer service, your pledge should be: "Look out customers - I'm gonna
       knock your socks off!"
              Kristin Anderson and Ron Zemke, Delivering Knock Your Socks Off Service

29.    You never have a second chance to make a first impression, and unfortunately, first impressions are
       the most lasting in a customer's mind.

30.    In striving for total quality customer service, you're not looking for fault, but you're striving to
       produce a solution as quickly as possible.

31.    You need customers much more than they need you.

32.    If we can improve customer satisfaction by only one percent, it means $275,000,000 in revenue to
       us over the next five years.
               Robert LaBant, IBM Corporation

33.    A 5% increase in customer retention equates to approximately a 100% increase in profits.
              Robert Sasser, Harvard Business Review

34.    Customer complaints are opportunities for improvement and the key to future sales.

35.    If you think you don't need customers, try doing without them for 30 days.
               Richard Feinberg, Purdue University

36.    The essence of business success is treating customers and selling products which overtime makes
       the customer view you as the supplier of choice each time, every time.
               Richard Feinberg, Purdue University

37.     Customer Delight is a state of experience in which the customer exclaims "WOW, that was the
greatest __________ (fill in the name of your product) ever!"
              Richard Feinberg, Purdue University

                                 Center for Customer-Driven Quality
38.   Treat the customer as appreciating assets.
              Tom Peters, Author/Consultant

39.   You achieve customer satisfaction when you sell merchandise that doesn‘t come back to a customer
      who does.
            Stanley Marcus, Founder of Nieman-Marcus

40.   Our customers are our number one sales force.
             John Scully, Former CEO of Apple Computers

41.   You cannot expect your employees to delight your customers unless you, as an employer, delight
      your employees.
             Carla Paonessa, Partner, Anderson Consulting

42.   American Airlines calculated that if they had one more customer on each flight in a given year, the
      difference in revenue would have been about $114 million. How much is one customer worth to
              Guerilla Marketing Newsletter

43.   Of America‘s 100 largest companies at the beginning of this century, only 16 are still in business.
            Across the Board Magazine, September 1994

44.   In commercials, Mr. Goodwrench is always smiling and wearing a freshly pressed uniform and
      returning a repaired car to a delighted owner, against the backdrop of a ludicrously hygienic garage
      filled with industrious auto repair technicians who are clearly capable of repairing the Space Shuttle.
      Has any US automobile owner ever actually encountered a repair department like this?
              Dave Barry, Humor Columnist

45.   What the customer buys and considers value is never the product. It is always...what the product or
      service does for him.
              Peter Drucker, 1974

46.   If we always do what we always did, we will always get what we always got.
              Rick Lowry, Cotter & Company, 1990‟s

47.   Customers don‘t want their money back, they want a product that works properly.
            Dan Burton, writing in Fortune

48.   Ask the lowest level front line people about your business. Sometimes they don‘t know not to tell
      the truth.
              Jim Robisch, Farnsworth Group

49.   The success of Coca-Cola is not the result of government intervention. It is because consumers like
      the stuff.
               Andrew Young, on Face the Nation

                               Center for Customer-Driven Quality
50.   The dollar bills the customer gets from the teller in four banks are the same. What is different are
      the tellers.
               Stanley Marcus, Chairman Emeritus, Neiman-Marcus

51.   Retail clerk to customer: ―Any chance you could do your own paperwork, ring yourself up and say,
      ‗thank you, come again,‘ on your way out the door?‖
              Cartoon by Goff

52.   What I have found most valuable in this rotation was witnessing the voice of the customer first-hand.
      Instead of reading figures indicating which product concerns are most often complained about, I
      have felt the emotional impact that these product concerns can have on customers. I have seen the
      wide range of expectations placed on the motto ―quality is job 1.‖ I have heard the voice of the
      customer, and I will be a better engineer for it.
              Charlie Choi, Ford College graduate program trainee, advanced vehicle engineering
              and technology--Call Center experience

53.   Listening to customer must become everybody‘s business. With most competitors moving ever
      faster, the race will go to those who listen (and respond) most intently.‖
               Tom Peters, Thriving On Chaos

54.   Talking to customers tends to counteract the most self-destructive habit of all companies--that of
      listening to ourselves.
              J. Brooks

55.   ―That‘s Not My Job‖      This is a story about four people named EVERYBODY, SOMEBODY,
      ANYBODY AND NOBODY. There was an important job to be done and EVERYBODY was sure that
      SOMEBODY would do it. ANYBODY could have done it, but NOBODY did it. SOMEBODY got angry
      about that, because it was EVERYBODY‘S job. EVERYBODY thought ANYBODY could do it, but
      NOBODY realized that EVERYBODY wouldn‘t do it. It ended up that EVERYBODY blamed SOMEBODY
      when NOBODY did what ANYBODY could have.

56.   ―My Bias‖ Companies should strive for WOW--100% customer satisfaction. They should be
      prepared to respond when things go wrong. How you respond is the acid test for the 21st century.
             Richard Feinberg, Purdue University

57.   There is nothing more difficult to take in hand, more perilous to conduct, or more uncertain in its
      success than to take the lead in the introduction of a new order of things.
              Niccolo Machiavelli, from The Prince

58.   Do make certain that your customer wants are truly that—and not merely what some people in the
      company think the customers want. The need for solid customer information is absolute; it will
      directly affect the quality of everything else that occurs in the process. Garbage in, garbage out.
              William Barnard and Thomas Wallace, The Innovation Edge

59.   Imagine, as a consumer, how much more seriously your consumer complaint would be taken if you
      were complaining from inside an armored vehicle capable of reducing the entire ―Customer Service‖

                               Center for Customer-Driven Quality
      department to tiny smoking shards. What I am saying is: Forget the Automated Answering system.
      Get a tank.
              Dave Barry, Humor Columnist

60.   Groucho Marx despised the empty clichés of customer service correspondence. A letter from a bank
      manager ended with the standard phrase, ―If I can be of any service to you, do not hesitate to call
      me.‖ He immediately took pen to paper. ―Dear Sir,‖ Groucho wrote. ―The best thing you can do to
      be of service to me is to steal some money from the account of one of your richest clients and credit
      it to mine.‖
              The Executive Speechwriter Newsletter, Volume 11 Number 4

61.   ―A discovery by Xerox shattered conventional wisdom: Its totally satisfied customers were six
      times more likely to repurchase Xerox products over the next 18 months than its satisfied customer.
      The implications were profound: Merely satisfying customers who have the freedom to make
      choices is not enough to keep them loyal. The only truly loyal customers are totally satisfied
              Harvard Business Review, Nov./Dec. 1995

62.   General Telephone Co. in Los Angeles was making a film for its employees. The original script
      included this dramatization showing how to handle customers‘ complaints: Customer: ―You just
      can‘t rely on your damn phone company for anything!‖ Employee: ―You get your bill every month
      don‘t you?‖
              The Executive Speechwriter Newsletter, Volume 11 Number 4

63.   GE‘s goal is not to become smaller but to ―get that small-company soul and small-company speed
      inside our big-company body.‖
              Jack Welch, CEO, GE

64.   Every time a company is given an order by a customer, that company, at that moment, is the best
      choice in the world.
              Ken Hammer, Businessman

65.   You don‘t sell what it is, you sell what it does.
            The Executive Speechwriter Newsletter, Volume 9 Number 1

66.   The best way to win a Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award for yourself is to help your
      customer win one first.
             The Executive Speechwriter Newsletter, Volume 9 Number 1

67.   On October 4, 1957, the top ten businesses in Chicago were Swift, Standard Oil, Armour,
      International Harvester, Inland Steel, Wilson, Sears, Montgomery Ward, Prudential Insurance and
      the First National Bank of Chicago. Thirty-five years later, the list of Chicago‘s top businesses,
      ranked by sales, is a little different. It still includes Sears and First National, but it also includes
      CAN Financial, Amoco, Continental Bank, Citicorp Diner‘s Club, and Commonwealth Edison. But
      ranked by market capitalization, which many would agree is a more meaningful measure Chicago‘s
      biggest companies include Ameritech, Abbott Labs, McDonald‘s, Motorola, Waste Management,
      and Baxter. These lists dramatically illustrate the evolution that American business has gone
      through over the past 35 years—an evolution characterized by a move away from commodities and
      commodity type manufacturing to financial services, health care and technology in many different

                               Center for Customer-Driven Quality
      formats. The list also leads to the next questions: Which companies will be among the top ten in the
      next 35 years?
             Richard Rosenberg, Chairman & CEO of BankAmerica Corp., 1993

68.   Quality isn‘t about money, it‘s about caring. It‘s about wanting to be the best because there is
      personal pride at state—an individual declaration of identity with the product. There is always a
      market for the best, all over the globe. It‘s an obvious and well-known fact that mountain climbers
      don‘t like to buy discounted climbing ropes. And there‘s the joke about the parachute offer for
      sale—cheap, slightly irregular, but used only once. When something is important as life and
      death—and all business decisions should be—quality is irreplaceable.
              Hap Klopp, President, The North Face (world‟s largest producer of outdoor adventure

69.   Quality is the only patent protection we‘ve got.
             James Robinson III, CEO, American Express Corp., 1992

70.   People forget how fast you did a job—but they remember how well you did it.
              Howard Newton (1903-1951), American advertising executive

71.   We know exactly where we want to go because our customers will show us the way.
            Jerry Stead, CEO, AT&T Global Information Solutions

72.   In the long run, our customers are going to determine whether we have a job or not. Their attitude
      toward us is going to be the factor determining our success. Every employee must resolve that their
      most important duty is to our customers.
               Joseph C. Wilson, Xerox CEO 1961-67

73.   The customer isn‘t key anymore—the customer is dictator!
             The Executive Speechwriter Newsletter, Volume 9 Number 1

74.   I solemnly promise and declare that for every customer that comes within ten feet of me, I will smile,
      look them in the eye and greet them, so help me Sam.
              Employee Pledge, Wal-Mart Discount Stores

75.   The opinion of management doesn't matter. The only thing that matters is what the
      customer is doing and thinking.
             Piggly Wiggly Weekly Newsletter

76. If you are not romancing the customer…who
             Rachel Meyer, Purdue student
77.   A study by the CFI Group finds that a 5% boost in employee satisfaction means a 2% increase in
      customer satisfaction.
      The Wall Street Journal, August 1997

78.   In order to truly provide good service, I ask myself, would I want to be served by me.

                               Center for Customer-Driven Quality
              Author Unknown

79.   ―About 15 years ago at one of our electronics facilities in Orlando, Florida, the complacency bred of
      past success started to infect one of our manufacturing processes. Occasionally, parts were omitted
      from component kits prepared for assembly and inspection at another factory. Each missing part
      disrupted the assembly process and frustrated the workers assembling the products. I borrowed an
      idea from an automobile dealer in Dallas I had heard about. The dealer received few complaints
      from customers because he gave them the home telephone numbers of the mechanics who worked on
      their cars. I arranged for workers to include their names, work phone numbers, and self-addressed
      postcards in the kits they prepared. Complaints dropped precipitously.‖
                Norman K. Augustine, Chairman, Lockheed Martin Corp.

80.   Sam Walton built Wal-Mart into a Fortune 4 company by living the philosophy that ―There is only
      one boss. The customer. And he, and she - - can fire everybody in the company from the chairman
      down, simply by spending his, or her, money elsewhere.‖

81.   Harry Bullis, former Chairman of the Board of General Mills, used to give his salesmen the
      following advice: ―Forget about the sales you hope to make and concentrate on the service you
      want to render.‖ The moment people‘s attention is centered on service to others, they become more
      dynamic, more forceful and harder to resist. How can you resist someone who is trying to help you
      solve a problem? "I tell our salesmen," said Mr. Bullis, ―that if they would start out each morning
      with the thought, ‗I want to help as many people as possible today,‘ instead of ‗I want to make as
      many sales as possible today, they would find a more easy and open approach to their buyers and
      they would make more sales. He who goes out to help his fellowman to a happier and easier way of
      life is exercising the highest type of salesmanship.‖

82.   Because the customer has a need, we have a job to do. Because the customer has a choice, we must
      be the better choice. Because the customer has sensibilities, we must be considerate.

83.   Great customer service means comfort for the buyer. As one purchasing agent summed it up in a
      conversation with a manufacturer: ―do you know what your company really sells? Sleep. When I
      place my orders with you, I know there won‘t be any problems. None. I can sleep all night.‖

84.   For too many companies, customer service means ―We honor the credit card, but we don‘t have to
      honor the credit card holder.‖

85.   Eighty percent of American managers cannot answer with any measure of confidence these
      seemingly simple questions: What is my job? What in it really counts? How well am I doing?
                W. Edwards Deming
      benefits provider where you need them.
              Principal Financial Group Advertisement

87.   People are a firm‘s most important asset. If you have an excellent product but only mediocre
      people, the results will be only mediocre.
            Richard Sloma, author of The Turnaround Manager‟s Handbook

88.   Politics isn't about winning at all costs. It's about maintaining relationships and
      Getting results at the same time.

                                Center for Customer-Driven Quality
             Quote from "Fast Company," October 1999

89.    It‘s easy to make a buck. It‘s a lot tougher to make a difference.
             Tom Brokaw

90.    What we need are more people who specialize in the impossible.
            Theodore Roethke

91.    If we don‘t change the direction we are going, we‘re likely to end up where we are headed.
                     Chinese proverb

92.    You can‘t guarantee you‘ll never make mistakes. You can guarantee you‘ll fix them.
            Jeff Bezos, founder & CEO,

93.    Customer service is not an event or a department, rather it is a process of creating a customer
       environment of information, assurance, and comfort.
            Frederick F. Reichheld, W. Earl Sasser, Jr.
               Zero Defections: Quality Comes to Services. Harvard Business Review, Sept-Oct.,

94.    We run like mad, then we change direction.
           Bert Roberts, MCI

95.    What brings people to their gift of service is a desire to do something that perhaps unlike their day
           Charles Trueheart, The Next Church

96. It’s in your hands so quit whining…
            Tom Peters, Innovate or Die

97.    If you can‘t say why you made your company a better place, you‘re out.
             Cynthia Lellams
98.    The Ritz-Carlton experience enlivens the senses, instills well being and fulfills even the unexpressed
       needs of our guests.
              The Ritz-Carlton Credo

99.    We knew from the beginning that if Saturn was to succeed, we would have to do more than sell a
       good car. We would have to change the way cars are sold, the way people who sell them are
       perceived, and the way people feel about the experience of shopping for a car.
              Stuart Lasser

100.   Whatever made you successful in the past won‘t in the future.
             Lew Platt, Hewlett Packard

101.   If things seem to be under control, you aren‘t going fast enough
                Mario Andretti

                                Center for Customer-Driven Quality
102.   Ultimately, the axiom will no longer be ―If the shoe fits, wear it,‖ but ―Wear it and the shoe will fit.‖
       Hatfield says that a shoe will be like a chameleon one day. ―It will look like a penny loafer when
       you put it on in the morning, but when you go play racquetball at lunchtime it will turn into a court
       shoe.‖ One size fits all.
                Richard Stengel, The New Yorker 1997

103.   Give a man a fish, he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish, he eats for a lifetime. Enlighten him
       further, he owns a chain of seafood restaurants.
                 Microsoft Ad, The New Yorker 1997

104.   You think you understand the situation, but what you don‘t understand is that the situation just
                Putnam Investments adverstisement

105.   They‘re only puttin‘ in a nickel, but they want a dollar song.
                Song title

106.   I have a microwave fireplace. You can lay down in front of the fire all night in eight minutes.
                Steven Wright

107.   The job can be completed in 5 seconds.
                Peter Large, The Micro Revolution Revisited

108.   Since 1987, homes and offices have added 10,000,000 fax machines, while e-mail addresses have
       increased by over 26,000,000.

109.   Speed up.
110.   Since 1983, the U.S. work world has added 25,000,000 computers. The number of cellular
       telephone subscribers has jumped from zero in 1983 to 16,000,000 by the end of 1993.

111.   Behave like you‘re in business for yourself.
             Richard Feinberg, Purdue University

112.           See yourself as a service center.
               Richard Feinberg, Purdue University

113.   If we had similar progress in automotive technology, today you could buy a Lexus for about $2, it
       would travel at the speed of sound, and go about 600 miles on a thimble of gas.
                John Naisbitt, Global Paradox

114.   When a company‘s customers are happy with the service and the product, and find enthusiastic and
       knowledgeable personnel who are anxious to help, chances are that company will continue to enjoy
       the lucrative patronage of those customers for a long, long time.

                                Center for Customer-Driven Quality
                 N.W Pope, More Mickey Mouse Marketing

115.   Let‘s face it, managing your customer satisfaction isn‘t a matter of life or death, it‘s far more
       important than that.
                 Richard Feinberg, Purdue University

116.   Investors should be able to reach their brokerage firm any way they need to, day or night.
                        Charles R. Schwab

117.   What‘s next is now.
                Sony® ad

118.   Find a happy medium between knowing your business and knowing how to make your customers
       happy. If they trust you, then the hardest work is done, and you can focus on the real work: making
       magic happen.
                Steve MacLaughlin

119.   Freedom is actually a bigger game than power. Power is about what you can control. Freedom is
       about what you can unleash.
                Harriet Rubin

120.   We‘ve always been renegades in customer service. We‘re always asking, ―how can we get the
       customer the moment they need us?‖
               Chuck Salter

121.   You can achieve amazing things and have highly motivated, incredibly loyal people - - if they think
       management is willing to ignore the rules to get things done.
              John Patrick

122.   Build Relationships…Build Your Dream. It starts with spending time with your members Building
       relationships. Enjoying your work Doing what you love.
                ASF® Advertisement

                                Center for Customer-Driven Quality
123.   "When I have a problem, they solve it. When I have a question, they answer it.
       That's why I'm using ABC Financial Services."
               Michael Widener, Family Fitness

124.   (Pointing to a bottle of Coke across his desk) ―The lifeblood of the Coca-Cola company is you
       consuming that drink. If you stop consuming that drink our lifeblood is cut off.
       And I don't want anyone to forget that."
               M. Douglas Ivester, CEO of Coca-Cola. As quoted in the Wall Street Journal (Mar. 9,
               1998) discussing what is important to this 124 billion-dollar company
125.   ―Exceptional customer service is 1% inspiration and 99% existing application.‖
             Richard Feinberg, Purdue University

126.   ―The Audi A6 gives new meaning to the phrase ‗Follow that car‘‖
             Quote from the brochure for the 1998 Audi A6

127.   ―The all new 1998 Audi A6. Because a luxury-touring sedan must do more than transport you. It
       must move you as well.
              Quote from the brochure for the 1988 Audi A6.
128.   ―Let‘s make one thing perfectly clear…Your customer‘s satisfaction.‖
              Richard Feinberg, Purdue University
129.   ―Without dough…it don‘t go.‖
             Rick Lowry, Tru*Serv Corporation
130.   ―People judge others by their actions and themselves by their intentions. To be successful in the
       eyes of you customers, you actions must match your intentions.
               Cindy Evans, Tru*Serv Corporation

131.   ―You can tell a lot about a company by the customers they keep.‖
             Richard Feinberg, Purdue University

132.   ―I am in favor of letting the status quo stay as it is.‖
               Wisconsin Legislator

133.   ―I like thinking big. I always have. To me, it‘s very simple: If you‘re going to be thinking anyway,
       you might as well think big.‖
                Donald Trump, 1987
134.   ―If the marketplace has gone bonkers, you better have a bonkers organization. Straitlaced folks are
       not going to make it in a world that‘s not straighlaced.‖
               Tom Peters, consultant, 1992
135.    ―Unfortunately, status-quo thinking is still common. As markets change the established leaders are
       often among those most blinded by the past successes. None of the companies that dominated the
       thriving ice-harvesting market in the nineteenth century converted to the refrigeration business. The
       Pony Express did not develop into a railroad. The producers of electromechanical calculators never
       made the technological leap into electronic computers.‖

                                 Center for Customer-Driven Quality
136.   New expectations and new priorities are unsettling. But as former British Prime Minister Harold
       Wilson once observed, ‗He who rejects change is the architect of decay. The only human institution
       which rejects change is the cemetery.‘‖
              Norman K. Augustine, Chairman, Lockheed Martin Corporation

137.    ―Of the 100 largest U.S. companies in 1917, we count only 15 companies surviving today. Besides
       6 oil companies, there are 2 automakers and these 7 others: AT&T, Citicorp, Du Pont, General
       Electric, Kodak, Proctor & Gamble and Sears. The other 85 went bankrupt, were liquidated, were
       acquired or were left behind.‖
               Forbes magazine, June 1997

138.   ―I hated every minute of training, but I said, ‗Don‘t quit, suffer now and live the rest of your life a
               Muhammad Ali

139.   ―Practice does not make the athlete. It is the quality and intensity of the practice that makes the
               Ray Meyer, former DePaul University basketball coach

140.                   This is a phone, a supermarket, a computer, a movie theater, a bank, a game
                       station, a radio, a video club, a mail box and also a TV-set.
                        Advertisement for Media Highway

141.   Every company has to figure out what it‘s giving away and what it‘s selling…If you‘re in a fast-
       moving industry and you want to gain market share, this strategy is paramount.‖
              Fast Company 1998

142.   These people and companies are doing EVERY DAY what most of us are still just talking about - -
       and what many of us have yet to start THINKING ABOUT.
              Fast Company 1998

143.   Want to know how to provide great customer service? Think of every noteworthy experience - -
       good or bad - - that you‘ve had as a customer. Then think through what made it good or bad, and
       plan your customer-service strategy around your answer. Finally, take things a step further and treat
       your employees the way you want them to treat your best customers. The rest takes care of itself.
              Chris Brogran, Product Support Engineer, Boston Communications Group

144.   If we insist that the customer is always right, then in every dispute the employee must be wrong.
       What kind of message is that to send? Besides, who cares who‘s right or wrong? You‘re in business
       to fix problems, not fix blame. Your job is to help customers be successful, not to pretend they‘re
       infallible. Why not encourage employees to see themselves as detectives, coaches, and partners - - as
       advocates for the customer?
                Bernice Johnston, President, Milestone Unlimited, Inc.

                                 Center for Customer-Driven Quality
145.   Life is full of mysteries, finding a reliable business shouldn‘t be one of them.
                Richard Feinberg, Purdue University

146. We make sure 99.999% of the pixels in our screen are in perfect working
     order. It's that last .0001% THAT KEEPS US UP AT NIGHT.
            Fujitsu Advertisement

147.   We‘re in the transportation industry, so it only makes sense that we never stand still.
              Norfolk Southern advertisement in Inc. Magazine, 1997

148.   Seibel customers: 100% satisfied 100% successful. We do whatever it takes to make our customers
               Siebel advertisement in Forbes Magazine, 1997

149.   So you think you know your customers? Meet Stella Burns. For two years, we‘ve been mailing her
       coupons for cosmetics, and she hasn‘t redeemed a single one! Perhaps you should take a closer look
       at your customer profiles and buying habits…Right Stella? Good Puppy!
               Data General advertisement in Forbes Magazine, 1998

150.    TCG has always gone the distance for its customers. Now we go even further.
             TCG advertisement in Forbes, 1997

151.    There is opportunity everywhere. If you have the vision to see it.
              The Montgomery Funds advertisement in The New Yorker, 1998

152.     Create your own series of dodge ball trading cards…Because you can.
              Sony ™ advertisement in The New Yorker, 1998

153.   Open 24 hours, easy ordering, fast shipping, gift wrapping, book reviews, recommendations, editor‘s
       picks, searchable database, bulletin boards, live events, every book in print, worldwide
         delivery, deep discounts…
               …….where the world shops for books!

154.   Trying to do everything exceptionally well is an admirable goal but risks being unable to do any one
       thing the best.
               Richard Feinberg, Purdue University

155.   It‘s about a real mean customer. The [cost] of survival in the auto industry will grow substantially
       as the customer gets meaner and meaner and refuses to pay for new widgets.
               Alex Trotman, Ford Motor Co., May 1998

156.   The true how quickly a company answers a support call.
              Fujitsu Advertisement, June 1998

157.   Oddly, the most dangerous people in business are the ones who always tell you exactly what you
       want to hear.
              CPA Advertisement, June 1998

                                Center for Customer-Driven Quality
158.   The General seems to have forgotten that people need to be excited about their vehicles, in love with
       the sheet metal, wowed by the interiors, excited by the performance.
               Jerry Flint, “Panic Time at GM” , Forbes, May 18, 1998

159.   Hire people who are like your customers, rather than just like you.
              Robbie Stamp, CEO of the Digital Village

160.   Teach people about the business, so that they can fall in love with it.
              Robbie Stamp, CEO of the Digital Village

161.   This has been one of the great experiences of my life. You can‘t image how much fun it is to create
       a product that actually touches regular folks in their lives.
              Ed Colligan, creator of the Palm PDA

162. "It is not just about having web page but how that web page can give the
     customer what they want."
              David Sager, Purdue University student

163. I keep telling them that we‘re not geniuses but only a little ahead of the curve.
              Jim Assara, Founder and CEO of Shawmut Design & Construction

164. Smart? It‘s not about being smart. It‘s about being able to recognize when you do something
     accidentally that in hindsight looks smart.
             Nick Reed, Co-Founder & CEO of Paragon Biomedical, Inc.

165. What I really wanted was to do this.
             Dwayne Walker, Founder and President and CEO of Techwave, Inc.. Explaining why he
             left Microsoft to launch his own business.

166.   There is something you can do today that will have a profound impact in the new millennium.
               Richard Feinberg, Purdue University

167.   ―My customers are calling 24 hours a day, but my business is only open 12 hours a day.‖
             IBM Ad for „Affordable-Communications Solution‟.

168.   Lots of companies have a mission statement. How many have a mission?
               Aetna US Healthcare Ad. 1998.

169.   ―If your customers are not treated as you would like to be treated they will become someone else‘s
               Richard Hinshaw, Purdue University student, 1998

170.   ―Complacency towards customer satisfaction is a recipe for business failure.
             Julie Moore, Purdue University student, 1998

171.   ―When businesses realize that they need the customer much more than the customer needs them, the
       road to success shortens significantly.‖

                                 Center for Customer-Driven Quality
              Emily Wheeler, Purdue University student, 1998

172.   ―…without customer satisfaction you have no business, no money, out of luck.‖
             Karen Warnecke, Purdue University student, 1998

173.   ―It‘s the consumer stupid‖
                Steven Williams, Purdue University student

174.   ―What makes a company? Customers. What makes a good company? Happy customers. And
       most importantly, what do happy customers want and need? Excellent customer service.
              Coleen Apache, Purdue University, 1998

175.   ―Nothings wrong. But many things could go wrong if we don‘t prepare today.‖
              Steve Ballmer, President - Microsoft

176.   Customer Satisfaction - Ballmer plans to spend $250 million this year to boost customer support and
       consulting staff by 25% each. Next he will send hundreds of engineers to the field to meet with
       corporate customers so they can better understand their problems.
               Presidential priorities of Steve Ballmer, new President of Microsoft

177. ―If anybody‘s between you and your customers, you had better be shaking in your boots."
             Michael Mortiz, Partner - Sequoia Capital


                                                        Is Your Customer
                                                        out of Focus?

179. ―…if your customers are not treated as you would like to be treated then they will become
     someone else's customers."
            Rick Hinshaw, Student, Purdue University

180. Customer relations is best strengthened by managing both customer satisfaction and customer
           David Bowen, Thunderbird School of Management

                               Center for Customer-Driven Quality
181.   Asking how much you can make on the Internet is the wrong question. The right question is how
       does the internet reinvent your business?
182.   Be the best you can be in your best areas. Become partners with the best in areas that you cannot.

183.   Non-stop, door to door, anytime, anywhere, guaranteed.
       Roberts Express

184.   We are the most expensive courier in the world so we better be the best.
              Brice Simpson, CEO Roberts Express

185. Customer satisfaction is a mission not a program.
186.   ―A business is not about providing service or selling products anymore, it is about providing service
       and selling products which are better.‖
               Mitzy Sutanto, Student at Purdue University

187.   ―… (we must become) lunatics about customer satisfaction.‖
             Jack Welch, CEO GE

188.   " We need people who can hit the ground running. The standard hiring process--a resume,
       interviews, some references--may tell you about history and hypotheticals, but it says little about how
       a candidate can add value to your company today."
               Cathy Olofson, Fast Company Magazine, December 1998

189.   "The measures that matter to us are the measures that our customers use."
              Scott McNealy, Go Fly Ltd., 1999

190.   "I measure customer delight by talking directly to customers."
              Jerre Stead, Chairman and CEO of Ingram Micro Inc.

191.   "Keeping employees happy is the key to long-term success. That means keeping the channels of
       communication open--measuring satisfaction through surveys, as well as by just walking around and
       checking in with people."
              Gary White, CEO of Gymboree, 1999

192.   "Complaints provide a window into your performance."
             Reuben Greenberg, Chief of Police, Charleston Police Department, Charleston, South

193.   "We're not in the education business. We're in the transformation business."
               John Quelch, Dean, London Business School

194.   "I have a technique I use to reinforce Rule Number Six for myself. I put a blank sheet of paper on
       the stand of every musician at every rehearsal. That paper is an invitation to the players to inform
       me about how effective I'm being at making them the best that they can be."
               Ben Zander, Conductor, Boston Philharmonic Orchestra, 1998

                                Center for Customer-Driven Quality
195.   "How do I create an environment in which people are committed to doing really great work?
       Tracking company culture is the answer. That means looking at the company as a whole and
       understanding how all aspects of it are interconnected."
               Brian Maxwell, Cofounder/President/CEO of Powerbar Inc.

196.   "If we want to see more risk-taking, we must ourselves take more risks. If we want people to dream
       bigger dreams, we must ourselves dream bigger dreams. If we want the whole person to come to
       work, we must bring all of ourselves to work."
               Barbara Waugh, Hewlett Packard, 1998

197.   "How you handle adversity in the workplace tends to have much more impact on your career than
       how you handle the good stuff. The people who know how to overcome adversity are the ones who
       rise to the top of the organization."
                 Martin Seligman, President of American Psychological Association

198.   "Credit cards aren't banking, they're information."
               Rich Fairbank, Chairman and CEO of Capital One Financial Corp.

199.   "Thank God for competition. When our competitors upset our plans or outdo our designs, they open
       the infinite possibilities of our own work to us."
               Gil Atkinson

200.   "If it ain't broke -- fix it. Take fast -- make it faster. Take smart -- make it brilliant. Take good --
       make it great."
                 Cigna Advertisement

201.   "If things were done right only 99.9% of the time, we'd have two unsafe plane landings
       per day at O'Hare and 16,000 lost pieces of mail every hour by the U.S. Postal Service.
       Strive for 100% quality!"
                  Jeff Dewar

202.   "People don't give a hoot about who made the original whatzit. They want to know
       who makes the best one."
                Howard W. Newton

203.   "If you haven't got the time to do it right, when will you find the time to do it over?"
                 Quote from "Quality Service Teamwork/Successories Library"

204.   "If you plant crab applies, don't count on harvesting golden delicious."
                  Bill Meyer

205.    "No one ever attains very eminent success by simply doing what is required of him;
        it is the amount and excellence of what is over and above the required that determines
       the greatness of ultimate distinction."
                    Charles Kendal Adams

206.   "Hold yourself responsible for higher standards than anybody else expects of you.

                                 Center for Customer-Driven Quality
       Never excuse yourself."
                  Henry Ward Beecher

207.   "It is a funny thing about a business, if you refuse to accept anything but the best,
       you very often get it."
                    Quote from "Quality Service Teamwork/Successories Library"

208.   "There are thousands of people who can help you improve your site. They're
       called users."
                  Jackie Cohen & Maryann Jones Thompson, The Industry Standard,
                 June 21, 1999

209.   "Real customer service is about reaching and satisfying customers in every retail
       environment--not only online and not only in a brick and mortar world."
                 Kelly Mooney, Net Company, September 1999

210.   "Nothing succeeds like excess."
                 Oscar Wilde

211.   A second-generation neighborhood grocery owner decided to "weed out all of those
       people who weren't regular customers" -- and then launched the most radical loyalty
       program in the supermarket industry. Today, as members of Club DLM, Dorothy Lane's best
       customers in Dayton, Ohio, get the kind of treatment that you'd expect from a sales rep who's
       chasing a million-dollar account: free bouquets of flowers, free turkeys at Thanksgiving, Christmas
       gifts, invitations to concerts.

212.   "Customer service excellence does not come cascading like Niagara Falls…it comes
       one drop at a time."
                   Quote from "Quality Service Teamwork/Successories Library"

213.    "The polling place of any retail business is at the cash registers. Here, customer
        satisfaction can be easily measured in terms of both size and the frequency of the
                      Leonard Riggio

214.   "Better three hours too soon than one minute too late."

215.   "Delivering ads is one thing. Delivering CUSTOMERS is another."
                    IBM Advertisement

216.   E-commerce shoppers are easily frustrated by server error messages or having to
       wait for a transaction to process. They're always just a click away from a
       competitor's site--and if they leave, they probably won't ever return.
                     Quote from "Red Herring," September 1999

217.   Taking a bite from a Dairy Queen ice cream bar, Mr. Buffett said he simply buys
       what he knows, then offered a judgment he has no doubt debated over many

                                 Center for Customer-Driven Quality
       bridge games with his friend Mr. Gates. "The Dilly Bar," he said with a smile,
       "is more certain to be around in 10 years than any single software application."

218.   Bill Ford and Jacques Nasser are transforming Ford from a carmaker into a
       consumer company that just happens to make cars.

219.   "Walking down Main Street citizens are four times more likely to encounter an
       H&R Block office than they are to encounter the Gap."
                  Amity Shales, "The Greedy Hand"

                Land's End Advertisement

221.    "Every fall on the first day of class, I make an announcement: Everybody gets an A.
        There's only one condition: students have to submit a letter, written on that first day
       but dated the following May, that begins: Dear Mr. Zander, I got my A because…
       In other words, they have to tell me, at the beginning of my course, who they will
       have become by the end of the course that will justify this extraordinary grade."
                       Ben Zander, Conductor, Boston Philharmonic Orchestra

222.   TCPAOS -- The customer pays all our salaries.
                  Dennis Pawley

223.   Technology doesn't try harder, people do.
                    AVIS Advertisement

224.   "When a company is relying on you to help them succeed there is one thing you'd
       better be…visionary."

225.   COOPERTITION -- word to describe strategic alliances with potential competitors.

226.   "We are hell-bent on not being in a railroad car as jets fly over us."
                       Eisner's way of explaining why he keeps pushing Disney
                      into new technology

227.   "When you don't know what else to do, listen to your customers."
                    Eric Schmidt, Novell CEO

                   Delta Air Lines Advertisement

229.   Customers are not dependent on us, we are dependent on them. We are not doing
       them a favor by serving them, they are doing us a favor by giving us the opportunity
       to do so.

                                 Center for Customer-Driven Quality
                       Quote from "Quality Service Teamwork/Successories Library"

230.   "Never forget a customer, and never let a customer forget you."
                       Harold McClindon

231.   "Consumers are not statistics. Customers are people."
                     Stanley Marcus

     TO SELL TO EVERYONE IN THE WORLD? Maybe there would be no such
      thing as a small business.
                   SmartAge Advertisement

233.    "I spend most of my time talking and listening to customers. Here is how I learned
        to do that: When my father, Frank, introduced his chicken to New York City in the
       early 1970s, he spent six months there and probably talked to every butcher there
       was in the city. He took notes on yellow pads and amassed 20 of them--800 pages.
       Just before he left New York, he was in a phone booth at LaGuardia Airport and
       left one of his yellow pads there. When he later found out that it was probably
       picked up as garbage and taken to a landfill, he tracked down the landfill and got
       it back."
                            James Perdue, Chairman, Perdue Farms

                      NetDive Advertisement

235.   In business, there is only one boss…the customer. They can decide to fire everyone
       in the company, from the chairman on down…by spending their money somewhere else.
                           Quote from "Quality Service Teamwork/Successories Library"

236.   There is only one way to build a business….satisfied customers, one at a time.

237.   Our customer support is so responsive that, OOPS, there's a call, gotta go.
             Mind Spring Internet Services Advertisement

238.   "We want our customers to wake up each morning and think, 'Boy am I glad that GSA
       exists!'" GSA's goal isn't just to lower prices--it's also to "thrill" customers.
                Dave Barram, Head of General Services Administration, Washington DC

239.    Companies make clear that hiring great people is not the responsibility of Human
        Resources. It's the responsibility of every single manager. There are lots of reasons
       for this: If you are the leader of a great marketing team or of a great product-
       design team, no one outside your group, no human-resources specialist, can
       understand the kind of superstar who will make a difference in your work. Only
       you can understand that.

                                 Center for Customer-Driven Quality
               John Sullivan, Head, Human-Resource Management Program,
                    San Francisco State University

240. e-nnoy-ing: When it's 5:08 pm on a Friday night
     and the customer service department you need to
    talk to about your latest Internet purchase is already
    at happy hour.
               Eliance Advertisement

241.   "Want to know one way to feel good about your job? Find passionate people
       to work with--and then hang on for the ride!"
               Darwin Sanoy, Principal Consultant, Corectech Consulting Group

242. "We expect our people to understand our customers' expectations
     and to exceed those expectations. We don't expect them to wait for
     permission in order to do the right thing."
               Doug Woods

243.   Customer satisfaction can best be summed up in two words…exceed expectations.
             Quote from "Quality Service Teamwork/Successories Library"

244. If you aren't satisfied
         With your web site
     Imagine how your CUSTOMERS
          Feel about it.
                 Service Metrics Advertisement

245.   "I was clueless. They were more clueless. The difference was 10 million dollars."

246.   Customer satisfaction, not customer service, is the mission.
             Quote from "Quality Service Teamwork/Successories Library"

247. Now you can never be too rich,
     To think or have
    A web site that's
     Too popular.
           Resonate Advertisement

248.   Be sure to ask new hires what people they would recruit from their former company.
       Why? Because great people tend to know other great people.
             John Sullivan, Head, Human-Resource Management Department,
                San Francisco State University

                                Center for Customer-Driven Quality

250.    At Mitel, the way to go faster--and to do better--is to stop spending time on things
        that don't add value.

251.    "WebAnswers is an outsourced service company providing a complete solution
         for delivering instant answers to online customers' questions. We provide the systems,
         technical staff and knowledge-management engineers to develop, manage and host
         interactive knowledge bases for our clients. For those questions that require
         additional research, our customer-service agents find the right answer--and respond
         to the customer."
                 Eric Ornas, President, WebAnswers

252.    To my Customer: I may not have the answer, but I'll find it. I may not have the time,
        But I'll make it. I may not be the biggest, but I'll be the most committed to your success.
                  Quote from "Quality Service Teamwork/Successories Library"

253.    "I DON'T DO MALLS…"                     Avoid the crowds and shop at home with We have everything you're looking for with name brand
       electronics, tools, toys, home décor items and more! For personal assistance
       call our Internet retail specialists @ 1-888-55BUYIT. Our exclusive hassle-
       free shopping is backed by a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.
                                             Why Shop Anywhere Else!

254. Browse. Buy. Back to Work.
     (Maybe we made it too easy).
             Blue Fly Advertisement

255.   You're on your way to your office, and you're riding the elevator. The doors open,
       And the CEO gets on. As the doors slowly slide shut, she turns to you and asks,
       "What are you working on that makes a difference to this company?" Her eyes
       bore into you. You're alone in the elevator with the biggest of the big cheeses,
       and you've got two minutes to tell her exactly why your project matters.

256. If you are standing still, you're falling way behind.

257.    "In shopping for an 'I Miss You' card yesterday I came across one that said…
        'You never write. You don't call. I never hear from you. You totally ignore me…
        Have you ever worked in customer service?'"
                 B.J. Fisher, Purdue University student


259.    "We don't need more breakthroughs in technology (but) in business philosophy."
               Stan Shih, Acer

                                  Center for Customer-Driven Quality
260.   The problem isn't losing your customers to an e-business.
       It's losing them to someone else's e-business.
                MCIWorldcom Advertisement

261.   "How many objects--and cars, for that matter--make people coo?"
             Sohrab Vossoughi, Founder and President, Ziba Design Inc.

262.   "The problem with the rat race is that even if you win, you're still a rat."
               Nick Campbell, Staff Engineer, Johnson & Johnson

263.      Happ-e.
          We do e-fulfillment just for grins.
           Keep your customers smiling--from the moment they place an e-order till long
            after your product reaches their doorsteps. Let us do your e-fulfillment and
            you'll always have a nice day.
                  SubmitOrder Advertisement

264.   "A car is a commodity. That's why I'm not thrilled about buying a car over the Internet.
       The Net is a great source of information on pricing and availability. But it can diminish
       your chances of getting a great deal. Dealers do not compete with one another on
       these sites--each site has specific dealers it works with. If you're persistent enough,
       you might get a better deal in person than over the Net."
                   Paul Maghielse, Omega Stamping Company

            Ashford Advertisement

266.   "Being a great businessperson not only involves knowing how to do your own job
       but how to make your customers and employees so happy they never want to leave."
                  Beth Pelger, Purdue University student

267.   "A company finds its destiny by answering three questions:
       1. Who are we?
       2. What do we stand for?
       3. How do we serve?"
                 Tom Chappell, Founder/CEO, Tom's of Maine

268. "One company that I work with literally gives coupons to great people whom its managers
     gotten to know but who aren't ready to make a move. The coupon sends the message: 'The

                                    Center for Customer-Driven Quality
       you want to come work for us, you're hired. You don't have to go through our HR
       We will hire you instantly.'"
                    John Sullivan, Head, Human-Resource Management Department,
                    San Francisco State University

                 SalesLogic Advertisement

270.   "When meetings are getting too antagonistic, or are moving too quickly through complex
       issues, I will shut them down. 'This isn't a break…I want us to sit here in silence, with
       our eyes open, and to think about what we're trying to do.'"
                     Tom Durel, Former CEO, Oceania

271.    "KEY TO INTERNET COMMERCE OF ALL KINDS: Your customers aren't
        customers anymore. Your vendors aren't vendors anymore. They're either your
       teammates or someone else's teammates. If you're not on their team, they'll find
       someone who is. It doesn't matter if it's business-to-business e-commerce or retail
       e-commerce. Another team is just a click away."
                    John Ellis, Consultant

272.   The Internet is a blank canvas…you hold the brush.
                  Intendchange Advertisement

273.   "This is your wake-up call: The new economy operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week."
                   Anna Muoio, Fast Company, October 1999

274. "Why would anyone go into the tire business? To change it!"
               Tom Gegax, Head Coach, Team Tires Plus

275.   Finish this sentence: "I would spend more time on the net if…"
       (40% selected "it allowed me to do more things that I couldn't do otherwise.")

276. You can search the world over for the finest in home design.
     You can just, well, search the world over.
                    HomePortfolio Advertisement

277.   "Good service + customers = SMILES."
                    Thomas Rickman, Purdue University student

278.   "It's a fact of life: Most of us have been spoiled by's customer-focused
       retailing. I have yet to buy from another e-tailer that gives me (as Amazon does) a
       complete record of what I ordered."
                        Jim Murphy, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

                                 Center for Customer-Driven Quality
279. "Ask not what your customer can do for you but
     what you can do for your customer."
                David Rabb, Purdue University student

280.   "All the things you normally fuss and moan about to yourself and your buddies--
       well, we have a chance to do something about them. I can't say, 'THEY don't know
       what's going on.' OR 'THEY made a bad decision.'
       I am THEY."
                      Duane Williams, GE/Durham Factory

281.   Eight hours a day, five days a week, the head of the Seattle's Home Depot store's
       garden department roams the aisles of the outlet, scouting out anxious home improvers,
       helping them overcome their biggest do-it-yourself worries. "People come in with a lot
       of fear--fear of water, fear of electricity, and, if they're trying to put together a
       barbecue, fear of gas," says Greg McMillan. "All I'm doing here is empowering them."

               Vantive Advertisement

283.   "When you're trying to double the speed of product development, you have to
       give the right people the right information at the right time."
                       Quote from a Ford executive, Fast Company, October 1999

284. The New York Times recently reported that the combined 1998
     revenues of every retailer on the Internet--$8 billion, according to
     Forrester Research--did not match that of one e-commerce business:
    Cisco Systems, whose 1999 business-to-business e-commerce revenues
    exceeded $9 billion.
                Fast Company
285.   "I have one piece of advice for you: quit. Leave school tomorrow, take whatever money you have
       left that you would have spent on tuition, and start an Internet
       company. Because if you stay in school for the next two years--if, when everybody
       else is dreaming and innovating, you spend time on the bench, watching the game
        go by--you'll miss the greatest land grab, the greatest gold rush of all time, and
        you'll regret it for the rest of your life."
                       Jason McCabe Calacanis, Speech to Harvard Business School 1999

287.   "If a window of opportunity appears, don't pull down the shade."
                  Tom Peters, "The Pursuit of Wow"

                                Center for Customer-Driven Quality
288. Surfing Manifesto: "Give me what I need--and fast.
     After all, I'd rather be hiking a trail or floating on a river."
           Bill Greer, Founder, GORP (Great Outdoor Recreation
                Fast Company Magazine, November 1999
289. "THE ULTIMATE GOAL: Make yourself an adviser to your customers. Offer
      suggestions based on their personal preferences. Know your merchandise, and
      identify all of the different ways to shop for it--by price, age, gender, color, style,
      mood, or any combination of those categories. Build a smart, robust database,
      one that delivers search results that are relevant, visual, complete, and helpful."
                  Kelly Mooney,

290. Which would you rather have?
     A company that's simple to do
     business with or a company that
     makes business simple?
               Gateway Advertisement

291. "When it comes to time management, I have one piece of advice: Push yourself
      as hard as you can. Always push yourself, even when it hurts--because every
     second counts."
                   Todd Krizelman, Co-CEO, The

292. "I did a few calculations and then took my final figure to a top
       executive at the company. This one engineer, I estimated, was worth
        $29 million to this company. Do you know what that executive did?
       He wrote the engineer a check for $1 million. That was exactly the
       right reaction. Most great people don't appreciate how valuable
       they really are. If they did, then lots more of them would be getting
       million-dollar bonuses."
               John Sullivan, Head, Human-Resource Management Program,
                    San Francisco State University

293. "Customer service is the online experience. Online, no transaction is tangible.
      A customer is in a self-service environment. So retailers must know what the
     customer wants before she tells them. From start to finish, the experience is
     the only thing that matters."
                        Anna Muoio

294. Nearly every bulletin board in every office at Dell Computer has a sign that reads:
                                     "The Customer Experience: Own It."

295.    Hanging above a set of cubicles--home to employees who sell computers to
        government accounts--is a gift-wrapped box labeled "the 'Customer Experience.'"
        That label serves as a reminder that at Dell, bonuses and profit sharing are tied to
        what those three words signify.
                         Quote from "Net Company," Fall 1999

                                   Center for Customer-Driven Quality

297. "The whole point is that owners of computers shouldn't have to get involved in
      making them work as promised. They should just work, all the time."
                Walter Mossberg, Wall Street Journal, April 30, 1999

298. "We'd rather cannibalize our store sales (via our catalog and Web site) than
      have someone else do it."
                  Jake Mendelsohn, CIO, PETsMART, "Chain Store Age,"
                   November 1999

             Richard Feinberg, Purdue University

              Lucent Technologies Advertisement

301. "How do you get people to pay attention to your messages when they are
      dealing with more email than they can possibly read, more Web sites than
      they can possibly surf, more TV commercials than they can possibly watch?"
                     Polly LaBarre, "Fast Company," September 1999

302. "Only a few mom-and-pop shops deserve to be called 'beloved.' Most of them
      survive because their customers have no better option. Thankfully, those stores
     will die. But mom-and-pops that provide real value to their customers will prosper."
                     David Blanchard, "Fast Company," September 1999

303. "The armies that will win in the future--and, by extension, those organizations
       that will wage successful campaigns of any kind, whether they're commercial,
     military, or otherwise--will be those that marshal 'creative solutions in
     ambiguous circumstances.' Everybody's got to know how to be a leader."
                   General Peter Schoomaker, Commander in Chief,
                 U.S. Special Operations Command

304. QUESTION: What did the e-tailer say to the retailer?

                                Center for Customer-Driven Quality
       ANSWER:          My floor space is bigger than yours.
                      USWeb/CKS Advertisement

305. "Zero time is about the ability to react instantaneously, to provide value for
      every customer at every opportunity. Without the Internet, you can't be
                Keri Pearlson, Business Professor, University of Texas (Austin)

306. "Hire a vice president of customer experience. You need one person who will
     be a champion for the customer--one person who can move through various
     business units and act as an advocate for customer-centric design."
               Anna Muoio, Net Company, Fall 1999

307. "The Internet makes shopping easier and more enjoyable."
       (67% say that that's a reality; 33% say that that's a myth.)
               Fast Company, October 1999

308. "Every word on our site should help to create a positive user experience."
              Alicia Dougherty,

309. The government ensures that no more than .0009%
      Of your food is rodent free.

     Every percent counts.


310. "For the first four years, no new enterprise produces profits. Even Mozart
      didn't start writing music until he was four."
                   Peter Drucker, Management Consultant

311. "Give me a stock clerk with a goal, and I will give you a man who will make
      history. Give me a man without a goal, and I will give you a stock clerk."
                   J. C. Penney

312. "Convenience, Convenience, Convenience! I need to have information at my
                   Carley Roney, Cofounder/VP, the Knot, Inc.

313. "We used to measure how many calls we could take per hour. Now we focus
      on first-time resolves--solving the problem once and for all, even if that means
      talking longer with a customer."
                     Manish Mehta, Dell Computers, Net Company, Fall 1999

                                Center for Customer-Driven Quality
314. "Every project we take on starts with a question: 'How can we do what's
      never been done before?'"
                  Polly Labarre, Lend Lease Corporation

315. "Many people believe that we have entered the age of the Internet.
       It's more accurate to say that we're living in the age of the customer.
     Make no mistake: customers are in control today. They have access
     to more information than ever before, and they can retrieve it faster
     than ever before. There has never been a better time to be a customer--
     or a more demanding time to be a company."
                Anne Busquet, President, American Express
                   Relationship Services, American Express

                 EDS Advertisement

317. "Customer service IS the online experience. Online, no transaction is tangible.
     There's no friendly greeter at the front door, and there's no help desk at the
     back of the store. A customer is in a self-service environment. So retailers
     must know what the customer wants BEFORE she tells them. From start to
     finish, the experience is the only thing that matters."
                   Kelly Mooney,

318. "The most important kind of time is the time that it takes to acquire and retain
      your customers. That's what 'time zero' is all about: How fast are you retaining
     customers that you already have? How fast are you grabbing new ones?"
                Mark Teflian, President, Time 0

319. If…
     The average single female
     Breaks up with 4.3 men,
     Avoids 237 phone calls and
     Ignores approximately 79 red lights
    Per year --
    What are the chances she'll read
    YOUR e-mail message?
    …Say something specific.
                                Center for Customer-Driven Quality
       Contact us for e-messaging campaigns
      That get results.

                  Message Media Advertisement

320. "We're not in the coffee business serving people. We're in the people business
      serving coffee."
                     Howard Schultz, CEO, Starbucks Coffee, Customer Service
                       Management, March/April 1999

321. "I want to do stuff well, but even more important, I want to do the right stuff
      for the right people."
                    Ken Keberle, BizVillage, Fast Company, October 1999

322. Wouldn't it be great if every time you named
      your clients, people said "Wow" instead of
           Strategic Interactive Group Advertisement


324. "One of the most distinctive--and powerful--characteristics of the Web
      is its ability to level the playing field. For shoppers, that means more
     information about pricing, dramatically simplifying the process of comparison
                       E. Savitz, "The Industry Standard" 1999

325. "We used to measure how many calls we could take per hour. Now we focus on
       first-time resolves-solving the problem once and for all--even if that means talking
      longer with a customer."
                 Manish Mehta, Dell Computer

326. Ancient Dilemma: If you've got a million customers,
                     How do you make each one feel
                    Like one in a million?

     Xerox Solution: Talk to customers one-on-one.

                     Xerox Advertisement


                                 Center for Customer-Driven Quality
       FOR FREE?
                  Sun Microsystems

328. "Sales professionals die only when they fail to add or create value for their
      customers and prospects. Whether a company's sales strategy is e-commerce,
     direct sales or a combination of the two, the focus remains on the top line
     of the income statement--SALES."
                   Sam Parker, Cofounder,, "The Industry
                     Standard," October 25, 1999

329. "We're not going to build this company by servicing
     cars, we're going to build it by servicing customers."
                     James Wheat, President, Jiffy Lube, "Customer
                         Service Management," March/April 1999

330. "BRANDS MATTER. Indeed, in the new world of business--a world of
      overcapacity and sensory overload--brands matter more than ever. WHY?
      Because brands are a form of shorthand. Customers think about what matters
      to them, analyze their choices, and settle on a brand. Once they've done that
      analysis, they're very reluctant to do it again."
                    Bob Pittman, President/COO, America Online Inc.

331. "The biggest challenge facing companies in the 21 st century will be to
      differentiate themselves from everyone else--to create a passionate
     following among customers who have too many choices."
                   Andy & Kate Spade, Cofounders, Kate Spade

332.   "It's difficult to convince great people to pay attention to you if you don't have
       a great reputation. You need to attract people by interesting them in what you're
                         Eric Raymond, Fast Company, November 1999

                                         The little black dress.
                                            Great service.
                                         Some things will never
                                           Go out of fashion.

                                     British Airways Advertisement

333.   //companies/customers/suppliers/partners/everyone/everywhere/prepare to merge
                            Welcome to the City of e

                                Center for Customer-Driven Quality
                                                          SAP Advertisement

334.    At the heart of the Web are two important lessons about your career: You are
        your most important product, and everything about you gets more valuable
        when you use technology to leverage it. According to Web wizard, Nathan
        Shedroff, creating your personal Web site is less a technical challenge than an
        emotional one. Once you've answered the question "What is your brand?"
        you're ready to create the brand called URL.
                      Quote from Net Company, Fall 1999

335.    A few examples of Microsoft-based business-to-business commerce solutions:

        MERISEL strengthened their business relationships by giving tens of thousands
        of resellers real-time inventory and order-status access.

        OFFICE DEPOT increased sales by millions of dollars by enabling over 20,000
        of their business customers to purchase goods with custom catalogs and pricing.

        SAINSBURY'S one of the UK's largest retailers, is integrating hundreds of
        disparate suppliers via a Web-based value chain management system.

336.    "In five years, there won't be any Internet companies because they will all be
        Internet companies. Otherwise, they will die."
                     Andy Grove, Intel Chairman

337.     He's a nasty, noisy, belligerent, bellicose,
         Bullying, combative, crotchety customer.
       And he's going to read your agents the riot act.
       (Exactly what he's been created to do.)

338.    "Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, you are going to be able to buy
        a work of art. How exciting is that?"
                 Diana Brooks, CEO, Sotheby's

                                        One Company. One Message:
                                             TOTAL SATISFACTION

                                             Panasonic Advertisement

341.    "It's going to be a Web Christmas."
                     Jeff Bezos, CEO,

342. When it comes to e-business, you've got two choices - get your feet wet soon or
     risk being left high and dry.

                                  Center for Customer-Driven Quality
                 Cambridge Technology Partners Advertisement

343. "If you organize information so that it serves your customers, they'll stick with
       you. In a digital marketplace, you're not offering customers a new catalog every
     year; you're offering them a new catalog every night. You don't post a new
     price every hour. Time is information, and information is time.
                  Mark Teflian, President, Time0

                              Change one thing, and it's just not the same.
                                  But if every part is exactly right…

                                         Mercedes Benz Advertisement

345. "If the customer wants to buy through the Internet, we have to make that happen.
      If we don't, someone else will. And we'll lose."
                    Earl Mason

346. "And we are prepared to make anything. There is no such word as 'no' in our
                Charlie Trotter, Chicago, Fast Company, December 1999

       WILL HAVE BECOME RELICS OF THE PAST. 8% say that it's "certain to come
       true within five years." 48% say that it's "possible, but not likely to come true within
       five years." 24% say that it "will not come true within five years."
                     Article from Fast Company, October 1999


                                        Shop 24 hours a day
                                           7 days a week
                                          365 days a year
                                         Great Low Prices

                           Convenient shopping from your home.
                                 Safe, Secure transactions
                         Free ground shipping in the Continental U.S.
                                  Satisfaction Guaranteed

349.   "As they hit the back end of their life cycle, baby boomers seek more personalized

                                 Center for Customer-Driven Quality
        funerals, including different kinds of funeral services, different kinds of music, and
        different kinds of caskets--caskets that make a statement.
                     Batesville Casket Company

350.    What do you get when you cross a premier investment bank with the speed of the
        Internet? A distinct edge.
                   DLJ direct

351.    "Had Levi's focused on giving customers what they want--an easy, enjoyable
        experience buying jeans--the site would have made the revenue needed to keep
        the site afloat. A bad customer experience caused to fail."
                    Mark Hurst, Founder/President, Creative Good

352. Thanks to all our salespeople.
     Especially those of you not on the payroll.
           That's why we would like to sincerely thank all the people who bought a Lexus in the past ten years,
       and then encouraged others to do the same. While you may not be on the payroll, we do owe you
       a debt of gratitude. Thank you.
                                   Lexus Advertisement

353.    Web users are no longer satisfied with sheer quantity of information. They want

354.    Better to shoot yourself in the foot, than have a competitor shoot you in the head.
                    Toyota Motor Sales USA Inc. slogan

355.    "Every public company tells shareholders how it's doing every quarter. But few
        companies have a set of metrics that measure the customer experience month to
        month, quarter to quarter."
                   Paul Bell, Senior VP, Dell Computer

356.    virtually every lipstick
        virtually every fragrance
        virtually every eye shadow
        virtually every nail color
        virtually every beauty gift
       virtually every beauty treatment

357.    The customer is always dead.
                  Batesville Casket Company

358.    She's thrilled to be answering 95% of customers' e-mails within 3 days.
        (Doesn't know that within hours most went straight to her competitor's site.)
                      Genesys Advertisement

359.    You want a custom-configured network solution completed, tested and shipped today?

                                     Center for Customer-Driven Quality

360.   "We no longer set about finding consumers for a mass-produced product. Now, we
       use an intimate knowledge of our consumer to find products for him or her."
                   Dirk De Vos, Levi Strauss

                                            whatever it takes

                                                                   ESG Advertisement

362. Products Mean Something
     Visitors are invited to type in their own Coca-Cola stories using computers located
     outside the theater. In the first three weeks, 1,800 people recorded their stories.
                          Quote from Fast Company, January/February 2000

363. Now you can never be too rich, too thin, or have a web site that's too popular.
                    Resonate Advertisement

364.                          The Ritz-Carlton Credo
       The Ritz-Carlton Hotel is a place where the genuine care and comfort of our
       guests is our highest mission.

       We pledge to provide the finest personal service and facilities for our guests,
       who will always enjoy a warm, relaxed yet refined ambience.

       The Ritz-Carlton experience enlivens the senses, instills well-being, and fulfills
       even the unexpressed wishes and needs of our guests.

365. Man has visited the moon 6 times in 30 years.
     Sound like your Web site?

366. One of the most compelling forms of service is self-service. That's why Dell
      hosts a bulletin board where die-hard customers answer questions for other
     customers at the rate of 400 to 500 per day. The Dell site also features a
     massive database of FAQs and other documentation, along with a natural-
     language search engine (called "Ask Dudley") that handles 50,000 inquiries
     per week.
                    Net Company, Fall 1999

367. The quickest response time wins.
                  Ernst & Young Advertisement in Industry Standard

368. Try British Airways
                                 Center for Customer-Driven Quality
          And we guarantee
          You'll fly with us again.
           Give us your opinion and we'll give you
           Two free tickets to the world.
                         British Airways Advertisement

369.       When you use an American Express Card to purchase online, you will not be
           held responsible for any unauthorized charges. GUARANTEED.

370.       John Wanamaker said half the money
           he spent on advertising was wasted.
           he just didn't know
           which half.
                                       Avenue A Internet Media Advertisement

371.       A market never bought anything…people do.

372.       "One discovery by Xerox shattered conventional wisdom: its totally satisfied
           customers were six times more likely to repurchase Xerox products over the next
           18 months than its satisfied customers…The only truly loyal customers are totally
           satisfied customers."
                          Jones and Sasser-Harvard Business Review, Nov-Dec 1995
373.       In an information economy, nothing is more essential--or move valuable--to a
           company than real-time information.
                             Fast Company, 1999
374.       "Companies that place customer information at the heart of their business and
           make that information available to all employees are ones who have excelled
           in their industries."
                           The Patricia Seybold Group
       : logged on to 27 seconds

                                          : searched for the perfect home: 12 minutes

                                                      : applied for the lowest rate mortgage: 7 minutes

                           : waiting for movers to arrive: 5 hours, 17 minutes and counting

                                            The easiest part of getting a home.

                                              Center for Customer-Driven Quality
375.    The power to personalize your brokerage experience to fit your goals, your life,
        your unique way of doing things.
                    Fidelity Investments Advertisement

                                  Starbucks' Organization Chart

                                             OUR CUSTOMERS

                                                  ALL OF US

378. "IKEA's concept is articulated in a document drafted by Kamprad in 1976:
       a furniture dealer's testament. It outlines a set of nine commandments--including
      a perpetuation of the 'IKEA spirit' of enthusiasm, thrift, responsibility, humbleness,
      and simplicity; and 'always asking why we are doing this or that…refusing to
      accept a pattern simply because it is well established."
                          Ingvar Kamprad, IKEA

379. "The right frame of mind is that your customers are loyal to you, right up until
      the moment somebody else offers them better service."
                    Jeff Bezos,

380. It's amazing what can happen when you listen to your customers.
                   FM Global Advertisement

381.   "Remember: It's not how satisfied you keep your customers, it's how many
       satisfied customers you keep!"
                      F. Reichheld, Customer Service Management, March/April 1999
382.   "Building a great company on the Web isn't about 'aggregating eyeballs,' 'increasing
        stickiness,' or embracing any of the other slogans that masquerade as strategy. It's
       about rethinking the most basic relationship in business: the one between you and
       your customers. How well do you meet their needs? How smoothly do you solve
       their problems? How quickly do you anticipate what they'll want next? The real
       promise of the Web is a once-and-for-all transfer of power: Consumers and business
       customers will get what they want--when and how they want it, and even at the price
       they want. The customer experience is the next competitive battleground."
                         Jerry Gregoire, Dell Computer

382. If I build it, they will come…Right?
       Building a successful online community for customers, partners or employees
       takes expertise and experience, not just technology.

383.   "Car designers need to create a story, every car provides an opportunity to
       create an adventure."

                                 Center for Customer-Driven Quality
                      Freeman Thomas, Dahmler Chrysler

       It's 2 a.m. While your company is closed for business,
       Your competition is busy taking orders over the Internet.
                    Gartner Group Advertisement

385.   Forget faster or cheaper. The Web challenges you to rethink the most basic
       relationship in business: the one between you and your customers. How well
       do you meet their needs and solve their problems? The Web requires you to
       make bold promises--and to deliver.
                        Net Company, Fall 1999

386.   Week 12 / "We've finally got our Website up and running."

       That little voice / "How's anyone going to find it?"

                          Microsoft Advertisement

387.   Twenty million holiday shoppers want in your store.
       Here are the computer keys.
                       Qwest Advertisement

          Lots of customers.
          Lots of partners.
          Room for error?

388.   Shortly after the Four Seasons Hotel in Chicago opened in 1989, Nancy Reagan
       attended a fund-raising dinner there for a local hospital. Before the function there
       was to be a small gathering of the 20 largest donors with her and the former
       President. Hans Willimann, the hotel's manager, was awaiting their arrival, and
       looked around the room and saw that every man was in a tuxedo except for himself
       and one other man. And that other man was very unhappy. "I took him to see our
       maitre d'hotel and said 'This man needs a tuxedo.' The maitre d'hotel was
       unflappable. With the Reagan entourage bearing down on the hotel, he disappeared;
       moments later, he returned with a tuxedo--the one off his own back, freshly
       pressed. He put it on the man. It was a little too big, so we had the pants tightened
       by the hotel seamstress. The man went to the party and enjoyed himself. The next
       day we got a letter from him that began, 'You don't know who I am, but…' The
       grateful guest turned out to be Fred Steingraber, CEO of A. T. Kearney. Since that
       evening, Steingraber has shown his gratitude by steering a good deal of business
       to the Four Seasons Hotel in Chicago."

391. The most exciting thing to ever happen to Home Equity Loans just fell
     into your lap.

                                Center for Customer-Driven Quality
               (on the laptop)

392. "It's strange, really. You almost never buy furniture for an 'unhappy' reason.
      You buy furniture because you have a new child, or you've bought a house, or
     you've landed a new job. And yet customers almost never have anything but
     horror stories about the experience."
                        Andrew Brooks

393.   Each campaign should provide at least one moment of pure exhilaration.

394. "Just as US car makers are getting their quality up to par, the Japanese are
      redefining and expanding the term. The new concept is called Miryokuteki-Hinshitsu--
     making cars that are more reliable, that fascinate, bewitch, and delight."
                   Business Week

395. Now the letter 'e' isn't the scariest in the alphabet.
                  XPEDIA Advertisement in Wall Street Journal 1999

396. Can you know too much about the company you're banking on to handle your
      mission-critical Internet operations?
           We don't think so.
      Because the more you know, the more you'll understand why 38% of the top
     Internet sites work with us.
           We're on a mission. Yours.

                      Exodus Advertisement

397.   The sole purpose of MARKETING is to get MORE PEOPLE TO BUY more of
       Your product, MORE OFTEN, for MORE MONEY.
                       Fast Company, September 1999

398. "If anything, e-commerce will cause mom-and-pop-like businesses to proliferate.
      E-commerce redefines the neighborhood, the community, and the customer
     relationship. Instead of creating limits, it creates access to opportunities."
                     "Mark," Decatur, Illinois, Fast Company, September 1999

399.   Industry "experts" have dismissed Linux as too complex and geeky for the
       general public. Then again, isn't that what they said about the Internet?

400.   Your satisfaction is not only our guarantee, it's why we're here. To be perfectly
       clear, we insist you're delighted with your purchase. If for any reason, a selection
       doesn't meet your expectations, we stand ready with a full refund or exchange.
                       Restoration Hardware Customer Service Guarantee

401. Financial Advice.
                                Center for Customer-Driven Quality



402.   Loyal Customers are like your hairline. You've got less than you think. And you're
       losing more each day.
               Netcentives Advertisement


                #1. Know their business.

                #2. Know your stuff.
404.   ―You‘re not engineering a web site. You‘re engineering a user experience.‖
                     Mohanbir Sawhney, Kellogg Graduate School of Management
405.   ―It‘s simple: sell to people who want your product; ignore those who don‘t.‖
                       Guy Kawasaki,

406.   ―The one thing I‘ve learned from my experience is that no matter what you sell, you‘ve got to sell
                      Stanley Marcus, Neiman Marcus

407.   “One of the secrets of selling is knowing how to stage a great show.”
                       Carl Sewell, Sewell Motor Co.

408.    “You have to start with knowledge of your consumers. In our case, we are the consumers: we live the
same life.”
                       Daymond John, Fubu

408.   E-Gad! Here we are, only a few short years into this new-economy thing, and already we‘ve run the
       poor letter ―e‖ into the ground. Email, a simple enough application in the beginning, has been e-
       viscerated by the e-mergence of e-commerce, which is part of e-business, conducted by e-companies
       that have e-strategies. This e-nables them to compete in the e-revolution that is going on in the e-
       world. The composite e-ffect is e-nough to turn e-veryone into Sesame Street‘s Oscar the Grouch
       and announce that ―The next e-leven years of the new e-conomy will be brought to you by the letter
       ‗e‘.‖ E-nough!
                        Alan Webber, Fast Company, February 2001

409. A box without service is a box.
                       Hewelett Packard advertisement

410.   TAKE THIS JOB AND LOVE IT. When employees are happy, it shows.

                                 Center for Customer-Driven Quality
                       Principal Financial Group advertisement

411.   What’s the best way for customers to reach you? Any way they want .
                       Avaya Communications advertisement

412.   ―Higher education IS THE ONLY BUSINESS THAT HAS A CEREMONY for firing its
                          Elliott Masie, The Masie Center

413.   ―…when was the last time you went to the store to buy old meat, rotten produce, dried out deli meat
       or bakery products, or outdated dairy items?‖
                      Bruce Peterson, VP and General Merchandise Manager, Walmart

414.   Guarantee Your satisfaction is not only our guarantee, it's why we're here. To be perfectly clear, we insist
       you're delighted with your purchase. If for any reason, a selection doesn't meet your expectations, we
       stand ready with a full refund or exchange.
                       Restoration Hardware,

415.   Why did many online furniture retailers fail? ―They were not run by people who have a passion for
       home furnishings. They were run by people who thought that they could build companies really fast
       and make a lot of money.‖
                                                     Mitchell Gold


416.   If we‘re going to spend the next 20 years putting little vowels in front of all of the words that
       describe the new economy, it‘s going to be a long 20 years.
                              Alan Webber, Fast Company, February 2001

417.   Your Internet business will survive given fundamental business skills and 1 billion dollars of start
       up money….maybe!
                                      Richard Feinberg, Purdue University

418.   ―An automobile is just a Java browser with tires.‖

                                 Center for Customer-Driven Quality
                                      Scott McNealy, InfoWorld, August 10, 1999

419.   ―….brands tell a story and convey a set of values right from the beginning? If you get the story
       right, people will connect with it.
                                       Kirk MacGibbon

420.   ―What drives these people is not a desire for power but a desire to have a positive influence on their
                                      Darwin Sanoy

421.   ―Either you think – or else others have to think for you and take power from you, pervert and
       discipline your natural tastes, civilize and sterilize you.‖
                                        F. Scott Fitzgerald

422.   Dot-coms are ―dot-toast.‖
                                      IBM CEO Louis Gerstner

423.   We are just kids on the Internet; we‘re only seven years old.‖
                                      Jeff Mallett


425.   Know them. Reach them. Keep them.

426.   Stop Internet Dotcomatosis

427.   Wap*
                      *to go laptopless

428.   Success comes from anticipating your customers‘ needs before they do.

                               LANGUAGE YOU CAN UNDERSTAND.

                                        UNBIASED GUIDANCE.

                           IT’S HARD TO BELIEVE WE’RE ACTUALLY

                                    TALKING ABOUT INSURANCE.


                                      XUMA advertisement

                                Center for Customer-Driven Quality
430.   What would your customer service manager do with your Web site if he could?

431.   ―Who ever reads this stuff? U trust us with your details. We trust u with our service. It‘s all a leap
       of faith. 

       blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah ……

       we will trust and respect each other  we will b here as long as the universe wants us  u will tell
       all your friends about us 

       ….yadda yadda yadda yadda yadda yadda yadda yadda yadda yadda yadda yadda yadda yadda
       yadda yadda yadda yadda

               From the Terms and Conditions of Service Web page of South African
               cellular network operator MTN (

432.   Your flair for finding the best deals is uncanny.
       Again and again , you emerge victorious.
       Is it just good luck, or do you know something?
       140,000 stores, 30,000 brands.
       Find out what‘s on sale at stores near you.

433.   ―While bouncing balls and plastic Frisbees may be effective in achieving short-term awareness of a
       site … there is not a better marketing tool out there than satisfying the customer.‖
                                       The Industry Standard, August 21, 200, pg. 29
434.   Our business model: We succeed when you succeed.
                               Engage advertisement

435.   Retailers differ by product, not by clicks or bricks.

       Creating value is derived from customer motivations, and those will vary by customer and product,
       but not ―e-‖ or ―re-―
                              Gary L. Moreau

436.   Your customers won‘t always tell you what they want. But we can.
                            Verbind advertisement

437.   Don‘t just compete. Conquer.
                            Calico advertisement

                       YOU‘LL FIND MUCH AT OUR RESORTS
                                EXCEPT, PERHAPS, THE WORDS
                                        TO DESCRIBE THEM.
                               Four Seasons advertisement

                                 Center for Customer-Driven Quality
439.   ―Most of what you and I do in the day-to-day business world is total bullshit!‖
                            Thomas J. Peters

440.   I‘ll never have to hear ―I‘ll get back to you‖ again.
                              Siebel advertisement

                               HERE‘S WHAT YOU‘RE GOING TO DO.

                                     MEET WITH YOUR TEAM
                                     DISCUSS A BIG PROJECT
                                     HOLD A STRATEGY SESSION
                                     MAKE A SALES PRESENTATION
                                     CONDUCT A FOCUS GROUP
                                     TRAIN A NEW USER
                                     IMPRESS YOUR TOUGHEST CLIENT

                              HERE‘S HOW YOU‘RE GOING TO DO IT.

441.   Marketing so personal you get immediate reactions. 1:1 marketing made easy
                             Market first advertisement

442.   You‘ve been waiting for someone to act like a partner, not a vendor.
       You‘ve been waiting for an Internet that lives up to its potential.
       You‘ve been waiting for an e-business approach that‘s complete and fully integrated.
       You‘ve been waiting for someone to help reducte time to market.
       You‘ve been waiting for a way to simplify e-business infrastructure.
       You‘ve been waiting for someone to make your life easier.
       You‘ve been waiting for a partner that solves your problems rather than pushes their products.
       You‘ve been waiting for someone who won‘t disappear once they install.
       You‘ve been waiting for solutions that won‘t become obsolete the second your company grows.

       The wait is over. Genuity is here.
                    Genuity advertisement

443.   SO you find this house. Victorian. Mammoth kitchen. You want it.
       You go to your bank. The mortgage guy looks at your paperwork. Whoops.
       You‘re missing a statement. Month of March. Oh. But I do my checking here, you say.
       Can‘t you just pull it up? He can‘t. First floor, he says. You go there.
       The teller shakes her head. We need a written request. By mail.
       But it‘s simple, you say. I just need March.
       I‘m with the mortgage guy now.

                                Center for Customer-Driven Quality

444.   Why make returning as simple as buying? So your customers come back to buy again.
                          United States Postal Service advertisement

                            THE NEW RULES OF ENGAGEMENT

                                     If you build an end-to-end
                                      acquisition and retention
                                      solution, consumers will
                                    come to your site. But with
                                 customer-acquisition costs soaring
                                   and your competitors working
                                          around the clock,

                                 YOU DON’T HAVE TIME.
                    MyPoints advertisement

                                TAKING IT LIVE IS THE GOAL.

                              TAKING IT PUBLIC IS THE DREAM.

                         Insight express advertisement

                             Center for Customer-Driven Quality

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