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Nitric Oxide Presentation


English presentation about Nitric Oxide and its effects.

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                  INTRODUCTION ABOUT “NO”

synthesised from the amino acid L-arginine

literally in cells from head to foot

NO can keep us fit and healthy.

nitric oxide synthases or NOS, will convert the amino acid L-arginine
to L-citrulline and forming nitric oxide in the process.

The molecule is short-lived

constant supply is generated by endothelial cells in response to the
sheer stress of the blood flow on the artery wall
                                            Govern the blood pressure

  Messenger between
      nerve cell                            helps the immune system's
                              Benefiit of
                             Nitric Oxide
                                              Fighting neurological

Help sickle’s cell patient

                                               Prevent pulmonary
                 Messenger between nerve cell

brain contained more of the nitric oxide synthase enzyme than
any other organ

the nitric oxide synthase enzyme was not confined to small areas,

 NO was distributed throughout the brain
 So, NO being involved in almost all the brain function

 The small size of NO made it easier to diffuses into and out of cells easily

 now NO is a prime candidate for the much searched for
"retrograde messenger" that is the basis of memory.
                     Govern the blood vessels

The dilation of blood vessels is sustained by a steady flow of nitric oxide.

Any interruption to the production of nitric oxide interferes with the tone
of the smooth muscle.

NO will cause penile erections by dilating blood vessels, and controls the
action of almost every orifice from swallowing to defecation

Its also regulator of the muscle tone of blood vessels.
          Helps the immune system's macrophages

Macrophages are the cells in the body , activated in injury ,
illness to get rid of debris, when they seek out invading bacteria
or cancer cells to destroy.

the macrophages use the “cytotoxic properties of nitric oxide” to sweep up
parasites, bacteria and other potentially infectious rubbish.

NO will destroy many organisms that are difficult to kill by other means.

 nitric oxide can also killed the “vicious parasite” that causes Leishmaniasis
( a group of potentially fatal tropical diseases caused by parasites
  transmitted by the bite of sandflies)
                       Fighting neurological

Nitric oxide produced in the brain by the neuronal form of the nitric
oxide synthase is belive to cure “Alzheimers, Parkinsons and other
neurological disorders”.

This research is still going on.

Maybe in 10 years time, we will truly find the cure for this kind of disease
                         Prevent pulmonary

raised blood pressure is due to the “lack of dilator tone “

 lung cogestion can be relieve by “inhaling only trace of nitric oxide gas
(25 parts per million) by patients with pulmonary hypertension” .

NO could could “stop a painful attack of angina” (the chest pain
now known to be caused when the heart muscle is short of oxygen

it was too dangerous to give people nitric oxide directly,

substances that released it slowly could relieve hypertension
                     Help sickle cell’s patient

NO act by “restoring the natural charge and shape” of the oxygen-carrying
component of red blood cells

Hemoglobin S with the help of nitric oxide “behaves like normal adult
hemoglobin”, which does not sickle.

NO also prevents unhealthy clustering of hemoglobin S molecules

NO can also “melt the existing polymers”, leaving more hemoglobin free
to do its job of oxygen delivery to the body.

unwanted hemoglobin S polymers in the microcirculation when oxygen levels
are lower, once hemoglobin releases its oxygen to the tissues

NO benefits to our body is truly a great achievement for science.

NO contribution could increase the quality of life for the patient.

In the future we hope that a lot of “new great scientific breakthrough
being discovered”

So, don’t judge a book by its cover!

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