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					Press release – Sunday 19th October 2008

Wakeboarders are celebrated in Bursa / Turkey

The sun and the nice weather were definitively reward for the perfect Turkish
organization. It was a final day, where the Özdilek Cable Wakeboard European
Championships got the rest of the results through 5 categories (Open Men,
Open Ladies, Masters, Junior Ladies and Junior Men).

The most difficult categories to predict were as always Open categories, men and
women. But Maxine surprised everybody, showing her 2nd run, when she was already
set up for the first place on the podium. Before the motor tower, this time she didn’t
shoot with the S-bend to blind, she made one more step, with almost landed, but over
rotated, double S-bend. Her team rider, Mike Ketellapper, this time missed the podium,
in a first run falling on the end with toeside 7 and in a second, on the beginning of the
run, he missed S-mobe. But Dutch riders didn’t leave empty place on the podium. On the
third place was Marcel Doorgest, showing one of the best runs in his life. Before him was
Lior, missing first stair, for a short, but after a big injury in the beginning of this season,
Team Israel can be very happy seeing him smiling on the second place. On the first
place, “clown” Nick Davies, definitively filled the expectations putting out his strongest
tricks, ending his run with a clean blind 7 over the kicker.

Kath from Germany confirmed her first place on German nationals, by putting herself on
the 2nd place of European championships, having clear stand up run. She was followed
by Eva Koch, one of the first generations in wakeboarding, who confirmed her consistent
riding and to all spectators showed, that you don’t have to compete on each competition
to confirm that you are one of the best riders in the Europe. If Kinga stayed to compete,
it would be tough, but for all of three the riding was more than good and each place was
definitively deserved.

From the masters, the judges expected a lot from Krausi (GER), but in his second run, he
crashed on a double S-bend. “I´m not so sad”, he said. “Do you know what makes me
happy the most? I was waterskiing with Woofie (GER) and when I tried wakeboarding, I
pulled him on the board. Now he is third, this makes me happy!” On the second place
was Rens from Holland and on the first place Loic from France.

Junior Men were the last category, so the last riders in the last heat didn’t have so good
conditions. They were riding in the dark, which maybe affected to some results. Lewi
(GB) took first place. He was followed by Nicky Guehrs (GER) on the second and Josh
(GB) on the third place.

With such a good results Great Britain took first place as a team. On the second was
Holland and on the third place Germany.
IWSF is having big plans for the next season. On the podium they gave the riders some
hints about having World Cup stop in Bursa for the next season, which means for the first
time in history of IWSF, they will set up World Cup for cable wakeboarding.

Prize giving ceremony was really good occasion for giving two more rewards. Two
athletes were announced by athletes of the year 2007. Gini from Germany and Nick
Davies from Great Britain. He even took two rewards. The second one was the water
sport’s athlete of the year, where he was chosen as the best between 3000 athletes
through all water sports. He deserved it, because with his riding he is bringing some
huge changes in a water sports. This was really the brightest reward today and we can
be really happy that wakeboarder took it. Thank you Nick!

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