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                                                                        Makeup Guide
About Makeup 2 Art

Our goal at Makeup 2 Art is to create
makeup that is perfect for you.

Makeup 2 Art offers a professional
mobile service to save you time
and make you feel comfortable
whether in your own home or
your hairdresser's salon. Our extensive
knowledge of industry trends ensures
we can transform you into your desired
look, be it natural to glamour. Provide us with a picture of your
desired look, or let us customise a look that is perfect for
you, accentuating your best features. We only use the top brands
of makeup, catering for all skin types and ages. Your makeup
will look stunning in photo's and last throughout your special event.
Individual tuition is also available so you can learn the secrets of
creating a perfect look every time you apply your makeup.

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Your Simple Steps                                  Personalised to your individual look.

 Skin Prep...
                                                                                           Basic rules for skin prep and foundation
                                                                                           Exfoliate and moisturise regularly
                                                                                           • Keep foundation the right colour to your
                                                                                            skin and not heavy.
                                                                                           • Give colour with a little bronzer or slightly
                                                                                            darker powder.
                                                                                           • Highlight under cheekbones for contour
                                                                                            and blush on the apple of your cheek.
  Serving Sizes
                                                                                           Basic rules for eyes:
                                                                                           Always blend the eyeshadow for great look.
                                                                                           • Dust whole eye with light natural colour
                                                                                           • For natural look, use eye shadow for the
                                                                                             eyeliner. For more dramatic look use an
                                                                                             eyeliner then blend with eyeshadow.
 Eyes...                                                                                   • Always use darker shadow on the outside
                                                                                             of the eye & under eye along lash line.

                                                                                           Basic rules for finishing touches:
                                                                                           Always work with your best features first.
                                                                                           • Well shaped eyebrows frame your face.
                                                                                           • Colour-stay mascara wont budge and
 Lips...                                                                                    always looks good throughout the day.
                                                                                           • Natural colour lipliner and a gloss will
                                                                                            take you thru from day to night.
                                                                                           • Don’t be afraid to use shimmer on eyes
                                                                                            and cheeks for that extra glow.
                                                                                           • Concealer; May take away dark circles,
                                                                                            freshen up eyes and cover blemishes.

                	                                                           M: 0418684483

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