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                                                                                                                                     September 2009                03

           By next year, Beauty and Wellness industry will contribute $ 1 trillion towards the global economy. The
           Indian Beauty and Wellness industry too is on the growth path averaging growth of 40% and is expected to
           touch 5 Billion USD in the coming years. The path to achieving this growth is strewn with multi-dimensional
           challenges involving education, regulations and technological issues- this involves knowledge sharing and
           linkages with Global players.

           With vision to integrate the Indian Beauty and Wellness business with the world, New Media has joined
           hands with Fourthwave Media Group the pioneer in Professional Beauty Media. With this joint initiative, we
           expect to couple our global experience with Parlour Professional's home grown understanding to bring to
           you an internationally designed, content rich publication.

           I am confident that you find this initiative an enriching one.

           Happy Reading!

           Satya Swaroop
           Managing Editor

           We're delighted to debut the all-new Parlour Professional. And while the new Parlour Professional is different
           than its previous incarnation in many ways, it is the same in one essential way: our mission continues to
           provide informational and educational content and that is why we have collaborated with Asia's largest
           bilateral Trade promotion media company - New Media. We now have access to quality international content
           and design.

           Besides being an information resource, Parlour Professional is a forum for Hair, Beauty, Make-up and Spa
           professionals to share experiences and lessons from the field. The articles are written to encourage
           comment and feedback. Please tell us what you think about an article or topic. Have you had a similar
           experience? What do you do that is different? We are eager to listen to you as much as you are eager to read.

           Come, lets join hands to make our industry more happening, dynamic and vibrant !!!

           Sheela Iyer

  04 September 2009
tress talk

                                                 Know no Rules

                                                   Deconstructivism, the Spring Summer
                                                   collection from Sassoon Academy takes
                                                the modernity of the Belgian De-
                                          Constructionists in combination with the
                               classicism of the Renaissance masters. The result - pure
                                  technique plus innovative experimentation. Take a look.
                                      If you do not know the rules, you can't break them and if you can't
                                           construct great haircuts you can't deconstruct them to make
                                           even better hair styles. That's the principle of Sassoon's latest
                                           collection, Deconstructivism.
                                          Inspired by a combination of the renaissance in Florence in the
                                           1450s and the Antwerp Six in Holland in the mid-nineties,
                                             Deconstructivism is all about re-thinking the way things
                                                are done by and going against the norm.
                                                   The emphasis of the collection is on
                                                     Deconstructing a strong shape using a weaving
                                                       technique that mirrors the way that colour is
                                                              The key to the look is to a strong internal

  06   September 2009
                                                                          tress talk
shape, with rounded lines, that is then cut into and
personalised to flatter the Deconstructive, understated
clothing trend that is prevalent at present.
Complementing the Deconstructed styles, was a new
movement in colour. Gone are flashes of colour coming
and in their place comes a new concept: non-colour.
Key tones included violets bled with red and blood orange
or blondes combined with blue greys and slate tones to
create a look mirroring petrol mixing water.

"Deconstruction doesn't mean no shape. You
have to construct the hairstyle in order to take
away. At the moment, we are seeing lost of
Deconstructed looks around that have an
understated feel and these hairstyles really suit that
trend." - Sassoon creative director Mark Heyes
The Cut: "Classic Sassoon shapes conceal an intricate internal
dynamic. When combed flat, the hair remains contemporary, when
pushed around, it kicks out at odd angles and gives hair hyper-
mobility. Cuts have visible invisibility, classic, compact and clean in
their external shape, subversive, layered and hyper-mobile
Colour: "In this collection, colours complement
shapes rather than over-complicating them.
Elliptical architectronic lines and parabolic arches
curve around the head creating a complex
framework of selections. Non-colours fade in
and out - purple, earth, coal, navy and olive
green. Matt and shine work together to
create subtle shape and texture.
Courtesy: The Sasoon Academy

                                                                          PARLOUR PROFESSIONAL
                                                                           September 2009        07
tress talk

  Quick Straightening Service with
  Matrix Opti-Straight
  MATRIX India's number one brand in hair care introduces its new
  salon service 'Opti-Straight' for soft, super straight results. The
  service has caught on with working women for whom time
  is the most precious commodity.
  Opti-Straight uses Multi Ionic Technology
  that conditions hair and gives long lasting
  straightness. It has pleasant Asian Tea fragrance that
  masks Ammonia smell. Opti straight is a salon service, in a
  service time of 20 25 minutes for wavy and curly hair and 10 40 minutes for sensitized hair. The service is quite
  affordable and can be done in 4 simple steps making it quick and easy to use.

                         Straight beautiful hair in 4 simple Steps

   Before Opti-Straight
                                                                        Step 1a) Shampoo

                                                                        Step 1b)
                                                                        Make 4 sections

  08   September 2009
                                                               tress talk

                                                               Step 2c) Process

                                                    Step 2d) Rinse with water

Step 2 a)                  Step 2 b)
Apply smoothing crème      Smooth with fingers

Step 3a)                  Step 3b)
Blow- Dry                 Iron Section by section

Step 4a)                            Step 4b)
Apply conditioner & Neutralize      Rinse & Style


                                                                PARLOUR PROFESSIONAL
                                                                 September 2009        09

        With our television sets getting sharper,
          camcorders zooming in for detailed
        close ups and even web cams are now
        being able to produce rich, high quality
         pictures, we have to get ready for the
       close up. Consumers are picking up the
            trends in HD makeup to ensure a
           flawless complexion and supreme
        coverage under every light and camera
         angle. Yatin Deshpande gives you an
       insight into this exciting new technology
           and its impact on the Indian media
                    make-up industry.

                                                    High definition" (HD) is the technical term for high-
                                                    resolution image quality for advanced digital camera
                                                    technology. This modern technology produces a
                                                    completely new visual experience for viewers. High-
                                                    definition camera technology has considerably increased
                                                    the number of pixels and scan lines presented on
                                                    television screen. The sharpness of the HD-TV picture is
                                                    approximately four times greater than before which means
                                                    nearly cinema quality. The result is picture sharpness and
                                                    contrast that are a lot better than before, contours are
                                                    much sharper, colors are richer and deeper, and the TV
                                                    picture is offered with much greater detail. It creates
                                                    brilliant visual sharpness that is almost like cinema

                                                    Digital image processing has also progressed in
                                                    photography with professional cameras capturing images
                                                    at 50 mega pixels which give exceptional picture quality.
                                                    Cinematographers and photographers are now facing the

  10   September 2009

demanding requirements of advanced HD technology.                New formulations for foundations are
All over the world this new standard is in use from 1st April    necessary
2009 for recording as well as transmission of images. At
                                                                 Skin is essentially clear and the melanin pigment is deep in
present among all the channels transmitted only the 9X
                                                                 the skin. Traditional make-up is opaque. The new cosmetics
channels clearly state that they are HD ready but everyone
                                                                 must be translucent and slightly reflective. Airbrush is the
will have to upgrade sooner than later.
                                                                 answer, since tool marks are also a huge problem. However
                                                                 products that are translucent with a sponge can quickly go
Demands for precise make-up work
                                                                 opaque through an airbrush. Airbrush is a fabulous tool but
Makeup artists are being challenged to raise their standards     as a fix-all solution, allowing skin to "glow" - staying away
and adapt their artistic skills to HD. The HD cameras show       from powder. The use of powder on HD-TV creates problem
everything magnified: the minutest skin blemishes, large         area, since a face matted with conventional powder has a
pores, pigment alterations, and even excess make-up              coarse grained appearance as a HD-TV camera will show
product application. This new technology demands                 every particle of powder on the skin. Only the new
completely new generation of foundations and powder. The         micronized powders or foundations that require no
products should be ultra thin on the skin, and the               powdering will meet the requirements under such
complexion should appear absolutely smooth, regular, and         conditions. To achieve optimal results, the foundation should
radiant. Traditional foundation and camouflage techniques,       be more transparent than usual and made up with flowing
therefore, do not meet the expectations anymore. The HD-TV       transition zones.
camera shows every gray hair, and it exposes every wrinkle
and every skin blemish. Additional anxiety is faced by actors,   HD make-up creates new challenges and
who now fear that the new cameras will make them look            opportunities
older and possibly enhance their flaws.
                                                                 High Definition makeup creates a wonderful world of

                                                                                                    PARLOUR PROFESSIONAL
                                                                                                     September 2009        11
                      challenges and new opportunities for growth in the fields of make-up, hair and especially wigs. As the
                      core of all vanity work has been based on correction, this new medium makes us adapt the old basic
                      techniques of makeup artistry in a new way. Our focus must shift to flattering features while incorporating
                                               facial flaws to retain the natural appearance essential to the intense sharpness of
                                                 the image.

                                                 Light is the new cosmetic
                                                   Traditional make-up appears painted and obvious on High Definition Makeup.
                                                    Brush strokes and sponges edge marks appear far worse in High Definition
                                                     Makeup than they do on film. In the past makeup artists had got
                                                     comfortable with a heavy reliance on products to solve the problems
                                                      encountered during shooting. Now even the lightest traditional film make-
                                                      up has a masking quality. Correction acts only to create a falseness of
                                                      character which is distracting and unbelievable. It was easy to turn to the
                                                      old tricks when distressing, injury, or environmental damage was required
                                                     but the old tricks cannot be used on High Definition as they will appear
                                                     artificial. However we can paint with light as it will be the future of hair and
                                                    make-up work for HD. The secret to successful high definition make-up and
                                                   hair work in HDTV is the concept that light is the new cosmetic. Make-up
                                                   artists need to educate themselves as to how light, with enhancement, will
                                                        paint with the makeup artist.

                                                             Direct communication and understanding with the cinematographer
                                                                (cameraman), the light man (gaffer) and the Makeup designer is
                                                                   vital. Without clear communication and new attention to light,
                                                                      color adjustments with make-up mediums, however
                                                                         translucent, will not work. Working in correct light color
                                                                            and levels will be essential.

                                                                             Its time to get ready to adapt to the future of media
                                                                               makeup HD makeup.
                                                                                 About the author
                                                                                  Yatin S Deshpande has received training at some of the
                                                                                   most renowned institutes in the fashion centre London
                                                                                    and has worked at some of the finest salons in
                                                                                      Central London. Presently, Yatin works with the top
                                                                                       models in the television commercials and print
                                                                                       media for leading shampoo & hair care brands,
                                                                                        cosmetic products (Sunsilk, Clinic, Aviance,
                                                                                         Ayush, Godrej, Dabur Vatika Hair oil & shampoo,
                                                                                         Nyle, Chik, Rejoice, Beauty Secrets by Madhuri,
                                                                                          Bajaj Almond Hair oil, Parachute hair oil
                                                                                          variants, Brylcreem, Himalaya, Ponds, Fair &
                                                                                          Lovely and many more), as well as in the
                                                                                           leading fashion magazines, Television shows.

                                                                                          For more information contact
                                                                                          or Visit

  12   September 2009

            Bridal Beauty
            by Make up Studio
  14   September 2009
Bridal Make up is a lucrative business in our industry. We must display magic with powders,
lipsticks and shadows, and help our clients look their best for weddings or other special
marriage events. A great Bridal make up expert must possess skills and talent to turn a plain
Prudence into a dazzling Diana as well as the teaching skills to send clients home with tips
on how to achieve everyday glamour results for themselves. Brands like Make up Studio help
us to do this with their wonderful products

Products used in the Bridal Make-Up
Concealer      :   Light Orange (under the Eyes, Lip Corners & Forehead) (PH0646)
Foundation     :    Face It (all over the Face) (PH0668)
Powder         :   Translucent Powder (all over the Face) (PH5702)
Contouring     :   Lumiere Bronzing Powder No. 2 (Nose Sides and Cheeks) (S0613)
Highlighting   :   Eyeshadow / Blusher Lumiere Red Sparkler (PH0609)
Lips           :   Lip Liner No. 1 (PH1300/LL), Lip Color No.14 (PH1203) & Lip Gloss
                   Supershine - Glitter Gold gl (PH1211 CR/GL).
Eyes       :       2 Way Gel (as base all over the lid) (PH0677)
Eyeshadows :       Eyeshadow / Blusher Lumiere Red Sparkler, True Terra, Golden Brown &
                   Citrine Gold (PH0609)
Eyeliners      :   Eye Definer Black (inside the Eye) (PH0657), Cream Eyeliner Black (Ph0654)
                   & Fluid Eyeliner Black (PH0637)
Mascara        :   Mascara Base (PH0617) & Mascara No. 1 (PH0620)
Lashes         :   Eyelashes Glitter & Glamour Arabian Nights (PH0406)
Eyebrows       :   Eyebrow Pencil No. 2 (PH1300/EB) & Eyebrow Fix (Ph0638)

                                                                               PARLOUR PROFESSIONAL
                                                                                 September 2009       15

         Chain Salons

       The Chain Salon
       sector is getting       Is The Trend Ready
       corporatised. This
       is evident with
                                  to Take Off?
                               The Chain Salon sector is getting corporatised. This is evident with Helion
       Helion Venture's        Venture's investments of 20 crores in YLG, a chain of Salons and Spas. This is the
                               first round of funding for YLG, which stands for You Look Great, a company set up
       recent investments      very recently by ex-employees of Future Group, including Rajiv Bopaiah, who was
       of 20 crores in YLG,    the Chief of the health and beauty division, and Rahul Bhalchandra, who was the
                               head of Wellness business. With six salons already operational in Bangalore, the
       a chain of Salons       company plans to open 25 by the year end and 100 by 2011. YLG expects to break
                               even for all its stores in the next 6-9 months and is looking at annualized revenue
       and Spas based in       of Rs.30 crore by the end of FY 2009-2010.
       Bangalore. Sheela       The demand for the Chain salons is increasing
       Iyer looks at the       Though India's Salon industry is heavily fragmented and unorganized and the
                               professional Salon industry is new compared to other industries. The client has
       potential and the       evolved and has got demanding and is a part of the 'Brand Culture'. She wants
                               familiar brand names; she wants to know in advance if the salon carries her
       opportunity this        favourite brand of hair color. She demands the security that a brand provides. She
       trend bides for the     wants her salon to provide her the same service at the same cost that she paid in
                               another city. The Chain salon provides her this and as our industry grows older
       Indian Salon sector     and becomes more prevalent you can expect to see more salon chains open up.

  16    September 2009
YLG Salon chain follows the
launch of other leading chains
including The Lakme salons, that of
noted hair stylist Javed Habib,
VLCC, Mumbai's Enrich, the
premium Limelight, family salon
Green Trends and Men's salon chain
Fyne cut for men, the capital's Madonna
and Affinity besides smaller chains of 3-
4 salons in other cities. The trend of
chain Salons is gaining ground to cater
to the Indian salon customer.
India has also attracted the interest of
international Salon chains. In 2007 the
ASK Group had also invested in the
Mumbai based franchisee of French
salon Jean Claude Biguine (JCB). The
JCB House of Beauty is a Paris based
global chain of salons and spas amounting
to Euro150 million spanning 17 countries
with 350 salons and spas. It is rumored
that Australia's biggest franchised
hairdressing chain is expanding to India
and has partnered with a billion dollar
Indian company as master franchisee. The chain
                                        plans to open 250 salons within the next 4 years.

                                       Global Chain salons are big business
                                           Global Chain salons such as Regis, Toni & Guy,
                                          Vidal Sassoon, Great Clips, Fantastic Sam's and
                                          Hair Cuttery have skillfully cut into the fragmented
                                          salon industry in recent years. Regis Corporation
                                          is the beauty industry's global leader in beauty
                                          salons, hair restoration centers and cosmetology
                                          education. The Company owns franchises or has
                                          ownership interests in over 12,800 worldwide
                                         locations. Regis' corporate and franchised
                                        locations operate under concepts such as
                                       Supercuts, Sassoon Salon, Regis Salons,
                                      MasterCuts, SmartStyle, Cost Cutters, Cool Cuts 4
                                      Kids and Hair Club for Men and Women. In addition,
                                     Regis maintains an ownership interest in
                                    Provalliance, which operates salons primarily in
                                   Europe, under the brands of Jean Louis David, Franck
                                   Provost and Saint Algue. Regis also maintains
                                  ownership interests in Empire Education Group and the
                                  MY Style concepts in Japan. These and other concepts
                                  are located in the U.S. and in over 30 other countries in
                                  North America, South America, Europe, Africa and
                                  Asia. Revenues for 2008 were $2.74bn, while for the
                                   fiscal year 2009 sales are expected to reach $2.85bn;
                                   Opal Concepts Inc. is another of the world's largest
                                    salon company, with 1,660 salons. Founded in 1990,
                                    the firm is owned by Japan-based Shiseido Company,
                                     several investment firms, and a management group.
                                     The Chain, Hair Club for Men serves the market niche
                                     of men's hair replacement. Founded in 1976, the firm
                                      had over 100 locations throughout the United States
                                      and Canada. Their success has been a matter of
                                      providing well-promoted, convenient hair care at an
                                       affordable price point. These chains succeed as they
                                       can offer lower prices because of greater efficiency
                              in buying, training and customer turnaround. Research in
                              Salon business shows that the discount walk-in salon
                              attached to Salon chain is by far the fastest growing
                               segment in the $40 billion industry and is projected to
                               have a 25% share globally by 2011.

                              Chain Salons could spell opportunity for stand
                              alone salons and independent hairstylists
                               The modern consumer shops in Malls, superstores and is
                               brand conscious. She demands VFM (Value for Money).
                               Chain Salons in shopping centres or shopping areas are

  18   September 2009
therefore becoming ideal fits by providing her the           this easily and therefore is cost effective]
'branded environment'. Also the chain salon can be           Another reason for the growth of franchises in the
presented as a hair studio, requiring little physical        industry is a lower risk of failure. With a franchisee of a
space, thus meeting the 'space' challenge. New salons        salon chain, you stand less chance of failure. In a beauty
need advertising which is prohibitively expensive. For       salon run as a sole proprietorship, the principal is most
the chain salon, advertising is much easier and cheaper.     likely female and is often an active hairdresser in the
Advertising also helps chain salons achieve ‘credibility,’   establishment. Such salons are typically geared
both with customers and landlords, making it more            exclusively toward women only and do not explore any
acceptable to property owners and developers than            other market. Hair salon chains generally market their
many independent salons. The property owner feels            services toward families; consequently, they report a
good talking to a 'corporate 'than a stand alone salon       larger number of men and children among their
owner/Hairdresser. Banks have been reluctant to lend         clientele. Franchised salons, which may be started up
money and major investors have been hesitant to invest       by a single entrepreneur or by a group. The franchisee
in the industry due to credibility associated with the       pays the franchise holder an up-front fee and continues
business also there is not a lot of information available    to pay a royalty on sales. In turn, the franchise holder
to investors and hence most of the salons breaking into      pays for advertising costs and avails other resources to
the industry have to do it with self generated cash. The     the franchise unit.
growing trend of Salon chains will help addressing this
problem with banks and investors.                            Challenges that face Chain salons
Staffing is one of the salon industry's biggest challenges   While Size has many advantages, it has a few
and as the concept of chain salons grows, trained            disadvantages too. Recently barbers staged a protest at
hairstylists and make-up artistes will prefer working in     Bangalore's Malleswaram Grounds, Increasing number
corporate environments, where they have structured pay       of beauty salons in the city, especially those managed
packets, medical benefits, leave and other benefits as       by big companies had robbed them of their customers,
compared to single salons. [There also exists the            they said .Chain salons will have to deal with this
importance of a unique interior design to brand salon.       backlash from the unorganized salon sector.
The chain salon with standardized design helps to do
                                                             It's no secret that staffing even a single salon can be a
                                                             difficult task. But a salon chain inherently has to staff
                                                             multiple locations, possibly in different states with
                                                             different regulations creating a huge challenge also the

                                                                                                  PARLOUR PROFESSIONAL
                                                                                                    September 2009       19
 employment pool for staff that is good for a chain is         where four out of five independently owned businesses
 different from the general employment pool. In some           fail. This demonstrated success of a franchise also helps
 cases, hairstylists start with a salon chain then realize     when the prospective franchisee goes to the bank to get
 it's not for them. They're used to doing hair a certain       financing. With the growth in clientele, the
 way, at a single salon but in a salon chain it is done in a   demonstrated success rate and a stable financial
 different way because the chain has to maintain               partner, many of the small salons as well as smaller
 consistency at all locations. The stylist either has to       salon franchises soon may be ready to expand. Some of
 understand and like the fact that working in a corporation    the chains in the industry have 8 to 12 salons, they have
 is a slightly different entity.                               been in business for more than five years and have built
                                                               their clientele and established good credit ratings with
 Of course, size can also have an advantage. Having
                                                               lending institutions as well as investors. Thus, over the
 several stores offers the opportunity to take advantage of
                                                               next three to five years, the industry should begin to see
 economies of scale and spread the costs across more
                                                               regional chains with 20 to 30 salons. When this
 locations. This means you can offer benefits and other
                                                               happens, investors will begin to come forward and begin
 things that may be more new to the industry. Plus, it's a
                                                               consolidating salons in much the same way as with
 great motivator to recruit stylists who consider hair a
                                                               VLCC and other such chains.
 career, not simply a job. If you keep opening more and
 more salons, there are increasing opportunities for           Many believe that as more professional people enter the
 higher-level positions within the company. That keeps         business, the faster the industry will move towards more
 people motivated and excited.                                 dominant chains and franchises. In addition, the growth
                                                               of mega salons, chains and franchises also may change
 A major factor determining whether a salon chain will
                                                               the way manufacturers and distributors do business in
 succeed is its effectiveness at picking out the perfect
                                                               the industry.
 locations. To this end, many chains opt to have a
 dedicated person or team handling all real estate issues.     For the independently operated salon, does all this news
 He is responsible for locating new sites and represents       about the growing popularity of mega salons, chains and
 the company to the landlords. He helps the franchisee in      franchises signify impending doom? The answer is a
 selecting the right location. The salon chain has to have     resounding no. Eventually, a few dominant chains or
 a unique interior design to brand their chain. But,           franchises will step forward in the industry, and carve
 similarly, they need an efficient layout, one that allows     out a niche. Independent salons may have to find their
 the most stations in the smallest space. Letting each         niche in the industry by continuing to build customer
 franchisee select her contractor may do a disservice.         satisfaction and counting on customer loyalty. They will
 Some salon chains have got around this problem by             capitalize on their competitive advantages such as the
 either going in for modular and standardized furniture, or    flexibility they have, to tailor their offerings to a specific
 getting the salon done up by the company contractor.          customer base in which they operate.
 The build-out cost also drops dramatically when you buy
                                                               The hardest thing is to change the industry culture. But
 materials for several stores as once and it enables
                                                               change is slow. While talking to local beauty parlours to
 franchises to focus on what's important, like marketing.
                                                               convert to becoming a part of a chain salon, we
 What does the Future hold                                     frequently hear the argument, 'My salon is working fine.
                                                               Why would I want to change?' Then, one has to explain
 The reason the trend has swung toward mega salons,            the benefits of economies of scale, of national
 chains and franchises is that 'the consumer has               marketing, and of a solid reputation. That's the bottom
 changed'. Consumers have less available leisure time          line - although the amount of mega salons, chains and
 and many of them want to be able to walk into a salon,        franchises is likely to grow, a well-run, consumer-
 and get home in the least amount of time acceptable.          oriented independent salon can be profitable anywhere
 The salon chains have done a better job of offering this      in the country. That will never change.                 +
 type of service. Another reason for the growth of
 franchises in the industry is a lower risk of failure.
 Statistics show that 95 percent of franchises succeed

  20   September 2009

  All about                                           Hair
 The primary function of a conditioner is to replace the
 sebum, which is lost from the hair after shampooing, thus       reconstructors,
 making it smooth and manageable. Modern day                     moisturizers,
 conditioners have ingredients that are Glossers and             acidifiers, thermal
 Detanglers, also damage repairers. Conditioning Hair            protectors, detanglers, oils and
 today is a very important part of Hair routine to rejuvenate    glossers.
 hair, restore body and bounce, restore Acid mantle
                                                                 When it comes to hair conditioner-moisturizer, its major
 remove tangles and to restore moisture.
                                                                 hair conditioner ingredients are the humectants, with
                                                                 which it enriches the hair with moisture to hold it inside
 Evolution:                                                      the texture of the hair. In case of, the hair conditioner-
                                                                 reconstructor, special keratin protein/hydrolyzed protein
 Since time immemorial, natural oils have been used to
                                                                 containing amino acids are used as key ingredients. The
 condition hair. The hair conditioner in its modern form
                                                                 acidifier, acid regulators are used as ingredients to
 was presented by a famous cosmetic manufacturer
                                                                 regulate acid to the hair structure, leading to the
 'Pinaud' in 1900 and it was called 'Brilliantine'. Since then
                                                                 strengthening of the hair cuticle.
 modern science has advanced this concept to include
 those made with silicone, fatty alcohols, and quaternary        In case of Detanglers, the hair conditioner ingredients are
 ammonium compounds. These chemical products allow               polymers that work by coating the surface. Among the
 the benefits of hair conditioner without feeling greasy or      most essential hair conditioner ingredients of the
 heavy.                                                          thermal-protector conditioner, are the heat absorbing and
                                                                 distributing polymers. They make this conditioner
 Hair conditioners can now do different things for different
                                                                 functionality type a source of hair protection against the
 types of hair. People with fine, thin hair need a volumizing
                                                                 heat caused by curling irons and hot rollers. Glossers are
 conditioner to plump out their thin hair strands and give
                                                                 usually light-reflecting chemicals usually silicones like
 more body to the hair. People with thick, coarse hair often
                                                                 dimethicone or cyclomethicone which bind to the hair
 need deep conditioners that smooth out the coarseness
                                                                 surface. Oils or (EFAs - essential fatty acids), help
 and make hair look and feel softer. People with dry hair
                                                                 dry/porous hair become more soft and pliable. EFAs are
 need a conditioner that contains a high amount of
                                                                 the closest thing to natural sebum.
 essential fatty acids that transform dry, porous hair into
 more pliable, shiny hair.
                                                                 The Alternative
 Ingredients to Look For:                                        It is also possible to condition hair without the help of
                                                                 synthetic chemicals. Some natural conditioners are
 Hair conditioner ingredients vary depending on the hair
                                                                 Hibiscus leaves, Fenugreek, Aloe Vera, Henna, Jojoba Oil,
 conditioner functionality type. In this respect, they are
                                                                 Apple Cider, Vinegar and Coconut Milk.                    +
 subdivided into the following major categories:

  22   September 2009
       Salon / Spa Management
          Changes Forever!
The First Indian Salon & Spa Software is here to change the face of salon & Spa management. Divine Beauty, the company that
has the reputation of bringing the most innovative products to ease the work of salon and spa
professionals has done it once again with the development of the
first home grown Salon/Spa management software. A quick
look at the features showed us systems starting from the
appointment booking to invoice generation, from
salary structuring to commission calculations,
from employee leave records to generating
payrolls, from stock/inventory records to
purchase & consumption, day
revenue at multi locations to
revenue analysis and the best
part is the use of the ever-
present SMS to gain and retain
clients. All in all 'the perfect
software' for the Salon/ Spa
We spoke to Kashap
Vasani, the man
behind the

software and this is what he had to say, “We conducted an extensive survey to know the feasibility of introducing software. The
survey really surprised us. Almost all the people responded by saying that they would welcome the software, provided it took
care of the Indian scenario. This gave us the confidence and the result is here for you to see.”
The testimonials of present users
“After researching the market for software, we decided on Divine Beauty. We were very impressed with ease of operation and the
features. It is ideal for our appointment-based business because of the excellent quality of its management systems for
appointments, operations and customer tracking. “ Sandhya Chandra , Drama Salon & Spa, A Keratase & L'Oreal Club Salon,
R- City, Ghatkopar, Mumbai
“Divine Beauty Software is the best and perfect software for the industry. It has helped us so much that we gained the confidence
and the resources to open the second one! We hardly lose any clients, as for the non visiting clients, we have an excellent
reminder service through the software. We recommend every salon to use this software.” Kalika Bhat, Cest la Vie Salon, Surat
“We were pleasantly surprised to see the time spent on Administration and Marketing reduce by more than 25%. The Software is
so versatile. We installed the software some time back and it has truly been fantastic. It is such a user friendly systems even the
complete novice is capable of using it. The Marketing menu on the system is brilliant - I recommend the Divine Beauty Software
to any business big or small.” Shalini Khanchandani, Latas Hair & Beauty Salon- L'Oreal Club Salon, Andheri, Mumbai

                                               To get the Divine Beauty Salon/ Spa Software advantage, contact:
                                               PINU TRADELINKS PVT. LTD. DIVINE BEAUTY
                                               Off. No. 24, 3rd Flr., 9, Bulakidas Bldg., Vithaldas Lane,
                                               Abv. Vireshwar Hotel, Mumbai : 400 002.
                                               Off. : 022-2200 6666, 2203 6666, 2207 6666.
                                               Mob: 93203 89988, 98200 08866

  VLCC Gold Facial Kit for Premium Facials launched
                                                                           emium segment facial products has seen one
                                                                      ntrant - The VLCC Gold facial Kit. The product
                                                                     mises to give your client's skin a natural luster and
                                                                      uthful radiance. It retains moisture in the skin, as well
                                                                     as increases skin flexibility and smoothness. Enriched
                                                                        with 24 carat pure Gold, Lemon Peel Extract,
                                                                          Turmeric & Rose Petal Extract, it not only gives
                                                                          the skin radiance but also a porcelain like after
                                                                         feel. By restoring the physiological balance of the
                                                                        skin, the skin shows new signs of vitality and youth.
                                                                      Clients are recommended to avail of the facial once a
                                                                      eek. Each kit comprises of 10 gold facial sachets and
                                                                       MRP is Rs 990/-.

             The New Body Shaper from TeleBrands (India).
 As our life styles has undergone a tremendous change, every body wants to       Price: Rs.2999/- + Rs.395/-
 have a healthy, slim and trim body. Diet and exercise plays a vital part in     (postage and handling)
 maintaining a good body posture. In spite of proper in take of food, still      15 DAYS MONEY BACK GUARANTEE
 we find it difficult to maintain a toned body. In such cases Telebrands's       For further queries call on 24 hrs Toll free no: -
 (India) The New Body Shaper is an amazing under                                 1800-22-8000 or 022-3030 7000.
 rolls and bulges giving the simple look of a sleek and slender body. The
 New Body Shaper is the new, quick and easy way to hide your bulges
 and give your body a sexy, curvy figure instantly. The New Body
 Shaper comes in two pieces which can be worn by mix match the
 Top and the Short. This amazing undergarment can be worn under
 any type of clothing. The New Body Shaper is made from super
 comfortable microfabric. And the fastest way to get you figure
 back. This seamless shaper hugs everything in place leaving you
 with smooth lines and sexy curves. The New Body Shaper is
 available in Beige and Black colors in six different sizes.
 • Advantages of the Body Shaper • Easy to put on and take off
 • Can wear under any clothing • Very Comfortable • Hide those
 unsightly bulges immediately • Body slims down 2 sizes in 2 minute
 • Reshapes your body due to loss of muscle tone • Realigns the spi
 better posture lower fatigue level • More Energy.

  24 September 2009
Natural Cellulose Sponges                                                Abiding with designing innovative products for the Beauty
                                                                         industry, Sunil Bajaj has launched the cleansing sponge.
that make-up professionals                                               This cellulose, porous make-up sponge is the best choice
                                                                         for cleaning the face before make-up and make-up
are sure to cherish                                                      removal. These sponges are highly absorbent, and their
                                                                         texture serves as a tool for dislodging makeup embedded
                                                                         in pores, ensuring a clean, fresh face. These sponges
                                                                         hang on to cleanser during the removal process and if
                                                                         water is added to the sponge, the amount of cleanser
                                                                         needed is reduced. The porous nature of the cellulose
                                                                         sponge allows the cleanser and water to be distributed
                                                                         throughout the sponge and mixed together when gently
                                                                         squeezed. The other advantage is its quick absorption and
                                                                         a sure fire reason to replace cotton. These sponges
                                                                         should be stored separately from make-up, washed with
                                                                         mild hand soap after every use, and air dried. The
                                                                         sponges are available in pack of five.

SPA SIAM's Face Scrubs
SPA SIAM, the premium holistic Thai brand, introduces a perfect
collection of Face Scrubs, suitable for all skin types. SPA SIAM
scrubs has been specially formulated with natural oil which has
antiseptic and antibacterial properties. Orange oil is a natural skin
tonic with a sweet aromatic smell. Rice bran oil nourishes,
moisturizes and has anti- oxidant benefits for the skin.
SPA SIAM Lemongrass Apricot Face Scrub is a mild formulation
                                                                        SPA SIAM Oatmeal Rice Face Scrub is a mild formulation that
developed to gently exfoliate and nourish the skin. Enriched with
                                                                        gently exfoliates the skin removing dead skin cells, grime and
soft abrasives and natural oils, this scrub exfoliates the skin with
                                                                        daily pollutants. Enriched with natural oils, this mild scrub will
its earthy texture removing surface dirt leaving the skin smooth
                                                                        leave your skin clean and alive. It is suited for all skin types.
and supple. Suitable for all skin types.

Paul Mitchell for Hair Strength
Get amazing looking strong hair with Paul Mitchell Strengthen. The products
promise to dramatically strengthen hair up to 50%.The ingredients in the
product line rebuild hair's internal structure, prevents future damage and
moisture loss and restore strength and elasticity. The Super Strong Daily
Shampoo not only gently cleanses but also strengthens and enhances shine.
The Canola, Soy bean and corn starch in the Super Strong Daily Conditioner
prevents moisture loss and the UV absorbers prevent sun damage. The Super
Strong Treatment penetrates deep into the cortex to rebuild the internal
structure of damaged hair and Wheat proteins and amino acids rich in
minerals and carbohydrates in it help restore strength and elasticity. The
unique Super Strong Liquid Treatment™ joins forces with UV protection to
help replace lost minerals and proteins sealing split ends and repairing from
the inside out.

                                                                                                                 PARLOUR PROFESSIONAL
                                                                                                                  September 2009        25
                                                          for New
product focus

                                                          HD Technology

                                               The high definition camera technology has given the make-up artists
                                               around the world a new challenge. Thankfully we have the answer.

                                               In the modern era, professional make-up is all about doing elaborate
                                               make-up, while not being found out that make-up has been applied. It's
                                               about creating a natural look without the make-up being very noticeable.
                                               Make-Up Studio's Airbrush is dedicated to solving the problem of modern
                                               technology's ability to expose make-up like never before. These airbrushes
                                             help create make-up for high endurance, which can stand the sharpest
                                            scrutiny in the studio in front of the high
                                           definition camera lens.
 Make-Up Studio's Airbrush gives you the freedom to achieve the finest finish
 foundations, excellent blending in eyeshadows & blushers, creative aspects
 of temporary body art & tattoos, newest technique to do henna & trendy
 highlights for hair... your creativity will know no limits!
 Make-up Studio's Airbrush equipment gives perfect micro-
 fineness, unlimited ease of application & covering. We have a
 complete range of high definition products to meet the
 challenges of the new technology to provide flawless finish.
 The micronized colour pigments in the foundations, body
 colours & blushers give an exceptional uniform result. Thus
 the make-up is completely streak free. The products give the

  26   September 2009
                                                                                   product focus
make-up artists liberty to experiment from completely matt to very hi shine & glossy effects. The foundations & body
colors being micro pigmented provide an excellent coverage while appearing natural at the same time.
Airbrush make-up dries very quickly & afterwards will not rub off or smudge. Application is straightforward- its simple &
practical spray form. We also have a very good spray on moisturizing product to render the skin with its natural glow even
after the entire make-up is done.
                      It is a novel technique to do make-up & also to do it quickly. There by allowing the make-up artist to
                      accommodate more clients if you use your airbrush in the right way. You may also use Airbrush as a
                      finishing touch over a foundation to makes the foundation stronger and more even. The make-up
                      looks very natural and you can blend away the colours very nicely with each other.
                      The advantage of airbrush make-up in general is that it is more hygienic, quick
                      and offers a good coverage.
                      The following is the description of the range of high definition products with
                      Make-up Studio:
                      Xtreme Air Body Colours 60 ml (XV0711)
                      • Available in 12 shades.
                      • A wide range of liquid airbrush body colors primary colors; red, blue & yellow
                      are available. Black and white to create tones & tints. Pearl, Silver & Gold to give
                      shine & highlight.
                      Xtreme Air Foundation 60 ml (XV0713)
                      • Available in 12 shades.
                      • A wide range of liquid, water based air brush foundation.
                      Xtreme Air Blusher 20 ml (XV0712)
                      • Available in 4 shades.
                      • 4 liquid blushers which can be mixed easily with Xtreme Air Foundations as well.
                      Spray On Air Moisturizing (AB2021)
                      • Available in 1 shade, Transparent
                      • Can be used as moisturizer before or after spraying to render the skin its
                      natural glow.
                      Mini Air Compressor (XV0750)
                       It is a great and quiet compressor, which can also be used very well on
                       location with a fine adjustable pressure regulator. If necessary, two persons
                       can use this compressor to do an airbrush make-up. We have a special 2-
way outlet for that. It is a professional lightweight air compressor including airbrush holder.
Airbrush Make-up Studio (AB0103)
It is a fine quality, user-friendly airbrush with a 0.2mm needle inside and it offers greater value
for money. Since it is made with most up to date technology this needle will never give problems
of blockage.                                                                                        +
Ms. Manishi Jain,
Brand Manager & Country Head Technical,
Make-Up Studio Professional Make-up.
Contact: 9212 33 7343

                                                                                                        PARLOUR PROFESSIONAL
                                                                                                         September 2009        27
ihndI ivaBaaga

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  Qs f 'k;y esa
   Vs D uks yW k th
    cqf)thfo;ksa us dgk gS & ^lksuk dq:i dks Hkh lq:i cuk nsrk gSA*
    vkt dh rkjh[k esa rks ;g ckr v{kj'k% lR; gS] D;ksafd vc lksus
    dk bLrseky dkWLesfVd izksM~DV~l esa gksus yxk gSA fLdu VªhVesaV esa
    xksYM ds iz;ksx dh tkudkjh ns jgs gS jkgqy QkVs-
    nqfu;ka Hkj esa xksYM ¼lksuk½ dh tcjnLr ekax gSa iqjkus t+ekus ls gh
    efgykvksa dk xksYM ds izfr vkd”kZ.k tx&izfl) gSA igys ;g
    nhokukiu T;wyjh rd gh lhfer Fkk fdUrq vkt bldk iz;ksx :i
    laokjus vFkkZr dkWLesfVDl esa Hkh gksus yxk gS- xksYM d.kksa dks
    dkWLesfVd tSy esa dj mlls xksYM Qsf'k;y fd;k tkrk gS- gj ns'k
    dh efgyk,a bls ilan dj jgh gS- Hkkjr Hkh blesa ihNs ugha gS-             dks fLdu ds t+fj, 'kjhj ds jDr lapkj esa isusVsªV djus esa lgk;d
                                                                             gksrs gSa- ,d vkSj tkuk&ekuk mnkgj.k gS esfMluy ¼vkS”kf/k;qDr½ cSaM
    ,d rjQ+ rks fLdu izkWMDV~l esa yksdfiz; gks jgk Fkk ogha nwljh rjQ+
                                                                             dk] tks ,Utkbuk ¼ân; jksx½ ds fy, miyC/k gS] bls Ropk ij
    LdsfIVDl ¼tks gj ckr ij lansg djrs gSa o loky mBkrs gSa½ rFkk
                                                                             fpidk;k tkrk gS vkSj nok /khjs&/khjs Ropk esa izos'k djds jDr
    dkLesVksykWftLV bl dkWUlsIV ¼vo/kkj.k½ dh {kerk o izHkko ij
                                                                             izokg esa lek tkrh gS- dksbZ nwljh bUVuZy esfMflu ysus dh t+:jr
    okn&fookn dj jgs Fks- mudk ,d eq[; rdZ ;g Fkk fd D;k xksYM
                                                                             ugha iM+rh- dkWLesfVd foKku ds {ks= esa ,sls froz fodkl rFkk
    ikfVZdy ¼d.k½ Ropk esa izos'k djrs gSa \;g ys[k bl rjg ds gh
                                                                             dkWLesfVd izksMDV~l esa uSuks VsDuksykWth ds izos'k ds ckn xksYM
    dbZ iz'uksa dk tokc gS- LdsfIVDl xksYM dks dgka isusVsªV ¼izos'k½
                                                                             ikfVZdy ds isusVªs'ku ij loky ugha mBk, tkus pkfg,- ;g rks
    djkuk pkgrs gSa & ekalisf'k;ksa esa] MfeZl esa] 'kkjhfjd jDr lapkj esa
                                                                             ,Vksfed ¼vk.kfod½ VsDuksykWth ij lansg djus tsls ckr gksxh] D;ksafd
    ;k ,fMikst+ ¼olk ;qDr½ fV'kw esa \rFkk xksYM Qsf'k;y ds t+fj, os
                                                                             ge uXu vka[kksa ls rks ,Ve ¼v.kq½ ns[k ugha ldrs gS-A
    D;k ikuk pkgrs gSa \ xksYM isusVsª'ku ;kuh Ropk esa xksYM dk izos'k
    fu'p; gh ,d iz'u gS- blfy, t+:jh gS bldh VsDuksykWth dks                 vkb, vc tkurs gSa fd xksYM Qsf'k;y dh izfØ;k D;k gS rFkk
    le>k tk,-                                                                xksYM isusVª'ku dk Ropk ij dSlk izHkko gksrk gS- xksYM vk/kkfjr
                                                                             dkWLVesfVDl ;kuh xksYM tSy esa xksYM ¼lksus½ ds d.k Mkys tkrs gS-
    lcls igys eSa fLdu isusVsª'ku ds dqN rF;ksa ij izdk'k Mkyuk
                                                                             vr% tc vki xksYM tSy pqurs gSa rks vkidks ;g [kkl /;ku nsus
    pkgwaxk- igys ,slk le> tkrk Fkk fd dkWLesfVDl esa iz;qDr ,LVªkstu
                                                                             dh t+:jr gS fd vDlj xksYM tSy Iysu dkckZiksy tSy gksrs gSa buesa
    Ropk esa isusVs ugha djrk gS- fdUrq vc ,Mokal isusVªs'ku VsDuksykWth
                                                                             buVZ dkckZiksy tSy esa xksYM d.k feyk fn, tkrs gS- blls u rks
    ds dkj.k ,slk laHko gS- ,LVªkstu tSy VªhVesaV mís'; ds fy, miyC/k
                                                                             xksYM d.kksa ds Ropk esa izos'k djus dh xkjaVh feyrh gS vkSj u gh
    gS- tc bl tSy dks Ropk ij yxk;k tkrk gS rks ;g jDr&lapkj esa
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    vo'kksf”kr gks tkrk gS- nwljk mnkgj.k gS isu eSustesaV ¼nnZ de djus
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    okyh½ nok fMDyksfQusd- ;g nok tc eqag }kjk yh tkrh gS rks
                                                                             bues uWpqjy ekWb'pjkbftax QSDVlZ rFkk isusVªs'ku c<+kus okys rRoksa dk
    blls gkbij ,flfMVh] xSfLVªd vYlj tSls nq”izHkko ns[ks tkrs gS-
                                                                             [kkl feJ.k gksrk gS- tc xksYM d.k bl izdkj dh tSy esa feyk,
    ysfdu vc fMDyksfQusd fLdu iSpst+ miyC/k gS] tks nok ds v.kqvksa

    28    September 2009
                                                                                                                       ihndI ivaBaaga

tkrs gSa rks mudk Ropk esa izos'k vklku gks tkrk gS- lkFk gh xksYM     gesa ;g /;ku j[kuk pkfg, fd xksYM ,d ,slh /kkrq gS fd bysDVªksM
Qsf'k;y nsus ls igys fluftZfLVd ihYl ;k xzsM III ihYl dk               ds izfr vkdf”kZr gksrh gS- blfy, tc ge xksYM d.kksa dk iz;ksx
mi;ksx djrs gq, lkSE; fLdu ihfyax dh tkuh pkfg, rkfd xksYM             djrs gSa rks isusVªs'ku ds fy, xsYosfud e'khu dk iz;ksx ugha djuk
d.kksa ls csgrj ifj.kke fey ldsa- ;g le> ysuk cgqr t:jh gS fd          pkfg,A lkekU;r% xsYofud e'khu vk;ksukbt+s'ku izkslsl ds fy,
xksYM d.k lh/ks&lh/ks MfeZl esa isusVsªV ugha dj ldrs gSa ysfdu        mi;ksx dh tkrh gS tgka ikWft+fVo vkSj usxsfVo vk;u] xsYosfud
fefJr VsDuksykWth dh lgk;rk ls] ftlesa ySaxjgSal lsYl izfØ;k esa       ikWft+fVo vkSj xsYosfud usxsfVo ds fl)kUr ij dk;Z djrs gSa- xksYM
fgLlk ysrh gS] ge Ropk ij xksYM d.kksa dk izHkko iSnk dj ldrs gS-      tSy esa tks xksYM d.k gksrs gSa mUgs vk;ksukbT+M ugha fd;k tk ldrk
                                                                       blfy, xsYosfud e'khu dk iz;ksx dHkh ugha fd;k tkuk pkfg,-
                                                                       LVsi IV & tc xksYM ikfVZdYl dks ,fiMfeZl ds fuf'pr Lrj rd
LVsi I & Ropk dh mijh lrg dks xksYM Qsf'k;y ds fy, rS;kj
                                                                       dkseyrk ls isusVªsV fd;k tkuk gS rks lcls vPNk rjhdk gS fd xksYM
duk % Ropk ij xzsM III ihYl ;k fluftZfLVd ¼lgfØ;kRed½ ihYl             tSy ij 2&3 fefuV rd vYVªklkWfud izksc dk iz;ksx fd;k tk;-
yxk, tkrs gS- blds e`r fV'kw dks gVkus rFkk fdjsfVukbT+M lsYl dks
de djus esa lgk;rk feyrh gS- ,slk blfy, fd;k tkrk gS fd                xksYM ikfVZdYl vkSj ,fiMfeZy isusVªs'ku
D;ksafd ;s fV'kw vkSj dksf'kdk,a isusVsª'ku esa cgqr :dkoV Mkyrh gS-
                                                                       ;g rks lHkh tkurs gSa fd ,fiMfeZl dh laosnu'khyrk ekdsZy lsYl
LVsi II & ,fiMfeZl dh mijh lrg dks ueh iznku djuk % blls               vkSj ysUxjgsUl lsYl ds dkj.k gksrh gS- ysUxjgsUl lsYl] QSxkslkbfVd
lqijfQf'k;y ¼lrgh½ ,fiMfeZy dksf'kdk,a Qwy tkrh gSa vkSj lsy           lsYl gksrs gSa- ;g LVªsVe cklsy esa fLFkr gskrs gS- pwafd ysUxjgsUl
xSi taD'ku [kqy tkrs gS- bl izdkj Ropk esa xksYM d.kksa dks isusVªsV   lsYl LoHkko ls QSxkslkbfVd gksrs gSa blfy, xksYM d.kksa ds LVsªsVe
djus esa vklkuh gks tkrh gS-                                           fLiuksle esa igqapus ij os bUgsa vklkuh ls igpku ysrs gSa- ;g /;ku
                                                                       j[kuk pkfg, fd fLdu ihfyax ds ckn ge LVªsVe fLiuksle ds dkQh
LVsi III & xksYM tSy yxkuk % xksYM tSy esa dqnjrh ekWb'pjkbft+ax       djhc igqap tkrs gSa vkSj LVsªsVe fLiuksle rd xksYM d.kksa ds isusVsª'ku
rRo vkSj isusVªs'ku c<+kus okys rRoksa dh vf/kdrk gksrh gSa- tc bl     esa dksbZ fnDdr ugha gksrh- ,d ckj xksYM d.k ;gka rd igaqp tkrs
xksYM tSy }kjk elkt dh tkrh gS rks vo'kks”k.k 'kq: gks tkrk gS-

                                                                                                                PARLOUR PROFESSIONAL
                                                                                                                  September 2009         29
ihndI ivaBaaga

   gSa rks os ysaxjgsUl lsYl rFkk eSØksQsxl ds lkFk ikjLifjd fØ;k djus
   yxrs gSa- ;s QSxkslkbfVd lsYl xksYM d.kksa dks ?ksj ysrs gSa- bl ckr
   dks vPNh rjg le> ysuk pkfg, fd xksYM d.k ukWu ,yftZd gksrs
   gSa blfy, muds fojks/k esa fdlh izdkj dh ,UVh&ckWMht+ ugha curh
   tc xksYM d.k eSØksQsxl ls f?kj tkrs gSa rks eSØksQsxl fo'ks”k izdkj
   ds jklk;fud e/;LFk fjyht+ ¼fjlko½ djrs gS- ;s jklk;fud e/;LFk
   xksYM d.kksa dks ipkus esa l{ke ugha gksrs vkSj dqN le; ckn ;s]
   xksYM d.kksa dks NksM+ nsrs gS- xksYM d.kksa dks nksckjk NksM+us dh ;g
   fØ;k vc dqN fo'ks”k jklk;fud e/;LFkksa ds fjyht+ ds lkFk gksus
   yxrh gS-
   ;s jklk;fud e/;LFk nks vyx&vyx izdkj ls viuk izHkko fn[kkrs
   gSa &
   1- ;s ,fiMfeZl esa lsy fMoht+u ¼dksf'kdk foHkktu½ dks c<+krs gSa
      ftlls ,fiMfeZl iquthZfor gks mBrh gS-
   2- ;s MeZy iSfiykt+ dh vksj jDr&izokg dks c<+k nsrs gSa ftlls
      ,fiMfeZl dks csgrj iks”k.k vkSj ueh feyus yxrh gS- Ropk toka
      rFkk LoLFk fn[kkbZ nsus yxrh gS-
   bu lHkh ckrksa dks /;ku esa j[krs gq, ge ;s dg ldrs gSa fd xksYM
   dk Ropk ij peRdkfjd izHkko iM+rk gS- Ropk ij toka xksYM d.kksa
                                                                            xzg.k'khyrk c<+ tkrh gS rFkk xksYM ikfVZdYl dks Ropk esa lekus esa
   ds iz;ksx ls fuEufyf[kr ykHk izkIr gksrs gS-
                                                                            vklkuh gksrh gS- bl mipkj ds ckn dslj o xksYM d.kksa dks feyk
   1- ysaxjgsUl lsYl }kjk vius izHkko ls xksYM d.k Ropk dks iqu%            dj fo'ks”k :i ls rS;kj fd, x, Xyks gSaxlZ yxk, tkus pkfg,- Xyks
      rkt+xh iznku djus esa enn djrs gSa-                                   gSaxlZ dh elkt djus ij Ropk iwjh rjg ls ueh ;qDr gks tkrh gS-
                                                                            ;s Lis'ky vkby Ýh QkE;wZys'ku gksrs gS- bu ikfVZdYl dks yxkus ds
   2- xksYM] ,fiMfeZy ds Lo:i dks cnyus dh izfØ;k dks izHkkfor
                                                                            ckn Ropk ij QkWby yxkbZ tkuh pkfg,- ;g QkWby cgqr gh [kkl
      djrk gS- blls Ropk xksjh vkSj rkt+xh Hkjh fn[kkbZ nsrh gS-
                                                                            rjg dh gksrh gS- lkk/kkj.k xksYM QkWby bl Qsf'k;y ds fy, mi;ksx
   3- xksYM esa ,UVh ekbØksck;y {kerk gksrh gS ftlls Ropk ds                ugha dh tk ldrh- bl izfØ;k ds fy, xksYM QkWby dks fo'ks”k :i
      laØe.k dks de djus esa lgk;rk feyrh gS-                               ls fMVkWDlhQkbM ¼fo”kk.kq jfgr½ fd;k tkrk gS- bl fMVkWDlhQkbM
   4- jklk;fud e/;LFkksa ds ek/;e ls xksYM d.k Ropk dh vksj gksus           xksYM QkWby dks iwjs psgjs ij yxk nsuk pkfg, tSlk fd QksVks esa
      okys ekbØksa lD;qZys'ku dks c<+k nsrs gSa ftlls Ropk esa ueh o        fn[kk;k x;k gS- bls psgjs ij dqN nsj yxs jgus nsus ds ckn xksYM
      Xyks c<+ tkrk gS-                                                     isfuVªs'ku tsy dk mi;ksx djrs gq, vPNh rjg ekfy'k dh tkuh
                                                                            pkfg, ¼bl tsy esa dqnjrh ekb'pjkbft+ax QSDVlZ rFkk fLdu isusVªs'ku
   bu lHkh ykHkdkjh izHkkoksa ds dkj.k xksYM Qsf'k;y Ropk dks               ,UgsUllZ gksrs gSa½ ekfy'k rc rd djrs jguk pkfg, tc rd fd
   iquthZou iznku djus rFkk Ropk dks iwjh rjg laokjus esa cgqr gh           lkjh xksYM QkWby Ropk esa lek u tk;- xksYM ikfVZdYl dk i;kZIr
   izHkko'kkyh lkfcr gksrk gS-                                              izos'k lqfuf'pr djus ds fy, bl izfØ;k ds nkSjku 2&3 fefuV ds
                                                                            fy, vYVªklkWfud e'khu dk Hkh bLrseky fd;k tkuk pkfg,- tc ;s
   xksYM QkWby Qsf'k;y
                                                                            ikfVZdYl Ropk esa izos'k dj tkrs gSa rks mlds ckn Ropk ij [kkl
   xksYM Qsf'k;y dk lcls vk/kqfudre :i gSa & dEiyhV xksYM                   rkSj ls rS;kj gkbbªsfVax iSd yxkuk pkfg,-
   QkWby Qsf'k;y- bl Qsf'k;y dk Ropk ij cgqr gh peRdkjh izHkko              blds urhts vn~Hkqr gksrs gS- ifj.kker% Ropk yacs le; rd xksjh]
   gksrk gS- bl uohu o vk/kqfudre Qsf'k;y ls vf/kdkf/kd vPNs                dksey o ueh;qDr cuh jgrh gS vkSj DykbaV dks Hkh iwjh rlYyh
   urhts ikus ds fy, fuEufyf[k izfØ;k viukbZ tkuh pkfg,-                    gksrh gS-
   igys OgkbVfuax ,slsUl ds }kjk Ropk dks VªhVesaV ds fy, rS;kj fd;k        mRlo ds bl ekSle ds ;g peRdkfjd VsDuksykWth dks t+:j
   tkuk pkfg,- OgkbVfuax ,slsUl] ihfyax ,tsUV~ o gkbMªsfVax ,tsUV~l         vkt+ekb,&vius czk;My DykabV~l ij Hkh vkt+ek,a- fQj rks lqugjh
   rFkk fLdu Xyks esdlZ dk ,d [kkl feJ.k gksrk gS- bl ihy dh                jkgksa dk Hkfo”; vkids lkeus gksxk-
   Ropk ij gYds gkFkksa ls elkt dh tkuh pkfg,- blls Ropk dh

    30   September 2009
ihndI ivaBaaga

                             s  s
                         dS l dj lgh
     elkt Vs cy
                                              d k pq u ko
   ;fn vki Lik ;k elkt fctuSl esa vkuk pkgrh gSa rks gkbZ DokfyVh
   elkt Vscy vkidh Iykfuax ;kuh ;kstuk dh vge~ fgLlk gksuk
   pkfg,- pkgs rks elkt Vscy vki vius dkjisUVj ¼lqrkj½ ls Hkh
   cuok ldrh gSa- ysfdu csgrj gksxk fd vki [kjhnsa D;ksafd vki dh
   elkt Vscy iqjkuh LVkby ds ctk, ,d gkbZ&Vsd bfDoiesaV gSa-
   ftlesa dbZ ,d QhplZ ;kuh 'kfc;ka Hkh gksrh gS- bl ys[k esa ,bZFkhu
   ds fuf[ky th }kjk lgh elkt Vscy ds pquko ds fy, dqN ,d
   lq>ko fn, x, gSa-
   cgqr ls yksx ,sls gSa tks cf<+;k elkt Vscy ds egRo ij [kkl /;ku
   ugha nsrs gSa tcfd cf<+;k elkt Vscy elkt dh izHkko'khyrk ds
   Lrj dks cny nsrh gS- lgh elkt Vscy }kjk elkt ysus okys
   O;fDr ds ikWLpj ¼eqæk½ dks lgh lsfVax nh tk dlrh gS- blfy,
   lgh elkt Vscy ls lgh ikWLpj feyrk gS vkSj dLVej dks elkt
   dk vkuan o cf<+;k vuqHko feyrk gS-
   elkt Vscy nks izdkj dh gksrh gS ,d LVs'kujh ;kuh fLFkj] tks ,d
   gh txg j[kh jgrh gS] nwljh iksVZscy ;kuh vfLFkj] ftls ewo
   fd;k tk ldrk gS- fQygkj elkt Vscy [kjhnrs le;
   dqN ,d ckrksa ij xkSj fd;k tkuk t:jh gS-
   tSl%&                                                                           rkfd xnZu fLVQ u gksus ik, vFkkZr ruus ;k
                                                                                l[r u gkssus ik,- Q+sl ØsMy ,d xksy ;U=
   Qsl ØsMy & yEcs le; rd nh
                                                                              gksrk gS tks elkt Vscy ls tqM+k gksrk gS- vkSj
   tkus okyh elkt ds nkSjku Q+sl
                                                                            Dyk;aV ds psgjs dks lgkjk nsrk gS ftldh otg ls
   ØsMy dkQh egRoiw.kZ gS-
                                                                          Likbu ¼jh<+ dh gìh½ ds lkFk lh/k cuh jgrh gS-
                                                                        Q+sl ØsMy ;fn ,MtLVscy gS rks elkt ds nkSjku
                                                                        Dyk;aV dh xnZu T;knk lgt jgrh gS- vkSj xnZu ds
                                                                         vkl ikl ds ruko dks jkgr iznku djus esa lgk;d
                                                                         gksrk gS-
                                                                         vkeZ fLyax & elkt Vscy dh ,d cgqr gh
                                                                         lqfo/kktud ,Dlslfj gS- ftl ij Dyk;aV viuh gkFkksa
                                                                         dks vkjke ls j[k ldrk gS- nqfu;ka Hkj gtkjksa yksxksa
                                                                         }kjk bls ljkgk x;k gS-
                                                                         gkbV ,MtLVesaV & elkt Vscy dh ,d [kkl o
                                                                         egRoiw.kZ t:jr gS- vf/kdkf/kd elkt izSDVh'kuj tks
                                                                        rjg rjg dh elkt] Qsf'k;y] fQft+fdy Fksjsih]

    32   September 2009
                                                                                                                  ihndI ivaBaaga
   ,D;wiapj ;k Fksjsih laca/kh vU; lsok,a nsrs gsa muds fy, gkbV     tSls fd & vki dkLVej rd vklkuh ls igaqp lds- Dyk;aV ds
   ,MtLVesaV okLro esa ykHk dk lkSnk gS- ,d LVSaMMZ elkt Vscy dh     fy, Vscy vkjkenk;d gks rFkk FksjsfiLV ds fy, lqfo/kk tud gks-
   ÅapkbZ yxHkx 24”-34” gksrh gS- oSls gkbV ,MtLVesaV ;qDr Vscy      iksVZfcfyVh gks- ,slh vusd ckrs gSa ftUgsa le>k tkuk pkfg,- Vscy
   dk ykHk FksjsfiLV dks gh feyrk gS dLVej dks ugha- tc Vscy dh      ;fn de pkSM+h gS rks vkids gkFk Dyk;aV] is'ksUV ;k ,FkyhV rd
   gkbV FksjsfiLV dh gkbV ds vuq:i ,MtLV gks tkrh gS rks FksjsfiLV   vklkuh ls igqap ldrs gS vki lqfo/kkiwoZd b/kj m/kj ewo djrs gq,
   csgrj o izHkkoh rjhds ls vius Dyk;aV dks elkt ns ikrk gS- ¼lkS    elkt ns ldrh gSa- vkSj Vscy ;fn T;kn pkSM+h gS vkidks odZ
   Vds dh ckr gS] vki vius FksjsfiLV dks [kq'k jf[k, oks vkids       ljQsl ;kuh T;knk txg feyrh gS] Dyk;aV dks Hkh T;knk dEQVZ
   Dyk;aV dks [kq'k j[ksxk½-                                                              ¼vkjke½ feyrk gS-
   Vscy foFk ¼pkSM+kbZ½ & cgqr ls yksx                                                 ysfdu T;knk pkM+h Vscy ds lkFk vkids gkFkksa
   lksprs gSa fd ekdsZV esa miyC/k                                                     dks Dyk;aV rd igqapus esa vlqfo/kk gksxh- yEcs
   cM+h ls cM+h Vscy                                                                   le; ckn ,slh fLFkrh vkids 'kjhj ds fy,
   [kjhnuk                                                                             ijs'kkuh o Fkdku Hkjh gks ldrh gS- cf<+;k o
                                                                                       fjySfDalx elkt ds fy, 28” pkSM+h Vscy
                                                                                       vkerkSj ij LVSaMMZ ekuh tkrh gS-
                                                                                           Q+kse fFkduSl ¼eksVkbZ½ & vkerkSj ij
                                                                                       elkt Vscy dh Q+kse iSfMaxs dh eksVkbZ 2¼” ls
                                                                                   3” dh gksrh gS- vf/kdka'k Dyk;aV~l ds fy, bruh
                                                                              fFkduSl i;kZIr o vkjkensg vuqHko gS- T;knk iSfMax nsuk
                                                                          pkgs rks ns ldrh gS ysfdu blls Vscy dk ct+u c<+ tk,xk vkSj
                                                                     iksVZfcfyVh dh n`f”V ls lqof/kktud ugha gksxh- njvly Q+kse bruk
                                                                     vkjkensg gksuk pkfg, fd elkt Fksjsih ds nkSjku Dyk;aV dks iwjh
   le>nkjh gS tcfd Vscy [kjhnrs
                                                                     rjg fjySDl djs- oSls Hkh dLVej dh lqfo/kk o vkjke gh rks vki
   le; Vscy dh pkSM+kbZ o vU; ckrksa
                                                                     dk ewy mís'; gS-
   ij Hkh iwjk /;ku fn;k tkuk pkfg,-


                                                                                                 Bridal Jewellery,
                                      Creation                                                            Duppata (Chunri),
                   Stockiest of                                                                                Hair &
                  HAIR SWITCH                                                                                Body Accessories
    • Bridal Hair Switch • Western Hair
       Decoration • Hair decoration
• Bridal Fancy Bindi • Gents & Ladies Wigs

Shop No. 34/35, Shopping Center, Station Road, Near Silver Plaza,                                              B/403, Samajdeep, Adukia Rd,
      Santacruz (W), Mumbai - 400054, (Thursday Closed)                                                        Near Saraswat Bank,
             Tel: Mayur Bhai: 26049961/66779961                                                                Kandivili (W), Mumbai 400067
ihndI ivaBaaga

   eSVy ;k oqM Ýse & Vscy Ýse /kkrq ¼eSVy½ dk gks ;k ydM+h              ysdj tkuk iM+rk gS rks
   ¼oqM½ dk\ eSVy o oqM nkuksa gh etcwr gksrs gSa vf/kdka'kr% ydM+h     iksVZcy Vscy ds ot+u
   dh Vscy 200 fdyksxzke rd dk Hkkj ogu dj ldrh gS- yksdfiz;            dks Hkh /;ku esa j[ksa-
   Hkh ;gh T;knk gS ns[kus esa [kwclwjr Hkh ;gh T;knk yxrh gS- vkSj
   eSVy Ýse Vscy ds eqdkcys lLrh Hkh gS- eSVy Ýse Vscy dk
   otu oqM Ýse Vscy ls gYdk gksrk gS- ;fn vkidks viuh
   Vscy ds lkFk ewo djuk iM+rk gS rks eSVy Ýse Vscy
   csgrj pquko gS- gkykafd izpyu dh n`f”V ls ns[ks rks
   ydM+h dk bLrseky T;knk gksrk gS vklkuh ls miyC/k o
   lLrh Hkh gS-
   LVs'kujh ;k iksVZcy & vFkkZr fLFkj ;k vfLFkj ;fn
   vkidks viuh elkt Vscy dks ;gka ogka ys tkuk iM+rk
   gS rks fu'p; gh vkidks iksVsZcy Vscy [kjhnuh pkfg,-                  dher & elkt Vscy dh dher yxHkx 15000 :- ls
   cl] bruk t:j nsf[k, fd iSdst ,slk gks] ftlds lkFk dSfjdsl rFkk
                                                                        27000 :- rd gks ldrh gS] bysfDVª Vscy] ¼ftls elkt]
   vU; ,Dlsljht+ ¼lgk;d o vfrfjDr lk/ku½ tSls & Q+sl ØsMy]
                                                                        Qsf'k;y] oSfDlax ds fy, bLrseky fd;k tk ldrk gS]½ dh dher
   Q+sl dq'ku rFkk vkeZ fLyax Hkh miyC/k gks- ;fn vkids ikl
                                                                        djhc 275000 :- gksrh gS- ;fn elkt Fksjsih dks vki
   Ms&Lik] esfM&Lik] elkt LVwfMvks ;k lyksu gSa rks cgsr gksxk fd
                                                                        ykHknk;d O;olk; ds :i esa pqu jgh gSa rks gkbZ DokWfyVh elkt
   vki LVs'kujh o iksVZcy nksuksa rjg dh Vscy ds ckj esa lkspsa] oSls
                                                                        Vscy [kjhnuk le>nkjh gksxh-
   csgrjhu DokWfyVh o lokZf/kd vkjkensg Vscy rks LVs'kujh ekWMYl gh
   gksrh gS- buesa vusd QhplZ o fodYi Hkh gksrs gSa tSls bysDVªkWfud    mPp ds Js”B elkt Vscy esa ,sls QhplZ ¼[kwfc;ka½ 'kkfey gksrh
   gkbV ,MtLVesaV] eSuqvy ;k bysfDVªd fVfYVax ¼>qds gq,½ VkWIl          gSa tks LVªSl dks de djds fjySDls'ku ds pje fcanq dk vuqHko djkrs
   QhplZ ds vuqlkj dher vyx vyx gksrh gS-                               gSa- gkbZ&Vsd elkt Vscy ij elkt ysus&okyksa dk ekuuk gS fd
                                                                        blls LVªl [kRe gksus ds lkFk lkFk iwjs 'kjhj dk jDr lapkj Hkh c<+
   ot+u &;fn iksVZcy elkt Vscy [kjhnus dh bPNk gsS rks ot+u dh
                                                                        tkrk gS-
   ckr cgqr egRoiw.kZ gks tkrh gS- ot+u fuHkZj djrk gSa Vscy ds lkbt+
   eVhfj;y o iSfMax ij ydM+h dk Vscy Hkkjh gksrh gSa ysfdu ns[kus esa   vr% ;fn FkksM+s vf/kd :i, [kpZ djus ls vkids dLVej dks T;knk
   T;knk [kwclwjr yxrk gS- et+cwrh Hkh blesa eSVy ls T;knk gksrh gS-    dEQVZ feyrk gS rks Hkfo”; dks /;ku esa j[krs gq, fo'oluh; elkt
   ;fn Vscy T;knk pkSM+h gS o iSfMax eksVh gS rks Vscy dk ot+u c<+        Vscy [kjhnuk gh ykHknk;d gkskx- vkids Dyk;aV ckj ckj
   tk,xk- vf/kdka'k Vscy bl rjg dh fMt+kbu dh tkrh gSa fd oks                                    vkids ikl vk,axs- FksjsfiLV ds gkFkksa dh
   ot+u dk Hkkj laHkky ldsa iksVsZcy Vscy Hkh 200 fdyks dk Hkkj                                           dq'kyrk ds ckn elkt Vscy
   ogu dj ldrh gS- lqj{k dks /;ku es j[krs gq, ,slk ekWMy pqus                                            elkt vuqHko dk egRoiw.kZ
   ftlds dksus xksykbZ fy, gq, gksa- ;fn vkidks gkml dkWy                                              fgLlk gS-
   ij Vscy
                                                                                                    Dyk;aV o FksjsfiLV nksuksa ds fy, elkt
                                                                                                       Vscy ;k rks ijs'kkuh dk lcc cu
                                                                                                       ldrh gS ;k fQj Qk;ns dk lkSnk-
                                                                                                     D;ksafd vPNh elkt Vscy dh deh
                                                                                                    ds dkj.k eupgh DokWfyVh u feyus ij
                                                                                                   Dyk;aV ek;wl gks ldrk gS-
                                                                                                 Jh fuf[ky xqIrk ,bFkhu ds Mk;jsDVj gSa-
                                                                                              ns'kHkj ds Likt+ gksV~Yl o fjlkWVZ esa VkWi
                                                                                       DokWfyVh elkt Vscy o Lik ,Dlsljht+ miyC/k
                                                                                       djkus esa lefiZr gSa ,bFkhu-
                                                                                       lEidZ uEcj & 985088837

    34 September 2009
                  P         al
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ihndI ivaBaaga

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           ds tfj,---
   dS f jvj e vkxs cf< + ,
   dfeVsM fLdu dsvj izksQs'kuYl ¼;kuh ,sls yksx ftuds fy, ;g               1-         C;wfVd baLVhV~;wV
   izksQs'ku gh lc dqN gS½ ds fy, lsfMLdks lfVZfQ+ds'ku izksxzkse ,d       2-         lhekt+ C;wVh Ldwy
   loksZP; vUrjkZ”Vªh; uke gS- fo'o ds 40 fnuksa esa blds 200              3-         yksVl Vªsfuax ,dsMeh
   Ldwy rFkk 100 C;wVh lsaVj gSa- ftuds tfj, nqfu;k Hkj dh        rhuksa dk eq[; dk;kZy; eqacbZ esa gS-
   fLdu fDyfuDl] C;wVh lyksUl] Ms Likt+ o Lik Dyk;aV~l ds lkSan;Z
   o LokLF; dh csgrjh ds fy, flMsLdks us ges'kk gh vius mRÑ”V              dsfUMMsV ;kuh izf'k{kkFkhZ vius {ks= ;k lyksu esa Hkh flMsLdks Vsªul
   Lrj dks cuk, j[kk gS- ;gka] izFke baVjuS'kuy flMsLdks bDt+kfeuj         ¼izf'k{kd½ }kjk Vªsfuax ys ldrs gSa- bu laLFkkvksa dh cnkSyr gh Hkkjr
   uhyk Egk=s gesa bl izksxzke dh foLr`r tkudkjh o mlds tqM+h              esa vki yxHkx 400 flMsLdks xsztq,V~l gS-
   laHkkouk,a crk jgh gSa-                                                 flMsLdks ikB~;Øe O;kid gS vkSj dkQh esgur ekaxrk gS- ikB~;Øe
   Comite Internatinal D'esthetique Et De                                  ds vUrxZr ,ukVkWeh ¼'kjhj lajpuk½ fQft+;ksykWth ¼'kjhj fØ;k
                                                                           foKku½s rFkk C;wVh o lsgr ls tqM+s gj igyw dk lekos'k gS-
   Cometologie ;k flMsLdks- ¼bls blh uke ls tkuk tkrk gS½
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   nqfu;ka Hkj ds dfeVsM fLdu dsvj izksQs'kuYl }kjk bls loksZP;
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   vUrjkZ”Vªh; uke ekuk tkrk gS- lu~ 1946 esa bldh LFkkiuk gqbZ Fkh        uSpqjy lkbal] dsfeLVªh] vkxsZfud dsfeLVªh] fQft+Dl] U;wfªVª'ku]
   vkSj bldk eq[;k dk;kZy; fLoV~tjySaM ds T+;wfjd 'kgj esa gSa- tks        izksQs'kuy ,fFkDr ds lkFk dkef'kZ;y LVMht+ tSls & QLVZ,M vkfn
   nqfu;ka Hkj ds C;wVh baMLVªh ls tqM+ izksQs'uYl o ,twds'kfuLV~l         Hkh ikB~;Øe ds vax gS-
   ¼f'k{kk 'kkL=h½ dks ,d LFkku ij laxfBr gksus dk volj iznku dj
   mUgsa fodkl o VsDuhDl lacaf/kr u, fopkjksa ds vknku iznku ds fy,        F;ksjh ¼lS)kfUrd f'k{kk½ ds lkFk lkFk gj izR;k'kh dks fLdu Dyhfyax
   eap iznku djrh gSa- lkSan;Z'kkL= o C;wVh Fksjsih ds {ks= esa fMyksek    ,aM ,ukfyfll] LohfM'k elkt] psgjs ds fy, bysDVªksFksjsih] gkbZ
   nqfu;k dh lcls vf/kd izfrf”Br ;ksX;rk gS lu~ 1957 ls flMsLdks           ÝhDosUlh tSlh e'khus] czf'kax] xSYosfud] ekbØksdjsaV] IPL yst+j
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   mudh LohÑfr o vuqlj.k lHkh egk}hiksa esa gqvk-                          ijh{kk Hkh nsuh gksrh gS-

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   LohÑr o vuqeksfnr LVSaMMZ }kjk vUrjkZ”Vªh; rkSj ij ikpksa egkf}iksa     elkt] ckWMh elkt] ckWMh Vkbi vkfn 'kkfey gksrs gS-
   ds 40 ls Hkh T;knk ns'kksa esa flMsLdks foHkkx ds tfj, izf'k{k.k        flMsLdks ijh[kk dh izfØ;k
   iznku dj jgs gSaA
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   Hkkjr esa flMsLdks & n ,lksfl,'ku vkWQ C;wVh FkjSih ,aM                 1200 ?kaVs dh izSfDVdy o F;ksfjfVdy Vªsfuax ysuh gksrh gS vkSj
   dkWLesVksykWth ¼1½ (ABTC) Hkkjr dh ,d vdsyh ,slh laLFkk gS tks          dkslZ lekfIr ds i'pkr flMsLdks ijh{kk nsuh gksrh gS- ftlesa gS %&
   flMsLdks ls ,fQ+fy,VsM gS vFkkZr flMsLdks dh ,d 'kk[kk cu dj            ¼1½ Qsf'k;y ,Dt+kfeus'ku ¼2½ ckWMh ,Dtk+feus'ku ¼3½ ,Mh'kuy
   mlls tqM+h gS bldk iwjk Js; Jherh ek;k ijkatis dks tkrk gS- muds        lCtsDV ¼vfrfjDr fo”k;½ ¼4½ fyf[kr ijh{kk- lkFk gh mUgsa C;wVh
   iz;klksa dk gh ifj.kke gS fd vkt Hkkjr esa flMsLdks foHkkx ekStwn gS-   Fksjsih ls lacaf/kr de ls de 5000 'kCnksa dk ,d izkstsDl Hkh
   lu~ 1991 esa igyh flMsLdks ijh{kk Hkkjr esa gqbZ vkSj lu~               is'k djuk gksrk gS- izfrf”Br flMsLdks fMIyksek ls mu ijh{kkfFkZ;ksa dks
   1994 esa bldh 'kk[kk [kksyh xbZ-                                        iq:LÑr fd;k tkrkgS ftUgksaus flMsLdks ijh{kk esa lQyrk izkIr dh gS
                                                                           rFkk fdlh C;wVh lasVj ;k lyksu esa de ls de 600 ?kaVs ds odZ
   Hkkjr esa vki flMsLdks ls tqM+s rhu Ldwy gSa &

    36   September 2009
                                                                                                                        ihndI ivaBaaga
,dlihfj;al ¼dke dk vuqHko½ dk lcwr is'k fd;k gS-
flMsLdks dh iksLV xzstq,V ijh{kk
DokfyQ+kbM C;wVh FksjsfiLV~l] ftuds ikl de ls de 3 lky dk
odZ ,Dlihfj;Ul gS] mUgsa jftLVMZ flMsLdks Ldwy }kjk vfrfjDr
Vsªsfuax izkIr djus ds ckn] flMsLdks LVSaMMZ ds vuqlkj] flMsLdks ijh{kk
ds i'pkr~ vixzsM fd;k tk ldrk gS- ijh{kk flMsLdks foHkkx }kjk
Hkh vk;ksftr dh tk ldrh gS-
flMsLdks lfVZfQ+ds'ku ds ckn volj o laHkkouk,-
flMsLdks lfVZfQds'ku izksxzke opuc) fLdudsvj izksQs'kuYl ds
fy, vUrjkZ”Vªh; Lrj ij loksZP; uke ds :i esa ekU; gS- cfYD iwjh
nqfu;k esa gh bls ekuk o Lohdkjk x;k gS- blhfy, nqfu;ka ds izeq[k
;kuh yhfMax fLdu fDyfuDl] C;wVh lyksUl rFkk Lik Dyk;aV~l bls
vko';d ekurs gS-
Hkkjr esa flMsLdks dkslZ ds lkFk vusd laHkkouk,a gSa] blds tfj,
vkidks u dsoy ?kj ;k ns'k esa egRoiw.kZ volj feyrs gS cfYd
fons'kksa esa Hkh vkids fy, ukSdjh ds njokt+s [kqy tkrs gS- yhfMax
fLdu fDyfudl ;k MesZVksykWftLV~l fDyfuDl] esa vFkok IykfLVd
o dkWLesfVd ltZu ds lkFk vki dke dj ldrh gS- yhfMax fLdu
czSaM dh dalYVsaV cu ldrh gS- Øwt+ ykbuj ¼iSlsUt+j f'ki½ ;k jhVsy         FksjsfiLV~l ds chp izksQs'kuy Kku o uohu fodkl ,oa tkudkfj;ksa
nwdkuksa esa dke dj ldrh gSa- blds vykok rst+h ls mHkjrs Lik              dk vknku iznku gks lds- 58oha flMsLdks oYMZ dk¡xszl] flracj
ekdsZV] fjlkWVZ Likt+ ;k yDt+jh gksVy Lik esa Hkh flMsLdks                2009 esa tkiku esa vk;kstu dh tk,xh-
DokWfyQkbV FksjsfiLV~l dh ekax gS-
                                                                          vc vki gh lksfp,] baVjuS'kuy lfVZfQ+dsk'u ds fy, <sjksa iSlk [kpZ
fons'kksa ds eqdkcys Hkkjr esa flMsLdks lfVZfQ+ds'ku izksxzke lLrk gS-    djds D;k fons'k tkuk mfpr gS \ tcfd lQy :i ls flMsLdks
tcfd yfu±x ;k Vªfuax leku Lrj dh gS-                                      fMIykse izksxzke ;gha miyC/k gS- rks cl csgrj fodYi pqfu, vkSj
                                                                          flMsLdks ds tfj, dSfjvj esa vkxs cf<+,- flMsLdks tkudkjh ;k Vªsfuax
mís';                                                                     ds fy, bl irs ij lEidZ djsa &
Hkkjr esa flMsLdks dk mís'; gS vUrjkZ”Vªh; Lrj ds ,LFksfVDl               uhyk ukbd & Egk=s
lkSan;Z'kkL=h rS;kj djuk] jk”Vªh; o vUrjkZ”Vªh; Lrj ij lnL;ksa dks
                                                                          , 1 lkabZfxjh] lkabZckck dkWEIysDl] lhck jksM ¼/khjt oSyh ds
,d djuk] nqfu;k Hkj esa flMsLdks fMIyksek izksxzke ds fy,
                                                                          lkeus½] xksjsxkao ¼iwoZ½ eqacbZ
vUrjkZ”Vªh; DokfyVh ds LohÑr Vªsfuax lsaVlZ dk fuekZ.k djuk] gj
o”kZ flMsLdks laLFkk vyx vyx ns'kksa esa flMsLdks oYMZ dk¡xzsl            Qksu & 91 9820042343
¼lEesyu½ o izn'kZuh Hkh vk;ksftr djrh gs- rkfd DokWfyQ+kbM

       Cosmoprof Asia 2009
                                        Set for November
 Cosmoprof Asia, the regions leading beauty, health and          Roberts, Show and Education Director from RUSK, has
 wellness exhibition will be hosted at the Hong Kong             been invited to judge the competition and present the
 Convention & Exhibition Centre from 11 to 13 November           latest styling techniques. This will be a truly inspirational
 2009. 1,300 exhibitors representing 36 countries and            and educational experience for all those present!
 39,000 visitors are expected from around the world for the      Cosmoprof Asia will facilitate business contacts thorough
 14th edition of the fair. All exhibits will be organised into   the 3rd International Buyer Programme and exhibitors will
 five easy-to-locate sectors, namely, Retail-Distribution        be given the opportunity to meet with selected key buyers
 for perfumery, cosmetics and toiletries, Natural Health for     from strategic growth markets around the globe. For this
 health food & beverages, Packaging including raw                edition, the organiser has picked Mainland China, India
 materials, machinery and private labels, Beauty Salon           and Russia as the main focus.
 and Hair Salon for their respective specialised and
                                                                 As far as the event seminars go - "Is there still room for
 professional products and equipment.
                                                                 innovation?" presented by DuPont Cosmetic Solutions
 Apart from the comprehensive exhibits scope, a full             and Alcan Packaging Beauty will look at the unique and
 programme of networking and education events will also          innovative options for cosmetic packaging. During the
 be offered at this years event. Laura Zaccagnini,               "How to Enter the China Cosmetic Market" seminar,
 International Strategy Manager of Cosmoprof Asia, while         Cosmetic Registration Consultant from the Quality and
 talking about the fair said “It is paramount to keep abreast    Technology Certification and Consultation Service Centre
 of the latest developments, progress and happenings to          (QTCCC) will provide practical tips for cosmetic
 stay on top in these challenging economic times.                registration in China with detailed explanation of the
 Therefore we partnered with key players of the cosmetic         application procedures, taxation, labelling record, custom
 industry and influential media representatives to present       clearance and budget control etc. "The Current Situation
 innovative ideas, solutions and analysis of this industry       and Prospects of Japanese Beauty Market Natural and
 through a rich calendar of side events”                         Organic Cosmetics, and Japanese Spa" will touch on the
                                                                 changes of the natural and organic cosmetic market in
 Key events in-line with he exhibition include the
                                                                 Japan in the last decade and its future development,
 Cosmoprof Asia Spa Conference,
                                                                 followed by a discussion on the speciality of the
 The first BaByliss PRO Asian hair competition, BaByliss
                                                                 Japanese spa business.
 PRO on Stage, will also be held in Hong Kong this year
 where winners from local country competitions like              For more information (and free registration for trade
 Mainland China, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand will           visitor), check out                +
 vie for the top place in styling creativity and talent. Jim

  38   September 2009

  Savio John Pereira                        Hairdresser To A - Listers
 Savio John Pereira made a successful foray into the world of hairdressing 10 years ago. Even when he was just a trainee
 to the then famous Indian hairstylists Nalini and Yasmin, Savio managed to capture an impressive celebrity client list. A
 versatile list which today includes some of the most famous A-listers like actresses Shilpa Shetty and Priyanka Chopra,
 industrialist Vijay Mallya and cricketer Yuvraj Singh to name a few.
 Savio has won numerous awards for his creative genius. He is the only hairdresser in India to be the brand ambassador for
 both Schwarzkopf Professional India (from 2003 to 2007) and Matrix -L'Oreal India (2008). He has also since 2006
 successfully launched two salons - Waters and Magic - in Mumbai. Here Savio is tete-a-tete with Parlour professional.

                                                                                Name three things you cannot work without
                                                                                My Scissors / Head of Hair to work on /

                                                                                When did you know you wanted to be a
                                                                                Hair stylist
                                                                                At the age of 13 when I was in school and I
                                                                                wanted to experiment with all sorts of crazy
                                                                                hair designs.

                                                                                Name three things you can't live without
                                                                                Family & Friends / Regular Travel and
                                                                                Hairdressing of course.

                                                                                Your Inspiration
                                                                                Vidal Sassoon /Anthony Moscolo.

                                                                                Your Style Icon
                                                                                Brad Pitt

                                                                                Your Favourite Quote
                                                                                “The Only place where you see SUCCESS
                                                                                comes before WORK in is the Dictionary.”
                                                                                (Quote by Vidal Sassoon which inspires

                                                                                Your Favourite Holiday Destination
                                                                                Barcelona & Goa

                                                                                Your Favourite Food
                                                                                Masala Dosa / Chicken Biryani / My Mum's
                                                                                Specialities ( She's a brilliant cook) +

  40 September 2009

                                                                Tribute to
                                                     Guy Mascolo
                                                 an Industry Legend
                                                 that took them all over the world. During the late 70s and
                                                 early 80s, TONI&GUY opened further salons and also opened
                                                 their first hairdressing academy in central London. They also
                                                 launched their own product line- TIGI.
                                                 In 1983, Guy and Bruno Mascolo moved to Dallas, where
                                                 they opened salons in the fast expanding shopping malls and
                                                 also started to grow their professional product line. Toni and
                                                 Anthony Mascolo remained in the UK. Few years ago Toni,
                                                 Guy, Bruno and Anthony Mascolo demerged their business.
                                                 Guy, Bruno and Anthony Mascolo took global ownership of
Along with the Mascolo family, hairdressers      TIGI and TONI&GUY USA with Guy as chairman, while Toni
all over the world mourned the loss of the       Mascolo and his children Sacha and Christian retained
Guy Mascolo, co- founder of the                  ownership of the TONI&GUY operation worldwide (excluding
hairdressing's biggest brands Toni & Guy.        the US).
The Italian-born hair dresser died on 6th
                                                 Guy Mascolo was highly respected in the world of
May at the age of 65 of a heart attack at
                                                 hairdressing. A tremendously popular and generous character,
his home in Dallas. USA.
                                                 he was loved by everyone who met him and had an enormous
                                                 amount of compassion. He was a great family man, and is
He and his brother Toni founded the first
                                                 survived by wife Flora and four children.
Toni & Guy salon in Clapham, London in
1963, when they were in their teens. They
learned their hairdressing skills from their
father, himself a respected hairdresser. They
had emigrated with their family to U K from
Italy. Guy (whose birth name was Gaetano)
and Toni (whose name is actually
Giuseppe) were the eldest of 5 sons. Bruno
and Anthony Mascolo subsequently joined
their brothers in the business while the fifth
brother, Andrea, joined the American arm
of the family business during the 1980s
where he continues to work.
The Mascolo brothers had tremendous
vision and energy, and their particular skill
of dressing hair, created with the amazing
flair that is so typically Italian and was an
attractive option to the geometric hairstyles
of the late 1960s. By the mid-70s the
brothers had opened their first salon in
central London, Mayfair, and were
receiving coverage in magazines. They
started participating in hairdressing shows

                                                                                           PARLOUR PROFESSIONAL
                                                                                            September 2009        41
Spa & Wellness

                                                 Innovative therapies for
                                                                              executive. He is a member of today's
                                                                              generation, constantly tapping his
                                                                              s on his computer keyboard, laptop,
                                                                              berry, iPod, and cell phone. His hands
                                                                              verworked and they ache. He wishes
                                                                              hat some one would recognize his
                                                                                   need for hand massage, tackling
                                                                                  his Blackberry thumb. Krishna
                                                                                  belongs to GenY that represents a
                                                                              free spending generation. To know
                                                                              e characteristics of his generation and
                                                                              esign therapies for them would be
                                                                              o the bottom line of your Spa. Check
                                                                               s to help you do so.

  Gen Y were born in the period 1980- 2000, so they are 8- 28          other on the web cam. And sometimes, they do all three
  years in 2009. In India , They are coming of age in a period of      at the same time! They Multi Task.
  unprecedented economic growth. Key characteristics of Gen Y
                                                                       Marketing to Gen Y requires Innovation, keeping in mind
                                                                       the characteristics here are some tips to introduce new
  • Young and trend-conscious                                          therapies for GenX
  • Idealistic, optimistic, and flexible
                                                                       • Treatments for this new generation should be
  • Hard workers; highly entrepreneurial
                                                                         relatively short typically lesser than 30 minutes
  • Socially responsible; particularly concerned about the
    environment                                                        • Targeted to specific areas rather than the entire body
  • Very comfortable with technology; like to multi-task                 like Hand, Neck, Back and Feet
  • Have a hunger for feedback and rewards                             • Give them cute and catchy names, weird names like
  • Spiritually traditional: 89% of Gen Y state that they believe in     Stiletto Pedicure, Relax I massage, gr8 feet, Have A
    God                                                                  Nice Day Hand massage, Lighten my Head - Head
  This is a hard to reach but a free spending generation. They do        massage
  not buy a product but an 'experience'. They're growing up on the     • Display treatment descriptions on cards, highlight
  wired alphabet: PC, CD, PDA, DVD, LOL and CAL8R. They live in          high-tech treatments like Blackberry Hand Massage ,
  an age where information is everywhere and where everyone can          Power Point Massage…
  reach them but the Gen Y community is very selective about who
  they listen to. If you look into their Orkut or Facebook account ,   Some spas that have introduced these treatments
  you notice, it is their friends whom they get their information      successfully and have reaped rewards, How about you?
  from. They text one another. They send IMs. They watch each

  42 September 2009

Prachee has just returned from a
hectic 10-day business trip and has no
                                             On The

energy to go visit her salon /spa for her bi weekly spa
                                                                             Lavender Oil into the skin. This leaves the skin
                                                                       exfoliated, moisturized and the skin feels velvety
                                                                  smooth and fresh.
services for enhancing her well being and renewal of her
                                                                  Once the whole body is scrubbed, which takes maybe fifteen
mind body and spirit. So she does the next best thing, she
calls her Spa and asks for the Spa on the Go services             to twenty minutes; it is to be rinsed off without soap, leaving
                                                                  a nice coating of oil. If hydrating treatment is required then a
This is the hottest trends in the world of spas designed for      stimulating fifteen to twenty minute massage with CHáA
the jet setters and for individuals pushed for time. Can't find
                                                                  Strawberry Body butter an intensive all over cream infused
time to get away to a spa? Now the spa will come to you,
                                                                  with rich shea butter along with Strawberry extract is a
complete with therapist, massage mats, pedicure tubs and
                                                                  wonderful way to invigorate the skin.
other equipment. Spa on the Go literally means to bring pure
indulgence and exquisite pampering into the clients home          A body Wrap or body mask is on the menu after this. The
and offer complete Spa services, customized as per their          body is slathered with CHáA rejuvenating Ginseng Vitamin
needs and requirements, including body treatments, facials,       B5 & Rose hip oil Body Mask enriched with minerals, trace
manicure, pedicures, and general health and beauty spa            elements which ensure purifying care of great quality for all
services right into their bedroom.                                types of skin. This is a detoxifying treatment and stimulates
A relaxing spa atmosphere is created by the Spa aesthetician      the metabolic system, speeding its ability to carry away
by turning the venue into a sacred environment with               waste products.
everything that is expected at a spa, even music and robes.
                                                                  After the removal off the Body Wrap/Mask, the body is
Treatment begins with dimming of lights, spraying the room
                                                                  moisturized and protected with CHáA Complete Radiance UV
with air fresheners, lighting aromatic candles, sprinkling
                                                                  defense Lotion for extra protection against skin damage from
fresh flowers on the massage mat, soft spa music and other
                                                                  UV rays.
special touches.
                                                                  Once the domain of the rich and famous, spa on the go
Spas on the Go treatments are the ones which combine both
mental and physical rejuvenation by pampering and                 services are now popular among health conscious and jet
revitalizing your senses. A popular spa body treatment is a       setting people who want to enjoy the benefits of spa
marine salt scrub, which takes place on a massage mat. The        treatments directly at their home, office or hotel suite!
aesthetician massages CHáA Invigorating Lavender & Thyme          This article is contributed by Mumbai based Spa Expert
Body Scrub, a mixture of marine salt, Thyme oil and               Harsh Dawer. He can be contacted on 9867376654         +

                                                                                                       PARLOUR PROFESSIONAL
                                                                                                        September 2009        43

      Salon Chains are .
    Natural P r ogressions

                                                      The concept of Salon chains whilst popular overseas, is
                                                      unique to India. India can boast of very few successes in this
                                                      area. Mumbai based Enrich Uni-Sex Salon chain is one of
                                                      them. Starting with a modest salon of 300 sq ft in Mulund, a
                                                      suburb in Mumbai, the chain has now grown to 9 salons
                                                      across Mumbai and an academy. Soon to open 3 more salons
                                                      in Mumbai, the chain is planning to get into other cities as
                                                      well. Parlour Professional spoke to the duo of Rohit Dedhia
                                                      and Mukesh Joshi to understand what makes them so

 PP: What is the history of Enrich? How has it              open at Borivili, Malad and Powai. Now we also have an academy.
 evolved?                                                   The academy was set up primarily to train our staff. But now we
 Rohit: Enrich had very humble beginnings. I am not a       plan to offer training to others as well.
 hairdresser, nor are my partners. One of my friends had    PP: The Salon business is at a nascent stage in India and
 done a beauty course and suggested we set up a             the Chain salon concept is almost non existent except for a
 parlour. We started from a very small place in Mulund.     very few players. Isn't the initiative too bold?
 While my friend immigrated to London; I decided to
 continue with the Salon. I was then joined by two more     R & M: We do not think it to be too bold of us to start it in India.
 partners and we started opening up in other locations      It is but a natural progression. Salon Chains are very common
 like Chembur, Lokhandwala, Matunga, Vile Parle - now       abroad. When we had been to UK in 2005, for the 50th L’Oreal
 we are at 9 locations and within 3 months, we plan to      Color Trophy, we saw a Tony & Guy salon chain with hundreds of

 44   September 2009
Salons which are not only present in UK but have          That is why we opened the academy. People would come, learn and
also expanded to almost 19-20 Countries. So if Tony       most of them could be absorbed in our salons. We would then have
and Guy could do it, so can we.                           a ready Talent pool.
PP: How do you plan to expand? Will your                  PP: The concept of Spalons is also picking up. Have you
salons be company owned or will you take the              explored this?
Franchise route?                                          R & M: The biggest challenge for Spas is space. While we have
R & M: Presently all our Salons are Company               set up spas in some of our bigger properties like Lokhandwala,
Owned. But now we are planning to expand Pan India,       Mulund, Bandra, we are not too particular to have a Spa in each
so we plan for franchise. We plan to cover Mumbai         property.
with 15-20 salons, then move to Pune, Nashik and          PP: What about the brands used in your Salons?
other cities in Maharashtra. Gujarat is a very
important market for us. Ahmedabad, Vadodara,             R&M: Presently, we use only L'Oreal products at all our Salons for
Rajkot and Surat. We are looking at West India first      Hair. For Skin, we use Remy Laure and Oligodermie. For other
and then will move towards South and East and lastly      services too, we use only popular brands. Hygiene and Safety is
the North. We are also in negotiation with a              important to us. We take the utmost care and do not compromise in
superstore. In 3-5 years we will definitely reach the 3   this regard.
digit mark…100 salons.                                    PP: Many Salon Chains develop their own range of products.
PP: How are your Salons positioned. What is               Any plans?
your market?                                              R & M: Not right now, but as we expand we will do so.
R & M: We are positioned as a 'Family salon' offering     PP: Salon Chains get a good amount of revenue from
services for all members in the family. Men, women        'Retailing'. What is your experience?
and children. We offer all services Hair, Skin, Bridal
                                                          R & M: As mentioned earlier, 16-18% of our revenue is from
services. Our prices are affordable. We can say, we
                                                          retailing home care and maintenance products. We think this is a
are in the Mass Premium category. Our service cost
                                                          very important area. Our experience is also very good. Now a days
is uniform across the city. A person who is a regular
                                                          it is easy to retail, if we are able to convince the customer on the
at our Lokhandwala salon will get the same quality of
                                                          benefits. The customer's awareness for right products is increasing.
service at our Thane salon at the same price.
                                                          No one wants to spend thousand rupees on coloring hair and lose
PP: What about your business? How much                    the benefit by using an ordinary shampoo. They are willing to
from Hair?                                                spend a little more. Besides, there is such a variety of products
R & M: Presently 53% from Hair, 29% from Beauty,          available for every need.
16% from retail, 4-5% from Membership - from our          PP: Where do you see the industry going?
loyalty program. We have 40 ,000 members in our
                                                          R & M: The industry offers huge potential. For 10 years, it is a
loyalty program and 65% of our business comes
                                                          one-direction growth. It started 2-3 years back. And has been on an
from our regular clients.
                                                          upswing. There is a social Change. Women are going out to work.
PP: What is your biggest challenges?                      While they go out, they see the world. They want to look
R & M: The biggest challenge is staff. We see our         presentable and well groomed. Men also feel, while they spend on
staff as an investment. We invest heavily into training   their mothers, wives and sisters, they should spend on themselves,
our technical staff Hairdressers, skin therapists. Not    and they are all visiting Salons. Then there is this huge pressure of
only give them technical training but also give them      looking 'young'. No one wants to show a 'grey hair'. For Salons like
training on soft skills. We have a full fledged HR        ours, we see a great future.
department. We have an organized structure -              PP: What do want to tell the aspiring Salon owners?
General Manager, the Franchise Dept. For
                                                          R & M: For independent Hairdressers, we have a message. Treat
Operations, we have positions of Accounts Manager,
                                                          your Salon as a 'Business'. It is not enough to be creative. Keep
Zonal Head in Each Zone, Salon Head for Each Salon,
                                                          looking at the bottom line. An option for you will be taking up
Front office managers. Salon Managers and then the
                                                          franchisee route. With this you can be your own master and own
Beauticians and Hairdressers. We have In-house
                                                          your business, without much headache. Your Franchiser will take
Trainers for Hair and Skin; we conduct Courses In-
                                                          away a lot of your 'business problems', while you can concentrate
house for Salon Etiquette. We have a total Staff
                                                          on your hairdressing.                                             +
Strength of 280. Our operations are all computerized.

                                                                                                     PARLOUR PROFESSIONAL
                                                                                                       September 2009       45
skin talk

                                        Stretch Marks!!
                                                         The uncomfortable
                                    One of the biggest worries that a woman has when she comes to know of
                                    her pregnancy, is the appearance of the unsightly stretch marks on her
                                    stomach. Rahul Phate reviews the causes, preventions and treatments
                                    of this uncomfortable truth to help you advise your newly pregnant client.

  One of the first things a newly pregnant woman does is,           of dermis this problem pronounces its prominence. This
  looking for products that will help her avoid stretch marks.      happens most often during puberty, due to sudden weight
  While there are many products floating in the market to           gain and during pregnancy.
  address this concern, most of them are based on misleading
                                                                    • People who do not exercise and suddenly start working on
                                                                    body building also get stretch marks. Rapidly building
  The Scientific Truth behind Stretch Marks                         muscle mass can be the reason.
  • Scientifically stretch marks are considered to be a form of     • Elastin is a protein which provides elasticity to the skin.
  scarring. The scarring is mainly due to stretching of the skin.   Therefore, elastin saves the skin from being stretch
  When skin gets torn due to excessive stretching at the level      damaged, but when the skin is stretched beyond its natural
                                                                    elasticity stretch marks are produced.
                                                                    • Excessive stretching builds pressure on the dermis and
     To treat Stretch Marks, proper thought has to be given
                                                                    unfortunately the capacity of the Reticulocytes reduces and
       on the rebuilding of elastin and collagen within the
        stretched skin so that the prominence of the stretch        this causes disruption of collagen production. Automatically,
        marks is decreased. Unfortunately elastin and               skin becomes prone to stretch marks.
      collagen are so large in their molecular size that they       • Small, indented streaks are seen on the skin in a form of
     can not penetrate the skin and reach dermis. Also,             series. The uneven and progressive marks are seen.
     Elastin and collagen gets deteriorated with oxidation.
                                                                    • For People with fair complexion, the stretch marks are
     • External application of stretch mark preventing              initially pink to reddish brown and later they may look
     cream rich in Vitamin E can reduce the prominence.             grayish purple. In dark complexioned people, the stretch
     • Stimulating the Reticyulocytes to produce more and           marks look brownish.
     more elastin and collagen is possible with Vitamin C.          • Genetics plays a great role in the formation of stretch
     • Elasticity of Elastin can be increased by proper             marks. Some women are more prone to stretch marks and
     hydration.                                                     others can withstand more stretching of the skin.
     • Strength of collagen can be increased by using               • Weight gain should be monitored properly to avoid stretch
     emollient creams which increase the flexibility of the         marks. Many times during pregnancy, the weight gain is
     skin.                                                          excessive and this may cause excessive stretch marks. But
                                                                     pregnant women should not starve her to avoid stretch
     • Proper balanced diet rich in proteins and amino
     acids definitely support the formation of elastin
     and collagen.                                                  • In the last trimester of the pregnancy, women generally
                                                                    put on excess weight. During this time, the lower abdominal
                                                                    skin is excessively stretched, and the skin does not get

  46   September 2009
                                                                                                        skin talk
sufficient time to cope up with additional synthesis of elastin   • Avoid using soap on the stretched skin as it may induce
and collagen. This leads to the incapacity of the Reticulocytes   more dryness and may increase the prominence of stretch
to cope up with the demand which leads to the torn tissues        marks.
and stretch marks there after.
                                                                  • Anti-oxidants like vitamin E and specifically vitamin C
• Drying of the skin has to be avoided during this period.        provide great relief from stretch marks, as Vitamin C
Rich body creams help protecting the skin, but should be          stimulates the reticulocytes of the dermis to produce more
careful select. Some ingredients of the cheap creams may be       and more elastin and collagen. External application of
harmful to the growing baby.                                      Vitamin E even supports the skin.
• Use good quality creams to avoid the formation of stretch       Even after taking all this care, one can not avoid the stretch
marks. These creams make the skin more flexible. They also        marks to 100 percent, but the prominence definitely
have antioxidant properties and nourishing capacities.            decreases and the ugly appearance and the depression
                                                                  thereafter can definitely be avoided.
• Likewise, drinking plenty of water also helps maintaining
the elasticity of the skin. The elasticity of the skin depends    Treatments: No guaranteed treatments are available for
upon the hydration of the elastin. Generally, during the last     treating stretch marks. Certain clinical procedures, which
trimester of the pregnancy, women avoid drinking more water,      are surgical are available but they can not provide 100%
as the increased size of uterus leaves less space for the         percent relief. At the same time some in-salon treatments
bladder to grow and frequency for urination increases. But to     are also available which work just to reduce the
avoid stretch marks, enough consumption of water is               prominence. Instead of treating the stretch marks after they
recommended.                                                      are prominent, it would be better to work on avoiding them.
                                                                  Care taken from the first trimester of pregnancy definitely
• Daily application of stretch marks reducing cream with
                                                                  helps getting minimum stretch marks.
some emollient cream reduces the prominence of stretch
marks considerably. The cream has to be applied twice a day.      Contact: 9822377185 / 9922408199                            +
skin talk

   Combating Aging with the
   Derma Roller
   With thousands of providers touting dozens of new cosmetic
   products and techniques, consumers find it overwhelming to
   distinguish which treatment is right for them and very often they
   turn to their ‘aesthetician’ for advice. One particularly gray area
   is Micromesotherapy or ‘The Derma- roller’. In her article,
   Dr. Sonia Tekchandani provides information on this interesting
   technique for our readers.

   A Derma-Roller also known as micromesotherapy is a               2) Anesthetic-Apply a cream for local anesthesia on to
   simple hand held skin roller which has many surgical steel       the concerned area and leave it for about 45-60 mins
   micro-needles which are able to part the pores of the top        before removing it.
   layer of the skin without damaging it. It is a procedure for
                                                                    3) Rolling-Choose a roller that fits the purpose of the
   the stimulation of new collagen fibers or other skin cells. It
                                                                    treatment. Do not impose excessive pressure on the roller
   is developed to promote collagen deposition in the
                                                                    specially in sensitive areas.
   dermis, just below the surface of the skin.
                                                                    4) Solution-Apply the products containing the
   Derma-Roller micro needles puncture the layer of the
                                                                    ingredients that will serve the treatment purpose evenly on
   epidermis, which is the main obstruction to penetration of
                                                                    the concerned area. The multiple holes created by
   the active ingredients. There are various delivery systems
                                                                    needling will deliver the ingredients deep into the skin.
   in micro needling, but micro-needling via a skin roller
                                                                    Leave the drug or product for about ten minutes for more
   system is the most effective way for creating thousands of
                                                                    effective infiltration.
   channels through the epidermis. The roller channeling
   method is safe, cost effective & simple. The Needle depth        5) Apply sunscreen on the treated area after the treatment
   is pre-set and cannot penetrate deeper than the length of        for protection.
   the needles.                                                     The procedure takes around 60-90 minutes approximately
   There are various advantages of this procedure.                  and a great improvement is visible in 4-5 sessions. This
                                                                    treatment works best for stretch marks, deep pigmentation
   • This Treatment does not damage the skin.
                                                                    scars and natural re-growth of hair.
   • The Skin becomes thicker, with greater than a 400%
                                                                    Results Of Skin Needling
   increase in collagen deposition and significantly more
   elastin.                                                         Skin needling increases the effectiveness of skin care
                                                                    products allowing improved penetration of vitamins into
   • Any part of the body can be treated.
                                                                    the active layer of skin. So now having a skin free from
   • This treatment can be safely done in the case of people        stretch marks and deep pigmentation scars is not a far
   with darker pigmented skin, without fear of hyper-               fetched dream but a reality with micro-mesotherapy.
                                                                    May you have a flawless skin!
   • The skin does not become sun sensitive.
                                                                    Article by:
   • The technique is easy to master using Derma- Roller            Dr Sonia Tekchandani
   tool that has been specially designed for the procedure.         A leading cosmetic dermatologist who runs the Tender
                                                                    Skin Clinic in Mumbai for the past 5 years.
   The Procedure
                                                                    Contact: 022-66783130, 9820044525
   1) Cleaning –Cleanse the skin well with a cleansing              Email:                                  +
   product that is meant for the skin type .

  48   September 2009
                                                                              Is the
                                                          SPA Industry
                                                                               on your
                           October 2009   Vol V Issue 2   Rs. 75/-

                                                                                                      Spas in India are now big

                                                                                             ON IN
                                                                                                     business. Moving from

                                                                                                    unaffordable places, in exotic

                                                                                                  locales, spas are now
                                PARLOUR                                                          becoming more common,
                         • INFORMS • INSPIRES • IGNITES                                         accessible and are no more a

            Top SP
                                                                                               luxury. While a Beauty Parlour

           Trends   A                                                                         offering some massages is not a
                                                                                             Spa, many Salons are getting in to
                                                                                            the Spa business, either by offering
                                                                                           specialized Spa treatments at their

          this year                                                                       'Spalons' or opening up Day spas or
                                                                                         managing Spas at the Hotels.
                                                                                        The next issue of Parlour Professional is
                                                                                       dedicated to this sunrise business with
                                                                                      articles covering The Potential of the
                                                                                     business, the newest therapies, Spa
                                                                                    management, Spa Products, Spa Education,
                                                                                   interviews with international Spa experts and
                                                                                  much much more.
                                                                                 In case you have not yet subscribed to
                                                                                the all new Parlour Professional,
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        Packaging services


           One of the keys to effective marketing is to have multiple impressions or
       communications with potential clients. While there are a number ways this can
       be done, one of the most effective is to create a mutually beneficial relationship
                        with a local photographer. Here are a few tips.
  Hair salons are in the beauty business and want to make                 professional photo- shoot. This provides motivation to
  clients look good. A photographer is often in the business              purchase a packaged deal. Both you and the
  of capturing the image of a person while they look their                photographer can expand each others' client base.
  best. This relationship in what the two professionals do,               People coming into the salon will become aware of
  provides wonderful opportunities to work together to create             your services and by the same token, you can send
  value for your customers while increasing bottom line of                out an SMS to all your clients explaining the
  both businesses. Whether you are a high end bridal                      packaged deal.
  professional or are a children's stylist, these tips will help.

                                                                         The photographer could offer to spend one day in a

        Exchange with the photographer, a desk/counter with              month in the salon taking free pictures of your clients.
        providing artistic gallery prints of your clients for the        This provides you with an extra value added service
        walls of the Salon. These prints can provide your                you can offer your clients and offers the photographer
        salon with graphic examples of the work you do while             an opportunity to meet new clients and make money
        giving the photographer increased exposure to                    from prints.
        potential clients.
                                                                    A beauty salon and a photography business are a good

        Offer the services of your salon and photography as a       match for creating mutually beneficial business
        packaged deal to potential clients. After spending a        relationships. They are similar enough to appeal to the same
        packet to look their best, many clients will want to        customer base and different enough to not be competing for
        capture the effects of their investment through a           the same services.

  50   September 2009

                Turns 111
          chwarzkopf Professional celebrated its completion       Professional's journey from being a small business
          of 111 successful years of innovation in the hair       enterprise in Berlin to becoming a vast hair care major
          care industry. Joining in for the gala event held at    with a presence in over a 120 countries. Schwarzkopf
   the Henkel corporate office in Chennai, were Patrick           Professional also announced Essential Looks 111 Edition
   Kaminski, Vice President Cosmetics and Toiletries, Henkel      Part 1. The Collection is presented in four fashion moods:
   Asia Pacific and Mr. Murali Sundar, Country Head,              Glamazon, Sunday Best, 80's Dance, Rounded form. The
   Schwarzkopf Professional along with Ms. Madhu Mohan ,          last decade has established Essential Looks as a common
   Kanya and Veena and C. K Kumaravel of the Naturals             international hair language of fashion motivated style,
   Unisex spa and chain of salons. The event saw a lot of rare    designed to gift hair professionals with the essence of
   visuals that showcased various landmarks in Schwarzkopf        seasonal inspiration.                                   +

                                                                   akim Aalim, the celebrity hairstylist launched yet another
       New Salon launches                                          hair and fitness lounge at a Mall after his two successful
          this season                                              hair spa and tattoo lounges in Mumbai. Among his celebrity
                                                          guests were actor Saif Ali Khan and he said "I think he is the
                                                          greatest stylist not just in India but in the world. Nobody does my
                                                          hair like this and I think a lot of actors feel that way. The most
                                                          special thing about him is how he always makes time for us.
                                                          Wherever we are be it at home or on locations whether in India or
                                                          even outside India, he always makes time and he comes. I don't
                                                          know how he manages his schedule but he keeps all of us happy.
                                                          So we come for him and we want him to be successful because he
                                                          is the best," said Saif Ali Khan. All the guests were personally
                                                          escorted by Aalim who took them through the entire salon. Also
                                                          seen at the launch were Salman Khan, Suniel Shetty, Bikram
                                                          Shaluja, Riteish Deshmukh, Upen Patel, Emraan Hashmi among
                                                          several other folks from Bollywood.

                                                          Former Miss India and actor, Gul Panag, was the celebrity guest at
                                                          the launch of international celebrity Hairdresser Guy Kremer's first
                                                          salon in Mumbai at Phoenix Mill, Lower Parel. Among other guests
                                                          was starlet Minissha Lamba and Sheetal Mallar. Guy Kremer has
                                                          teamed up with Kolkata based salon chain 'Eye Catchers' for his
                                                          Indian expansion.                                                  +

  52   September 2009

                                                                        he beauty industry has undergone a great change and
  LTA Presents seminar on                                               Mumbai been the financial capital of India cannot be left

  Aesthetics and Beauty                                                 behind. LTA school of beauty organized a carnival to
                                                                 showcase the latest happenings in the beauty world and
                                                                 provide a platform for upcoming students. According to Mr
                                                                 Biju Nair director of LTA gave lots of input about the industry,
                                                                 various career opportunities the industry holds for the
                                                                 youngsters and professionals through its long term and short
                                                                 time courses. Ms Vaishali K Managing Director of LTA added
                                                                 that in future more such beauty carnival will be held to
                                                                 generate awareness among fresher, from different stream of
                                                                 education. LTA's carnival threw light on Hair dressing, skin
                                                                 aesthetics and make up.                                     +

                                      Anoo's International Beauty School invites
                                                   applications for
                                                M.Sc in Cosmetology
                                        n order to bridge the gap between talent and industry needs, the Anoo's International
                                        Beauty School (AIBS) was founded in the year 2007 on the occasion of the 25th year
                                        of Anoo's - South India's oldest brand name in Salon Services. From a family venture,
                                     the company has today grown into a full-fledged professional set up with presence in 7
                                     Indian cities with 10 facilities and 1 office in the USA and has a current work force of
                                     more than 200 professionally trained estheticians and technicians. The outstanding
                                     feature of the school is that it offers India's first and only M.Sc course in Cosmetology in
                                     collaboration with Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University. A graduate of any disciple
                                     is eligible to apply for the 2 year course.                                                +

                                   Mobile spa services provider

                         TATTVA SPA has expansion plans
            obile spa services provider TATTVA SPA is looking        and body treatments. Our plan is to have five-six such
            at expanding its operations across India and plans       spas across major cities within the next two years," Tattva
            to open five to six mobile spas in the metros and        Spa managing director Anita Kaushal said. Kaushal said
  Tier-I cities during the next two years. "We have just             the company's teams of trained professional can visit any
  launched our first mobile day spa for women in the Delhi           client at a notice of 48 hours and it has currently deployed
  NCR region and would offer a range of facials, massages            five-six teams for Delhi NCR region.                     +

 54 September 2009

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