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Autumn Winter eye shadow


Autumn Winter eye shadow

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         Autumn | Winter | 09

 J      aiime
   ett’’a me
by LCN
                                                             4–5     trend je t’aime

                                                              6      trend classic

                                                              7      nails · colour gels trend

                                                              8      nails · skyLED2

JE T’AIME · The trend look for autumn / winter 2009 /                nails · solution2
                                                                           · 3D colour gels
2010 carries you away into a world where dreams are still            nails · colour gels carat
allowed. The new look underlines perfectly the fashion                     · ultima acrylics
colours for the coming season. Self-assured, elegant                 nails · one component resin F
                                                                           · brushes
and feminine. Love at first sight …
                                                             12      nail care · aroma nail oil
… with the new LCN trend colours.
                                                                     hand · olive hand mask
                                                                          · design files
CLASSIC · Red lips should be kissed, because they al-
                                                            14 –15   hand · ognx
ways were, are and will be in fashion. Nothing is more
stylish than a perfectly made-up red mouth. Marilyn          16      foot · pediseal
Monroe, Sophia Loren and Katharine Hepburn were the
                                                             17      foot · happy feet
style icons for beautiful natural make-up.
Exciting, glamorous and seductive …                          18      spa · accessories
…with the Classic Look by LCN.
                                                             19      spa · step by step

                                                             20      nails · nail art
Feel the beauty with the new
                                                                     pmc · smart deluxe
                  products by LCN.                           21

                                                             22      furniture · VIVA

                                                             23      merchandise · black elegance
4   trend

                                            e t’aime”
                            d-Display “J
            Make-Up Tren              s “Je t’aime”,
                                                     8 ml, 3
                           il polishe
            Contents: 4 na                  2 Special Mono
                           d 1 Lip Stick,
            Lip Glosses an               hadow gold ye
            Eyeshado  ws, Mono Eyes                         e
                                e in an asso rtment of thre
            All products com                    t and a
                              for each produc
             plus one tester
                            st er, DIN A1.
             “Je t’aime” po
              Art. No. 8765

                       Display “Je t’a            s, 8 ml, 3 Lip
                       Contents  : 4 nail polishe              rtment
                                         Lip Stick in an asso
                       Glosses plus 1            for each produc
                                       e tester
                       of four plus on                    A1
                                         e” poster, DIN
                        and a “Je t’aim
                        Art. No. 8765
             ta i m
                                             (-274)                                                            (-285)            Special
                                                                                                                                 Mono Eyesha
(-271)                                                                                          (-284)                                            e-shadows
                             (-273)                                                                                              The current ey                    with
                                                                                                            e t’aime”                              urs to appeal
                                                                           43139-273        Nail Polish “J                        trends are colo               and designs.
                                                           43137-272                                                                            gant patterns
               (-272)                                                                       Spec  ial Glitter                     their extrava                    ue violet
                                                                                                            rosé glitter,                          lour, (-2) antiq
                                                            Lip Stick & Li
                                                                          p Gloss           (-284) antique                         (-1) blaze of co
                e t’aime”                          :                                                        let glitter
Nail Polish “J                      n / winter 2009                 ime”                    (-285) pale vio
                     lours for autum                        “Je t’a                                                                            7-..
The  LCN trend co                 chéri,                    Lip Stick                                                             Art. No. 4469
                vie, (-272) mon                                                                               43189-..
(-271) c’est la                                              Art. No. 4313
                                                                           7-272               8 ml, Art. No.
                       74) déjà-vu
(-273) ooh la la,
                                                                                              16 ml, Art. No. 43135-..
                                                             Lip Gloss
                 43179-..                                    Art. No. 4313
  8 ml, Art. No.                                                                                                                                 dow
 16 ml, Art. No. 43079-..                                                                                                          Mono Eyesha
                                                                                                                                   gold yello w
                                                                                                                                   Art. No. 4449

         Promotion Se                                                  Poster “Je t’a
                            e t’aime”
         Tren d colours “J          lishes                             Size: DIN A1
         Contents:  4 x 8 ml nail po
         (-271 to -274)                                                Art. No. 6408

          Art. No. 4324
                                                                                              Lip Gloss “Je
                                                                                            Light moisturising te
                                                                                                  and brilliant colours.
                                                                                                       (-1) golden kis
                                                                                                     (-2) flamingo rosé
                                                       Define & Fix
                                        row Pencil –
                         Double Eyeb                  the eyebrows.                                                7-..
                                       ing and fixing                                                 Art. No. 4348
                         Perfectly shap
                                                      Art. No. 4452

6   make-up

              The sensual look
              for natural beauty,
              since red lips
              are real
              The lips should be perfectly prepared for the LCN Classic Look.
              First gently apply LCN Soft Sugar Lip Scrub to exfoliate the lips
              and then massage a moisturising product into the skin. Draw a
              light line above and below the lips with LCN Lip Shaper. Minor
              wrinkles disappear like magic and the lipstick no longer runs. To
              achieve a natural looking result, gently dab the lipstick onto the
               lips and slightly pat it into the lips with a finger. To finish apply
                LCN Brilliant Lips to the centre of the lips. This creates extra
                  volume. The LCN Blusher carmin ensures a rosy and natural
                   complexion. Discreetly enhance the eyes with eye-shadow.
                      Nude shades are the perfect compliment to red lips. Use
                        the Sparkling Effect Brush to set highlights on the face
                           and décolleté. The LCN Nail Polish is available in two
                               shades of red to match the lipstick colours.

                      Lip Shaper                        Art. No. 43489

                      Sparkling Effect Brush gold       Art. No. 44496-3
                      Compact blusher carmin            Art. No. 43018-004
                      Eyeshadow Duo                     Art. No. 43021-004
                      (rosé / champagne)
                      Brilliant lips red                Art. No. 43190-2
                      Nail Polish No. 12 in 8 ml        Art. No. 43179-12
                      Nail Polish No. 84 in 8 ml        Art. No. 43179-84
                      Lipstick 84                       Art. No. 43137-084

                      Make-Up Display “Classic”
                      Art. No. 87656

                      Contents: Nail polishes “Classic”, 8 ml: (colour number:
                      12 & 84); Brilliant Lips red and Lip Stick (colour number: 84);
                      Lip Shaper, Sparkling Effect Brush gold, Compact blusher
                      carmin, Eyeshadow Duo no. 4. All products come in an
                      assortment of four plus one tester for each product.
                                                                                                                 nails                7


ColourGels trend
Our trend colours are also available as Colour Gels
“Je t’aime” for permanent polishing. Individual and in a set
with large matching rhinestones, 50 rhinestones
(No. -271 to No. -274).



                                                                                                      Colour Gels “Je t’aime”, 5 ml
                                                                                                      Art. No. 20605-..

                                                                                                      Colour Gels Set “Je t’aime”
                                                                                                      Contents: one of each Colour Gel, 5 ml
                                                                                                      as well as 50 large rhinestones
                                                                                                      No. -271 to No. -274
                                                                                                      Art. No. 20676

ColourGels                                                 NailPolish/
                                                                                              Not only stars and starlets are
                                                                                              trendy: Business Grey is coming!

glitter                                                    ColourGel
                                                                                              The deep grey can be discreet by
                                                                                              day yet sparkling with party outfits.
                                                                                              Available as nail polish and for
Matching the festive winter season
new precious colour variants of the                        business                           permanent polishing as Colour Gel.

light-curing Colour Gel – Glitter are
available: - 21 black, - 22 rouge noir,
- 23 jade green

                              -21 black

                            -22 rouge noir

                            -23 jade green
                                                                                               Nail Polish “Business Grey”
                                                                                                8 ml, Art. No. 43179-287
                                                                                               16 ml, Art. No. 43079-287
Colour Gels Glitter, 5 ml
                                                                                               Colour Gel “Business Grey”, 5 ml
Art. No. 20615-..
                                                                                               Art. No. 20605-287
8       nails

safer, more

                                                                                               Art. No. 13116-1   € 395,00
    Fully developed technology and
    top performance enable safer and significantly
                                                                             Increase your efficiency!
    faster application – without creating unpleasant heat on the nail.       > 30 % higher light output (21 LEDs)
                                                                             > Reducing the curing time by 50 %
    By perfecting your schedule you can model more nails every day or          (= 60 sec.)
                                                                             > More time for your customers in the salon
    have more time advising each customer.                                     due to time saving during application
                                                                             > Permanent Nail Art does not cause any
    Your nail art designs harden perfectly and quickly. Extremely long         scheduling problems even when creating
    application times such as for elaborate nail art modelling are a thing     elaborate nail art designs.
                                                                             > Almost unlimited lifetime of the LEDs
    of the past.                                                             > Economic, one-time investment for
                                                                               long-term success
    The rapid advance of technology has resulted in a reduction of the
                                                                             Technical data:
    purchase price for the special LEDs, which create the special light
                                                                             Number of LEDs: 21 LEDs
    for polymerisation of the resins. Therefore we are happy to be able      Power: 30 Watt
    to offer the skyLED2 at a very attractive price.                         Mains voltage: 100 – 240 V
                                                                                                                              nails                 9

SOLUTION                                                   2

The innovative Solution² System
now offers a thicker gel (F), a
pink shade gel and a thicker gel (F)
                                                                                                Art. No. 20660   Building Gel F, 15 ml
in a pink shade.                                                                                Art. No. 20661   Building Gel pink, 15 ml
                                                                                                Art. No. 20662   Building Gel F pink, 15 ml
                                                                                                Art. No. 20663   Building Gel F, 50 ml
                                                                                                Art. No. 20664   Building Gel pink, 50 ml
                                                                                                Art. No. 20665   Building Gel F pink, 50 ml

ColourGels 3D Design                                                                                          10 new strong colours have
                                                                                                              been added to the assortment
                                                                                                              Colour Gel – 3D Design.
                                                                                                              The new gold and silver shades
                                                                                                              with or without glitter particles
                                                                                                              are a must-have for the festive
                                                                                                              season. The 3D gels are perfect
                                                                                                              for creating winter magic and
                                                                                                              elaborate festive decoration for
                                                                                                              the holidays. The new colours
                                                                                                              “Elegant Colours” (No. 13 to No.
                                                                                                              16) are available in a set with
       -13 Silver Coin         -14 Gold Bar         -15 Silver Sparkle       -16 Gold Twinkle                 both pastel and strong colours
                                                                                                              including a free 3D Design
 Colour Gels 3D Design “Elegant Colours”
 Art. No. 20675    Set
 Art. No. 20637-.. 5 ml individual

                                               20637-7           20637-8      20637-9             20637-10          20637-11           20637-12
                                              deep black          fire red   bottle green         navy blue        coffee brown        rouge noir
10   nails

                                                                                   New brilliant colours supplement
                                                                                   the Colour Gel assortment. The
                                                                                   three new precious shades of gold
                                                                                   meet all the expectations created
                                                                                   by precious gold. Also available
                                                                                   in a set including a shimmering

                              Colour Gel Set “Carat”, 5 ml
                              Art. No. 20659
                              Contents: one of each Colour Gel, 5ml
                              Colours: -510 fine gold, -511 carat gold,
      20605-510               -512 golden sheen as well as a
       fine gold              deco-diamond.

                              Art. No. 20605-510            fine gold
                              Art. No. 20605-511          carat gold
                              Art. No. 20605-512       golden sheen

             carat gold

                          golden sheen

     Ultima Acrylics Colour Powder 3 g
     + Starter set with 20 colours                                 The ULTIMA ACRYLICS Colour Powder is now also
                                                                   available in 3 g size. Therefore you can try out a
                                                                  large number of different colours. Also available as
                                                                 a complete set including all colours at a favourable
                                                                 start-up price.

                                                                LCN ULTIMA ACRYLICS Colour Powder 3 g
                                                                Art. No. 20674 Starter set
                                                                Art. No. 20666-..
                                                               -1 pure black, -2 pure green, -3 pure white, -4 pure blue,
                                                               -5 pure yellow, -6 pure brown, -7 pure red, -8 pure violett,
                                                              -9 pure orange, -10 fuchsia, -11 red marple, -12 electric
                                                              blue, -13 aquamarine, -14 misty powder, -15 multi-colour
                                                             shimmer, -16 copper shimmer, -17 green shimmer,
                                                             -18 pink shimmer, -19 silver shimmer, -20 gold shimmer
                                                                                                          nails       11

                                                                   New colour variants for the One Component
                                                                   Resin F. The LCN bestseller – the classic 1-step
                                                                    material with good all-round properties that
                                                                    can be modelled easily is now also available in
                                                                     additional colours. Natural rose: Gives the nail
                                                                      bed a natural tint and is also a beautiful option
                                                                      for the French design. One Component
                                                                       Resin F crystal clear an especially clear gel
                                                                        for modelling clear designs and nail art.

 Resin F
One Component Resin F                             20682 – 20684
Art. No. 20678 crystal clear, 20 ml                natural rose
Art. No. 20679 crystal clear, 40 ml
Art. No. 20680 crystal clear, 100 ml
Art. No. 20682 natural rose, 20 ml
Art. No. 20683 natural rose, 40 ml
Art. No. 20684 natural rose, 100 ml

Nail Art brush for
brush painting                                        Use your artistic talent on the nail. The special
                                                      handle of the new Nail Art brush enables a better
                                                      brush stroke.

              Nail Art brush for brush painting
              Art. No. 21035-1     8 mm
              Art. No. 21035-2 10 mm
12        nail care

                                             The fragrant experience you will not want to be without again
                                             4x high quality scented nail care oils that make nail care a pleasant experience:
                                             milk coffee, vanilla-cinnamon, blood orange or hot chocolate.Your customers
                                             will love these aromas. The rich Aroma Nail Oils are perfectly suitable for the
                                             intensive care of nails and cuticles. Enriched with vitamins A, E and F they
                                             deeply hydrate the skin and help to maintain the nails’ elasticity. Especially dry
                                             and brittle nails significantly improve when the oils are applied regularly.
                                             Available in four different aromas, also available in a display:

         -1                 -2
     café au lait   vanilla-cinnamon

                                       Aroma Nail Oil
                                       8 ml, Art. No. 44691-..
                                       in a foldable box
                                       16 ml, Art. No. 44693-..

          -3                -4
     blood orange     hot chocolate

                                                  Aroma Nail Oil Display
                                 8 ml in an assortment of six plus 1 tester.
                                                           Art. No. 44696
                                                                                                                   hand         13

LCN presents additional products to
the popular Olive Care line:

Hand Mask
The new rich Olive Hand Mask with moisturising olive oil, olive butter
and squalan rounds out the LCN Olive Hand & Nail treatment. It lastingly
moisturises dry and sensitive skin restoring its resilience. For velvety-soft
hands gently massage the Hand Mask into the skin after using Olive
Hand Peeling. Remove any remaining mask with a moist tissue after
about five minutes. We recommend the application of Olive Hand Lotion
as a final treat.

                                                                                            Olive Hand Mask
                                                                                            Art. No. 30439 50 ml

                                                 Design files
Diamonds are
a girl’s best friend!                                                                                Jewelry Couple Ring File
                                                                                                     Art. No. 61406
These two files –
Jewelry Diamond Ring and
Jewelry Couple Ring – are the perfect
means to prepare the nails for your next visit
to the jeweller. The discreet grey-brown prints of
precious rings set charming highlights in the salon and
at home – 180 / 240 grit.

                                                                Jewelry Diamond Ring File
                                                                Art. No. 61407
14   hand

     certified natural                                       The argan tree can be traced back 80 million years in Morocco. It
                                                             yields a unique natural treasure: amber-coloured argan oil. It contains
                                                             more than 80 % unsaturated fatty acids and anti-oxidants, making it

       cosmetics for                                         an ideal ingredient for cosmetic products. Argan oil is rich in vitamin
                                                             E, which as a free radical scavenger has a distinctive anti-ageing

hands and nails with                                         effect. Besides reducing fine lines and wrinkles in the skin it is also
                                                             said to have intensively moisturising properties. The anti-oxidants
                                                             as well as the high vitamin A and E content form a protective barrier

   valuable argan oil                                        around the cells, which repels damaging environmental conditions
                                                             and stress. The skin’s moisture content is increased and it takes on
                                                             a younger, radiant look.

               LCN OGNX hand cream soft argan is a treat for stressed skin.
                 This light, soft hand care is enriched with calendula extracts,
              the medicinal plant of the year 2009. The valuable calendula oil
                contains, amongst other things, beta carotene, lycopene and
            flavonoids, which are said to have healing properties. Combined
                         with jojoba and argan oil the LCN OGNX hand cream
                    soft argan unfolds its full potential. We recommend using
                                                 the cream several times a day.

                                             OGNX hand cream soft, 50 ml
                                                          Art. No. 30431

                 The LCN OGNX Hand Cream intensive argan is the perfect
               solution for demanding and very dry skin. Argan oil combined
                     with shea butter and high quality olive oil intensively and
                lastingly hydrates the skin. We recommend using the cream
                                                           several times a day.

                                       OGNX hand cream intensive, 50 ml
                                                         Art. No. 30433
                                                                                                                        hand               15

UniqUe natUralness

The hands reflect one’s entire personality. Day-in day-out they are
exposed to many adverse conditions at home and at work which
impair their natural protective shield. This stress accelerates the                                       natural cosmetics
natural ageing process of the skin. The new LCN OGNX hand and
nail care line has been developed especially to meet the needs of
hands and cuticles. Dry and torn skin becomes supple and soft
again and brittle nails regain their stability. Nice light formulae and
organic ingredients characterise LCN OGNX. The products contain
100 % natural ingredients and are enriched with high quality argan
oil. LCN OGNX products are suitable for sensitive skin as they are
free of mineral oils, parabenes and silicones as well as synthetic
colours and scents. The consistent use of plants, herbs and oils
derived from certified organic cultivation enables the certification
of the LCN OGNX line by the BDIH – certified natural cosmetics
(Federal Association of German Industrial and Trading Companies
of Medicines, Health Store Food, Dietary Supplements and

                                                                                    OGNX Display
                                                                                    Assortment of six + tester
                                                                                    Art. No. 63594

                          Torn and brittle cuticles need special care. The          Stressed hands need to be intensively moisturised.
                          almond oil and vitamin E in LCN OGNX nail balm            LCN OGNX hand mask argan uses ancient secrets:
                          argan meet this demand and make the affected              valuable ingredients like organic honey, grape seed
                          parts of the skin especially soft. Vitamin E is said to   and argan oil intensify the hydrating and nourishing
                          increase the skin’s moisture content and promote          effect of the hand mask. Apply LCN OGNX hand
                          cell regeneration. Furthermore argan and almond oil       mask argan once a week and lightly massage into
                          have an intensively moisturising effect. Apply LCN        the hands.
                          OGNX nail balm argan to the cuticles and lightly
                          massage into the skin as needed.                          OGNX hand mask, 50 ml
                                                                                    Art. No. 30437
                          OGNX nail balm, 8 ml
                          Art. No. 30435
16   foot

            Perfect for toenail corrections
               The elastic, light-curing sealing gel for toenail cosmetics with UV-protection
                 – WILDE-PEDISEAL. The transparent gel adjusts to the movement of the
                    foot and is the ideal supplementary product for the highly elastic WILDE-
                        PEDIQUE plus. The gel can be easily applied even where it is difficult
                            to treat furrows, it does not run into the sides of the nail. The UV
                               protection stabilises the permanent French design and protects
                                   the coloured variants of the toenail modelling gel WILDE-
                                      PEDIQUE plus against extreme exposure to sunlight when
                                         sun bathing or in a solarium.

                                             WILDE-PEDISEAL, 5 ml     WILDE-PEDISEAL, 10 ml
                                             Art. No. 20671           Art. No. 20670
                                                                                                                  foot   17

Happy Feet
              All-round protection for the feet
Most women love trendy, high-heeled shoes. High heels, pumps or stilettos do wonders to
one’s legs but are not really comfortable when standing for a long time. Happy Feet comes to
the rescue when painful heels or balls of the feet and unpleasant pressure spots occur.
                                  For pain free feet.

                                     The practical gel cushions are simply glued
                                     to the respective spot in the shoe and
                                     effectively protect these sensitive areas.

                                     Heel Protection prevents unple-     Heel Cushion is the perfect
                                     asant blisters on the feet caused   companion for the heels.
                                     by friction and pressure spots.
Happy Feet Display                   Art. No. 63583                      Art. No. 63585
Contents: 4 boxes of 12
packs foot gel cushions
Art. No. 63592

                                     Ball of Foot Cushion – a gel        For smaller pressure spots which are
                                     cushion for the shoes made of       especially sensitive. These wafer-thin
                                     soft transparent gel – the ideal    non-slip Sensitive Spots are glued
                                     cushion for the forefoot which      into the shoes as needed.
                                     reduces pressure on the balls.      Art. No. 63589
                                     Art. No. 63587

                                     All Happy Feet products are self-adhesive,
                                     washable and reusable.
18   spa

                              The terms SPA und wellness promise a break from everyday stress and strain. It is not just the
           Treatment ritual
                              LCN SPA products which convey this association; the matching treatment rituals complete the
                              feeling of relaxation and special care effects. In order to carry out all-round treatment methods,
                              the SPA assortment has been extended by the LCN gemstone stylus as well the exclusive
                              mask brush. Create a small wellness refuge for your customers with LCN SPA and offer pure
                              relaxation and wellness.

                              The treatment ritual
                              SPA Nail Therapy has been
                              matched to meet the                         51117-4                           Calcite
                              demands of natural nails
                              and hands.
                              The LCN gemstone massage
                              styluses are used for the LCN
                              SPA Nail Therapy treatment. The
                              products of the LCN SPA Nail
                              Therapy line with valuable bamboo
                              extract and other exclusive ingredients
                              derived from the Asian flora are perfect to
                              meet the individual needs of the respective
                              nail types and allow for comprehensive, versatile
                              and rich care. The products of the line and the
                              respective massage stylus are selected according to
                              the nail and skin type.

                              We recommend calcite for normal and dry hands and nails.
                              The orange-yellow calcite is said to promote strength and
                              growth. The haematite is used especially for weak nails. The nail
                              should be stabilised and strengthened through the use of the stylus.
                              The black-white snowflake obsidian is also called the stone of
                              protection. Damaged nails and stressed hands can perfectly regenerate by
                              using this stylus and the respective LCN SPA Nail Therapy products.

                                                                                                         SPA massage stylus
                                                                                                         Art. No. 51117-..

                                                             SPA Mask brush
                                                             The LCN mask brush made of cherry tree
                                                             wood and synthetic fibres is perfect for the
                                                          application of hand and foot masks. The fine fib-
                                                       res hold just as much of the product as necessary
                                                    and spread it evenly onto the hands and feet.

                                               SPA Mask brush
                                               Art. No. 51116
                                                                                                                                                                spa               19

LCN SPA Nail Therapy for hands and nails
Give your customers a special treat in addition to the application of the SPA products with a gemstone stylus
massage. We show you how to use the stylus step by step for the SPA Nail Therapy treatment concept.

 1                                                  2                                                 3

Assess the skin and nails before the treat-        After 10 minutes apply Lemon Sugar                Pour some pre-warmed Waterlily
ment and determine the nail type. Begin            Scrub and treat the fingers and hands to          Massage Oil slowly over the hands.
with a hand bath. Add the respective               a short massage over the bath. Rinse off          The Waterlily Massage Oil promotes
amount of Milk & Orchid Hand & Nail Bath           in the hand bath and dry the hands.               relaxation and soothes the skin.
to a bowl of lukewarm water. The hand
bath cleanses pore-deep, moisturises and
prepares the skin.

                     4                                                        5                                                      6

             Select the respective gemstone massage stylus                   Apply an ample amount of Orchid Handmask                Wrap the hands in cellophane strips. Apply
             according to the skin type and massage the hands.               with two mask brushes and massage it into               a warm compress and leave the mask on
             Normal and dry nails: calcite, weak nails: hematite,            the skin at the same time. Thus the skin is             for 10 minutes. Then remove the remains
             damaged nails: obsidian. Massage the palms and the              hydrated and intensively nourished. In addition         of the masks with the compress.
             back of the hands. Proceed with the usual manicure.             apply Macadamia Nail Mask onto the nails.
             To moisturise the nails apply Macadamia Nail Serum
             and massage into the fingernails.

       7                                                  8                                                  9

      To strengthen the nails apply Nail Therapy         Now apply a thin layer of the respective            Apply White Tea Hand Cream onto the hands and
      Nail Builder and slightly massage into             LCN SPA Nail Therapy Base Coat.                     massage into the skin. Select a LCN SPA Bamboo Nail
      the nails. Cleanse the nails with a dry            The nails are now perfectly nourished               Polish according to the customer’s wishes and apply
      cotton swab and remove the excess                  according to the nail type.                         two coats. Finally apply Nail Therapy Nail Sealer to seal
      care product.                                                                                          the natural nails.
20   nail art



     Nail Art Stickers
     Self-adhesive, wintery nail art sticker with
     small rhinestones for the perfect festive nail                                                 Winter Nail Art Stickers
     decoration.                                                                                    Art. No. 35029-..

                                                                                                    -1 Frosted Blossoms
                                                                                                    -2 Ice Flowers
                                                                                                    -3 Winter Hearts
                                                                                        -4          -4 Winter Stars

     Nail Art Slices                           Nail Art Smilies
                            Funny Smiley-slices in blue, yellow,

                                                                          Nail Art Nets
                         pink and red (10 slices of each colour)
                            to put into the gel. The latest trend
                                                      for nail art.
                                                                          Nail art nets to cut and put into the gel or acrylic.
                                              Art. No. 42464, 40 slices   You can also cut out a slightly oversized piece of net.
                                                                          Apply Brush Glue onto the nail and put the net into
                                                                          the glue. Take a stretched plastic bag
                                                                          (for example an LCN minigrip bag or a                 Step by Step
                Winter Fun Slices                                         breakfast bag) and press onto the nail
                Slices with funny winter /                                for 30 seconds. Then cut off the                                   1
                Christmas motives.                                        surplus net with “stork” scissors.
                Art. No. 35030, 30 slices
                                                                          We also recommend this application
                                                                          method for LCN Nail Art Dry Leaves.

                                                                                             -3 white hologram

     New colours                                                             -1 white

     Fine Nail Art Dust

                                                                                         -2 black
     New precious colours have been added to the
     assortment of Fine Nail Art Dusts. Gold and silver                                                    Nail Art Nets
     shades with real gold and silver pigments as well                                                     Art. No. 35028-..
     as Nail Art Dust, which shines in the dark, start
     off the festive season.

                                                                          Wedding Nail Art Stones
                                                                          Decorative tiny, differently-
        -8 real gold         -9 real silver         -10 night glow        shaped white pearls for nail
                                                                          decoration. Especially
                                                                          suitable for wedding

                          Fine Nail Art Dust – New Colours                Wedding Nail Art Stones
                          Art. No. 43429-..                               Art. No. 35026
                                                                                                    PMC   21

Smart Deluxe
The new Permanent Make-up                 Besides ease of use, our main
unit Smart Deluxe is the perfect          objective is safety. With respect to
unit for beginners. It is especially      sterility, the patented modular system
user-friendly and very precise.           provides 100 % safety for you and
                                          your customers. The module is simply
This unit lets you create permanent       screwed onto the handpiece. The
make-up elements gently and velvety-      needles can be quickly changed
soft with impressive handling.            or different colours used. The
No matter if you want to do fine          unit comprises of a control unit,
lip contours, fill out lips, lid-lines,   handpiece, foot switch, utility box
smaller tattoos or fine eyebrow hairs     including four colour jars, power
– Smart Deluxe is the perfect unit for    supply and samples of size 1, size
beginners. The insertion frequency of     3 and size 3 Sloped Smart Deluxe
up to 120 insertions/sec. guarantees      modules.
a superficial insertion depth for only
minimal invasive pigmentation. The
result is an aesthetically pleasing
make-up with perfect durability.

                                                                                   Smart Deluxe
                                                                                   Art. No. 63391
22         furniture

                                                              A beautifully furnished salon increases a customer’s
                                                              feeling of well-being. VIVA, our new young furniture
                                                              programme excels through its attractive design. The
                                                              surface: oak glazed grey combined with a white décor
                                                              gives your salon a modern and bright look. LCN VIVA
                                                              is a clever and economic alternative for beginners. You
                                                              can put the LCN VIVA furniture together yourself by
                                                              following the assembly instructions.

                      1                            2                           3                              4

 The young salon furniture line for the modern nail salon

     The nail station Piet including work lamp is perfect for professional work in the nail
     salon. Piet has a spacious worktop with an integrated dust vacuum. Fine dust and
     charcoal filters can be simply removed from the side and vacuumed away.

     The attractive sales rack with three shelves provides ample space to present the             1 Nail station Piet
     products. You can store refill products or further work utensils in the closed storage         H: 93 cm (without lamp),
                                                                                                    W: 133 cm, D: 70 cm
     space in the lower part of the rack.                                                           Art. No. 81196

                                                                                                  2 Sales rack
     Brighten up your customer’s waiting time: the side table provides adequate space               H: 182 cm, W: 44 cm, D: 40 cm
     for drinks and cookies. The open storage space can be used for magazines. Further              Art. No. 81197

     utensils can be stored in the closed space.                                                  3 Side table
                                                                                                    H: 64 cm, W: 40 cm, D: 40 cm
                                                                                                    Art. No. 81198
     The matching reception and cashier’s desk is perfect for the presentation of products.
                                                                                                  4 Reception desk
     You can store necessary utensils on the rear side. The open storage space lets you             H: 106 cm, W: 110 cm, D: 40 cm
     see everything at a glance.                                                                    Art. No. 81199

                                                                                                    Delivery time is 6 weeks
                                                                                                              lcn merchandise                           23


                                                  Fancy jewellery
                                               for the year-end
                                                     festive season                                                                 2




1 Amour necklace approx. 46 cm
                                                                                 Sleeping mask
                                                                                     A comfortable sleep mask for a recuperative sleep or total
  Art. No. 61397
                                                                                            relaxation during a treatment.
2 Amour bracelet, black flexible                                                                   > front: soft motive print on satin fabric
  Art. No. 61398                                                                                          > back: skin-friendly terry cloth
                                                                                                                 > 100 % light-blocking
3 Black Elegance bracelet flexible
  Art. No. 61400
                                                                                                                      > two adjustable bands for
                                                                                                                           perfect fit and hold
4 Shining Heart necklace approx. 28 cm                                                                                       Put on the sleep mask, close
  Art. No. 61401                                                                                                               your eyes, forget about
                                                                                                                                every day stress and strain
5 Shining Heart earrings
  Art. No. 61402                                                                                                                and comfortably relax / fall
                                                                                                                                asleep. The darker it is, the
  Set Shining Heart (necklace & earrings)                  Sleeping mask Black Elegance                                         deeper and more refreshing
  Art. No. 61403                                           Art. No. 64081                                                       the sleep and relaxation.

  Promotional articles – Delivery as long as stock lasts




                                                                                                      Art.: 63900-GB; 06/2009

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The matching trend nail polishes are available for the             information free of charge!
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