AB Xmas dd lip palette by benbenzhou


AB Xmas dd lip palette

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									    ry Chr istmas
  wishing you a very

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Christmas needs.

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                                                                                  Smoothing Salts
                                                                                  Incredible Spreadable Scrub™
                                                                                  Sea Salt Body smoother
     Origins has always been the best place for people to get gifts               Size: 100ml
     during the holidays. Now with health on people’s minds and                   Smoothing Souffle™
                                                                                  Whipped body cream
     a growing desire to help protect the environment, Origins
                                                                                  Size: 100ml
     reinforces its standing as the #1 gifting destination with our               Let’s Circulate™
     joyfully new gift sets and products. Made with 100% natural                  Salt Rub soap
                                                                                  Size: 200g
     essential oils and the highest quaility plant, earth and sea                 Value: $90.00
     ingredients, they’re good for body and mind. And because                     $75.00
     we use our natural resources imaginatively, intelligently,
     respectfully and responsibly, along with recyclable packing
     and wrapping, everyone gets the gift of a healthier planet. Earth            Dr Andrew Weil for Origins™
     sends its best this season, at Origins.                                      Live and be Well™ Collection
                                                                                  Mega-Mushroom Face Cream
                                                                                  Size: 30ml
                                               Perfect Collection                 Plantidote™
                                                           A Perfect World ™      Mega-Mushroom Eye Serum
                                                      White Tea skin guardian     Size: 30ml
                                                                     Size: 30ml   Plantidote™
                                                           A Perfect World ™      Mega-Mushroom
                                         Antioxidant moisturizer with White Tea   Face Cleanser
                                                                     Size: 30ml   Size: 150g
                                                           A Perfect World ™      Value: $235.00
                                Intensely hydrating body cream with White Tea     $160.00
                                                                   Size: 100ml
                                                           A Perfect World ™
                                          Creamy body cleanser with White tea
                                                                   Size: 100ml
                                                           A Perfect World ™
                                           Liquid moisture with White Tea (EU)    Easy Come Easy Glow
                                                                     Size: 50ml   Calm to your senses ™
                                                           Value: $200.00         Lavender and Vanilla body smoother
                                                                  $128.00         Size: 100ml
                                                                                  Incredible Spreadable Scrub ™
                                                                                  Sea Salt body smoother
                                                                                  Size: 100ml
                                                                                  Incredible Spreadable Scrub ™
                                                                                  Ginger body smoother
                                                                                  Size: 100ml
                                                                                  Value: $90.00

                                               One of the Guys
                                                               Blade Runner®      Ginger Moments
                                                      Energizing shave cream      Incredible Spreadable Scrub™
                                                                    Size: 30ml    Ginger Salt body smoother
                                                                  Fire Fighter®   Size: 250ml
                                               To take the burn out of shaving    Ginger Souffle™
                                                                  Size: 100ml     Whipped body cream
                                                            Save the Males™       Size: 100ml
                                                      Multi-benefit moisturizer    Ginger Burst™
                                                                    Size: 50ml    Savoury body wash
                                                     Checks and Balances™         Size: 100g
                                                             Frothy face wash     Ginger Gloss™
                                                                    Size: 75ml    Smoothing body oil
                                                           Value: $100.00         Size: 50g
                                                                   $80.00         Bath Mitt
                                                                                  Value: $145.00

order toll free on 0800     801 129                                                                                    3
4   Wishing you a very Merry Christmas from Arthur Barnett
                                                   Inspired by blue. Blue Water. Blue Skies. The seamless world of blue
                                                   that surrounds you only on an island paradise.
                                                   An exhilarating new experience of sparkling citrus, rare florals and
                                                   hints of sun-kissed skin and soft ocean breezes.
                                                   Let this captivating, effervescent fragrance surround you,
                                                   taking you far away...to another side of paradise.
                                                   Engergetic. Open. Vibrant.
                                                              50ml Eau de Parfum Spray               $135.00
                                                              100ml Eau de Parfum Spray              $195.00

      Professional Makeup Traveller
      Set Contains:
          • Tender Blush - Nude Rose
          • Pure Colour Eyeshadow - Rose Confetti,
            Berry Ice, Cinnamon, Midnight, Ivory Box,
            Smokey, Berry Truffle, Rose Tea, Sweet Lychee
          • Set of 3 makeup brushes
          • Large Magnetic Bi-fold Wallet
      Value $180.00

                                        Get your Bonus at Clinique,
                                        free* with the purchase of two or
                                        more Clinique products (excluding accessories)
                                        *Quantities are limited. One Bonus to a customer, please, per event. While supplies last.
                                               • Rinse-Off Foaming Cleanser 30ml
                                               • Superdefense Triple Action Moisturiser SPF25 Dry Combination 15ml
                                               • 7-Day Scrub Cream Rinse-Off Formula 30ml
                                               • Turnaround Concentrate Visible Skin Renewer 7ml
                                               • NEW All about Eyes Rich 7ml
                                               • NEW Full Potential Lips in Play-Full Plump
                                               • Long Last Lipstick in Blushing Nude
                                               • Cosmetics Travel Bag

                                       Offer valid from Wednesday 14th November to Sunday 2nd December

order toll free on 0800      801 129                                                                                                5
        Mediterranean Set
             • EDP Spray 50ml
             • Body Lotion 100ml
             • EDP replica 4ml

                                                                  Ceramide Gold Ultra Restorative
                                                                  Capsules Set
                                                                      • Ceramide Gold Ultra Restorative Capsules (60)
                                                                      • Ceramide Plump Perfect Moisture Cream SPF30 30ml
                                                                      • Ceramide Purifying Cream Cleanser 50ml
                                                                      • Ceramide Plump Perfect Eye Moisture Cream SPF15 7ml
                                                                  Value $269.00

    Fragrance Coffret
      • Mediterranean EDP Spray 10ml
      • Red Door EDT Spray 10ml
      • 5th avenue after five EDP Spray 10ml
      • Provocative Woman EDP Spray 10ml

                                       Prevage anti-aging treatment set
                                              • Prevage anti-aging treatment 50ml
                                              • Prevage anti-aging treatment Replica 5ml
                                              • Prevage Eye anti-aging moisturizing treatment 5ml
                                       Value $352.00

6                                                        Wishing you a very Merry Christmas from Arthur Barnett
Xmas Giftset - Gold Glamour               Donna Karan Fragrance                        FREE
Set Includes:                              DK Gold 30ml EDT            $90.00         Donna Karan
    • 50ml EDT                             DK Gold 50ml EDT            $120.00     Pendant with every
    • 100ml Body Lotion                                                             50ml/100ml EDT
                                           DK Gold 100ml EDT           $160.00
Value $187.00                                                                         or 50ml EDP
                                           DK Gold 50ml EDP            $140.00
                                           DK Gold Body Lotion 150ml   $100.00

                                                                                   Opium 30ml Set
       Oscar 30ml Set                                                                  • Eau de Toilette 30ml
           • Eau de Toilette 30ml                                                      • Body Lotion 75ml
           • Body Lotion 50ml                                                      Value $149.00
           • Shower Gel 50ml                                                       $99.00
           • Parfum 4ml
       Value $219.00

  Paris 30ml Set
       • Eau de Toilette 30ml
       • Body Lotion 75ml
  Value $109.00

                                                                                 L’Homme 60ml Set
                                                                                   • Eau de Toilette 60ml
                                                                                   • Deodorant Stick
                                                                                 Value $147.00

order toll free on 0800         801 129                                                                  7
Attitude                           Diesel Femme                          Antidote
EDT 75ml                           EDT 30ml                              EDT 75ml
Aftershave Lotion 75ml             Shower Gel 50ml                       Aftershave Blam 100ml
$145.00                            Body Lotion 50ml                      Minature Fragrance
                                   $89.00                                $175.00

Code Women                        Diesel Homme                           Flowerbomb
EDP 30ml                          EDT 75ml                               EDP 50ml
Body Lotion 50ml x 2pcs           Shower Gel 50ml                        Body Lotion 200ml
                                  After Shave Balm 50ml                  Shower Gel 200ml
                                  $129.00                                $250.00

                                                                                Miracle Forever 30ml
                             Hydra Zen NeuroCalm™                                   • Miracle Forever EDP 30ml
                                                                                    • Miracle Forever Body Lotion 50ml
                                 • Hydra Zen NeuroCalm™ 50ml                        • Miracle Forever Shower Gel 50ml
                                 • Hydra Zen NeuroCalm™ Nuit 15ml
                                 • Hydra Zen NeuroCalm™ Yeux 5ml                $105.00
                                 • Tonique Confort 50ml

                          Trésor 50ml
                            • Trésor EDP 50ml
                            • Trésor Body Lotion 50ml                     Lancôme
                            • Trésor Shower Gel 50ml                      Men Age Fight Coffret
                          $135.00                                             • Age Fight Anti-Age Perfecting Fluid 50ml,
                                                                              • High Definition Shaving Foam 50ml,
                                                                              • Exfoliating Microdermabrasion 30ml,
                                                                              • Age Fight Anti-Age Eye Perfecting Gel 5ml

     8                                          Wishing you a very Merry Christmas from Arthur Barnett
                                                                                            • Eau de Parfum Spray 30ml
                                                                                            • Perfumed Body Lotion 50ml

                                                                 Little Luxuries
                                                                   • Jadore EDP 5ml
                                                                   • Miss Dior Cherie EDP 5ml
                                                                   • Pure Poison EDP 5ml
                                                                   • Dior Addict 2 EDT 5ml

        A S T O R Y O F W AT E R , S P I C E S A N D W O O D …

                     The new fragrance

                                                                         More glamorous than ever,
                                                                         “CLASSIQUE” gets all dressed
                                                                         up like a star with style inspired
                                                                         by Jean Paul Gaultier’s
                                                                         couture fashion.
                                                                         Exclusive to Arthur Barnett
                                                                         EDT 100ml
                                                                         Limited Edition

                                                                                      EDT 75ml and                        EDT 75ml and
                                                                                      Deodorant 75gm                      Deodorant 75gm
                                                                                      Gift Set                            Gift Set
                                                                                      $132.00                             128.00

     EDT 75ml   $105.00             EDT 125ml     $149.00

order toll free on 0800      801 129                                                                                            9
                                                                                           Moisture Maximisers
                                                                                              • Multi Active Day Cream 50ml
                                                                                              • Multi Active Night Cream 15ml
                                                                                              • Water comfort One Step
                                                                                                Cleanser 50ml

                                                 Lovelier Lips
                                                    • Colour Quench Lip Balm x2
                                                    • Gloss Appeal Lip Gloss x2

Head to Toe Heaven
 •   Hand Nail Treatment Cream 100ml
                                                                                           ClarinsMen Essential
 •   Moisture Rich Body Lotion 200ml                                                       Smoothers
 •   Water Comfort One Step Cleanser 100ml                                                    • Moisture Balm 50ml
 •   Moisture Quenching Hydra-Care Cream15ml                                                  • Active Face Wash Foaming
 •   Beauty Flash Balm 15ml                                                                     Gel 125ml
 •   Smoothing Body Scrub 75ml                                                                • Smooth Shave 50ml
                             $130.00                                                          • Total Shampoo 30ml
                                                                                              • Skin Difference 2 x 3ml

                                                   The Skincare
                                                   Christmas Set
                                                   Day Moisture Protection with trial
                                                   sizes of Extra Gentle Cleansing Foam,
                                                   Hydro-Nourishing Softener and
                                                   Night Moisture Recovery.

                                                   Christmas Set
                                                   Advanced Super Revitaliser with trial
                                                   sizes of Super Lifting Formula, Super
                                                   Refining Essence and
                                                   Super Eye Contour Cream.

      Eau de Parfum 30ml            $69.00         Christmas Set
                                                   Daytime Protective Emulsion N with trial
      Eau de Parfum 50ml            $115.00        sizes of Creamy Cleansing Foam,
      Eau de Parfum 100ml           $149.00        Enriched Balancing Softener and
                                                   Pure Retinol Eye Mask.
      Bath & Body gel               $49.00
      Body Lotion                   $59.00

 10                                            Wishing you a very Merry Christmas from Arthur Barnett
Revlon Flair Flirty Five
Revlon Flair Flirty Five gift set contains
50ml Flair fragrance, 250ml Body
Lotion, 60g Body Spray, Revlon Super
Lustrous Lipgloss and Revlon Classic
Nail Enamel
Value $106.00
                                             Revlon Love is in the
                                             Air Triple Treat
                                             Revlon Love is in the Air Triple Treat
                                             gift set contains 50ml Love is in the Air
                                             fragrance, 250ml Body Lotion and 60g
                                             Body Spray
                                             Value $69.00

 Fire & Ice Flirty Five
 Revlon Fire & Ice Flirty Five gift set
 contains 50ml Fire & Ice fragrance,
 250ml Body Lotion, 60g Body
 Spray,Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss
 and Revlon Classic Nail Enamel
 Value $126.00

                                                   Super Lustrous
                                                   Lipgloss Set
                                                   Value over $50.00

My Wish–Firmer Skin
• Ultra R4 Restorative Cream 50g
• Ultra R4 Eye Repair Cream 15g
• Ultra R4 Regenerative Night Cream 50g
• Ultra R4 Rejuvenation Serum 30g
• Facial Polishing Gel 150g
Value over $389.00

 My Wish–Lineless Skin
 • LSC S8 Eye Recovery Complex 15g
 • LSC S8 Triplex-Action Defence 30mL
 • LSC High Potency Treatment Mask
 • LSC S8 Super Hydrator 3mL
 • Facial Polishing Gel 150g
 Value over $260.00

                                                                                         Room Spray          $26.00   Pillar Candle         $37.00
                                                                                         Environmental Oil   $20.00   Stick Diffuser        $46.00
                                                                                         Light Bulb Ring     $33.00   Orange Hand Therapy   $43.00
                                                                                         Candles from        $37.00   Orange Hand Wash      $29.90

order toll free on 0800             801 129                                                                                                    11
Purchase $60 or                                                                  Holiday Set
more from the                                                                    • Lipstick-Riverstone                 • Face Colour Palette - Golden Beige
                                                                                 • Lipsheen-Melon                      • Face Colour Palette - Pure Pearl
Model Co tanning                                                                 • Blusher-Golden Copper               • Eyeshadow Wand
range to                                                                         • Eyeshading Pencil– Dark Brown       • Blusher Brush
receive a FREE                                                                                             Value $115.00
Model Co Towel                                                                                             $59.00 SAVE $56.00

                                                                              Each carefully blended scent in the fragrant journey collection takes you on an
                                                                              exotic journey to our favourite travel destinations from around the world. They
                                                                              conjure up images of hot, humid days spent wandering through the temples
                                                                              of Thailand and Bali, or the fragrant filled bazaars of India and Turkey. Capture
                                                                              the scent of fragrant blossoms from a Tahitian village garden or the delicate
                                                                              scent of a ceremonial tea ceremony in a remote Japanese Village.
                                            AND ECHINACEA                         Available in 4 fragrant destinations….

                FIG LICORICE
                                                                                                                                              Tahitian Gardenia

                                                                               Body Cream
                Indulgence Giftboxes                                           Eau de Parfum (roll on)                                        Persian Jasmeen
 Available in both Passionfruit and Echinacea and Fig Licorice.                $25.00
     These festive, visual gift boxes contain indulgent treats for the         Hand & Body Lotion
        body and soul - Linden Leaves herbalist hand and nail                  $16.50
          treatment and Linden Leaves bathtime room spray.                                                                                        White Kimono
                                                                               Soap Set
          A fabulous gift set, ideal for all ages and skin types.              $28.50
                                                                               Eau de Parfum (60ml)
                                                                               $52.00                                                                Saffron Sati

12                                                                       Wishing you a very Merry Christmas from Arthur Barnett
                                                                                                                    Bathrobe Giftset
                                                                                                                    3x Andrew Collinge haircare
                                                                                                                    products and embroidered
                                                                                                                    waffle bathrobe.
                  Sweet Little Cupcakes                                                                             Valued at $100.00
   Available in Strawberry Shortcake, Cookie Mint and Vanilla Buttercream.                                          $55.00
                              $8.00 each

                                                                                        Slipper Giftset
                                                                             2x Andrew Collinge haircare products
                                                                                       and embroidered slippers.
                                                                                            valued at $45.00
       Naturals Range Mini Diffusers 35ml
  Let the sweet smells of Lavender & Neroli, Rosemary, Tea Tree & Lavender
            or Orange & Jasmine blossom into your environment.

          French Manicare Glamour Set
          valued at over $41.00

   Nails Essentials Kit                       6 piece brush set
   Valued at over $48.00                      Valued at over $45.00
   $29.99                                     $19.95

order toll free on 0800        801 129                                                                                                        13
                                                   Belladonna in
                                                   Gold and Sand
                                                   Sizes: S-XL

                                                         Buy a set of Elle MacPherson lingerie
                                                           before the end of November and
                                                              go into the draw to WIN a
                                                          $150.00 Body Synergy gift voucher.
                                                                     Conditions apply

                     Underwire Bra
                    Sizes: 10B-14C, 10D-16D,
                        8DD - 16DD, 8E - 14E

                                   Sizes S-XL
                             Also available in:

                        Contour Bra
                 Sizes: 10A - 14D, 10DD-12DD

 FREE gift box                 G-String
                                   Sizes S-XL
for purchases
  over $150

14                                           Wishing you a very Merry Christmas from Arthur Barnett
              Ambitious in Black
              Underwire Bra
              Sizes: 10D-18F, 10G - 16G

              Sizes: S-XL
              Also available in

              Sizes: S-XL

              Due early December
              – advance orders welcome

            FREE gift box
           for purchases
             over $150

order toll free on 0800     801 129       15
           yours FREE
         you purchase
         a matching set
          of Chantelle
           While stocks last.

Chantilly in Passion Red                                                       EXCLUSIVE TO ARTHUR BARNETT
                                                                                                 in Dunedin
     Underwire Bra                          G-String
      Sizes: 12B-14B,10C-14C,               Sizes S -XL   $110.00
             12D-16D, 10DD-14DD   $190.00

 16                                               Wishing you a very Merry Christmas from Arthur Barnett
                                                                                      Purchase a
       Daring Temptation                     Miss Candy                                  set of
       Colour Shown: Pink/Dark Combination   Colour Shown: Pink Combination           Miss Triumph
                                             Available also in: Violet Combination        and
       Balconette Bra                                                                  receive a
       Sizes: 10A - 14D
                                             Contour Bra                             FREE Lip Gloss
       $42.95                                Sizes: 10A - 14B, 10C-16C               - while stocks last.
       Hipster Brief
       Sizes: 10-14
                                             Mini Brief
       $22.95                                Sizes: 10-16
       Also available in:                    $18.95
       G-String                              Also available in
       Sizes: 10-14
       $14.95                                Sizes: 10-14
       Chemise                                                                        FREE gift box
       Sizes 10-16                                                                   for purchases
       $59.95                                                                          over $150

order toll free on 0800     801 129                                                                     17
                                          Ladder Robe
                                          in Aqua/Blue
                                          also available in Optic White
                                          Sizes S/M and L/XL

                                                             Hollywood Robe
                                                                    in Apple
                                                                          Sizes: S-XL

                                         FREE gift box
                                        for purchases
                                          over $150

Chevron Robe                         Hampton                                     Wellsoft Robe
A shawl collar velour robe with a    Kimono style terry robe with                Light weight, super soft, full
striped chevron design.              navy/white band.                            length unisex robe.
Available in Bordeaux and Airforce   Available in White,                         Available in Smoke*,
                                     Navy and Camel                              Navy*, Optic White*,
Sizes: S, M, L, XL                                                               Delphinium, Raspberry
                                     Sizes: S, M, L, XL
$179.00                                                                          and Cocoa
                                     $119.00                                     Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL
                                                                                 *also available in XXL


18                                                         Wishing you a very Merry Christmas from Arthur Barnett
                                    in Salmon
                                    Also Available
                                    in Aqua

    Sizes: XS- XL
    $95.00                                                       Columbine Socks
                                                                 One Size Fits all
    Wrap Robe                                                    $7.99
    Sizes: XS-XL

Arthur Barnett Mens Gift Ideas!

                                                     2 pack hanky set $8.95
                                                     Cuff links       from $39.95

                                                                      Sponge bag and
                                                                      Manicure set
                                                                      Razor and Manicure set
                                                                      Manicure set

order toll free on 0800   801 129                                                              19
Cotton Classic
Timeless colours, styling and comfort.
Cotton Classics embodies the essence
of masculine style.
Available in White, Grey Marle,
Cement, Black and Gravel
Sizes: S-XL

                                                    T/Shirts 2 for $99.00

20                                       Wishing you a very Merry Christmas from Arthur Barnett
                                                                                                                   Satch is a range of full leather bags,
                                                                                                                   contemporary designs make this range
                                            Konev Leather Limited is a
                                                                                                                   extremely user friendly for work or play.
                                            New Zealand manufacturer
                                            of high quality leather Bags.      Unisex styles also provide an ideal gift solution.
 They focus on quality workmanship and using the best New Zealand Deerskin
 and Hide which is amongst the finest in the world. Their success comes from                                Sling Bag
 an attention to detail and a dedication to manufacturing original designs.                                This is an extremely popular
                                                                                                           style with a long adjustable strap to
                                                                                                           provide a hands free option to carry
                                                                                                           around all the necessities.

 Mens overnight bag                                                                                        Toilet Bag
 $479.95                                                                                                   A great value leather toilet bag with
                                                                                                           plenty of room, one large main
                                                                                                           section and one end pocket.
                                                                              Laptop Bag
                                                                              This unique laptop satchel has a new
                                                                              magnetic opening to do away with
            Ladies Embossed                                                   annoying flapovers. You can simply remove
            overnight bag                                                     your laptop with out even having to take it
            $499.95                                                           off your shoulder extremely user friendly.
                                                                              Perfect when you have to take your laptop
                                                                              out at Airport Security Checks.

                                                                              Deluxe Business Bag
                                                                              Cabin sized combined laptop and overnight
                                                                              bag makes short haul business travel a breeze.
 Xlarge briefcase                                                             Enough room for the laptop, cellphone, paper-
 $419.95                                                                      work, a change of clothes and toilet bag. No
                                                                              need to wait at baggage claim!!

     Figaro Hand Bag
     Colour Burgundy

     Figaro Hand Bag
     Colour Burgundy

                                 Tosca Handbag
                                 Colour Black

                                 Tosca                                                 Willow Tree is an intimate personal line of hand-carved
                                                                                       sculptures. Each represents a quality or sentiment that helps us
                                 Handbag                                               feel close to others, heal wounds, or treasure relationships to
                                 Colour Black                                          living things. Expression is revealed through gestures only... a
                                 $139.90                                               tilt of the head, placement of the hands, a turn of the body.
                                                                                       Each piece is cast from the original carving, and then painted
                                                                                       by hand. The hope is that the simplicity of these figurines will
                                                                                       communicate peace and serenity to you and those you love.
                                 Tosca Handbag
                                 Colour Black                                          Priced From
                                 $209.90                                               $33.00 – $71.00

order toll free on 0800       801 129                                                                                                                  21
                                 Wine Glass

       Boxed set 4

               Hi Ball

                           Champagne Trumpet

Double O.F

                                                      Cashmere Zest Mugs
                                                      Bone China
                                                      Red Black & Silver
                                                      2 styles Coast & Wave
                                                      $9.95 each

                                                      Creme de Creme
                                                      16pc Rimmed Dinnerset
                                                      Consists of:
                                                         • Rim Dinner plate
                                                         • Soup bowl
                                                         • Side plate
                                                         • Conical Mug
                                                      Valued at $99.95

       York                                                                12 Days of Christmas
                                                                                  20pc Dinnerset   $99.95
       18pc Dining Set
       Consists of:                                                                        Mug      $6.95
          • 6 Rim Dinner
          • 6 Rim Side
          • 6 Rim Bowl
       Valued at $99.95
                                                                  56pc Cutlery set
                                                                  18/0 Stainless Steel

     22                              Wishing you a very Merry Christmas from Arthur Barnett
           Corn Zipper
           Happy Face
                                    Crosley 4 Band
                                    Radio CD Player
Paring Knife Premium                $350.00
                                    Crosley Record

                                    Crosley Super Bomber
                                    Am/Fm Radio

Chefs Knife

                                                                     Crosley Retro Phone

                                     Whenever you are eating outside you can make your table look
  Jamie Oliver                       funky with this fabulous Jamie Oliver Outdoors Range. It comes
  Flavour                                 in 3 great colours which really complement the food.
                                                 Mix and match to create your own style.

      Chef n Cheese

  Silicon Moulds

                                                Priced from $16.00 – $60.00
                                                Stock available from 15 November onwards

order toll free on 0800   801 129                                                                     23

                                                                              Experience the wonderful healing properties of New Zealand’s UMF® Manuka
                                                                              Honey through this range of luxurious skin care products.
                                                                              Perfect to treat your friends and family overseas.
 Born in the pristine mountain wilderness of New Zealand’s majestic
Southern Alps, 100% pure mokopuna merinoTM creates the softest and
                                                                              Body Lotion        $17.50
finest clothing range for newborn to three years. The mokopuna range
                                                                              Hand Cream         $14.95
    consists of layette essentials and easy mix & match styles in
 their own classic and contemporary colours, packaged in a unique             Shower Gel         $17.95
   gift box – mokopuna is the perfect gift for little ones near or far.       Lip Balm           $9.95
  mokopuna’s summer range echoes a new day’s first bursts of sun               Cleansing Bar      $9.95
 with their fresh new sunburst stripe (pictured). New to the range this       Face Moisturiser   $19.95
        summer are bloomers – great for summer baby wear.
      The amazing merino fires breathe, preventing overheating
             and keeping your child dry and comfortable.
                          Perfect for summer!

                                                                                                                                           Made in
                                                                                                                                         New Zealand

                                                                              Spend $40.00 and receive
                                                                                this FREE Lip Balm and
                                                                                      Kiri Gift Bag

                                                                                Fantastic Stocking Fillers!
                                                                                Bonds Underwear Sets for Kids.
                                                                                Boys Action Brief 4 pack 6 – 12 yrs

                                                                                Girls Falling Star Racer Singlets 8 – 14yrs
                                                                                Girls 3 pack Knickers 8 – 14yrs

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