; Beneficiary Assignment of Deed of Trust (Mortgage)
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Beneficiary Assignment of Deed of Trust (Mortgage)


The holder of a deed of trust or mortgage makes an assignment of same to a designated beneficiary(ies) to take affect upon the holder's death

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									After recording please return to: (Name and Address)

                                     (Above space reserved for Recorder of Deeds)
                              BENEFICIARY ASSIGNMENT OF
                              DEED OF TRUST (MORTGAGE)
                            (Pursuant to Section ____ , State of ________ )

       This Beneficiary Assignment of Deed of Trust (Mortgage), is made and entered into this
___ day of ______, 20__, by and between L.G., a single person, GRANTOR, and R.G.,
       That Grantor does by these presents GRANT, CONVEY AND ASSIGN unto Grantee all
of Grantor's right, title and interest in that certain Deed of Trust (Mortgage) dated _______,
20__, and recorded in Book ____, at Page ____, of the Deed Records of ________ County, State
of ________. The real estate secured by the said Deed of Trust is legally described as follows:
                             Full Legal Description of Real Estate
       This Beneficiary Assignment of Deed of Trust (Mortgage) is executed pursuant to Section
______ of the Statutes of the State of _________. It is not effective to convey any interest in the
promissory note or title to the above-described real estate until Grantor has become deceased.
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