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									LESSON THREE: Does This Belong to You?

Students use apostrophes in irregular and plural possessives.

 W2C In composing text, use apostrophe in irregular and plural possessives

 Sources of literature
   o None

    Supplies
     o Grammar books
     o Butcher paper or poster board
     o Magazines
     o Magic markers

    Handouts provided
     o City Planner
     o Formative Assessment for Lesson Three

    Words to know
     o None

Students create a poster or collage labeling the items with plural or irregular possessive nouns and complete a paper
and pencil quiz on possessive nouns.


1.   The title of this lesson is, “Does This Belong to You?” How do you answer that question? In order to show
     ownership of an item, you must use a possessive noun or pronoun (e.g., my shoes, John‟s ball, the children‟s
     toys, etc). We will focus on plural and irregular possessives.

        Questions     What is a possessive noun?
           for        What is a plural possessive?
        Students      What is an irregular possessive?

        Strategy      If students are not familiar with the rules of possessive nouns, review these rules using
                      the classroom grammar book and/or worksheet.

2.   Students brainstorm to create a word wall of plural nouns. Review the possessive rules. Students take turns
     coming up to the wall to change one of the nouns to possessive form by adding an apostrophe correctly to each
     word. When all the words have been punctuated correctly, students work with a partner to write correctly
     punctuated sentences using 10 of the words.

        Questions     How do you know where to put an apostrophe in a word?
           for        When do you use „s and when do you only add the apostrophe?

           Idea      If students are having difficulty with appropriate plural nouns, suggest words such as
                     churches, women, ducks, workmen, cousins, foxes, oxen, geese, mice, ladies, etc.

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3.   Students or cooperative learning groups are given magazine articles to cut out 10 objects to paste on poster
     board or butcher paper. If computers are available, this may be done using clip art. Students label each item
     using a plural or irregular possessive noun. Each student will individually complete the possessive worksheet
     consisting of open and closed constructed response items.

         Questions      What kinds of items did you select for your poster?
            for         Are all of your possessive nouns plural or irregular?
         Students       Did each member of your group (if using cooperative groups) select at least two
                        pictures and write the labels for those pictures?

         Strategy     If students are having difficulty understanding the possessive rules, they should
                      complete the exercises in their grammar book for further practice and review before
                      completing the formative assessment.

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