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User Generated Video 2006 - 2007: Mania and Myth
Description: UGV shot into prominence in 2006 with new sources of content, a unique distribution stage and pent up viewer demand for content that formally resided on the edge of the counter culture experience, but became a pop culture phenomenon. But meteoric broadband successes can cut both ways, and the market is showing clear signs of maturation. This report offers detailed usage, trending data and audience analysis for UGV sites including Yahoo Video, Ebaumsworld, YouTube, MySpace, Guba, Grouper, Sharkle, Break.com, Revver.com, Google Video, Metacafe, Clipshack, ManiaTV!, Heavy.com and others. Top line report findings and analysis: -An in-depth library analysis of top UGV sites, based on the month files were uploaded and the number of cumulative views -Sites included in the UGV library analysis are YouTube, MySpace, LiveDigital, Revver, Yahoo Video, Metacafe -The author is currently forecasting a total of 30.9 billion views for 2006, and 50+% growth in '07 -Youtube and MySpace combine to capture an estimated 64.4% of the market in 2006, with Metacafe at 13.6%, Break.com at 9.7% and StupidVideos at 2.9% -There is substantial file duplication taking place on UGV sites, with not only exact files being posted by different users, but exact files posted in different content categories by the same uploader -There has been rapid maturation in UGV content categories, based on a month-by-month and category by category analysis of UGV libraries including YouTube, MySpace, Revver.com, LiveDigital, Yahoo Video and Metacafe -The market is highly competitive and good content is scarce


EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The UGV market went vertical in 2006 MySpace and YouTube capture a combined 64% of views in '06 UGV Viewing Share: 2006 UGV Year-Over-Year View Growth Comparison and Forecast: 2005 - 2007 UGV sites have unique business and publishing models There isn't one user or creator of UGV A transformation six years in the making INTRODUCTION TO UGV Development Trends, Market Size and Forecasts Views and market visibility went vertical in 2006 UGV Growth in 2006 UGV Year-Over-Year View Comparison: 2005 vs. 2006 User Generated Video: 2005 Views UGV Growth In 2007 UGV Year-Over-Year View Growth Comparison and Forecast: 2005 - 2007 MySpace and YouTube capture a combined 64% of views in '06 User Generated Video: 2006 Views and 2007 Market Growth Forecasts UGV Viewing Share: 2006 UGV sites have unique business and publishing models There isn't one user or creator of UGV Six years of increasing broadband penetration finally create a genre "hit" One way video becomes a linked in, linked to and multi-way experience UGV is many things, but is it greater than the sum of its parts? UGV is new, and so is the creative community's engagement New leaders getting the attention of old leaders UGV: Have a good idea? Place your bets on yourself Let me touch your brand How big is the transformation?

Is user generated video a fad? International audiences: Generating content and views, but hard to monetize SECTION ONE Break.com, ClipShack and Ebaumsworld Break.com: Short, Funny Video and an Incentive-Driven Upload Model Video programming Break.com Usage Metrics: 2005 and 2006 Clipshack/Reality Digital: The Front End of Reality Digital's UGV Capture and Management Platform Video programming Usage Metrics Ebaumsworld.com: Extreme, Outrageous, Hilarious and Incentive-Based Video programming Ebaumsworld.com Usage Metrics: 2006 SECTION TWO Google, Grouper and Guba Google Video: It's About Search and Discovery, Plus Linking Affiliated Sites with Advertisers Video Programming Google: Video Usage 2005 and 2006 Grouper.com: A Global Audition and Product Review Platform Video programming Grouper.com Usage Metrics: 2006 Guba.com Video programming Guba.com Usage Metrics: 2006 SECTION THREE Heavy.com, Maniatv, Sharkle.com Heavy.com: Thrills, Spills and Babes Video Programming Heavy.com Usage Metrics: 200658 Mania Tv!: 24/7 Site Produced And User Created Video Channels Video programming Mania TV!: Streams Served/Hours Viewed 2005 - 2006 Usage Metrics Sharkle/Vitrue: User Generated Content And Advertising Combine To Create Social Networked Marketing Video programming Sharkle Usage Metrics: 2006 SECTION FOUR Livedigital/Oversee.Net: Personality Brands and Personalized Channels Video Programming Usage Metrics Livedigital Category Ranking Livedigital Category Share: % Total Views Oct. 2005 - July 2006 Livedigital.com Content Category Analysis The Top Three Categories on Livedigital Make Up 52% of Total Viewing Share Live Digital Content Category Share Livedigital Content Category Share: Oct. '05 - Sept. '06 Historical Average Views per Month Hold Stable Through September, but 3rd Q. Trends Continue Downward Livedigital Monthly Upload and View Trends Livedigital Monthly View Trend Analysis: Oct. '05 - Sept. 06 Livedigital Upload and View Ratio Uploads Increase on Livedigital, Views per Upload Decline in '06 Livedigital Upload and View Ratio Analysis: Oct. '05 - Sept. '06 The Top 500 Clips on Livedigital Account for 28% of Total Views through September 2006 Livedigital Top 500 Clips: All Time SECTION FIVE Metacafe: User Review, Installed Client Base Combine to Create a Deep UGV Library that

Generates Views Video Programming Usage Metrics Metacafe: Total Views June - August 2006 Metacafe: Total Views and Client Downloads: June - August 2006 Metacafe Usage Metrics: August 2006 Library and Client Application Metacafe: Total Video Clips Published July 2004 - July 2006 Metacafe Total Views: Data Capture Run August 11 - 12 2006 Metacafe Total Video Views: July 2004 - July 2006 Metacafe Library Daily Usage Comparison: Top 500 Clips '04 - '06 SECTION SIX Revver.com, Stupidvideos Revver.com: A Boutique Petry Dish For Advertainment And Creative Exposure Video Programming Usage Metrics Upload Activity Has Increased Dramatically Library Views By Month Also Exhibit A Similar Growth Pattern In '06 Revver.com: File to Views Analysis Revver.Com: Files Uploaded Trending Pattern: Sept. '05 - July '06 Revver.Com Library Views by Month: Sept. '05 - July '06 Revver.com: Unique User Analysis High Number of Seldom Viewed Clips Revver.com: The Top 500 Videos December 2005 - August 2006 Stupidvideos.com Video Programming Usage Metrics Stupidvideos.com: 2003 - 2006 User Metrics SECTION SEVEN Yahoo Video (Video.Yahoo.com): A Hybrid Hosted and Linked to Best of UGV Environment Video Programming Yahoo Content Category and Channel Linking Analysis Yahoo UGV Content Stream Origination: 2006 Posters are Actually Yahoo Video "Channels" Usage Metrics Yahoo Content Category and Channel Linking Analysis Yahoo Video UGV Summary and Totals Yahoo UGV Channel Usage Analysis Yahoo Video Experiences Some Seasonality Yahoo Video Monthly Catalog Analysis Yahoo Video Monthly Catalog Usage Analysis: May-October '06 Animals, Humor Popular Categories on Yahoo Video Yahoo Content Category Share Analysis Yahoo Video Content Category Share: 2006 Long-Form Episodic Files Boost Average Clip Length Yahoo Video: The Top 500 Viewed Clips Yahoo Video Q & A SECTION EIGHT YouTube: A Large UGV Library, Industry Buzz, A Major Media Owner, but Still the Most Unpredictable Entertainment Experience and Viewing Trends Video Programming Early Visibility YouTube' Polar Ends: Immediate Adulation or Internet Obscurity? UGV Discovery: Browsing for Gems Valuation Based on Usage Metrics Yields a Rich Multiple What Inventory Might be Worth in a Pre-Roll Advertising Environment Google Buys A Brand and Market Share Usage Metrics The Deeper into Library, the Fewer the Views YouTube Usage Profile: 58,200 Total Clip Data Harvest all Categories YouTube Category Share Analysis

YouTube Content View Analysis: Sept. '05 - Sept. 06 Establishing a Monthly Average Clip View Benchmark The Top 100 YouTube Videos: 105 Million Views in June '06 Large Library, A Potentially Uneven Entertainment Experience YouTube Video Library Upload Flow: 8/31/06 - 9/7/06 Over 411,000 Video Clips Added The First Week In September 2006 YouTube Views Go Vertical When People Talk About the Clip Ratings Surprise: Highly Rated Content Under Performs on YouTube UGV: Viral Video, Blogs And People Watching People YouTube Videos By Category (Top 100 Videos In Each Category) Top 1,215 Videos Generate An Average Of 188,360 Views In September 2006 YouTube: Top Video Clip Views By Category Comedy The Top Content Category On, Followed by People, Sports and Entertainment YouTube Content Category Viewing Share: Data Run 9/7/06 taken from 4,800 Clip Sample/Category YouTube Usage Profile: 58,200 Total Clip Data Harvest All Categories Category Performance: 4,800 Clips/Category YouTube Top Videos: All Time YouTube Top Videos By Group Dramatic Drop-Off In Views Going Deeper Into the Library for Most Content Categories YouTube Top Views Comparison Analysis Of 228,870 Video Clips Shows Comedy Remains the Top Category, Followed by Entertainment, Music and Arts YouTube Category Share Analysis YouTube Content Category Clips: Average Views Based on 228,870 File Sample Sept. '05 - Sept. '06 YouTube Content Category Share: 228,870 File Analysis Each YouTube Content Category Shows Some Signs Category-Specific Seasonality and the Effects of Competition and/or Maturation Comedy YouTube Comedy Category Analysis YouTube Comedy Category Analysis: Sept. '05 - Sept. '06 Entertainment YouTube Entertainment Category Analysis YouTube Entertainment Category Analysis: Sept. '05 - Sept. '06 Music YouTube Music Category Analysis YouTube Music Category Analysis: Sept. '05 - Sept. '06 Arts YouTube Arts Category Analysis YouTube Arts Category Analysis: Sept. '05 - Sept. '06 People YouTube People Category Analysis YouTube People Category Analysis: Sept. '05 - Sept. '06 Sports YouTube Sports Category Analysis YouTube Sports Category Analysis: Sept. '05 - Sept. '06 Video Games YouTube Video Games Category Analysis YouTube Video Games Category Analysis: Sept. '05 - Sept. '06 News/Blogs YouTube News/Blogs Category Analysis YouTube News/Blogs Category Analysis: Sept. '05 - Sept. '06 Science YouTube Science Category Analysis YouTube Science Category Analysis: Sept. '05 - Sept. '06 Autos YouTube Autos Category Analysis YouTube Autos Category Analysis: Sept. '05 - Sept. '06 Pets YouTube Pets Category Analysis YouTube Pets Category Analysis: Sept. '05 - Sept. '06 Travel

YouTube Travel Category Analysis YouTube Travel Category Analysis: Sept. '05 - Sept. '06 Global Audience Ramps Up, Average Views Trends Down YouTube Worldwide Unique Users And Views Views per Unique World User Per Month The Following Comments Were Made By YouTube CEO And Co-Founder Chad Hurley at Digital Hollywood, August 15 2006 During a Panel Discussion called The Next Level of Consumer Entertainment Experience Our Addenda on YouTube YouTube Most Viewed Videos by Time (All Time, This Week, This Month, This Day) SECTION NINE MySpace.com: UGV, Professional And Semi-Professional Video Nested Inside A Social Community And Networking Environment Video Programming File Duplication Abounds Semi-Professional and Professional Content MySpace Professional and Semi-Professional Content Analysis: 2006/2007 Usage Metrics MySpace UGV Content Category Analysis 2006/2007 MySpace Average Views per Content Category MySpace File Usage Analysis: Category Files and Views MySpace On Track to Deliver and Average About 1.5 Billion Views per Month in 4th Q 2006 and into 2007 MySpace UGV Content Category Analysis 2006/2007 MySpace Content Category Analysis: Seasonality Declines Noted Across Library Animals MySpace Category Analysis: Animals Jan. '06 - Oct. '06 Animals Animation Animation/CGI MySpace Category Analysis: Animation/CGI Jan. '06 - Oct. '06 Automotive Automotive MySpace Category Analysis: Automotive Jan. '06 - Oct. '06 Comedy Comedy MySpace Category Analysis: Comedy Jan. '06 - Oct. '06 Entertainment Entertainment MySpace Category Analysis: Entertainment Jan. '06 - Oct. '06 Extreme Extreme MySpace Category Analysis: Extreme Jan. '06 - Oct. '06 Instructional Instructional MySpace Category Analysis: Instructional Jan. '06 - Oct. '06 Music Music MySpace Category Analysis: Music Jan. '06 - Oct. '06 News News MySpace Category Analysis: News Jan. '06 - Oct. '06 Schools/Ed Schools/Ed MySpace Category Analysis: Schools/Ed Jan. '06 - Oct. '06 Science Science MySpace Category Analysis: Science Jan. '06 - Oct. '06 Sports Sports MySpace Category Analysis: Sports Jan. '06 - Oct. '06 Travel

Travel MySpace Category Analysis: Travel Jan. '06 - Oct. '06 Video Games Video Games MySpace Category Analysis: Video Games Jan. '06 - Oct. '06 Weird Weird MySpace Category Analysis: Weird Jan. '06 - Oct. '06 SECTION TEN Our UGV Database 2006


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