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									                                             Croydon Community Network
                                               TERMS OF REFERENCE
1.      PURPOSE
The Croydon Community Network exists to be a collective voice for communities in Croydon.
It serves as a network of networks representing communities of interest, geography and
expertise. Its members work collaboratively and strategically to improve Croydon for Croydon

The Network acts as the platform to raise the needs of communities to policy makers and
other agencies (statutory and voluntary) to improve engagement and awareness. Through
this, the Network works collectively to highlight common agendas and campaign for positive

The Croydon Community Network will do this through awareness raising, education,
campaigning, networking and participating in active decision making on a local, regional and
national level. The Croydon Community Network will also work with individual members to
support empowerment, and equip them with the skills and knowledge to advocate for
communities to bring about positive change.

2.   AIMS
Croydon Community Network will:
    Provide an environment for open discussion, learning and development amongst the
     wider community by sharing research and information
    Serve as a platform for raising issues of concern to Croydon Community Network
     members on a local, regional and national level
    Provide an opportunity for members to take an active role in influencing local decisions
     engaging in strategic and themed partnerships
    Provide a support network to facilitate the collective aims of Croydon Community
     Network members
    Support the development of and exchange of dialogue between Croydon Community
     Network members and others
    Promote partnership working between Croydon Community Network members and
     other voluntary and statutory agencies
    Gain consensus and facilitate development of campaigns on issues as collectively
     agreed by Croydon Community Network
    Provide positive opportunities for community organisations to be better aware of each
     other and work closely with others in the voluntary sector
    Enhance the understanding of different community perspectives throughout the
     borough of Croydon
    Promote and support an ongoing dialogue between Croydon Community Network
     members, associate member groups, service providers and statutory representatives
    Represent and protect the best interests of Croydon Community Network members at
     all times within the constraints and limitations of the network

Croydon Community Network will work to Community Development Values:

CVA/CCN/TOR/2008                                                                               1
        Social Justice – enabling people to claim their human rights, meet their needs and
         have greater control over the decision-making processes, which affect their lives.
        Participation – facilitating democratic involvement by people in the issues, which
         affect their lives, based on full citizenship, autonomy, and shared power, skills,
         knowledge and experience.
        Equality – challenging the attitudes of individuals, and the practices of institutions and
         society, which discriminate against and marginalise people.
        Learning – recognising the skills, knowledge and expertise that people contribute and
         develop by taking action to tackle social, economic, political and environmental
        Co-operation – working together to identify and implement action, based on mutual
         respect of diverse cultures and contributions.


4.1 Croydon Community Network Membership will:
    Comprise of members that are living and/or working in Croydon connected to a
      Croydon voluntary/community group or network/forum
    Be reflective of the diverse population in Croydon including: women; black and minority
      ethnic communities; gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender; and people with disabilities
    Reflect all sections of the formal and informal voluntary sector and communities
      including individuals and groups

4.2 Statutory sector partners (Council, Health, Police etc) participate through invitation

4.3 Croydon Community Network Elected Representatives will:
    Be elected by majority vote every two years with interim representatives co-opted
      when posts are unfilled
    Participate in the Croydon Community Network steering group while holding the
      position of Croydon Community Network representative
    Be elected to attend Partnership (PG) meetings and other committees and sub groups
      relevant to the work of the Croydon Community Network
    Provide feedback to the Network and feed Network member’s views to the Partnership
    Be offered training and support in their roles
    Be reflective of the diversity of the Network
    Sit as representatives for the Croydon Community Network on no more than two
      Partnership Groups
    Be co-opted as required onto Partnerships for specific meetings, dependent on the

4.4 Steering Group will:
    Be made up of Croydon Community Network elected representatives and Croydon
       Voluntary Action (CVA) staff.
    Guide the development and planning of the Croydon Community Network
    Be supported by CVA

The Network will aim to operate as follows:
CVA/CCN/TOR/2008                                                                                  2
5.1 Ground Rules
All members will:
     Be committed to work towards meeting the aims of the Croydon Community Network
     Be committed to the present and future development of the Croydon Community
     Endeavour to protect and act in the best interests of the Croydon Community Network
     Adhere to the community development values
     Actively promote and practice freedom of speech
     Respect difference of opinion
     Listen to one another
     Acknowledge and respect cultural difference
     Make member decisions collectively
     Be considerate towards others
     Respect confidentiality
     Respect time constraints
     Respect that no one or more individual is to dominate any meeting

   5.2 Facilitation
    Croydon Voluntary Action (CVA) will provide administrative support and facilitation for
      the Croydon Community Network
    The facilitator will ensure that all members are able to fully and equally contribute
    CVA will support the Croydon Community Network Steering Group

   5.3 Meetings
    Work to agreed ground rules
    Hold Network meetings quarterly
    Hold 6 steering group meetings a year
    Hold all Network meetings in accessible venues
    Hold meetings at venues and times democratically agreed by members
    Hold meetings that are informal, friendly and interactive

   5.4 Agenda & Notes of Meetings
    Agenda planned ahead and sent out seven (7) days prior to Network
    Agenda to address specific themes
    Agenda to be written in clear and jargon-free way
    Agenda to be circulated widely
    Members are encouraged to add agenda items with a deadline for submission
    Agenda to include sufficient comfort breaks
    Notes of key points and action agreed at meetings to be circulated to Network
      members and those in attendance within one month of Network meetings
    Feedback to be provided at each steering group and Network meeting on progress

   5.5 Communication
    To acknowledge that communication may embrace rich and diverse forms
    To establish a medium for communicating feedback, concerns or anxieties
    To explore methods to improve barriers to communication

CVA/CCN/TOR/2008                                                                               3
      To publicise the Croydon Community Network via varied mediums of communication
      To ensure absent members contributions are taken into consideration in decision
      To make use of online communication tools

Croydon Voluntary Action, 97 High Street,
Thornton Heath, Croydon, CR7 8RY
020 8684 3862

CVA/CCN/TOR/2008                                                                         4

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