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25th amendment history

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                       Chapter 12 Test
                 A. P. American Government
Multiple Choice – Choose the BEST answer (1 point each)

1. Agreements between the U.S. president and the leader of other nations that do not require
   Senate approval are known as
                 a. Foreign agreements
                 b. International agreements
                 c. Executive agreements
                 d. Treaties

2. The constitutional requirement that presidents execute laws faithfully, even if they disagree
   with the purpose of those laws, is termed
                  a. Necessary and proper clause
                  b. Faithful execution of the laws clause
                  c. Presidential clause
                  d. Take care clause

3. Growth in the federal role in domestic and economic matters has increased the power of
                  a. The president relative to that of Congress
                  b. Congress relative to that of the president
                  c. The judiciary in relationship to that of the President
                  d. The Congress in relationship to both judiciary and the president

4. In U.S. history, impeachment has been used by Congress only
                  a. Once
                  b. Twice
                  c. Three times
                  d. Six times

5. Which of the following is NOT specifically mentioned in the Constitution?
                 a. The Vice President
                 b. Impeachment
                 c. The Cabinet
                 d. All of the above
                 e. None of the above

6. The __________________ Amendment limits the president to two terms
               a. 19th Amendment
               b. 22nd Amendment
               c. 25th Amendment
               d. 27th Amendment
7. The right to keep executive communications confidential, especially if they relate to national
   security, is called
                    a. Executive agreement
                    b. Executive privilege
                    c. The inherent power
                    d. None of the above

8. Who presides over a presidential impeachment trial in the senate?
                 a. Vice President (Senate President)
                 b. Speaker of the House
                 c. Chief Justice of the Supreme Court
                 d. Attorney General

9. The budget for the administration is constructed by the
                 a. FCC
                 b. OMB
                 c. TIGTA
                 d. GAO

10. At the top of the list of what people want to know about their presidential candidates is
                    a. The candidate’s church involvement
                    b. The candidates personal finances
                    c. The candidate’s ability to connect with people
                    d. Whether or not the candidates has a reputation for honesty

11. The Supreme Court has generally
                 a. Restrained presidential power
                 b. Contributed to an expansion of presidential power
                 c. Refused to handle any case dealing with the presidency
                 d. Been a reliable restrain on presidential activity

12. Presidential succession was established with the __________ Amendment
                   a. 12th Amendment
                   b. 15th Amendment
                   c. 22nd Amendment
                   d. 25th Amendment

13. According to an amendment, the Vice President along with ___________________ can
    declare the president “unfit” and take his powers away for a period of time
                   a. Majority of the Cabinet
                   b. Majority of Congress
                   c. Both a and b
                   d. Either a or b
                   e. Neither a nor b
14. Nothing is more powerful to the president than the ability to
                  a. Persuade
                  b. Formulation legislation
                  c. Be the head of the political party
                  d. Be the country’s crisis manager

15. The duties and responsibilities of the Presidency are found in
                  a. Article I
                  b. Article II
                  c. Article III
                  d. Preamble

16. Factors which have contributed to the growth of presidential power include
                  a. Danger of war
                  b. Nuclear weapons
                  c. Television
                  d. All of the above
                  e. None of the above

17. The president’s annual statement to Congress and the nation is known as the
                   a. State of the Union
                   b. Presidential Inauguration
                   c. Annual Executive Update
                   d. Congressional Oversight

18. A rally point is a
                    a.   Long period of applause during a State of the Union Address
                    b.   Defined period where the president tries to garner more support
                    c.   Beginning to a surge in popularity during a presidential campaign
                    d.   Rise in public approval of president that follows a crisis

       List the three formal qualifications to become president (3 points)

19. _____________________________________

20. _____________________________________

21. _____________________________________
      List in order the first four of presidential succession (1/2 point for correct office and 1/2
       point for correct order) **note** do NOT list the President first

22. ______________________________________

23. ______________________________________

24. ______________________________________

25. ______________________________________

  EXTRA CREDIT (1/2 point each)
  List in order the NAMES of the first four in line of presidential succession

  1. ______________________________________

  2. ______________________________________

  3. ______________________________________

  4. ______________________________________

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