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					Writing a Reference Page
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You should have 3 - 5 references, depending on how many is requested of you by an employer. It’s a good rule
of thumb to have at least 5 ready and then send however many is requested of you. Your references should be
past employers, supervisors, or professors. Prospective employers are not interested in personal references.
Make sure you ask each reference for permission to include them on your list. Tell each reference what kind of
jobs you will be applying for and what skills you want them to emphasize if they get a call from a prospective

Be sure to use the same header on your reference page that you used for your resume and cover letter. Your
reference page can be sent with your cover letter and resume if listed in application procedure, otherwise sent to
or given directly to an employer at their request. Usually, prospective employers will not check your references
until you get to the interview stage. However, it may benefit you to send your list of references in the initial
stage of your job search even if these have not been requested. This may create a favorable impression if your
references are particularly impressive, or the employer knows someone you have listed. Be sure to bring your
reference page to the interview. In addition, it is important to keep in contact with your references. They often
appreciate being kept informed of your progress and may be able to provide leads on employment opportunities.

                                   City, State, Zip                                   Step One
                                   Phone                                Make sure that your heading is identical
                                   Email                                to your resume and cover letter.


                                   Name of Reference
                                                                                      Step Two
                                   Job Title of Reference               Under your heading, after a couple of
                                   Name of Company                      spaces, label your document as
                                   Address                              “References”
                                   Telephone Number

                                   Name of Reference
                                                                                     Step Three
                                   Job Title of Reference
                                                                        List your references, with spaces
                                   Name of Company                      separating each separate person,
                                   Address                              indicating name of person, their title, and
                                   Telephone Number                     contact information. You may also
                                   Email                                include one or two sentences that
                                                                        explains their relationship to you.
                                   Name of Reference
                                   Job Title of Reference
                                   Name of Company
                                   Telephone Number

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Reference Page Example

         Julie Thomas
              1298 Sixth Street
           Park Forest, IL 53409

             Mr. James Jones
      Director of Employer Relations
            Northwest Airlines
             12345 Post Road
         Minneapolis, MN 55116
              (612) 222-2222

             Ms. Sally Shirley
             District Manager
          Best Buy Corporation
            5432 Midway Lane
          Richfield, MN 555102
              (612) 777-7453

             Dr. Richard Park
         Professor of Psychology
   University of Wisconsin – River Falls
          410 South Third Street
          River Falls, WI 54022
              (715) 425-8888

             Dr. Marcia Brady
        Hill Valley Middle School
              987 Pine Street
         Hill Valley, MN 55125
              (651) 704-3587

           Mr. Douglas Jackson
           Guidance Counselor
        Tartan Senior High School
       377 Greenway Avenue North
           Oakdale, MN 55128
             (651) 731-8387