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									Domus Home Security TM : the security of your home is in your hands

The risks to the security of the habitat are known : for example in
France, more than 500 000 burglaries take place each year, or one
every 2 minutes! 80% are between 14 and 16h ... And of course,
once the infringement was discovered, it is too late!

With Domus Home Security TM, check yourself the
security of your home from your mobile!

Domus Home Security TM is an application of video surveillance,
combined with AXIS cameras. It allows:

          - receive on your mobile free alerts mails with
            picture of suspicious motion detected by your

          - watch in real time and take control of your security
            cameras from your mobile!

          - enable and disable remote motion detection.

          - view and manage multiple cameras located on the same or
            differents locations.

All mail alerts are free!
Domus Home SecurityTM is only 3.80 € / month * VAT included for a one year subscription, or 6.50 € / month * VAT
included for 3 months subscription. No additional cost is required!

With Domus Home Security TM, go out with peace of mind.


                                                         Select the camera to view in your system

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                                                                 Inside London House
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                                                                 Outside London House

                                                                 Paris Shop
             Login or password lost                                                                           2008-04-08 14:46:35

                                                                 Los Angeles apartment                                  ZOOM



* Cost of the subscription for one or more mobile and one camera. Additional camera cost: 2.50 € / month VAT included.
Technical specifications
- Domus Home Security TM works at any time wherever you are in the world, you just have to be covered by a mobile
network EDGE, 3G or WiFi network.
- Domus Home Security TM works with any type of router adsl ...
- Domus Home Security TM works with the AXIS IP cameras, global market leader.
- work with computer turn off

Compatible cameras:
AXIS ( 207 / 207MW / 207W / 209FD / 209FD-R / 209MFD / 209MFD-R / 210 / 210A / 211 / 211A / 211M / 211W /
212PTZ / 212PTZ-V / 213PTZ / 214PTZ / 215PTZ / 216FD / 216FD-V / 216MFD / 216MFD-V / 221 / 223M / 225FD / 231D
/ 232D / 233D )

Compatible mobile phone:
Apple (Iphone/ Iphone 3G / Ipod touch)

Domus Home Security TM is currently expanding its application Domus Home Security TM to other brands of cameras and mobile phones.

                      And if your mobile phone becomes
                      the remote control of your home ...
           Domus Technologie TM
           Thanks to the increased performance of broadband and mobile lines, as well as state of the art, web
           friendly mobile phones, Domus Technologie TM is developing innovative and intelligent software that
           will allow you to both monitor and control your house, from a distance, through your mobile phone.

           Young company founded in 2008, Domus Technologie TM sells now the best video surveillance
           application for Iphone : Domus Home Security TM.

           Tomorrow, other applications of innovative mobile domotics will expand our offerings!

Press contact
Lemanski sylvain
Domus Technologie / 5, rue des Prés . 78670 Medan FRANCE
Tèl : 0637492090
Mail : contact@domus-homesecurity.com
Internet : http://www.domus-technologie.fr http://www.domus-homesecurity.fr

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