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  “Contact Reflex Analysis”
  -Nutrition Analysis by Sal Hendrix-

CRA is a systematic state-of-the-art method of analyzing the body systems
to determine the exact nutritional needs of each of us, as a unique individual.
Whole natural nutrition (the way nature made it, not the way it is
synthesized in a chemical laboratory) is absolutely essential for our
physical body to be able to maintain, rebuild, and repair itself on a
day-to-day basis. Rebuilding of body tissue is directed by your brain
sending messages down through your spinal column to each of the trillions
of individual cells in your body…so it is vital that your spine be free of
subluxations so this essential communication can take place normally.
This directs each body cell in the process of repairing itself. But even if
that communication between your brain and each cell is perfect, your body
must have the “building blocks” that are essential for construction of a
normal healthy cell.

                           Think of it this way:
Suppose you were building a new house. You would, first of all, hire the
very best architect to design your house (your brain is the best architect you
could possibly get)….but if you provided this wonderful architect with
shoddy inferior wood, bricks, mortar, and other building materials, your new
house might look OK but it would be weak and unstable. The first strong
wind might well damage it or knock it down because it wasn’t constructed of
good quality building materials in the first place! The “building blocks” for
your body’s cells are the vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, anti-oxidants,
and many other nutrients that should be found in the food you eat each day.
However, with the extreme processing of today’s food supply, it’s doubtful
if any of us are getting the necessary “building blocks” for our cells to be
built and rebuilt strong and healthy.

The problem with nutrition in the past is that it was always a “guessing
game” as to which vitamins, minerals, etc. each of us needed. We are all
unique and have different requirements due to our health history, our daily
diet, and our own unique metabolism which, in part, is inherited from earlier
generations of our family. CRA utilizes many of the principles and the body
points so successfully used by the Chinese acupuncturists (for more than
3,000 years) to test your body systems and to help determine your individual
nutritional needs. It is highly accurate, comfortable, and can be done in a
short period of time…and it could well be one of the very best investments
you can make in your present and future health!

Scientists have recently discovered that the human body totally rebuilds and
replaces itself approximately every 3 months! This means that, 12 weeks
from today, every cell in your body will be brand new. The big question is:

“Will your new cells 3 months from now be strong & healthy
…or will they be weaker and more prone to dis-ease/disease
than the cells that are in your body right now?”

Three things will determine how strong your new cells will be-
1) normal communication between your brain and body cells, 2) the quality
of the “building blocks” that you provide for your body, 3) a normal blood
supply to carry these “building blocks” to each of your cells. Number one
is accomplished by keeping your spine free of subluxations; Number two
can be accomplished by periodic use of CRA and whole food supplements;
Number three can be accomplished by regular exercise to increase the
blood supply throughout your body.

At our office, we’re fortunate to have the special healing talents of
Sal Hendrix available for the benefit of our patients. Sal is a nurse
who has had more than twenty years of education, training, and practical
experience in working with the health needs of the human body.
She brings her caring and healing talents to us in the advanced practice
of “Contact Reflex Analysis (CRA)”.

CRA will be offered at our office on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.
The fee for a Contact Reflex Analysis session will be $50.00, payable at the
time of the session. CRA may be covered by your health insurance
….we will be happy to complete any claim forms that may be necessary.

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