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					                                   Application Materials
                     IPOD Loan Program at Hawaii Community College

Hawaii Community College loans iPods to HawCC credit and non-credit international students.
We are very excited about this resource, and we know you are too. Because of the demand for
these iPods, we want to ensure that they are issued to users who know how to operate them
properly and will care for them while in their possession.

To apply for an iPod, you must fill out an application and write a short personal statement. You
must also have a valid HawCC ID and a UHH username and password. There is no charge for
this resource.

iPod users will be asked to sign a borrower's agreement acknowledging and agreeing to the

      iPods are loaned for a semester-long period. iPods borrowed for Spring 2009 are due
       back to the IEP office on Friday, May 15, by 4:00pm.

      Hawaii Community College staff will verify that the iPod unit is in good working order
       before it is checked out to you. When the unit is checked in, staff will verify that the unit
       is in good working order. The iPod battery should be fully charged before it is returned.

      Do not remove any components from the iPod. You will receive an 80GB video iPod, ear
       bud headphones, a Speck ToughSkin case, a MicroMemo voice recorder and a USB 2.0
       cable. You will need to return all of these components.

      If you have any problems with the iPod, return it immediately to Hawaii Community
       College. Do not attempt to make repairs on your own.

      While you are welcome to download music, movies or podcasts to your iPod, please
       remember that this is property of Hawaii Community College. Do not download
       inappropriate photos, movies or music. This includes illegal or pornographic materials.

      NEVER leave the iPod unattended … for any reason. Thefts do happen. Since you are
       responsible for the iPod, and will be charged for repairs or replacement costs, you, and
       not your friends, should keep an eye on it at all times. The cost of replacement for all the
       components is approximately $350.00.

      Users who do not return iPods by the agreed date will have holds put on your account.
       After 1 week, a hold will be put on your account which will make it impossible for you to
       register for classes, order a transcript or pursue other academic work at Hawaii
       Community College.

      Users who do not return iPods by the agreed date will not be allowed future use.
                           iPod Loan Application Form

Name: ______________________________________Date: __________________

UH ID Number: ________________________Email: ________________________

Local Address: ______________________________________________________


Permanent Address: _________________________________________________


Local Telephone: ________________________________(cell / home)

                  _________________________________(cell / home)


  Intensive English Program        Hawaiian Studies           Other:

  Liberal Arts                     Culinary Arts

iPods are intended to be loaned to non-native speakers of English. Please answer
the following questions to determine your eligibility.


Place of birth:

1st language:

In which country did you attend:

Elementary school: _____               _____ Language used:             ______

High School:                           _____ Language used:             ______

What language(s) do you speak at home now? ________________________________
                                  Personal Statement

In your Personal Statement, please include:
    Your academic and career objectives
    How improving your English is necessary to your field of study
    How you believe using an iPod can help you to achieve your academic and
      career goals.

  • A culinary student may want to improve speaking skills to interact with hotel guests or

  • An ESL student may want to improve listening and speaking skills to integrate more
    smoothly with the local culture.

You can write your personal statement below:

Return your completed application to:
Steven Clements                                     Phone: 933-0807
Intensive English Program                           Fax: 974-7487
Hawaii Community College                            Email:
Manono Campus Building 380, Room 37                 Subject line: iPod Loan Application
Hilo, Hawaii 96720