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Businessupdate                                                                                                                                                   February 2008

  ONTARIO · CANADA               Food&Drink
PROFILE ON:                       Cambridge Fine Foods
Cambridge Fine Foods              Each week when you visit your local grocery also produces its own products under its own
 Value-added packaged food        store and load your cart with packaged meal brand names. The Country Traditions brand
   products in your local                                                     includes a wide variety of pies and entreés.
                                  products, you may not realize you are select-
       grocery freezer.
                                  ing products manufactured right here in     Cambridge Fine Foods’ second brand, El
Grand River Brewing               Cambridge – by Cambridge Fine Foods.        Ranchero burritos, was launched with special
Old Galt factory building new                                                 flair in July, 2006 between innings at a Blue
   home of micro-brewery.         Serving the retail grocery and food service Jays home game at the Rogers Centre.
                                  community for the last 15 years,
     Grand River                  Cambridge Fine Foods has become                            Cambridge Fine Foods’ 27,000
    Gourmet Foods
  Innovative 'nutraceutical'
                                  an industry-leading proces-                                square foot food processing facil-
     chocolate products.          sor of value-added food                                          ity is federally inspected,
                                  products. The                                                     USDA approved, with a
                                  firm specializes                                                 HACCP (Hazard Analysis
     2007 Award                   in quality frozen                                                and Critical Control
       Winners                    meals including                                                     Points) designation.
            page 5                specialty pies,                                                      “We have made a big
                                  burritos      and                                                    investment in making
  Building Activity               wraps, entreés                                                      this facility efficient
      Statistics                  and quiche dishes                                                   – in order to reduce
         pages 6 & 7              produced and pack-                                             production costs and lead
                                  aged under brand names                                        time,” says Pieter deJonge,
                                  sold at many local grocery                         president of Cambridge Fine Foods.
                                  store chains. The company                                                    ...continued on page 2

                                  Whether relocating, expanding or forging new opportunities, Cambridge is a great place to do business.
                                  For professional assistance with your business needs, contact the Economic Development staff at 519·740·4536.

         The Corporation of the   Bozena “Bo” Densmore,    Leah Bozic,                           Debbie Fee,              Barb Turner,             Jacqueline Haynes,
         City of Cambridge        Director of Economic Development   Senior Economic Development Officer   Special Projects Officer   Administrative Assistant     Clerical Assistant
                                  ext. 4511                          ext. 4535                             ext. 4592                  ext. 4211                    ext. 4678
Cambridge City Hall: On Time and On Budget
                                           By Cambridge Corporate Communications Division
The power of utilizing existing financial resources and an        the quality of the environment for employees and visitors to    leaders will also benefit from enhanced civic square ameni-
innovative approach to construction and development has           the building. There is even a 10,000 litre grey water cistern   ties that will facilitate outdoor events and public gatherings
come together to create one of the finest, environmentally        system that will collect storm water from the roof to recycle   in more than 170,900 sq. ft. of community space.
responsible City Halls in the country. The new four-story,        it for toilet operations.
85,650 sq. ft. building was constructed with Leadership in
Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) as a focus and             Operational savings and work-
is expected to be the first LEED 'GOLD' certified City Hall       place quality and productivity
in Canada.                                                        benefits aren’t the only good
                                                                  news about the building. The
Accomplished without need for new tax dollars, the entire         City of Cambridge will no
cost of the $30 million project is being financed through the     longer have to pay nearly a
City’s hydro utility. The new administration headquarters will    half million dollars per annum
also save the city money. A portion of the roof will be made      in leasing cost for offices at
up of plants, grass and shrubs, creating a “green roof” con-      Cambridge Place.
cept that retains heat in the winter and cools in summer.
This results in a 43 percent saving in energy costs which         Ready for occupation in mid-February 2008, the new City         The new building opened to the public on February 11, 2008
amount to some $50,000 per year savings for heating and           Hall encourages car-pooling and bicycling options. There        with an official community ceremony slated in early June.
air conditioning. Features like a green wall filled with living   will be 250 work stations for staff and a variety of meeting
plants act as a biofilter to purify the indoor air and improve    rooms for the public. Cambridge residents and business          For more information visit:

Cambridge Fine Foods                                                    But his plans for the future are even more ambitious. He
                                                                        would like to double sales within the next two years. Part
                                             ...continued from page one of that revenue will come from brand line expansion. The

Cambridge Fine Foods' investment and reputation for quality company will be launching a new line of breakfast products
and innovation has been recognized by several industry awards in the coming months. This new line includes a packaged
including:                                                              breakfast sandwich that will be sold exclusively at Costco, as
 - Innovative Supplier of the Year award from Loblaw Companies Ltd.     well as a line of breakfast wraps and pies. “This line of break-
- Best New International Flavour from the Private Label Manufacturers fast products fills a void in our product range,” says deJonge.
  Association (PLMA)                                                        “Each item will be available in a variety of flavours and
- Finalist in the Product of the Year Grand Prix awards for                               will promote the convenience of cook times
  Masters Choice                                                                                  of less than two minutes.”

deJonge joined Cambridge Fine                                                                     Cambridge Fine Foods
Foods as president of the com-                                                                   needs to be aggressive to
pany in September, 2005,                                                                       keep its leadership position.
bringing with him extensive                                                              “The market for frozen packaged
experience in the food production                                                    foods is becoming more competitive,
industry including expertise in farming, pro-                                    with domestic food producers selling more
cessing and final packaging. He immediately set out                           at home because of the high dollar,” says
to make the operation more efficient.                                     deJonge. “However, I believe we are in a strong
                                                              position with a good reputation in our markets. Our location
“This involved a big commitment, and a large investment in Cambridge really gives us a strategic advantage. We have a
of capital to purchase state of the art production equipment, great workforce to draw from and an enviable location as a base
sourced from as far away as Holland.”                         for distribution.”

                                                                                              Page 2
                     Grand River Brewing
           The old Galt Knife building at 295 Ainslie Street is The small brewer on Ainslie Street is quickly gaining popu-
           enjoying a new lease on life. It is the new home to larity in the local market with their popular brands being
           Grand River Brewing, a micro brewery with a full made available on-tap at many local bars, traditional pubs and
           complement of products and great big plans.            restaurants. Nor is success limited to Cambridge and the local
                                                                  market. Hanenberg is now distributing Grand River’s brands
           The history of the Galt Knife building dates back to as far away as Toronto, Niagara Falls and Ottawa.
           1913. It is a building typical of industrial buildings
           of the era – with double red brick construction and
           large windows.

Early in 2005, Bob Hanenberg, owner of Grand River
Brewing, began his search for equipment and a location to
set-up his brewing business. After a year of searching, he dis-
covered the Galt Knife location. Adding to its attractiveness is
the fact the building gained a more prominent position when
it became a street front location with the extension of Ainslie
Street. “I just knew the unique character of the building,
coupled with the streetfront location would draw customers. I
sensed the building was perfect from the moment I walked in
the door,” says Hanenberg.                                            Bob Hanenberg of Grand River Brewing with the 1.9 litre 'growler' bottles of his
                                                                      Galt Knife Old Style Lager and popular Plowman's Ale.

The property was purchased in February 2006 and work
began to convert the facility from a manufacturing site to “Word is spreading fast about our products,” he says with
a brewery, and Grand River Brewing opened its doors for pride, and credits the Internet for the word-of-mouth spread
business in June, 2007. The small local brewer has a large on their popular beers. “We attended a show earlier this year,
                                                           and people start to talk about our beers in chat discussions and
                                                           blogs,” says Hanenberg. “And the next thing we know we’re
                                                           getting calls from restaurants and bars all over Ontario want-
                                                           ing to buy our beers.”

                                                                      Hanenberg credits some of Grand River’s success to the local
                                                                      Artesian well water supply. “The high mineral content of the
                                                                      local water is excellent for making good ales,” he says. “Our
                                                                      biggest challenge has been getting the right mixture of hops to
                                                                      work with the water.”
repertoire already, with a full range of beer selections – all with
names inspired by the brewery’s Galt heritage -- including            Today, Grand River Brewery’s 7,800 square foot location can
Mill Race Mild, Galt Knife Old Style Lager, Town Hall Lager,          produce a targeted 500,000 litres of beer, with most of the
and the popular Plowman’s Ale. “All our selections have their         product being sold in 50 litre kegs destined for delivery to
own unique character and flavour – and less than 5 percent            bars and restaurants. Future plans involve an expanded retail
alcohol content,” says Hanenberg. The beers are available to          presence, on-site demonstrations and tours, as well as meeting
the public in a 1.9 litre ‘growler’ package today, and there are      and conference facilities at the 1913 factory location.
plans to bottle in a standardized size with the hope the lines
will be picked up by the LCBO.

                                                                Page 3
    Grand River Gourmet Foods
             The first manufacturer licensed to produce 'nutraceutical' chocolate products.
                    Grand River Gourmet Foods is a specialty         ginseng in order to give them therapeutic and medicinal prop-
                     food manufacturer based in Cambridge.           erties. Grand River Gourmet Foods has recently introduced a
                      The company was born following the             nutraceutical line which includes a private-labeled chocolate bar
                      sale of President and founder, Becky           with medicinal additives to make it ‘heart-healthy’ and safe for
                     Smollett’s first business venture, The          diabetics to consume. “We are very excited about this part of the
                    Basket Connection.                               business,” says Becky Smollett. “We see this as a strong growth
                                                                                            area for our company.”
Grand River Gourmet manufactures and
packages a full line of private labeled                                                           As a result of its entry into the nutraceuti-
candy and chocolate products for retailers                                                        cal market, Grand River Gourmet Foods
and distributors. Buyers can purchase a                                                           is also the first chocolate company in
range of confection lines from the compa-                                                         Canada to be Natural Health Products
ny’s wholesale catalogue including candy                                                          (NHP) certified. A company must meet
kabobs, white chocolate coated popcorn,                                                           a list of strict criteria to be certified. The
‘crunch’ gummies and sour poppers.                                                                company is also a recognized ‘peanut-free’
                                                                                                  manufacturing facility.
Smollet’s new venture really started to take
off with four awards at the 2001 Canadian                                                      Smollett is passionate about her candies,
Fine Food Show – including a first place                                                       and in particular her chocolates. She
for Grand River Gourmet’s best selling                                                         buys chocolate from all over the world
‘Chocolate Pizza,’ a confection consisting                                                     and in particular from South and Central
of creamy milk chocolate, rice krispies and                                                    America. “Each chocolate brand has its
marshmallows drizzled with toffee pieces.                                                      own particular taste and texture,” says
                                                                                               Smollett, with the passion of a true con-
Grand River Gourmet currently occupies                                                         noisseur. “We blend chocolate from dif-
10,000 square feet along Sheldon Drive Becky Smollett, President of Grand River Gourmet Foods. ferent regions to produce unique flavours
in Cambridge – divided into two separate                                                       – much like a wine maker blends grapes
locations. One location is devoted to co-packaging operations to produce a certain type of wine.”
with companies such as Schneiders, where Grand River Gourmet
is responsible for the addition of a chocolate or candy compo- “Our location in Cambridge is a real benefit,” says Smollett.
nent to such products as Schneider Smart Lunch product line. “With access to research facilities and in the heart of agribusiness
The second location is devoted exclusively to the manufacture of in southwestern Ontario, it is a great place to do business.”
chocolate products.

Grand River Gourmet’s products have been sold in Sam’s Club,               Small Business Information
Zellers, Home Outfitters, Sobeys and Laura Secord, and in des-                  Nights for 2008
tinations as far away as Europe and Asia.
                                                                         The Economic Development staff will be at the Cambridge Centre Mall for
                                                                         "Small Business Information Nights" on April 30th, Sept. 17th and Nov.
Grand River also enjoys the honor of becoming the first choco-           26th, 2008 from 3:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. Staff will display and distribute
late company licensed to produce ‘nutraceutical’ products.               small business literature and brochures, answer questions and provide
Nutraceuticals are products formulated with additives such as            assistance to existing small business owners and potential entrepreneurs.

                                                                Page 4
 A Word from theWaterloo
Region Small Business Centre                                                               Advanced Manufacturing
                                                                                                 Expo 2008
In 2007, the Waterloo Region Small Business Centre assisted
                                                                                          International Centre Mississauga, March 26 & 27, 2008
approximately 4100 aspiring entrepreneurs in Cambridge by
providing small business information and guidance, a resource                             Built on 4 pillars of value: innovation, education, networking, and an envi-
library, Internet usage for business purposes, as well as one-on-                         ronment promoting the buying and selling of manufacturing solutions, AM
                                  one consultations for business                          Expo 2008 allows you to discover on the exhibition floor; learn and discuss
                                  planning and market research.                           applications in the education programs; buy the solutions you need, as you
                                                                                          advance your knowledge, and your business objectives. For more information
                                 Seminars and workshops are                               go to the Society of Manufacturing Engineers website at and
                                                                                          look under the upcoming events section for full details on the event.
held throughout the year dealing in topics such as business start-
up, planning, market research and cash flow. For a list of up-
coming seminars offered throughout the Waterloo Region and
related fees, please visit the Small Business Centre’s website:                                                  2007 Award Winners
Each year the Centre facilitates two youth entrepreneurship pro-                     Hospital President Honoured
grams: The Business Plan Competition and Summer Company.                             Cambridge Memorial Hospital president Julia Dumanian was honoured with the
The Business Plan Competition is open to any full-time high                          2007 hospital leadership award, as chosen by Canadian Healthcare Manager
school student aged 15-20 who has an interest in business plan-                      Magazine. Dumanian came to Cambridge Memorial in 2004.
ning. Submissions for this year’s competition are accepted until
June 20, 2008.                                                                       Recognition for Environmental Stewardship
                                                                                     Cambridge based Challenger Motor Freight was honoured with a Plaque of
Summer Company enables students ages 15-29 to operate their                          Environmental Stewardship by the Ontario Trucking Association. The award is
businesses from May to September. Students who are accepted                          in recognition of Challenger's new 'smog-free' truck launched in fall 2007. The
into the program receive an award up to $1500 at the beginning                       truck is equipped with a trap which filters up to 90 percent of the microscopic
for start-up costs and up to $1500 at the conclusion of the pro-                     particulate known to cause smog.
gram. Students also receive training and mentoring from individ-
uals in the business community. Applications are accepted until                      Insurance Company Award Winner
early April, 2008. For more information or to start an application                   The Cowan Group, a Cambridge-based insurance and benefits company won
online, visit:                                                  the corporate citizenship award, sponsored by Union Gas at the 23rd Annual
                                                                                     Junior Achievement Awards Banquet held on November 2, 2007.
In 2007 the Centre introduced the first annual Inspiring Women
– The Experience event. The professional and personal develop-                       CTT Wins Communications Award
ment day for local women provided an opportunity to network,                         Canada's Technology Triangle received a 2007 Marketing Canada award for
listen to six motivational speakers and enjoy a keynote address                      best 'Direct Communications' from the Economic Developers Association
from Dini Petty. For more information on the Inspiring Women                         of Canada. The award was presented at EDAC's (Economic Developers
event occurring again this fall, visit:                           Association of Canada) 39th Annual Conference in Saskatoon.

  Official Launch of the
  Cambridge Corporate Centre

  Cambridge Mayor Doug Craig and officials of the Belmont Equity Group were
  present for the official launch of the Cambridge Corporate Centre located at                                     The official ribbon-cutting announces the opening of Homewood Suites,
                                                                                                                   a development of Hilton Hotels on September 4, 2007. The facility at 800
  650 Jamieson Parkway on November 1, 2007.                                                                        Jamieson Parkway features residential style accommodations, with full
                                                                                                                   kitchens and living areas for guests.

                                                                                 Page 5
                                        BuILDING ACTIVITY

                                                       INDUSTRIAL BUILDING ACTIVITY
                                                                       ToTAl SIx monTH vAluE of $22,366,900.

BuIlDInG PERmIT         PRoJECT                                          APPRoxImATE         BuIlDInG PERmIT          PRoJECT                                         APPRoxImATE
ISSuED                                                             ConSTRuCTIon vAluE        ISSuED                                                             ConSTRuCTIon vAluE

Hopewell Development Corporation                                                             Karanda Properties
500 Pinebush Road  10,486 sq.m. (112,874 sq.ft.) construction of                             1245 Franklin Blvd.      4,132 sq.m. (44,475 sq.ft.) renovation to storage
                   new industrial mall                                      4,550,000.                                units and office                                     250,000.

Cambridge Hyundai                                                                            WPW Properties ltd.
1962 Eagle Street        1,487 sq.m. (16,003 sq.ft.) construction of new                     4 Cherry Blossom Road 3,275 sq.m. (35,248 sq.ft.) addition to Precision
                         Hyundai car dealership                             2,000,000.                             Resource Canada Ltd.                                    160,000.

At Work Development ltd.                                                                     Racer machinery Co. ltd.
545 Thompson Drive 3,018 sq.m. (32,485 sq.ft.) construction of a                             25 Fleming Drive     272 sq.m. (2,932 sq.ft.) addition of warehouse           150,000.
                    new warehouse                                           2,000,000.

Region of Waterloo                                                                           1530853 ontario ltd.
460 Conestoga Blvd.      1,794 sq.m. (19,311 sq.ft.) construction of                         315 Thompson Drive 157 sq.m. (1,689 sq.ft.) interior renovation to
                         addition to storage garage                         2,000.000.                            factory building                                         125,000.

The men’s Warehouse                                                                          langton Properties ltd.
550 Boxwood Drive   600 sq.m. (6,458 sq.ft.) interior renovation for dry                     405 Maple Grove Road 398 sq.m. (4,284 sq.ft.) interior finishes
                    cleaning facility within the warehouse                  1,600,000.                             to warehouse                                             85,000.

Plad Properties Inc.                                                                         falkirk Holdings Inc.
1600 Industrial Road     2,444 sq.m. (26,312 sq.ft.) construction of                         505 Thompson Drive 2,504 sq.m. (26,954 sq.ft.) interior finish
                         multi-tenant industrial building                   1,500,000.                             to warehouse                                             50,000.

2125702 ontario ltd.
475 Thompson Drive 1,864 sq.m. (20,067 sq.ft.) construction of new
                     industrial mall                                        1,500,000.            INSTITUTIONAL BUILDING ACTIVITY
                                                                                                                   ToTAl SIx monTH vAluE of $3,382,000.
mGD Holdings
540 Thompson Drive       1,461 sq.m. (15,727 sq.ft.) construction of new                     BuIlDInG PERmIT          PRoJECT                                         APPRoxImATE
                         industrial mall                                    1,200,000.       ISSuED                                                             ConSTRuCTIon vAluE

JJZ Developments Inc.                                                                        Cambridge memorial Hospital
44 Saltsman Drive   2,321 sq.m. (24,497 sq.ft) construction of new                           700 Coronation Blvd. Renovation to staff entrance, stairs and ramp.
                    multi-tenant industrial building                        1,100,000.                            New site work, parking lot and alterations
                                                                                                                  to brick cladding                                       2,000,000.
Toyota motor mfg. Canada Inc.
1055 Fountain Street a) Minor renovations to dock doors, truck apron,                        Avenue Road Baptist Church Inc.
                     relocation of one exit door, etc.                        915,000.       465 Avenue Road      735 sq.m. (7,910 sq.ft.) addition to existing church     896,000.
                     b) 18 sq.m. (192 sq.ft.) construction of four new
                     loading docks in north weld shop.                        500,000.       Conseil Scolaire De District Catholique Centre-Sud
                     c) 36 sq.m. (388 sq.ft.) construction of new                            640 Trico Drive       229 sq.m. (2,460 sq.ft.) renovation of lunchroom to
                     Kanban Room                                               55,000.                             daycare facilities                                      175,000.
Pride Bodies ltd.                                                                            new Cambridge Holdings Inc.
37 Raglin Road           1,421 sq.m. (15,300 sq.ft.) addition to                             685 Myers Road      216 sq.m. (2,328 sq.ft.) interior finishing to Jumping
                         existing building                                    500,000.                           Jack Child Care Inc.                                   140,000.
Ben lea leasing ltd.                                                                         Saint luke’s Place
36 Corydon Place     877 sq.m. (9,440 sq.ft.) construction of metal clad                     1598-1624 Franklin Blvd. 19 sq.m. (200 sq.ft.) construction of two barrier
                     steel addition to existing building                      400,000.                                free washrooms                                        50,000.
2004191 ontario ltd.
24 Cherry Blossom Road 257 sq.m. (2,766 sq.ft.) interior renovation for
                       office space                                           400,000.

Dimplex north America
                                                                                                  RESIDENTIAL BUILDING ACTIVITY
1367 Industrial Road 844 sq.m. (9,090 sq.ft.) renovation to office space      323,000.
                                                                                                          foR THE yEAR 2007, 514 unITS WERE ConSTRuCTED
Tamming foods ltd.                                                                                          foR A ToTAl ComBInED vAluE of $40,391,820.
40 Stafford Court  441 sq.m. (4,750 sq.ft.) interior renovation
                   to warehouse                                               285,900.

                                                                                         Page 6
                                             BuILDING ACTIVITY

                                                            COMMERCIAL BUILDING ACTIVITY
                                                                                ToTAl SIx monTH vAluE of $10,777,535.

BuIlDInG PERmIT           PRoJECT                                                  APPRoxImATE             BuIlDInG PERmIT         PRoJECT                                                  APPRoxImATE
ISSuED                                                                       ConSTRuCTIon vAluE            ISSuED                                                                     ConSTRuCTIon vAluE

mattamy Commercial Centre                                                                                  Sreit (Central no.1) ltd.
500 CanAmera Parkway 1,216 sq.m. (13,086 sq.ft.) construction of new                                       5 Cherry Blossom Road 1,087 sq.m. (11,700 sq.ft.) interior finishing to
                     commercial retail plaza                                              3,000,000.                              office space                                                       120,000.

City of Cambridge                                                                                          first Capital Realty Inc.
745 Fountain Street       a) 3,890 sq.m. (41,873 sq.ft.) construction of indoor                            1 Hespeler Road        44 sq.m. (478 sq.ft.) addition for restaurant                      100,000.
                          soccer facility	                                      1,500,000.

50 Dickson Street         b) 198 sq.m. (2,132 sq.ft.) addition of glass                                    CanAmera medical Centre
                          connection from new City Hall to Historic City Hall	            1,100,000.       350 Conestoga Blvd. a) 134 sq.m. (1,442 sq.ft.) interior finishing for
                                                                                                                               The Basil Cafe                                                        100,000.
54 Ainslie Street         c) 204 sq.m. (2,200 sq.ft.) renovation to Cambridge
                          Self Help Food Bank for additional office space                                                          b) 138 sq.m. (1,484 sq.ft.) interior finishing to dental office    97,300.
                          and training area	                                               197,000.
	                                                                                                          Sep Holdings ltd. c/o Region Wide Realty
TDl Group ltd.                                                                                             561 Hespeler Road     300 sq.m. (3,229 sq.ft.) interior renovations to Red
209 Pinebush Road         271 sq.m. (2,913 sq.ft.) interior renovation to                                                        Papaya restaurant                                                   100,000.
                          Tim Horton’s Restaurant                                          400,000.
                                                                                                           Woodland Park Plaza Inc.
Cambridge Place Commercial Corp.                                                                           100 Jamieson Parkway 186 sq.m. ( 2,000 sq.ft.) renovation to restaurant                    80,000.
73 Water St. N.    204 sq.m. (2,197 sq.ft.) interior renovation to
                   office space                                                            320,000.
                                                                                                           Jamieson Estates
Smart Centres                                                                                              900 Jamieson Parkway 235 sq.m. (2,530 sq.ft.) interior finishing for new
34 Pinebush Road          a) 1,136 sq.m. (12,227 sq.ft.) interior renovation to                                                 health/fitness clinic                                                 80,000.
                          “Urban Planet”                                                   300,000.
                          b) 687 sq.m. (7,395 sq.ft.) interior finishing to                                langs farm village Association
                          retail space                                                     135,000.                             650 sq.m. (7,000 sq.ft.) interior office renovation                   80,000.

1167898 ontario ltd.
140 St. Andrews Street 133 sq.m. (1,400 sq.ft.) interior renovation to                                     Cambridge II Inc.
                       Subway restaurant                                                   250,000.        55 Pinebush Road        130 sq.m. (1,394 sq.ft.) interior finishing to retail unit         68,000.

lone Wolf Holdings Inc.                                                                                    742825 ontario ltd.
231 Shearson Crescent. a) 444 sq.m. (4,781 sq.ft.) interior finishing to office unit       191,000.        20 Hobson Street    74 sq.m.(800 sq.ft.) construction of kitchen and dining
                                                                                                                               area addition to restaurant                                            60,000.
                          b) 141 sq.m. (1,516 sq.ft.) interior finishing to office unit     61,000.
                                                                                                           Century 21 Watson Realty ltd.
                          c) 139 sq.m. (1,494 sq.ft.) interior finishing to office unit     60,000.        320 Pinebush Road   200 sq.m. (2,153 sq.ft.) interior office renovation                    60,000.
                          d) 119 sq.m. (1,282 sq.ft.) interior finishing to office unit     51,000.
                                                                                                           South Cambridge Shopping Centre Inc.
morguard Real Estate Investment Trust                                                                      200 Franklin Blvd. 224 sq.m. (2,416 sq.ft.) interior alteration to existing
355 Hespeler Road   a) 215 sq.m. (2,315 sq.ft.) interior alterations to retail unit 168,000.                                  “Pizza Pizza” restaurant                                                60,000.

                          b) 525 sq.m. (558 sq.ft.) interior renovations to the                            Capital management Corp.
                          Candy Counter Inc.                                                90,000.        970 Franklin Blvd. 109 sq.m. (1,170 sq.ft.) interior finishing to
                                                                                                                              retail establishments                                                   50,000.
                          c) 187 sq.m. (2,017 sq.ft.) interior renovation to retail
                          outlet “The Source”                                               50,000.

Sorma Group                                                                                                         TOTAL SQUARE FOOTAGE
560 Hespeler Road         130 sq.m. (1,400 sq.ft.) interior finishing to
                          sushi restaurant                                                 150,000.             CONSTRUCTED BY SECTOR FOR 2007
Bridgecam Shopping Centres ltd.                                                                                                      InDuSTRIAl - 1,009,452. SQ. fT.*
34	Pinebush	Road	  494	sq.m.	(5,311	sq.ft.)	interior	finishing	to	retail	space	            150,000.                                  CommERCIAl - 178,665. SQ. fT.*
                                                                                                                                     InSTITuTIonAl - 18,320. SQ. fT.*
new Cambridge Holding Inc.
685 Myers Road     a) 169 sq.m. (1,820 sq.ft.) interior renovation for dental office 130,000.                     *SQ. fT. REPRESEnTS nEW ConSTRuCTIon AnD ADDITIonS only

                          b) 109 sq.m. (1,170 sq.ft.) interior finishing for hair salon     80,000.

                                                                                                       Page 7
    CTT Celebrates 20th Anniversary
Canada's Technology Triangle Inc. (CTT Inc.) marked a major             local municipal governments has resulted in the success of the
milestone in 2007 – the 20th anniversary of the establishment           concept of Canada’s Technology Triangle. These partnerships
of co-operative marketing, promotion and investment attraction          continue to thrive because of the trust
efforts in Waterloo Region.                                             that has been built over CTT Inc.’s 20-
                                                                        year existence.
In 1987, local economic developers joined forces to attract new
businesses and selected Canada’s Technology Triangle (CTT) as           In the latter part of 2007, CTT Inc. also
the name to describe Waterloo Region and their combined ef-             welcomed John Doherty, a Cambridge
fort. In the late 1990s, CTT was incorporated as a not-for-profit       resident, as its new board Chair. John is
public-private partnership with its core funding provided by the        the managing partner of the Waterloo
Region of Waterloo and the three cities of Kitchener, Waterloo          Region office of the Gowlings law firm.       John Doherty
and Cambridge. CTT Inc. has become the go-to organization               CTT Inc. is committed to its role of making the Region and its
for businesses outside the Region looking for a new location.           assets known around the world and the organization has proven
Over the years, the organization’s targets have evolved. Though         itself as a highly-effective model. Looking to the future, one aspect
manufacturing investment remains important, research-intensive          that constantly changes is where CTT Inc. should put its empha-
activity is a growing dimension. The focus on information and           sis in terms of the principal opportunities for new investment.
communication technology, financial services, nanotechnology            The group sees the environment and alternative energy sources,
and quantum information reflects the new strengths of the area.         such as wind energy, as emerging priorities. It is becoming more
                                                                        evident that Waterloo Region's advantages centre on talent, skills,
Many businesses are attracted to Waterloo Region because of the         intellectual capital, receptivity to innovation and an entrepreneur-
talent pool associated with the excellence of the area's post-second-   ial spirit – all areas that CTT Inc. will promote as the Region
ary educational institutions. CTT Inc. undertakes research and          continues to expand.
analysis into trends in the regional economy, and uses that data
to make the area's business case. CTT Inc. is proactive, reaching       With a proven background, strong partnerships and focused lead-
out to businesses and demonstrating that they have many good            ership, CTT Inc. is assured of playing an ever-expanding role in
reasons to come to Waterloo Region. Close collaboration among           shaping the Region's economic future and its prosperity.


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