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					Starbucks Coffee Company                                                                                                    Fall 2008

   Starbucks® Coffee Gets Culinary in Recipe Book              Starbucks Teams Up With Bon Appétit
   Featuring Celebrity Chefs                                   Restaurateur of the Year for Thanksgiving Coffee

   A beautiful new coffee table and recipe book called
   The Colors of Dessert is available in bookstores            Just in time for this season’s bounty, Starbucks
   starting this month and features Starbucks coffees          introduces Starbucks®
   paired with 84 desserts from some of the country’s          Thanksgiving Blend, a
   most renowned chefs, including Emeril Lagasse, Gina         collaboration between the
   DePalma, Joël Robuchon, Jacques Torres, Cat Cora,           coffee experts at Starbucks and
   and Pichet Ong.                                             Tom Douglas, Seattle’s
                                                               acclaimed chef and 2008 Bon
                                                               Appétit Restaurateur of the
                                                               Year. Together, these two
                                                               Pacific Northwest icons have
                                                               developed a coffee that
                                                               perfectly accompanies the
                                                               delicious cornucopia of savory
                                                               and sweet foods shared around
                                                               the table—from herb-rubbed
                                                               turkey to spicy pumpkin pie.
                                                               Starbucks® Thanksgiving Blend will be available at
                                                               Starbucks stores in the U.S. beginning November 4. A
                                                               1 lb. bag will cost $10.95.

   Scott McMartin, director of Coffee and Tea Education
   at Starbucks (and a trained sommelier), contributed to
   the book’s foreword and encourages readers to
   explore the unique art of coffee and dessert pairing.
   ―Just as the French phrase gout du terroir, which
   literally translates to taste of the earth, has a special
   meaning to wine aficionados, it is equally significant to   Brewing Fundamental Number Two:
   those who know and love coffee. The diverse flavors         The Perfect Grind
   of coffee are influenced by soil, geographic
   microclimate, altitude, and production techniques. So
                                                               As the leaves begin to change, brewing coffee at home
   imagine the unique flavor characteristics that our
                                                               becomes a staple in autumn kitchens. And brewing the
   coffee growing regions – Latin America, Asia Pacific,
                                                               perfect cup lies in the details – how you grind the beans,
   and East Africa/Arabia—might impart.‖                       the equipment you use and your preparation all play
                                                               integral parts in pouring that delicious cup. Once you
                                                               choose your favorite Starbucks coffee – perhaps the
                                                               Starbucks® new Thanksgiving Blend – adhere to what
                                                               Starbucks refers to as the Four Fundamentals:
                                                               Freshness, Grind, Proportion and Water.

   Local Starbucks Become the Community’s Home                 While all four fundaments are equally important, different
   Away From Home                                              brewing methods have different grind requirements – so
                                                               grind your coffee for the brewing method you use.
                                                               Anthony Carroll, Starbucks Manager of Green Coffee
   Starbucks stores along the battered Gulf Coast region       Quality, suggests using a coffee press, which is the best
   are serving as a place of respite following Hurricanes      method for coffee enthusiasts as it highlights the full
   Ike and Gustav. Although approximately 150 stores           flavor of the coffee. Tip: when using a press, the coffee
   and scores of partners (employees) were impacted by         should be coarse ground because the water and coffee
   the storm in the Houston area, Starbucks moved              are in direct contact for an extended period of time.
   quickly to restore operations and serve as a community
   gathering place for area residents. In addition to
   enjoying a favorite beverage or relaxing in a
   comfortable armchair, customers can check email and
   visit with friends and family in familiar and comfortable

                                                               Bottled Starbucks Frappuccino® Coffee Drink Gets
                                                               Decadent for Holiday

                                                               This holiday season, consumers will be able to treat
                                                               themselves to a special, limited-time-only refreshment:
                                                               bottled Starbucks Frappuccino® Dark Chocolate
                                                               Raspberry Mocha coffee drink. Made with a blend of rich
                                                               dark chocolate, premium Starbucks® coffee and luscious
Starbucks commitment to helping restore the impacted                  raspberry flavor, it’s a delicious way to jump-start an
  communities resulted in a $100,000 donation to the                  afternoon of shopping or chill out at home sweet home.
American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund. At the same
 time, Starbucks continues to look for opportunities to               Bottled Starbucks Frappuccino® Dark Chocolate
    provide ETHOS® Water, coffee and tea to local                     Raspberry Mocha coffee drink will be offered now
       shelters and other disaster relief facilities.                 through December 2008 at convenience, grocery, mass
                                                                      and drug stores across the U.S. The suggested retail
                                                                      price for a 9.5 fluid ounce single serving is $1.89. Multi-
                                                                      packs will also be available at select retailers.

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