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                                   “A man can be destroyed, but not defeated.” — Hemingway, The Old Man and the Sea

                             Rat Rip-off Real Estate Report
                                 • NEWS OF THE BLUES ABOUT BOYCOTTING REAL ESTATE RATS •
VOLUME XXI              SPECIAL WINDERMERE NORTHEAST “I Just Simply Did Not Recall” MEDIA GUIDE EDITION                                          SPRING RATFEST 2006
    Would You Let Your Home, Health, Business, Life Savings and Credit Be
      Stolen By Lying Windermere Real Estate People and Their Phony
    Public Marketing Commitments, Without Fighting Back? Neither Will I.
 “In the real estate business somebody’s word is very important. If you say you’re going to do something, you’ve got to do it,” notes Geoff. (Wood, Windermere President)
Enron Goes Real Estate in Windermere’s Cruel Credibility Gap Between What It Says and What It Actually Does.
Caught in Lies and Hypocrisy, the Arrogant Realty Giant Sends Lawyers to Squash Lives of Little Guys.
                                                                                                                              ATTENTION WESTERN STATES
                                                                                                                              RADIO, TV, PUBLICATIONS and
                                                                                                                              WEBSITES!!! HELP GET THIS
                                                                                                                              CONSUMER WARNING OUT:
                                                                                                                              If you’re a Windermere Real Estate
                                                                                                                              customer—residential buyer or lister—
                                                                                                                              and you encounter an issue of ethics
                                                                                                                              or honesty with a Windermere agent or
                                                                                                                              broker, the Windermere organization
                                                                                                                              won’t honor its public commitment
                                                                                                                              to “The highest ethical standards.
                                                                                                                              Uncompromising honesty and integrity.”
                                                                                                                              And if you complain about the ethical
                                                                                                                              breaches of Windermere people to
                                                                                                                              Windermere executives, they’ll ignore
                                                                                                                              you AND your problem, then sue to
                                                                                                                              shut you up, and the truth. Here’s how
                                                                                                                              consumers can protect themselves:

Above, meet Willard Windermere. Agent George Rudiger and broker Joan Whittaker at Windermere
Northeast could’ve told me about Willard, but “At the time he listed the property, Rudiger simply did                         Don’t list property with Windermere. If
not recall Matzen’s report concerning an apparent past incidence of rats at the property.”                                    you have a current Windermere listing,
                                                                                                                              cancel it. Choose a company you can
            Dateline Shoreline, May 2002: pre-approved everything. Your agent recommends an                                   trust instead.
           For the ultimate and absolute life-ruining real       inspector who has a neat business card with a logo
estate nightmare, just imagine this:                             saying he has insurance and belongs to an inspector’s        Dilute commissions: Want to see or buy
           You move back to Seattle, a city you loved            federation. He gives you a nice little report with digital   a home listed through a Windermere
when you worked there years before. You’ve been fi-              pictures saying the place is crackerjack and just needs      agent? Do so by calling an agent who
nancially responsible and conservative, arriving with            a couple minor fixes. So you slap down nearly $47,000        is not affiliated with Windermere—all
zero debt and a little cash to start a new business. You’ve      and sign the papers, tickled to get the place.               brokers and agents work from the same
got a large downpayment for a home, and even your                            Then the day you actually get possession and     MLS.
car is paid off. Your life is in boxes, you go shopping          wander around inside your new home a bit, you start
for your new pad, and you find one in Shoreline that’s           getting sick, and swelling up, and eventually you start      Better yet, save time and money by
right in your price range. It’s on a great lot, too.             having a full-blown allergic reaction. Then you find rat     using one of the many specialized
           The house itself is a little bit old, but it’s been   droppings, a rat hole torn in a closet ceiling, a rodent     discount realtors gaining popularity by
painted up nicely with what the Windermere guy’s bro-            bait station behind the refrigerator in the kitchen pan-     offering itemized realty services.
chure says are “Martha Stewart colors.” This particu-            try closet. A closer look around reveals durable wire                           4.
lar Windermere guy is George Rudiger, of Windermere              mesh screening nailed in-between and over various
Northeast in Kirkland, a brokerage owned by Joan                 holes and gaps around the house. You don’t compre-           Use the internet and forget traditional
Whittaker, who is also what they call Designated Bro-            hend what all this means right away, but you’re a tad        realty services completely.
ker. You’ve got great credit, a big cash downie, and             upset and discouraged about the new place—it’s all                              5.
              CONTACT GARY at (775) 848-0288 or                                                                  Remember that in some states, like
                                                                                                                              Washington, home inspectors are
               For story files in Word, legal exhibits, color photos, or a GREAT ON-AIR                                       unregulated. Never use an inspector
               INTERVIEW about the ultimate real estate nightmare, CALL or EMAIL                                              recommended by your agent. Call your
               Gary now. DON’T LET THESE GUYS GET AWAY WITH IT!                                                               own, and check credentials thoroughly.
happening so fast. By the way, while all this is going on,               “We believe the plain existence of the
you’re living in an expensive rented loft downtown, so         following CONDITIONS were known by Windermere                                            WINDERMERE
you can take care of a new business you’ve just started        but not disclosed to potential purchasers, includ-                                       REAL ESTATE:
and flop somewhere at the same time.                           ing Mr. Kruger: • Substantial metal screening,
             Undaunted, you return to the house with a         meant to deter rodent activity placed around the                                          BLOWING
construction helper to do some light remodeling. Noth-         perimeter of the home. • Metal screening mounted                                          LIVES UP
ing major, some new kitchen cabinets and counters,             between the foundation blocks and the wood fram-                                          WITH LIES.
paint and carpet, the usual stuff that makes a new place       ing. • Metal screening on the second-story stor-
your own. When you and the helper lift a cabinet off           age floor. (attic) • Metal screening at the                            So there I was, 2 years later, homeless,
the floor, out spills a festering rats’ nest mound of dead     crawlspace access door.”                                    broke, in debt for a lawyer who quit, with a handful of
rat carcasses, rat feces, rat-urine-soaked insulation, old               On September 3, 2002, Windermere North-           Windermere lies. Surely Windermere’s public com-
food wrappers and chewed-off electrical wiring. Once           east Designated Broker Joan Whittaker responded:            mitment to The highest ethical standards, Uncom-
all this fetid mess is exposed to the air, the house be-                 “Mr. Rudiger categorically denies he had          promising honesty and integrity (click to page 6)
gins to fill with a foul and filthy stench reeking like a      any knowledge WHATSOEVER of the alleged CON-                would fix my battered life. At any rate, I would not be
hamster cage gone condo. Nice, eh? So, of course,              DITIONS. Indeed, if he had such knowledge, he               walking away from my entire life because of lying
you’re totally shocked and disgusted, as I truly was—          would’ve seen to it that these CONDITIONS would             realtors with sharp lawyers. I began a direct mail mar-
to put it mildly.                                              have been disclosed by the seller, in the sellers’          keting campaign to inform other Windermere brokers,
             It was pretty clear this house had a severe       “Real Property Disclosure Statement” (Form 17).             agents and customers about my experience with
rat problem, so I called a rat expert out of the Yellow        Further he would, as a matter of standard prac-             “Windermere People.”
Pages. When he got there, he said to open up the ad-           tice, revealed reality to the selling agent of this                    I wrote to Geoff Wood at Windermere Ser-
joining kitchen and bathroom wall, because rats travel         home...” (click to page 3)                                  vices Company, who publishes their highly touted com-
through walls to warmth and moisture for nesting. We                       Months passed. I lost my business and cli-      mitment to ethics and integrity on the web (click to
opened that wall and found yet more nests with more            ents, and about 40 pounds—went on sleeping pills            postcard, page 7), and here’s the response I got:
dead rat carcasses and festering rat nests. The interior       and anti-depressants. The lawyer was clicking tens-           A LAWSUIT FOR DEFAMATION AND TRADE LIBEL!
wallboard, studs and insulation were so saturated with         of-thousands by on his meter, litigating with the sell-            But I haven’t said anything that isn’t true.
rat urine that they glistened in the light and stunk like a    ers and the inspector. I ended up back in Reno, Ne-                    Windermere’s lawyer, Matt Davis—a nice
rotting outhouse—only worse. The Yellow Page guy               vada, where I moved from, living in a friend’s dining       enough guy—says, “If you were serious when you
said the helper and I had to wear RESPIRATORS if we            room after working a lifetime to afford my own home.        said that you would stop, then I am going to dis-
were going to work in there anymore. Later he wrote it         The house I bought sat reeking and empty, when fi-          continue my efforts to pursue you. I am not look-
all down in a report. I closed the place up and went           nally in January of 2003, I was desperately forced to       ing for any retraction. You could pursue your
back to the loft.                                              choose between keeping it or saving my credit, paying       counterclaim to your heart’s content once you pay
             Incredibly distraught, I called my agent. He      my bills, living expenses, and the lawyer. I sold the       the filing fee. What are your intentions?”
said to look at my Form 17 Real Property Disclosure            house as a fixer-upper at a loss of nearly $50,000 be-                 And now after almost 4 years, losses of
Statement—there’s specific questions for the seller:           cause, “...that money would come back in damages.”          nearly a million dollars, 2 lawsuits, and 3 years living
“4(F) Was a pest or dry rot, structural or “whole                          In March of 2003, through the discovery         in a friend’s dining room—life completely ruined for
house” inspection done? When and by whom was                   process, the sellers revealed the transaction documents     just innocently buying a house—I’ve just had a heart
the inspection completed?” Sellers’ answer: “Yes” box          from THEIR purchase of the home. The folks who sold         attack from the stress of it all.
checked. “When and by whom...” question mysteri-               THEM the house had checked the “Yes” box in the                        I recognize all the other terrible things go-
ously left blank. “4(G) Since assuming ownership,              FORM 17 vermin question they’d given to my sellers.         ing on in the world, but I humbly implore you—the
has your property had a problem with wood destroy-             There was also an inspection report they’d gotten           members of our collective social media conscience—
ing organisms and/or have there been any problems              (click to page 4) which stated:                             not to let Windermere Real Estate crush my life.
with pest control, infestations or vermin?” Sellers                        Cover all vents + holes with a durable
checked the “No” box.                                          wire to limit RATS                                           A HOME IS THE MOST DEAR INVESTMENT WE ALL MAKE.
             Holy smokes! The inspector missed all the                    Remove + replace the vapor barrier to
rat stuff. The sellers didn’t answer all the questions and     remove RAT droppings                                              BY MEETING ITS OWN STANDARD OF CARE, A
said “No” about vermin, but they had rat abatement                        Another page of the report said to “Plug RAT       “COMMITMENT TO THE HIGHEST ETHICAL STANDARDS,
equipment all over the place. I hired a lawyer, Jeffrey        holes.” So when the people who sold the house to me           UNCOMPROMISING HONESTY AND INTEGRITY,” AND BY
Mirsepasy in West Seattle, and he had me videotape             bought it themselves, they had their agent write out an      ALSO EXERCISING A LITTLE HONESTY AND BASIC HUMAN
another inspection with an ASHI certified inspector:           ADDENDUM/AMENDMENT TO PURCHASE AND SALE                         DECENCY, WINDERMERE REAL ESTATE COULD HAVE
          “In summation, the house is not fit for              AGREEMENT, (click to page 5) wherein—among other
habitation. All effected insulation, wood members              things—their agent wrote:                                          PREVENTED THE DESTRUCTION OF MY LIFE.
and fibrous finish materials will need to be re-                         ... remove + replace vapor barrier. Cover              PLEASE PROVIDE YOUR READERS, VIEWERS and
moved from the structure to correct these condi-               all holes with durable wire mesh.
                                                                                                                              LISTENERS THE VALUABLE REAL ESTATE CONSUMER
tions. Additionally, rodent chewing has damaged
the wiring. This condition causes a fire safety haz-             Who wrote that addendum in March of 1997?                              EXPERIENCE IN THIS STORY.
ard.”                                                             George Rudiger, for Windermere Northeast.                   EXPOSE WINDERMERE REAL ESTATE’S FRAUDULENT
             That’s what the inspector said in his report
after finding yet more rat trouble and a lot of other                     One of the sellers was his friend of 30 years.         CONDUCT AND TACTICS OF INTIMIDATION TO
impediments I won’t go into. GOOD GRIEF... “All ef-            He’d sold them the rathouse, but they were told it had                 THE COURT OF PUBLIC OPINION.
fected insulation, wood members and fibrous finish ma-         rat problems; it was also under treatment for rats by
terials...” was essentially the WHOLE STINKING HOUSE!          REDI NATIONAL PEST ELIMINATOR when they bought                NO WAY PRO SE...
The estimate to fix the place was more than $100,000.          it. He’d sold me the rathouse, categorically denying          I’ve Been Struggling For Years Now Without
The ASHI inspector brought along a odor decontami-             any knowledge whatsoever, of course. And he was sell-         Counsel Against a Hard-nosed Corporate
nation specialist, too, who testified on video and later       ing his friends their next house, too. Liars Rudiger,         Beast Who Litigates For Sheer Recreation. Do
in an affidavit, that the subfloors were so contaminated       Whittaker and Windermere Northeast were added to              You Know A Lawyer or Law Firm Who Still
with rat urine, his machines couldn’t ever remove the          the Complaint.                                                Feels a Little Idealism and Indignation and
stench. I sued the sellers, and the initial inspector who                 It takes 18 months to get to trial in King         Would Represent Me on a Probable Large
                                                                                                                             Contigency or Pro Bono Basis? I NEED HELP!!!
missed everything and turned out not to be a member            County. After taking $37,000 and spending 16 months
of the inspector’s federation or have insurance. At that       on the case, attorney Mirsepasy withdrew when I                 Gary: (775) 848-0288 —
point in time, I still had no idea my wonderful life would     couldn’t provide him another $25,000 trial retainer,
be utterly ruined forever.                                     just 2 weeks prior to Windermere’s Motion For Sum-
             What a mess. Now I had house I had to pay         mary Judgment. I ended up opposing the motion alone
for, but couldn’t live in it. I had an expensive loft that I   and quaking, representing myself Pro Se. I didn’t know
needed to stay in, but had given notice on already. I          what the heck I was doing. I didn’t know what to say,
had a lawyer racking up hours at over $200 per. All my         and I lost. Their motion said, “At the time he listed
worldly goods went into storage, where they remain to          the property, Rudiger simply did not recall Matzen’s
this day, almost 4 years later.                                report concerning an apparent past incidence of
             On August 21, 2002, attorney Mirsepasy            rats at the property.” YET, REMEMBER HERE, THAT I
wrote in a certified letter to John W. Jacobi,                 WOULD NEVER EVEN HAVE BEEN IN COURT AT ALL
Windermere, and George Rudiger, Windermere:                    BUT FOR DISHONEST, LYING WINDERMERE PEOPLE.
               • THE ONE      AND   ONLY GENUINE, OFFICIAL •

             Rat Rip-off Real Estate Report

Dear Mr. Wood, Sir...                        Rats: Better Than A Cozy Bonus Room!
          I wrote a month ago, asking that
you explain the discrepancy between
Windermere’s public commitment to “The
highest ethical standards. Uncompromising
honesty and integrity.” and Windermere
Northeast liars Joan Whittaker and George
Rudiger, but you are totally silent. Is that
commitment actually just more Windermere
          Please call (775) 848-0288 now
and explain why I should end up homeless
and wiped-out financially after working a
lifetime, merely because I bought a home
through lying Windermere people, while you
                                                    Just one                    charming
do nothing about it. Rat got your tongue? Above: upgrades of many similar andthe home I
                                             rodent          awaiting me within
                                              purchased through Joan Whittaker and George Rudiger
         —With Best Regards, Gary Kruger      at Windermere Northeast. (RRRER photo by GMK)

Rats... Total silence.                     100 N. Arlington Ave.
                                           #8H • Reno, NV 89501

                 REAL ESTATE:

                 LIVES UP
                 WITH LIES.

no response
about “The highest
ethical standards.
Uncompromising                                                     1.
honesty and                                Don’t list property with Windermere. If
                                           you have a current Windermere listing,
integrity.” from                           cancel it. Choose a company you can trust
Windermere                                 If you’re going to buy a home through
Services CEO                               Windermere, demand your agent and/or
                                           broker disclose EVERYTHING they know
Geoff Wood.                                about what they’re selling you.

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