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									8 a Healthier,        Ways to Create

Greener Home
                                                         2 Green Your Bedroom
                                                                  Sheets that have permanent press finishes typically contain formal-
                                                         dehyde, a known carcinogen, which becomes a gas at room temperature.
                                                         Since you spend so much time in bed, consider staying away from permanent
                                                         press fabrics, and buy organic cotton sheets or those made from alternative
                                                         fabrics like hemp or bamboo. Mattresses made from polyurethane foam
                                                         (“memory foam”) also contain and off-gas a variety of toxic chemicals, in-
                                                         cluding – in some cases – fire retardants. So, again, choose certified organic

1Breathe Easier
         The state of the air in your home might
                                                         mattresses or futons. (See the Ask Natural Life column in our May/June
                                                         2010 issue.)

not be as obvious as the dirt in your bathtub, but it
can be much more dangerous to your family’s
health. For instance, the air ducts used by your
furnace or air conditioner can contain dust, pol-
                                                         3 Use Non-Toxic Cleaners
                                                                   Some laundry detergents have more than four hun-
                                                         dred ingredients, which the manufacturer doesn’t have to
len, bacteria and even mold. And that contami-
                                                         list on the box. These products contain some exceedingly
nated air is circulated throughout your home, day
                                                         nasty ingredients and they’re tested by the manufacturers,
after day. Fortunately, it’s relatively inexpensive
                                                         not the government, prior to being unleashed into our
to hire a company to clean your ducts. Open the
                                                         homes. There are known health effects from many of the
windows or create other opportunities for fresh
                                                         chemicals commonly used in household cleaning and laun-
air exchange on an ongoing basis. Plumbing traps
                                                         dry products. Animal studies have shown reproductive
need to have proper venting to prevent sewer gas.
                                                         harm – testicular damage, reduced fertility, maternal toxic-
And gas appliances and woodstoves shouldn’t be
                                                         ity, early embryonic death and birth defects. Some of the in-
drawing on indoor air. Green up your home with
                                                         gredients are proven carcinogens. Making your own is greener and
house plants, which have been proven by NASA
                                                         cheaper...and not difficult. Baking soda, vinegar, and some elbow gre
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