Environmental Pollution's Worldwide Reach by ProQuest


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									    But are all of these enhancements      might assume,                               soot, pesticide residues, and other
things that we would want to see?          she says. Integ-                            toxins from region to region. Within
The authors stay relatively mum on         rity is what                                one week, they can cross an ocean. A
this question.                             makes the econ-                             year is all the time needed for them
    Having new powers to change the        omy go. With-                               to completely circumnavigate the
human body carries deep ethical di-        out it, a future                            globe. Consequently, any one locale’s
lemmas. Individuals who use medi-          of economic                                 ecological problems are likely to be-
cal treatments to boost their strength     prosperity will                             come the world’s ecological prob-
and intelligence might become a new        not be possible.                            lems.
ruling elite, for example. And a              Bernasek                                    The authors identify four main
society of people who only sleep four      cites the suc-                              types of pollutants — ozone, particu-
hours a night sounds like a society of     cesses that                                 late matter, mercury, and organic
workaholics. Kurpinski and Johnson         some major businesses attained by           pollutants — the long-term health
thoroughly relate the mechanics of         being trustworthy, and the compara-         risks each one presents, and specific
what we could develop, but they say        tively greater wealth that some na-         actions that the global community
little on whether we should develop        tions attain by enforcing transpar-         can take now to mitigate them.
it.                                        ency and integrity among their                 With thorough research and analy-
    Nevertheless, How to Defeat Your       national businesses. Then she de-           sis, Global Sources of Local Pollution af-
Own Clone is a lighthearted, erudite       scribes the benefits a new business         firms the interconnectedness of our
look at the many directions that bio-      can enjoy if it counts integrity and        world and the ties that bind every
medicine could lead society.               trustworthiness among its para-             community within it, and points out
                                           mount values.                               scientifically sound ways forward to-
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