Scanning the Future of Law Enforcement: A Trend Analysis by ProQuest


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                                                                                        By Eric Meade

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                                                                                        of crime and justice, one must ex-
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                                                                                        around us — socially, technologically,
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                                                                                        environmentally, economically, and
        th   is article                                                                 politically. Scanning the horizon for
                                                                                        trends and developments that may
                                                                                        influence the future of crime and jus-
       Alternative Futures applies this tool to trends                                  tice informs our strategies to create
                                                                                        the future we prefer. This exercise
                                                                                        also highlights how futures methods
  affecting law e                                                                       can yield insights into the decisions
                                 nforcement in th                                       we must make today.
                                                       e decades ahea
                                                                              d.           The trend analysis below, focusing
                                                                                        specifically on the United States, pro-
                                                                                        vides a base for understanding the
                                                                                        forces that may affect law enforce-
                                                                                        ment in the future. This will enable
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                                                                                        futures for society.

                                                                                        Social and Demographic Trends

                                                                                          There are several important demo-
                                                                                        graphic changes that will affect the

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