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[...] all four of the AASL standards can easily be found in this scenario, but for purposes of this months Management Matters, the emphasis is on the second standard: "Learners use skills, resources, and tools to draw conclusions, make informed decisions, apply knowledge to new situations, and create new knowledge" (American Library Association 2007). [...] the students must create their PowerPoint presentations.

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									Management Matters

Learning for Life:
Applying the AASL Standards
                                                                       by Pat Franklin and Claire Gatrell Stephens

W              hen the Ameri-
               can Association
               of School Librar-
ians (AASL) first released
the new Standards for the
                                              A Scenario
                                                  A physical education (PE) teacher
                                              approaches the school librarian. The
                                              teacher wants to create a unit about
                                              good nutrition and exercise for her stu-
                                              dents. Over the next few days, the school
                                                                                            resources, and tools to draw conclusions,
                                                                                            make informed decisions, apply knowl-
                                                                                            edge to new situations, and create new
                                                                                            knowledge” (American Library Associa-
                                                                                            tion 2007).

21st-Century Learner, contro-
                                              librarian and PE teacher collaborate          Applying the Standard
                                              on the lesson and a plan emerges. They            Initially, the students involved in
versy arose because many                      will work with the fifth grade class by       this nutrition/exercise study go through
school librarians thought                     dividing the topic into areas such as the     a process of generating questions and
                                              various food groups, food preparation         locating information to answer their
that they were vague and                      techniques, and types and benefits of         questions. These steps are part of the
de-emphasized informa-                        various kinds of exercise. After research-    first standard, which requires students
                                              ing their topics, students will produce       to “inquire, think critically, and gain
tion skill instruction. Many                  PowerPoint presentations for the school’s     knowledge” (American Library Associ-
school librarians had trouble                 in-house closed circuit system and the        ation 2007). As the students begin their
visualizing how the program                   school’s Web site so that their findings      research, the school librarian can see
                                              can be shared with both the school and        the students demonstrating the example
would be applied in their                     community.                                    standard. As the students locate infor-
school and work with their                        This lesson provides a great oppor-       mation, they need to draw conclusions
                                              tunity for collaborative teaching—and         about what they find. They identify
state standards. This year,                   not just for the school librarian and PE      facts and details, recognize similari-
the Management Matters                        teacher. If they reach out, they might        ties and differences in the information,
column in SLM is exploring                    find the students’ English and sci-           and start to formulate inferences about
                                              ence teachers are interested in getting       nutrition and exercise based on their
the implementation of the                     involved too. For the students, this          research. Each of these activities is
new AASL standards and                        scenario provides a great opportunity         classified as a skill example of Standard
                                              for inquiry-based learning as they begin      2. Students might demonstrate their
the Learning 4 Life (L4L)
                                              to identify the various benefits of good      process with a graphic organizer or by
program. This month the                       nutrition and exercise and then start         note taking.
focus is on application. How                  g
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