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									Thematic Journeys

Creating Monologues
for Fictional and Historical Studies
                                                                                                               by Gary Zingher

C        reating a mono-
         logue for a fictional
         character can be a
powerful way of bringing a
character to life. This activity
                                             then recorded. Students could even
                                             design and wear their own costumes.

                                             Mole’s Monologue
                                                A student, writing in first person,
                                             could create a monologue for Mole and
                                                                                            bubble.” As he sits on the bank, looking
                                                                                            out at the water, is he just waiting for the
                                                                                            next surprise?
                                                                                               Or what is Mole thinking that winter
                                                                                            afternoon when he first enters Wild
                                                                                            Wood? Is he feeling both cautious and
                                             describe how this gentle character feels       adventurous? And does he finally get to
requires knowledge of the                    about spring cleaning, and why he might        meet the Badger who resides there?
character’s history, interests,              seem frustrated and overwhelmed.
                                                                                                There was nothing to alarm
intelligence, yearnings, and                    All this dust is getting to me.                 him at first entry. Twigs crackled
concerns.                                                        My eyes are                    under his feet, logs tripped him,
   What kind of tempera-
                                                                 sore, my throat’s              funguses on stumps resembled
ment does the charac-
ter have? What type of
                                                                 congested, and                 characters and startled him for
humor? How does the                                              I’ve been cooped               the moment by their likeness
character react when                                             up for so long                 to something familiar and far
angered or tested? How                                           that I’m feeling               away; but that was all fun and
would students describe                                          antsy. I hate                  exciting…
the character’s physical                                         being consumed
surroundings?                                                                                  When does it turn for Mole? When
                                                                 by so much                 does his mood change and he starts to
Fictional Studies                                                clutter, and can’t         get creepy, knotted, uneasy feelings? Has
                                                                                            the forest really become darker? Why do
   Middle and older-                                             wait to get out
                                 Grahame, Kenneth.                                          the trees suddenly seem more tangled,
grade students, after                                            and see the sun.
                                    Tales from the Wind                                     more animated, more sinister?
reading and discussing                                           Why whitewash
                                    in the Willows.
Tales from the Wind in the                                       when I can frolic
Willows (Grahame, 1985),
                                    Puffin, 1985.
                                                                 in the meadow?             Other Monologues
could write a monologue                                                                        Rat is a character who identifies as a
for Mole, Rat, or Toad, putting into their
                                                Why sweep and sponge
                                                                                            river-banker, never grows tired of “mess-
own words how each of these characters          when I can wander ab
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