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Cookies: Bite-Size Life Lessons
                                                                                                            by Carolyn S. Brodie

C        ookies: Bite-Size Life
         Lessons, written by
         Amy Krouse Rosen-
thal and illustrated by Jane
Dyer, is the second book in a
                                                  that comes to mind for this book is to
                                                  actually make cookies! And eat them! If
                                                  permitted, a toaster oven can be used in
                                                  the classroom to make cookies. There is
                                                  absolutely nothing better than to read
                                                  stories about cookies and smell cookies
                                                                                                favorite kind of cookies on a cookie
                                                                                                    ▶Individual cookie-shaped books
                                                                                                can be made for children to write in and
                                                                                                share “bite-size life lessons” and favorite
                                                                                                cookie stories. Two six-inch circles out
                                                  baking.                                       of light brown construction paper can be
set of books by this author/                          ▶Cookies: Bite-Size Life Lessons is       used for the covers of a simple construc-
illustrator team to use the                       one of twenty books on The Mon-               tion paper book. Black construction
                                                  arch Award: Illinois’ K-3 Children’s          paper can be used for small chocolate
idea of “cookies” as the de-
                                                  Choice Award list (http://ux1.eiu.            chips. Five-inch circles of white paper
vice for teachable moments                                   edu/~psstorm/09monweb/             can be cut for the pages of the book. The
(HarperCollins, 2006).                                            cookies.html). A list of      side of the book can be stapled with 2-3
    In this book, a variety of                                       curriculum related         staples and a few chips can be glued on
children make and eat cookies                                         ideas for this book       the cover.
to illustrate important “life”                                         can be found on the          ▶The following sites have cookie
concepts such as loyalty, opti-                                        Web site (http://ux1.    recipes for young people:
mism, cooperation, patience,                                            Kids Cookies Recipes, from nick jr. of
respect, and compassion. For                                          09monweb/cook-                  Nickelodeon. http://www.nickjr.
example, the definition of trust-                                   ies.html). Each of the            com/recipes/all-shows/cookies-
worthy is “If you ask me to hold                                 books on the list has a page         treats/all-ages/index.jhtml
your cookie until you come back, when                       of ideas.                               There are forty-six recipes for kids with
you come back, I will still be holding                ▶The Monarch Award page has sug-              color pictures of the finished products.
your cookie.” These important words ap-           gestions for resource Web pages that            Kid Friendly Recipes, from Better
pear in bold capital letters on each page         focus on cooking. One of the sugges-             Homes and Gardens. http://cookie.
with their definition on the same page in         tions provides a link to Kids Cooking  
smaller type.                                     Club (http://www.kidscook.                       html
    The watercolor illustrations provide          com/ABOUT.ASP)                                       As of this writing, there are 176 kid
lovely vignettes that exemplify life les-         which is an interest-                                  friendly recipes to try—something
sons with children as the central focus.          ing concept simi-                                       for every cookie taste tester.
The spirit of the book focuses on not             lar to a “book of                                        Why Should We Let Kids Bake
only good will to others but on good              the month” club.                                         Cookies? Cookies in Motion.
manners as well—making them good                  Through a subscrip-                                      http://www.cookies-in-mo-
themes for study. Connections can also            tion, recipients re-                          
be made to issues of development and              ceive a kid’s cooking                                  This site has neat hints and tips for
multicultural studies.                            project in the mail once                            kids baking cookies and a number of
                                                  a month.                                          simple recipes.

Connect to Extension                                  ▶Students may bring in their favorite
                                                  cookie recipes for a classroom cookie
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