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                                 Bennett Office Technologies can assist you in planning a new building,
                                 adding on a few offices, redesigning or simply moving to a new loca-
                                 tion. We will work directly with suppliers, realtors, contractors, and ven-
                                 dors to ensure a smooth transition, with little interruption to your daily
                                 business activity.

                                 needs analysis
                                 A professional workspace designer from Bennett will meet with you to
                                 discuss your design project in full detail. Some questions that might be
                                 asked include:

                                     •   What functions does your staff perform?
                                     •   Which staff people interact frequently?
                                     •   How does your staff communicate?
                                     •   How does traffic flow through the office?
                                     •   How often do meetings take place?
                                     •   Does your space need to accommodate AV technologies?
                                     •   When does the project need to be completed?
                                     •   What is the projects budget?

                                 office layout & design
                                 After our designer has studied the space, interviewed key staff mem-
                                 bers and diagrammed the office’s work flow, the design process will
                                 begin. Using our CAD software, your new office space will come to life
                                 in a 3D view. Your new workspace will allow employees to be at their
                                 most productive within a comfortable working environment. Most impor-
                                 tantly, Bennett’s professional designer will work closely with your office
                                 staff to choose colors, fabrics and finishes in order to create a solution
                                 that fits your company’s unique style.
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                                 dealer partnerships
   Bennett Office Technologies   Bennett Office Technologies has dealer partnerships with
       312 24th Ave SW           several leading furniture suppliers, including Invincible
      Willmar, MN 56201

                              Office Furniture and Idea at Work . These suppliers offer first rate, afford-
                              able solutions for small design projects as well as multi-office expansions.

                              delivery & installation
                              A team of professional installers will make the move as effortless as pos-
                              sible, minimizing disruptions, and even installing your furniture
                              on evenings or weekends if necessary.

                              Bennett’s workspace designers will work with you to refurbish
                              existing furniture, or deal on used pieces. Ask your design
                              consultant for further details.

                              financing & leasing
                              Office furniture can be a major investment. That’s why Bennett offers
                              financing and leasing packages that can help your cash flow and make
                              your design project a reality.

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Bennett Office Technologies
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