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					                           Florida Career College
                                         Catalog Addendum
                                           Last Modified: 1/08/09
                                   Amendment to 2007-2008 School Catalog
                                        Volume XXIV – August 2007

                              Statement of Legal Control & Board of Directors
                                         (Amendment to Page 2)

Florida Career College is owned and controlled by Education Training Corporation, a Florida Corporation. The
officers of the corporation are, Pedro DeGuzman, President & Chief Operations Officer, and Jeffrey Pierne,
Chief Financial Officer. The corporate offices are located at 3383 N. State Road 7, Lauderdale Lakes, Florida
33319, and (954) 535-8688.

                                    Clinical Skin Care Diploma Program
                           Career Track, Program Outline & Course Descriptions
                                       (Amendments to Pages 4 & 9)

The total program credits for Clinical Skin Care diploma program were increased from 30 to 33 credit hours.

The applicable revisions made to the program description, course name and credit hours are explained below:

                                           Clinical Skin Care
                                               Diploma Program

The mission of the Clinical Skin Care Program is to provide comprehensive training and practice in skin care
treatment that prepares students to enter the workforce as a skin care practitioner. Graduates are eligible to
apply for licensure as a facial specialist required by the Florida Board of Cosmetology.

                                               Program Objectives
To develop a wide range of skills in providing skin care treatments through instruction and practice. Students are
prepared for work in medical, salon or spa environments.

                                               Clinical Skin Care
                                               Diploma Program
                                             7.5 Months - 33 Credits

       Course Number                        Course Name
                                                                                     Credit Hours
           CLC104                            Clinic IV                                      3
           SPA 160                      Advanced Skin Care                                  3
                                      REVISED COURSE INFORMATION
       Course Number                           Course
                                                                                     Credit Hours
           CLC104                             Clinic IV                                    4.5
           SPA 160                       Advanced Skin Care                                4.5

                                           COURSE DESCRIPTIONS
                                        (Amendment to Pages 11 & 15)


CLC104 • Clinic IV
Student will continue application of skin care techniques, focusing on customizing special treatments for client.
Student will also be applying microdermabrasion and chemical peels, and practice SOAP notes using medical
terminology and abbreviations. 4.5 credits. Prerequisite: SPA120. Lab Fee $75.

SPA160 • Advanced Skin Care
Students learn and perform chemical treatments with the use of both natural and laboratory designed chemicals
to loosen dead skin cells from the skin surface. This course include analysis of sun damaged skin, advanced
mature treatments, hyperpigmentation, ethnic skin, acne morphology and treatment, exfoliation and alpha
hydroxyl. 4.5 credits. Prerequisite: SPA120.

                                         ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS
                                           (Amendment to Page 16)

An admissions representative interviews applicants on campus. During this interview, the admissions
representative evaluates an applicant’s career goals, and potential for academic success. This interview gives
applicants the opportunity to determine whether the programs of study meet their individual objectives.
An applicant for admission must be a high school graduate, general equivalency diploma, its equivalent or
satisfactorily pass an "Ability to Benefit Test" (ATB) approved by the US Department of Education.
The school currently utilizes the U.S. Department of Education approved Wonderlic Basic Skills Test for Ability
to Benefit testing. Only an independent third party may administer the admissions test per federal regulations.
Applicants must score a minimum of Verbal 200 and Quantitative 210 in order to meet this admissions

Prospective students complete and sign an enrollment application and provide a photo identification. The
Campus Executive Director reviews the application and notifies the applicant of acceptance within two weeks.

No person shall be excluded from participation in Florida Career College or be subject to any form of
discrimination because of race, color, sex, national origin, religion, age, or disability.

                                          FCC INSTITUTIONAL LOAN
                                            (Deletion to Page 20)

                                      (Addition, Page 20)

The Executive Director Scholarship is a need based merit scholarship awarded to eligible applicants. Awards
are calculated based on scheduled credit hours and financial need. The maximum scholarship amount is
$1,600. The scholarship is disbursed into equal payments at the beginning of each quarter during the award
period. Students meeting the requirements can apply for the scholarship every award year through
graduation. To remain eligible students must:

•   maintain a GPA of 2.67 or above
•   be current on their financial obligations
•   complete the first academic year prior to becoming eligible. (Effective after 3/27/08).
•   have completed at least three quarters or one full Stafford/Direct loan award year
•   leave of absences do not count as completed quarters.

                                 HOURS OF OPERATION AND START DATES
                                         (Correction to Page 22)

The 2007-2008 Academic Calendar on the back cover provides start dates. Completion dates are determined by
the length of the program based on full-time enrollment.

                                    COURSE SUBSTITUTION/REPETITION
                                        (Amendment to Page 23))
The College’s substitution policy allows students to replace up to two failed course grades in a program per
academic year. Additional failed courses must be repeated without the substitution of the original grade. Under
both circumstances the College’s satisfactory progress policy applies. Substitution will allow the original grade to
become an “RPT” when the retaken course is successfully completed with a minimum grade of C. The “RPT”
grade will have no effect on the GPA. Students not eligible for course substitution may still repeat a course.
Under course repetition the original and retaken courses count toward the GPA and completion percentage.

                                              TUITION AND FEES
                                            (Amendment to Page 25)

The credit tuition rate for all programs offered by Florida Career College increased to $445 per credit hour
effective with the classes starting on July 7, 2008.

Registration Fee                                                   $100.00
Foreign Student Registration Fee (non-refundable)                  $350.00
Tuition Per Module Credit                                          $445.00
Lab Fees (see course descriptions)                                 $0 to $75.00
Supply Fees (per quarter)                                          $28.00
Medical Lab Fee                                                    $350.00
Transcript Review for Transferred Credits (one time)               $250.00
Credit By Examination (per course)                                 $125.00
Re-entry Fee (any re-entry/re-enroll)                              $50.00
Certification of Completion (free via the Web)                     $5.00
Transcript (Fee waived if transferred to another school)           $7.50
Diploma Replacement                                                $35.00
Late Final Examination Fee                                         $25.00
Late Payment Fee                                                   $15.00
Status Change Fee (Drop to Half-Time)                              $100.00
Photo ID Badge Replacement                                         $5.00

                                        (Update to Page 28)

                                        Clearwater Campus
            Name/Title                        Education                           Experience
David E. Moore                   B.B.A., Madison University           35 years of Business and
Executive Director               Gulfport, MS                         Education Experience
Nathaniel Knight Jr.             A.A. University of Maryland          5 years of FA Experience
Director of Financial Services   College Park, MD
Yudi Nin Cyclen                  B.S. University of South Florida     1 year FA Experience
Financial Aid Advisor            Tampa, FL
Sheronda Byrd                    A.S, Florida Career College          1 Year FA Experience
Financial Aid Advisor            Pembroke Pines, FL
Ramona Cogmon                    BS, Business Administration          7 yrs in Staffing
Director of Career Services      Bethune-Cookman College              Industry/Education
                                 Daytona Beach, FL
                                 MA in Human Resource Mgmt
                                 Nova Southeastern University,
                                 Fort Lauderdale, FL
Tari Colon                       AS, Business Administration-         5 yrs in Business Management
Extern Coordinator               BS, Business Administration          /Education
                                 Northwood University
                                 W.P.B., FL
                                 Masters anticipated completion,
                                 December 2008
                                 St. Leo University, St. Leo, FL
Craig Smith                      B.A., Human Communications           14 years Recruiting/Education
Director of Admissions           Western Illinois University
                                 Moline, IL
Maggie Finales                   A.S., St. Pete College               6 years admissions
Assoc. Director of Admissions    St. Pete, FL
Danielle Beate                   B.S., Liberal Arts                   1 year Admissions
Admissions Representative        University of South Florida
                                 Tampa, FL
Thelmarie Gunter                 B.S., Business Marketing             1 year Admissions
Admissions Representative        University of South Florida
                                 Tampa, FL
Marjori Nelson                   M. S. – Business Management          1 year Admissions
Admissions Representative        Bellevue University
                                 Bellevue, Nebraska
Heather Williamson               High School                          1 ½ years High School Presenter
High School Representative
Guy Hanna                        M.S. IT, Florida State University,   9 years education
Director of Education            Tallahassee, FL
Maria Bolivar                    ABA
Student Services Coordinator     Universidad del Pacifico
                                 Cuenca, Ecuador S.A.
                                 BSB, U.C.F
Trisha Eular                     St. Pete College                     6 Years Business Office Mgr
Business Office Manager
Tim Wilkins                      Columbus Institute of Tech.          26 years IT experience
IT Administrator                 Columbus. OH
Yolanda Urso                     Mount St. San Antonio, Walnut        10 Plus years office experience
Front Desk
Brandy McDonald                  High School                          1 year Registrar Exp
Gary Carman                      HS diploma                           40 years experience

                           FULL-TIME FACULTY
                            Clearwater Campus
               Name              Education/Credentials                      Experience
                                   Clinical Skin Care
Shelley Jessup                B.A., Univ of South Carolina       2 years instructing experience,
Facial Specialist             Columbia, SC.                      11 years licensed esthetician/skin
                              A.A. US College of the Army        care specialist
                              San Antonio, TX
Hunter Stenhouse              Skin Care Diploma                  4 years licensed esthetician/skin
Facial Specialist             Elite Academy – Dunedin, FL        care specialist
                           Health Insurance Billing & Coding
Mary Koloski, CBCS            CBCS, Certified Healthcare         6 years instructing experience,
Team Leader                   Instructor                         24 years in the Medical Billing
                              Billing & Coding Specialist        and Coding field
                              Columbus Business University
                              Columbus, OH
                              National Healthcare Association
Laurie Dennis                 Healthcare Instructor              1 year instructing experience, 12
                              Erwin Technical – Tampa, FL        years in the Medical Billing and
                                                                 Coding field
Wanda Raymond                 Business Administration            17 years in the Medical Billing
                              Master’s Degree                    and Coding field
                              National Louis University,
                              Chicago, IL
                                    Medical Assistant
Darlana Brown, LPN, CBCS      LPN, North Georgia Tech and        5 year instructing experience, 16
                              Vocational School, Gainesville,    years in the Medical field
                              GA; CBCS, Gainesville, GA
                              National Healthcare Association
Melissa DaLomba, CMA          Certified Medical Assisting        5 years in the Medical field
                              Associates Degree
                              New England Technical,
                              Warwick, RI
Kimberly Thorpe               Medical Assisting Diploma          1 year instructing experience, 12
                              Eton Technical, Bremmerton, WA     years in the Medical field
                           Networking and Internet Security
Ivan Serrano                  Electrical Engineering             18 years in the Information
                              Bachelor’s Degree – University     Technology field
                              of Central Florida – Orlando, FL
                           Professional Therapeutic Massage
Allan Rothberg                Massage Diploma                    5 years instructing experience; 7
                              EduTech Centers                    years Licensed Massage
                              BLS/CPR Certified Instructor       Therapist
                              Temple University –
                              Physical Therapy – BS

                    ADJUNCT FACULTY
                    Clearwater Campus
             Name         Education/Credentials                    Experience
                            Clinical Skin Care
Barbara Frankel        Loraine's Academy – St.           1 years instructing experience, 3
Facial Specialist      Petersburg, FL                    years licensed esthetician/skin
                                                         care specialist
                    Health Insurance Billing & Coding
Mara Henry             Criminal Justice Bachelor’s       10 years in the Medical Billing
                       Degree – University of South      and Coding field
                       Florida – Tampa, FL
                    Professional Therapeutic Massage
Debra Rockman –        Botany Bachelor’s Degree –        4 years instructing experience;
                       University of Wisconsin –         18 years Licensed Massage
                       Milwakee, WI                      Therapist
                       Massage Diploma – Suncoast –
                       Tampa, FL
                            General Education
Charles Burgess        Secondary Education –             18 years instructing experience
                       Bachelor’s Degree – Miami         in the Information Technology
                       University – Oxford, OH           field
Anthony Polk           Information Technology –          13 years in the Information
                       Master’s Degree                   Technology field
                       Colorado Technical University –
                       Colorado Springs, CO


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