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degrees of freedom


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									Quark as one of 6 degrees of freedom of the electron wave

           Quark & Universe made of forever hidden quantum

            The silly quark is quantum that we cannot count,
                 So we assign mass of mysterious amount.
              Our physics of small & large is a fuzzy mess;
          Quantum & quark have only math on which to rest.
         Electron measure needs a quantum number quite fixed;
         One over Planck’s constant with its dimensions tricked.
            Energy in ergs and mass in grams are confused;
         Hidden quantum in quarks leaves measurement abused.
            While the constant mass of electrons save the day,
            Universe, quantum and quarks are all left at play.

Frequency as energy measure lets h be in both ergs and grams in E = hf

Frequency, f, measures as numerically equal to the square of the speed of motion
along a given line. Let it be about the movement of G-size Higgs particle mass over a
variable R-size pulse increment of distance, so v2 energy means a constant unit of
mass, say m = nh grams, is pulsing back and forth (oscillating) at a constant speed,
v. The vibratory acceleration, a  f  v2  nhf, where n = 1/h for a unit of mass as
pulse measured. The mind’s eye asks ―how can f be numerically equal to constant unit
pulse distance, mass, and acceleration all at once? What if visible matter (VM) can
only experience one molecular electron at a time, whose constant mass is h grams?
Then E = hf = ma where h is mass in grams and not ergs and f  a! Let dark matter
(DM) auto-granulate to make it so-- as the harmony of Pythagoras, Einstein and
Kepler. An underlying universal harmony (UH) insists that R/G  3v2  M  nh
where n is a count of electrons in pulse parallel- and we never get to parse! Detail at

VM is bound by closed loop helical strings of Higgs particles we call electrons--
varying in size and energy, but having constant mass. Inertial and gravitational
mass are then expressed for VM purposes by very dynamic electron come and go as
DM sustained automatically. VM is then an asymmetric overlay on a spherically
arranged field of circulating DM we call a gravity field. VM experiences only other
VM- at the electron closed loop binding level –as both are interactively immersed in an
elastic universal DM fluid. Our collective mind’s eye can visualize Higgs particle
detailed mechanics for both VM and DM-- but we are stuck with experiencing one
molecular sized electron at a given moment of frequency pulse time. VM bound by
molecular sized closed loop electrons must measure using that electron as a standard
yard stick. Granulating fluid DM makes each molecular size electron yield a constant
increment of distance! Every electron in an atom or molecule is a temporary storage
of h grams of mass—most of which mass must cyclically come and go to mark ever-
changing energy state-- and also serve as ongoing VM binding energy. The variable
radius molecule is indeed the smallest building block of VM electronic binding.

Visualization of physics in the direction of DM-small for one electron as 3-D
emergent whole, requires a wave of Higgs particles with constant mass equal to h
grams so that E = hf is frequency pulse ambiguous with respect to electron level
energy and mass until we learn to always write E = nhf and know that real world
measure always involves a large value of n --as a count of electrons that are moving in
parallel with each felt frequency pulse! Crude measure never gets to parse-- so h in
ergs and grams is forever confused. We can curve-fit predict problematically to let the
math blind us to the detailed pulse level truth! As necessary pre-geometry before and
after measure, DM makes and hides the mechanical detail of a single frequency pulse
of one electron-- so its true picture cannot be problematic-math stop-framed .

The one-dimensional measure of energy-mass progression along the centerline of a
traveling wave can be given 3-D credence by seeing a continuous string of real Higgs
particles of a finite average size G that create that wave to which we assign an
average lateral radius of R. A material point R is then said to be spinning such that
one world line around it constitutes one turn of the helix as it winds it’s way along a
long line of touching R’s that form a ray of radiation. The world line around each
successive R constitutes one quantum frequency pulse of energy. The number of
Higgs particles required to form a world line minimum quantum of energy of h ergs
is said to be equal to 1/h  1026. Now let one electron size helical string wave consist
of 1//h quantum one turns, or 1/h2  1052 Higgs particles, and the constant mass
equal to h grams- so that one Higgs particle has a mass of h3 grams and the electron
total Higgs particle mass is me = (1/h2)h3 = h grams. Universal Harmony (UH), as
found hidden in Kepler’s data on planetary motions, requires that dark matter
granulate such that R/G  3v2 = M, where 3v2 is the 3-axis spin/vibration energy of R,
and M is the count of G-size Higgs particles defining the spherical surface of R.

Planck’s constant, h, is a minimum quantum of radiation energy that forms one
helical turn world line around a material point of radius R to constitute one
frequency pulse worth of distance moved. The movement in fluid dark matter space
by 1/h G-size Higgs particles making up a one-turn-around-R is always to another
touching R in one of just six directions-- for a 3-D-vibratory fluid space. The
dimensionless ratio, R/G, is then seen as always numerically equal to the 3-axis spin
and vibration energy of the surface of each R. This underlying law of physics is here
defined as Universal Harmony (UH) after Kepler—who unknowingly discovered it
the motions of the planets as stated above.

Energy as measured is about molecular sized electrons and generally not atom-sized
and it was wrong of Bohr to assume that f = v/ did not apply to electron circular
positioning inside the atom. The atom model has always been non-physics-like crude
and now it can be seen as grossly wrong! We measure energy by molecule size
simply because we cannot measure by atomic size. Atoms furiously send electrons
back and forth to mark energy state and to bind all molecular matter per f = v/.
This fact leads to the visible outer boundary of the atom and molecule being where
the G-size dark matter circulation reaches the speed of light,c! See the 4 page paper
at: http://www.geocities.com/CapeCanaveral/Hall/2638/1TheSpeedOfLight.doc

The key to new physics understanding in the direction of small is 1) that Electrons
as the minimum visible matter (VM) mass increment is always measured outside the
atom where it cannot move faster than the speed of light, v = c, while 2) the G-size
Higgs particle as minimumVM-relatable dark matter (DM) cannot move faster than
the speed of vmax = (1/3h)  237c! It is this maximum speed of G that goes with the
maximum speed of c-movement from R to R in forming a line of radiation energy as
measured-- that holds all the new detailed mechanical insight so desperately needed. A
so called infinitesimal one dimensional line of radiation is a 3-D helical wave of
radiation whose width of propagation through dark matter fluid space is given by R
and the total number of G for the electron as a whole is fixed at 1/h3.

Crude measure collapses Higgs particle movement by geometric projection onto
centerline so that we only get one of the 3 dimensions of movement of the Higgs
particle wave. The lateral components of the electron spin are treated as magnetic
energy while distance per unit time along wave centerline is electric. In slit
experiments we see the variable scattering of Higgs particle impacts in the plane.
Slit and cloud chamber trace-synthesis for a false particle theory and problematic
wave function math—that has led us to silly-defined quarks and an even more silly
Big Bang universe. Our wrong particle models of atom, proton and neutron have to
somehow add up for conservation of energy without the aid of knowing the true
dynamic geometry of the conserving whole. Our math literally hides the necessary
deterministic 3-D spin and 6-D vibratory synchrony of DM Higgs particle
mechanics ---just as Einstein tried but failed to convince Bohr. Thus real world
science was never revealed and we have a huge academically religious enterprise
pretending to be true science - denying all possibility of one genetically built-in math-
less faith for everyone. The quark becomes the model-silly action of 6 degrees of
freedom of electron pulse vibration without known distance or frequency!

The incredible true impact of M = nh, f = v2 & n = 1/h for unit mass

In new kinetic theory : (1) atoms and molecules as emergent gravity fields are
always in spin-vibration contact at their R-size surfaces, (2)atom and molecule outer
boundaries as we see them with various radiating instruments are c-boundary
defined, where BH-stirred dark matter is circulating at the speed of c so as to
maximally reflect energy back to molecular instrumentation, (3) vibratory
Browning motion is the average energy of lab specimen molecules is per E = nhf,
where n is a very large number of molecules vibrating in time-parallel synchrony,
and v being the average speed of one way vibration, so one may write E = Mv 2 for
the energy involved, (4) when one looks at a star and the moon, molecules vibrating
at their bright surfaces send molecular (not atomic) size electrons through open
space to literally touch the retina in real time, (5) Newton’s F = Ma  nhf  Mv2
because f and v2 act as pulse acceleration as well a speed-- in moving Higgs mass
along the projected centerline of the electron as helical string of 1/h quantum, where
one quantum is 1/h G-size Higgs particles that form a world line around the spin
surface of R, so that the electron we feel & measure is 1/h lined up touching R-
surfaces and a maximum density helical string of 1/h2 Higgs particles.

One can now new-physics visualize that Higgs particles are the only true point-like
entities and are in fact a maximum energy density black hole (BH) whose outer
boundary spin speed is equal to v max = (1/3h)  237c! That is, the one axis Higgs
particle spin energy and acceleration marks a new frequency-energy maximum of
(vmax)2 = (237)2c2! This is a spin/vibration energy hierarchy gradient at the finite BH
center of every gravity field, including the atom and molecule. As spin-speeding
black holes, the Higgs particles are strong-force gravity bound to one another to form a
maximum energy-mass-force helical string wave called the electron.

With electrons seen mistakenly as a spinning particles rather than a wave screwing
its way along in the manner of a maximum density helix, we find its 6-degrees of
vibration motion to be mysteriously changing quark particles of vague energy and
mass. In reality, there is just a continuous and manifest extrusion and sucking of
electrons that alternately display themselves as 1) mass when absorbed to orbit
internally, 2) energy when released as measured radiation.

Electrons alternately being absorbed as mass and released as radiation in
astronomical numbers routinely form closed loop binding energy-mass-force that
creates, self-maintains and completely identifies visible matter. The mass of the
electron is constant at h grams both inside and outside of atoms and molecules
precisely because it represents maximum density string where the fixed number of
1/h2  1052 Higgs particles having a total mass of h3 grams. It takes 1/h electrons or
1/h3  1079 Higgs particles, to equal a unit of move-measured mass. Finding the
Higgs is never going to be anything but even more abstract, electron-pulse-silly
math-- just like the quantum, and the quark.

We do not need the concept of particles anymore, except for the Higgs; the ultimate
math-only-measure that can truly be said by the minds’ proper eye --to be point like
with no wave qualities at all! The quantum is simply the minimum energy ―wave
function‖ of quantum electrodynamics, and the quark is one of six degrees of freedom
of the vibration of the electron as it helical- wave-propagates back and forth through
fluid space. Everything that is experienced or measured is one or more electrons, each
electron consisting of a practical infinity of Higgs particles. If we break the alternating
electron wave into its 6-degree of freedom vibratory components, we get 6 quarks that
have smaller practical infinites of Higgs particles each..

That which changes faster than we can experience and measure is strictly an
abstraction of convenience. Proper mind’s eye visualization of mechanical detail
allows our ―collective mind‖ to know ontologically that there is no force-at-a-distance
anywhere at any time-- so we can math model with one sense of truth about physical
reality as deterministic, not problematic in that detail. Only then can we have comm on
human feel-- as natural physicists and preachers of one faith and one sense of science.
The forever entangled combination of 1) a gut felt natural faith in ourselves as an
evolving, always learning species, along with, 2) the fact there can be no
―nothingness‖ in that fluid of space that immerses all-- in the most intimately
interactive way as imagined by all the same.

The baby cannot be thrown out with the DM bath water ---the bath water IS the Living
Holy Baby! It lives in the sense of endless holistic self-assembly as we experience it,
and holy in the sense that faith alone makes us know that we are mortal-but-ever-
linked-pieces of its emergently immortal wholeness – a wholeness that routinely creates
and destroys mortal VM.

Anthropic Principle Defined by h-Symmetry is Urgently Needed

Experienced h-symmetry is all the mechanical explanation one is ever going to get
or need --to allow fully visualized frequency pulse level final truth by one and all.
An Underlying Universal Harmony (UH) of least friction, lowest possible energy
state prevails everywhere for all time, and creates an h-symmetry-driven Anthropic
Principle just for us. We can intuitively ―feel‖ and vividly ―see‖ UH at work in the
directions of small and big without limit. It is all the common religious and scientific
faith we are ever going to get, and it is all we need to have eternal peace—to raise us
up-- as ONE Living Energy-Mass-Force on Earth---to eventually seed the universe
with ―Our Kind‖ in perpetuity.

This revolutionary and evolutionary new & complete theory has been documented
in various ways on the internet now since 1992. It is potentially future-saving for
human life on Planet Earth but only to the extent that those at or near the top of
academia around the globe are willing to let go of their self-esteem-giving false
paradigm or paradigms—in order to forestall an inevitable, now clearly mounting
self destruction on a global level. This global scale self destruct is mounting fast at
this time because of the lack of One Faith and One Science— that the majority of
deep thinking humans can agree to and provide the quick-gelling leadership needed
---to make sure that the necessary new insights and new hopes are quickly shared
and multiplied via internet interchange--- before it is too late.

One here pleads with each of you capable of seeing the urgent need for an internet-
fed spark ---about the new paradigm of truth that can only be sparked in sufficient
time and magnitude from the top down.

Please further research here with the viewing of the short paper at
And if sufficiently motivated, then point as many as you feel might benefit to the
entire list of new theory development papers at

The existing edifice of science, while generally very predictive, really does prevent
clear visualization of truth at the local event level. It is not only as bad as Einstein
imagined in his argument with Bohr, but since he failed for 30 years of diligently
trying to fix his theory, he winds up having secured the false paradigm in a way that
requires the full equivalent of whistle blowing at the highest level-- to the effect that
no-one in science really knows in their mind or gut what they are doing. We can and
must do better starting at the top if at all possible.


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