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					                                   November 2009 Results — Director Misty Pollard
                        Future Executive Senior Sales Page 1

                         ollard’s P Angels
                         P         ink
                                        November Results & Recognition       December, 2009

                                        Happy December Pink Angels!!!
♦    $650,000 Unit Club                   I'm SO excited that it's a BRAND NEW month!!! We finished out
♦    Build to 200 unit members          November with $16,579. We didn't quite hit our goal of $18,000 but we
                                        SURE got close!! The momentum is building and I know this can be a
                                        huge month for us with all the Christmas selling opportunities! Our
    MONTHLY GOALS                       new goal for the month of December is $20,000. We have done this
♦    30 new unit members                before and I know we can do it again! Our recruiting goal is 15 new
♦    $20,000 wholesale production       team members, SO think of your friends that may want a tax benefit,
  These goals will not happen without   extra money, 50% off Christmas shopping & personal use, or a new
YOUR help!! Who can you add this year   career. Bring them to the meeting or get them on the Kathy Helou
 to help our team grow and make these
    goals a reality? Pink hugs, Misty
                                        marketing line, have them call the hotline or set up an interview appt
                                        with me! I want to help you build your team! This is the SELLING AND
                                        RECRUITING time of the year!!! Let's all take advantage!!
                                          As we get close to Christmas, please remember to keep
                                        asking EVERYONE if you can help then with their last minute
                                        Christmas shopping. (Especially men because they always wait until
                                        the last minute. =)) Why not offer some of our awesome stocking
                                        stuffers, body gift sets, etc. They really make GREAT gifts! If you
                                        don't ask, they will definitely get it somewhere else! Also, don't forget
    WHOLESALE COURT                     to have a End of year Clearance sale. I always have this the week
                                        after Christmas and it always pays off. Lots of people get money for
          Amanda Horn                   Christmas so this is a great time to offer a sale and of course our
           $1,073.00                    opportunity! =)
        Debbie C. Freeman                  Huge Congratulations to Kristy Harris and her team for finishing
            $910.00                     Month 3 of DIQ! Please keep them in your prayers as they wrap it up
        Debbie E. Phillips              this month and make their very own unit! =) Also, a huge Congrats to
            $665.25                     our newest Red Jackets.....Deb Freeman, Carrie Cook, and Lydea
                                        Teal! So proud of ya'll! =)
                                           I hope you are all excited about all the opportunity this month. I have
       SHARING COURT                    a personal commitment to 30 new faces this month and sell
                                        $5,000. It's so possible and I hope you'll join me! LETS HAVE A
    Brenda Tucker                2
                                        DYNAMIC DECEMBER!!! :)
    Roni S. Turner               1
    Sheilagh E. Barmore          1      Love you all and hope you have a wonderful Christmas and Holiday
    Misty M. Pollard             2      Season!!!
                                        Pink hugs,
  Spotlight On Team Builders!
                                                             November 2009 Results — Page 2

                    Standings are updated as of November 30th—this will not reflect December orders or new team members.

          DIQS                                                  Star Recruiters
                                                                                                             Recruiter :Kimie R. Meadows
          Recruiter : Kristy Harris                          Recruiter :Carrie Cook                             Alyssa B. Lowery
             Jenny L. Acree                                     Ashley N. Bilbo
             Teresa M. Baggett                                  Carrie L. Garner                             Recruiter :Suzanne C. Mock
             Christy L. Born                                    Brittany D Humphries                            Lori D. Miller
             Kerry W. Brown                                                                                     Beverly C. Simmons
             Samantha A. Brown                               Recruiter :Debbie C. Freeman                     * Kellie B. Grubbs
             Cassandra M. Davis                                 Jenny L. Acree
             La-Trish Englett                                   Ondrea N. Fox                                Recruiter :Natalie Morgan
             Debbie C. Freeman                                  Amanda L. Hyde                                  Nancy R. Newman
             Ashley N. Frost                                    Amanda Wilson
             Karin Huckeba                                                                                   Recruiter :Wanda New
             Amanda L. Hyde                                  Recruiter :Lydia G. Teal                           Kimberly New
             Tammy M. Lester                                    Samantha A. Brown
             Alyssa B. Lowery                                   Kimie R. Meadows                             Recruiter :Tonna M. Pawley
             Kimberly F. McMahan                                Hannah N. North                                 Ashley N. Frost
             Kimie R. Meadows                                                                                   Lydia G. Teal
             Hannah N. North
             Tonna M. Pawley                                                                                 Recruiter :Beverly C. Simmons
                                                                Senior Consultants                              Kristen Coley
             Margie A. Shreve
             Patty S. Smith                                  Recruiter :Sheilagh E. Barmore
             Lydia G. Teal                                                                                   Recruiter :Brenda Tucker
                                                                Amanda Horn                                     Breanna Stapler
             Alicia N. Watson
             Amanda Wilson                                                                                      Heather M. Woody
                                                             Recruiter :Marcy M. Burkes                       * Amy D. Cook
             Kathy P. Young                                     Jessica M. Warren
           * Deidre L. Curry                                                                                  * Alicia C. McCleary
           * Dolly A. Gonzalez                                                                                * Carline A. McGreger
                                                             Recruiter :Maggie A. Dockery                     * Lisa Stewart
           * Christen B. Jones                                  Amanda R. Sprewell
           * Jennifer N. Kee                                                                                  * Amanda L. Stovall
                                                              * Ashley G. Mixon                               * Joan D. White
           * Peggy A. Lovvorn
           * Maigen E. Waldon                                Recruiter :Chandel B. Lanier                                               *To become ACTIVE
                                                                Felicia Hartley                                                           you must place a
                                                                                                                                        $200 wholesale order.

                                Follow the Steps to Success!

   Senior                             Star Team                              Team                        On-Target                        Director in
 Consultant                            Builder                              Leader                        for Car!                       Qualification
                                      RED JACKET                                                        (5+ actives and $5,000               Effective Jan. 1, 2010
(1-2 active team members)                (3+ actives)                        (5+ actives)                wholesale growing to                (10+ actives growing
                                                                                                        14 actives and $20,000              to 24 in 4 months and
    4% Commission                Sr. Consultant benefits plus        All the previous benefits plus      in 4 months or less)                be a star consultant!)
                                     Red Jacket Rebate                     9-13% Commission                                                  Production during DIQ
                                                                                                         Eligible to earn use of         counts towards car! Eligible
                                  Eligible for $50 Bonuses                 Team Leader pin             Career Car or $375 cash           to become Director and earn
                                                                                                      monthly for 2 years PLUS all         Unit Commission and Unit
                                                                                                       Benefits of previous levels         bonuses—Eligible to wear
                                                                                                                                          the exclusive Director Suit.
                           Here We Grow Again!  November 2009 Results — Page 3

                                                  Welcome New Business Owners!
                                          (These new unit members signed Consultant agreements November 1-30)
                                               New Consultant              From                     Sponsored by
                                               Meagan E. Beatty           CARROLLTON, GA             M. Pollard
                                               Paulina G. Bruce           BLUE RIDGE, GA             R. Turner
Are you working                                Amanda Horn                CARROLLTON, GA             S. Barmore

 Full-Circle?                                  Carline A. McGreger
                                               Debbie E. Phillips
                                                                          HAMILTON, GA
                                                                          CARROLLTON, GA
                                                                                                     B. Tucker
                                                                                                     M. Pollard
♦   Book Selling                               Joan D. White              LITHIA SPRINGS, GA         B. Tucker
♦   Show & Sell the Product
♦   Share the Opportunity
♦   Rebook new appointments
    from your class

    Thank You from Mary Kay                                                            Team Building
      “Love Check” Commissions for Personal Team Building
                                                                                         Tip of the Month!
                                                                                         What you can say
     9% Recruiter Commission Level                                                       at an interview . . .
                                                                                     Featured on NSD Connie Kittson’s
         Kristy Harris                              $226.49                                      Web site

     4% Recruiter Commission Level                                               ♦ Try to keep your introduction
         Brenda Tucker                               $48.06                        short.
         Sheilagh E. Barmore                         $42.92                      ♦ Tell her a little about yourself,

         Lydia G. Teal                               $30.18                        including why you started your
                                                                                   Mary Kay business. But,
         Debbie C. Freeman                           $24.40                        remember not to share your
         Suzanne C. Mock                             $16.52                        whole life story.
         Kimie R. Meadows                            $11.83                      ♦ Then ask about her — what she
         Wanda New                                    $9.88                        does and what is important in her
         Chandel B. Lanier                            $8.79                        life. People would much rather
         Maggie A. Dockery                            $8.23                        talk about themselves than listen
         Natalie Morgan                               $7.42                        to others talk about themselves.
                                                                                   Let her talk!
         Beverly C. Simmons                           $4.68                      ♦ Next, explain the marketing plan
                                                                                   and describe the products.
                                                      November 2009 Results — Page 4

 November Wholesale C t - Thanks for ordering!
Amanda Horn                        $1,073.00        Kerry W. Brown             $260.50                Debbie T. Wilson       $202.50
Debbie C. Freeman                  $910.00          Betsy D. Kish              $250.75                Amanda Wilson          $201.00
Debbie E. Phillips                 $665.25          Kimberly New               $247.00                Amanda L. Hyde         $200.00
Meraly E. Clayton                  $664.50          Natalie Morgan             $238.75                Nancy R. Newman        $185.50
Meagan E. Beatty                   $653.75          Julie K. Nicholson         $235.25                Ashley N. Bilbo        $159.50
Jill Leatherwood                   $619.25          Kimberly H. Perry          $232.25                Roni S. Turner         $137.75
Tammy M. Lester                    $606.60          Felicia Hartley            $219.75                Brittney L. Trapp      $123.50
Hannah N. North                    $603.23          Marcy M. Burkes            $214.75                Kristen Coley          $117.00
Kimberly F. McMahan                $603.00          Sheilagh E. Barmore        $213.50                Amy B. Crews           $108.00
Kristy Harris                      $602.25          Leigh A. Bell              $210.75                Kathy P. Young         $89.00
Abby Cantrell                      $601.43          Lori D. Miller             $209.50                Samantha A. Brown      $82.25
Breanna Stapler                    $600.75          Jenny L. Acree             $209.00                Kimie R. Meadows       $69.00
Heather M. Woody                   $600.75          Michelle Cochran           $208.25                Karin Huckeba          $47.50
Brenda Tucker                      $514.50          Amanda R. Sprewell         $205.75                Misty L. Waddle        $26.00
Elaine E. Charles                  $327.50          Ashley M. Putman           $205.50                Carla Carnes           $8.00
Misty Skinner                      $303.00          Beverly C. Simmons         $203.50                Misty M. Pollard       $810.25
Alyssa B. Lowery                   $295.75          Kim R. Norman              $203.00

                             Shooting for the C ts!
                                                                          Top 10 in Retail Sales
                                                    (Based on verified wholesale orders placed to the company as of prior month-end)

                                                     Consultant                          YTD Retail        Bonus & PCP          Total

                                               1      Debbie C. Freeman             $7,784.50                   $0.00          $7,784.50
   Queen’s Court of Sales!
                                               2      Kristy Harris                 $5,964.00                 $255.00          $6,219.00
       $36,000 retail                          3      Teresa M. Baggett             $4,093.50                  $20.00          $4,113.50
                                               4      Nancy R. Newman               $3,462.25                  $40.00          $3,502.25
 July 1, 2009— June 30, 2010                   5      Suzanne C. Mock               $3,289.00                 $175.00          $3,464.00
                                               6      Kimberly New                  $3,374.00                  $60.00          $3,434.00
    See website for more prizes!               7      Jill Leatherwood              $3,122.00                  $40.00          $3,162.00
                                               8      Misty Skinner                 $2,691.50                  $40.00          $2,731.50
                                               9      Brenda Tucker                 $2,559.50                  $20.00          $2,579.50
                                              10      Meraly E. Clayton             $2,364.50                  $40.00          $2,404.50

                                                          Tops in Team Building
                                                   Recruiter                New Team Mbrs             YTD Comm
  Queen’s Court of Sharing!
                                          1        Kristy Harris                    12                 $1,479.64
24 New Team Members*                      2        Natalie Morgan                    1                    $64.69
                                          3        Wanda New                         1                    $60.33
    ($600 cumulative wholesale
   July 1, 2009— June 30, 2010)           4        Carrie Cook                       2                    $57.86
                                          5        Lydia G. Teal                     2                    $56.01
                                November 2009 Results — Page 5

   Aim for the Stars!
1st Quarter
                     On-Target $tar Consultants!
  STARS!                    September 16, 2009 - December 15, 2009
              Consultant Name            Current                 —Wholesale Production Needed for Star—
  PEARL                                 Wholesale
  Misty M.                              Production    Sapphire       Ruby       Diamond       Emerald         Pearl
              MISTY POLLARD            $2,675.25        *****      STAR       $324.75       $924.75       $2,124.75
   Kristy     DEBBIE FREEMAN           $1,557.00      $243.00     $843.00    $1,443.00     $2,043.00      $3,243.00
   Harris     KRISTY HARRIS            $1,368.00      $432.00    $1,032.00   $1,632.00     $2,232.00      $3,432.00
              BRENDA TUCKER            $1,151.00      $649.00    $1,249.00   $1,849.00     $2,449.00      $3,649.00
SAPPHIRE      MISTY SKINNER            $1,125.60      $674.40    $1,274.40   $1,874.40     $2,474.40      $3,674.40
   Debbie     AMANDA HORN              $1,073.00      $727.00    $1,327.00   $1,927.00     $2,527.00      $3,727.00
  Freeman     KERRY BROWN               $958.50       $841.50    $1,441.50   $2,041.50     $2,641.50      $3,841.50
              MERALY CLAYTON            $940.50       $859.50    $1,459.50   $2,059.50     $2,659.50      $3,859.50
 Suzanne C.   ASHLEY BILBO              $844.05       $955.95    $1,555.95   $2,155.95     $2,755.95      $3,955.95
   Mock       KIMIE MEADOWS             $797.25      $1,002.75   $1,602.75   $2,202.75     $2,802.75      $4,002.75
              KRISTEN COLEY             $678.25      $1,121.75   $1,721.75   $2,321.75     $2,921.75      $4,121.75
 Teresa M.    DEBBIE PHILLIPS           $665.25      $1,134.75   $1,734.75   $2,334.75     $2,934.75      $4,134.75
              MEAGAN BEATTY             $653.75      $1,146.25   $1,746.25   $2,346.25     $2,946.25      $4,146.25
              ASHLEY PUTMAN             $619.50      $1,180.50   $1,780.50   $2,380.50     $2,980.50      $4,180.50
              JILL LEATHERWOOD          $619.25      $1,180.75   $1,780.75   $2,380.75     $2,980.75      $4,180.75
              CHRISTY BORN              $613.58      $1,186.42   $1,786.42   $2,386.42     $2,986.42      $4,186.42
              TAMMY LESTER              $606.60      $1,193.40   $1,793.40   $2,393.40     $2,993.40      $4,193.40
              ALICIA WATSON             $603.25      $1,196.75   $1,796.75   $2,396.75     $2,996.75      $4,196.75
              HANNAH NORTH              $603.23      $1,196.77   $1,796.77   $2,396.77     $2,996.77      $4,196.77
              KIMBERLY MCMAHAN          $603.00      $1,197.00   $1,797.00   $2,397.00     $2,997.00      $4,197.00
              CARRIE GARNER             $602.55      $1,197.45   $1,797.45   $2,397.45     $2,997.45      $4,197.45
              AMY TURNER                $601.50      $1,198.50   $1,798.50   $2,398.50     $2,998.50      $4,198.50
  Stars       ABBY CANTRELL             $601.43      $1,198.57   $1,798.57   $2,398.57     $2,998.57      $4,198.57
  Drive       LA-TRISH ENGLETT
              HEATHER WOODY
  Cars!!      BREANNA STAPLER           $600.75      $1,199.25   $1,799.25   $2,399.25     $2,999.25      $4,199.25
              NANCY NEWMAN              $554.63      $1,245.37   $1,845.37   $2,445.37     $3,045.37      $4,245.37
Which         MARCY BURKES              $482.50      $1,317.50   $1,917.50   $2,517.50     $3,117.50      $4,317.50
              NATALIE MORGAN            $448.38      $1,351.62   $1,951.62   $2,551.62     $3,151.62      $4,351.62
Car is in     AMANDA HYDE               $433.75      $1,366.25   $1,966.25   $2,566.25     $3,166.25      $4,366.25
              ELIZABETH ROWELL
Future?!      MICHELLE COCHRAN          $422.38      $1,377.62   $1,977.62   $2,577.62     $3,177.62      $4,377.62
                                       November 2009 Results — Page 6
                     Build a Diamond Ring Challenge
Consistency Club:
We're now offering this "build a diamond ring"!! Place a $200 or more
wholesale order for 6 months in a row, and win this REAL add a
diamond ring!! You can choose either white or yellow gold. Month
7 you will get double credit and then the challenge will continue to earn
each diamond to add to your ring.

                     On- Target Add a Diamond ring consultants
        New Diamond winner:
            Kristy Harris                                                     Month 1:
                                                      Lanie Barmore, Amanda Wilson, Hannah North, Amanda
                                                      Hyde, Heather Woody, Meagan Beatty, Beverly Simmons,
                Month 5 on target:                       Amanda Horn, Kerry Brown, Natalie Morgan, Debbie
            Deb Freeman, Ashley Putman                  Phillips, Kimberly McMahon, Michelle Cochran, Felicia
                                                       Hartley, Marcy Burkes, Jill Leatherwood, Alyssa Lowery,
                 Month 2 on target:                     Debbie Wilson, Brandy Stapler, Mandy Sprewell, Kim
            Misty Skinner, Brenda Tucker                 Perry, Kim Norman, Lori Miller, Kim New, Betsy Kish

           Working with Accountability!
    November Career Climber winners:                  November Mid month challenge winners:
                                                                  Deb Freeman
    Brenda Tucker
                                                                 Brandy Stapler
    Heather Woody                                                Meraly Clayton
                                                                  Misty Skinner
    Debbie Wilson
                                                                     Kim New
     Kristy Harris                                               Julie Nicholson
                                                                 Lanie Barmore
    Deb Freeman
                                                                     Leigh Bell
                                                                     Lori Miller
         November Stellar Seller:                                Brenda Tucker
          Misty Pollard                                            Kristy Harris
       $2650 in retail sales                                     Debbie Wilson
                                                                Jill Leatherwood
                                                                  Kim Norman
November 2009 Results — Page 7
November 2009 Results — Page 8
                      November 2009 Results — Page 9

  Don’t miss this AMAZING training event!!!
This POWER SESSION will jumpstart YOUR business for the
                             new year!
Take advantage of this opportunity to learn from many area di-
 rectors. Learn all of the tips and tools that helped them to be-
           come leaders in this awesome Company!
Future car drivers, Sales directors and Queens of the courts will
                           be born here!

Visions will be seen, goals will
be set & lives will be changed!
               When: Saturday, January 16th
          Where: Tracy Stallings Community Center
                      118 South White St.
                     Carrollton, GA 30117
                   Cost: $3 per consultant
           Mary Kay professional attire required.
                                 Jan ua r y 2 0 1 0
                                                                      November 2009 Results — Page 10
                                                                                        Ja n u a ry 2 0 10

     Sun                        Mon                              Tu e                  We d                       Thu                         Fri                    Sat

                                                                                                                                             Company Holiday
Be daring, be different, be impractical; be anything that                                                                                1    Postal Holiday.   2
 will assert integrity of purpose and imaginative vision
      against the play-it-safers, the creatures of the
commonplace, the slaves of the ordinary. ~Cecil Beaton

3                        4                              5   "New year
                                                                                   6                         7                           8                      9
                                                          makeovers" for
                                                       guests/ "Goal setting"

                                                                    no meeting
10                       11                             12                         13                        14                          15                     16
                                                                                                               "MK bingo night!"                                January Jumpstart
    1/10-13 Leadership Conference in San Diego                                                               6pm- makeovers and
                                                                                                                 Bingo at 7pm
                                                                                                                                                                9-12pm. Carrollton
                                                                                                                                                                 Activities Center!
                                                                                                                                                                   Don't miss it!!
                                   Martin Luther King Jr.
17                       18        Day. Postal holiday. 19                         20                        21                          22                     23
                                                              "Sales Director
                                                                Debut" for
                                                             Kristy Harris and
                                                               Kristi Attaway
                                                                                                                   Midnight CST cutoff                                Midnight CST cutoff
24                       25                             26                         27                        28     for Consultants to
                                                                                                                   place phone orders.
                                                                                                                                         29                     30     for Consultants to
                                                                                                                                                                      place online orders.
                                                              "Microderm and
                                                              makeovers" for
                                                            guests/ "Valentine's
                                                               Selling ideas"
     Last working day of the month. Order
31   through Director today. Online
     Agreements accepted until 7pm CST
                                                                   **Please note that our Recruiting Hotline has been changed!!
                                                                                The new number is (760) 569-4158

Birthdays                                   Day                   Allie S. Mitchell                          15                   Anniversaries                      Years
Kathy P. Young                               1                    Amy D. Cook                                16                   Amber R. Smith                            4
Wendy Bonner                                 2                    Paulina G. Bruce                           19
                                                                                                                                  Linda Gossage                             4
Debbie E. Phillips                           3                    Amy Turner                                 19
                                                                                                                                  Dina S. Kilgore                           2
Tammy M. Lester                              4                    Dana Baker                                 21
Karin Huckeba                                10                   Anntoinette T Rhodes                       24                   Ashley M. Putman                          1
Ashley G. Mixon                              11                   Kim Pouncy                                 27                   Leisa Benefield                           1
Natalie Morgan                               13                   Kayce M. Grindstaff                        28                   Stephanie Senft                           1
Kimberly H. McCain                           14                   Michelle Cochran                           31
                     ollard’s P November 2009 Results — Page 11
                     P         ink Angels
                     Misty Pollard
                     Future Executive Senior Sales Director
                     100 Lakeview Way
                     Carrollton, GA 30117
                     Phone: 770-834-7261
                     Email: mistypollard@gmail.com
                     Web: www.pinkangelsunit.com

Highlights this Month:                                                       To the Brilliant...
    November Results, December, 2009
♦ All-Star Star Consultant Consistency Challenge
  (through June 15, 2010)
♦ Customers Count Challenge
  (through June 15, 2010)
♦ Bee Focused Team-Building Challenge
  (through June 30, 2010)

    Words of Wisdom                                           Winter 2010 New Products!
                                                                                       FREE! Brow Bag with Purchase
                                                                                       Get the Brow Collection Bag FREE when you
                                                                                       purchase any shade of regular-line Mary Kay®
   Women need praise, and Mary                                Brow Definer Pencil or limited-edition mechanical Mary Kay® Brow
                                                              Liner along with the NEW Mary Kay® Brow Tools and the NEW Mary
     Kay Cosmetics is known for                               Kay® Brow Gel.

  "praising people to success." We                            Fragrance-Free Satin Hands® Pampering Set
                                                              Getting touchably soft hands is as easy as 1-2-3.
  think this is so important, we base                         And now it’s available in the NEW fragrance-free
                                                              formula your customers have been asking for.
    our entire marketing plan on it.
                                                                     New TimeWise® Even Complexion Mask
    From the moment a new recruit                                    This mask improves the skin’s clarity and visibly minimizes the
                                                                     appearance of skin’s imperfections, such as age spots and sun
 becomes a Beauty Consultant, we                                     damage.
  teach her to praise her customers.                          Mary Kay® Mineral Powder Foundation - 6 New
 She learns that a woman                                      Shades! Add a flawless finish to your brightened
                                                              complexion with Mary Kay® Mineral Powder
 who looks prettier on the                                    Foundation – now available in six new shades for a
                                                              total of 12!
 outside becomes prettier                                                  Limited-Edition Mary Kay® Mineral Eye Color Bundles
     on the inside, too.                                                   Make green eyes greener, blue eyes bluer, and brown and
                                                                           hazel eyes richer than ever before. Each one comes with
     ~Mary Kay Ash                                                         step-by-step professional makeup artist application tips
                                                                           and FREE eye applicators.

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