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					                         PHY 2048C – Summer C 2010
                             Physics Department
                         University of Central Florida
                         MTWR – 12:00pm – 12:50pm.

Instructor:       Dr. Elena Flitsiyan
                  MAP 315

Office Hours:     Tuesday 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm; Wednesday 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm.

SARC:             Check on the website of the Student Academic Resource Center
                  ( for the days and times of tutoring hours for this
                  course. They are very helpful.

Text Book:        „Physics for Scientists and Engineers‟ by Raymond A. Serway and John W.
                  Jewett, Eight Edition, vol.1.
                  (The „Student Solutions Manual‟ is recommended as learning aid).
                  Also required: WebAssign login.

Course Outline: PHY 2048C is first of a two-semester calculus-based general physics
                course with the lab. This is a four credit hour course. The course is quite
                intense and will require you to invest considerable time in study and
                problem solving.

Expectations:     The minimum mathematics required is a working knowledge of vector
                  algebra, and some vector calculus; Cartesian and polar coordinates. Good
                  knowledge of geometry and trigonometry is required as well as differential
                  and integral calculus. It is vital that you are familiar with these, and that you
                  can apply them to problem solving. To obtain maximum benefit from this
                  course you should READ THE MATERIAL BEFORE AND AFTER IT IS
                  COVERED IN THE CLASS. It is very difficult to catch up if you fall behind.
                  Keep current and do not hesitate to seek help when needed.

                  LECTURES      EXAMPLES,   DEMONSTRATIONS       AND

Structure:        The course comprises a set of lectures, interactive lecture demonstrations
                  (ILD), unannounced quizzes, homework assignments, mid-term
                  examinations, and final exam.
Homework:        An average of 5 to 15 problems will be assigned each week. You will have
                 approximately seven days to work on these, and submit your results. Small
                 groups are acceptable, but you will need to report individually. We will be
                 using a Web based system called WebAssign so be sure to obtain a login from
                 the bookstore. The instructions on how to register into
                 are given in a separate page. Registration deadline is May29th (no exceptions),
                 however the first assignment will be posted during the second week of the
                 course, so you better register asap. Homework will count as 15% of your final

ILD:             A total of five Interactive Lecture Demonstrations will be performed during the
                 course. The ILDs are designed to facilitate learning of the conceptual aspects of
                 the topic covered in the class, by making the students to actively participate
                 during the demonstrations. A whole class-lesson will be devoted to each ILD.
                 A student completing at least 4 out of the 5 ILDs will obtain 10% towards the
                 total course grade. ILDs will be unannounced.

Quizzes:         There will be several unannounced quizzes. They will be short, one to three
                 questions (fifteen minutes), without book or any other help. You are required to
                 bring pen and paper for the quizzes to every class. Quizzes will count as 10%
                 of your final grade. As one quiz grade will be dropped there will be no
                 make-up quizzes.

Examinations:    65% of your grade will be determined on the bases of the exams: two 50
                 minutes in-class Mid-Term exams (40%) and a 50 minutes final exam (25%).
                 You MUST bring a number two (2) pencil and a computer scored answer sheet
                 to the final exam. You also MUST know your student ID number and record it
                 accurately in the proper location of the Test Form so the computer can keep
                 turn in your exam answer sheet. All examinations are without books or other
                 aid material. You will be provided a list with appropriate equations. A non-
                 graphic, non-programmable calculator may be used during exams. University
                 justifications must be provided if not present.

Grades:          The final grade will be calculated according to the following scheme:

                 Homework (WebAssign)               15%
                 ILD                                10 %
                 Quizzes                            10%
                 Two Mid-Term exams                 40%
                 Final exam                         25 %

Grading Scale:
                     A      88 – 100
                     B      75 – 87
                     C      60 – 74
                     D      50 – 59
                     F      0 – 49
Important Dates

  Classes Begin                                        May 17
  Drop/Swap deadline                                   May 20
  Last Day for Full Refund                             May 20
  Add deadline                                         May 21
  Grade Forgiveness Deadline                           June 25
  Withdrawal Deadline                                  June 25
  Classes End, Last Day to Remove Incomplete           August 6
  Final Examination                                    August 5
  Grades Due on My UCF (noon)                          August 11
  Grades Available on My UCF (begins at 9 a.m.)        August 13

Using WebAssign:

Webassign is web-based homework system that allows you to access you homework
assignment, submit answers, and get feedback from any computer with a connection to
the internet and a Web browser. You can access WebAssign from the login page:

Logging in:

 Username → Your UCF PID (Just the number, for example your PID is A1139127 in
this case your username is 1139127). If you don‟t know your PID, get online and go to Click on the link that says “Click here to get your PID and NID”
and follow the directions.
Institution → (lower case) ucf
Password → physics [Note that if you have used WebAssign at UCF before, your old
password changed to “physics”). If you have forgotten your password, click on the
“forgot password” link on the WebAssign login page. For this to work, your UCF email
listing will have to be correct. If it not, make sure your instructor has your correct email
address so it can be uploaded into WebAssign].
Next, register your WebAssign access code by clicking on the link under announcements
and then entering your access code in the box that comes up with the registration page.
You must enter your access code by the end of the first week of classes.
You can purchase a WebAssign access code at the campus bookstore. It comes on a
scratch-off card. You can also purchase a WebAssign Access code from the WebAssign
homepage at and clicking on the order now link on the top right
hand corner of the webpage. You will need a credit card to complete the online

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