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					What to do once you have joined Traverus.
  1) Congratulations on a wise decision you made by becoming a referral travel agent
      with Traverus. Visit your website immediately to learn all the wonderful benefits
      of being a travel agent.

   2) Your username is ___________________________

       Your password is ___________________________
       To access your website go to

   3) Attend the weekly meetings & trainings classes.
      Sunday Web meeting @ 6:55pm: Go to to attend
      Monday night meetings start @ 6:55pm
      Location: Traverus Office 2508 Mt. Moriah Rd. Ste. C552 Memphis, TN 38115
              (In the Perimeter Office Park on Mt. Moriah and American Way)
      The goal is to get as many people as possible to view the Traverus presentation.
      Thursday night training classes start @ 6:55pm at the Traverus Office.

   4) Listen in on the conference calls to learn more about your Traverus business
      Conference Call Schedule 507-726-3200 pin 44023#
      Sun, Tue, & Thurs @ 8:45 pm central standard time

   5) Order your Traverus business cards immediately! Every time you pass out a
      business card make sure you write down the prospect’s phone number that you
      gave the business card to so you can follow up with him/her to show the business.

   6) If you have problems getting your guest to attend the Monday night meetings then
       plan a gathering at your home. Tell your friends, family, & co workers that you
       are planning a small gathering to celebrate your new promotion. Let your guest
       know there will be food, beverages, & fun. Tell them you are so excited about
       your new promotion & you will tell them more about it at the gathering. (At the
       gathering show the Traverus presentation & then you can watch your checks grow)

   7) This business is simple and what you make of it is totally up to you. Keep
      repeating these simple steps and your income will grow. If you will commit to
      work this business for 6 months actively, you will see a large increase in your

   8) Email or mail your Certified Travel Agent Test along with your photo to
      Traverus. Completing this process will ensure fast arrival of your travel agent id
      card. Once you become a Certified Travel Agent you can earn up to 95%
      commissions on travel that you refer. Go to

   9) If you would like to show a prospect the business presentation, go to and we will do the presentation for you. Be sure you
      become familiar with the presentation so you can answer any questions that your
      prospect may have.

      Very Important Call the person who invited you to join Traverus daily,
      talk about what you are doing to grow your business, stay positive, & never
      quit this business.
Make a list of your friends, family, associates, & people you do business with.

First Name            Last Name             Phone Number     Meeting time/date




















Script that will help you invite people to the meeting
                                    Please sound confident and
Call your prospect and say
                                    excited when using this script
    (Prospect name goes here)
Hi ___________________, I have some great news. I passed my travel agent test
and I just received my certification. I am a Certified Travel Agent with Traverus

My Regional Executive gave me permission to give away 3 free vacations to
whomever I choose. __________________, you are choosing the vacation resort
                    (Prospect name goes here)
so how do you feel about the FREE vacation.

My Regional Executive has to sign off on the vacation, so we are on his time. He
has made himself available on Monday & Thursday of this week at 7:00pm. All
we have to do is choose where we would like to go and he signs off on the
paperwork. After he signs the paper work you can go on the vacation whenever
you like and you can take whomever you choose. So which day is better for you
Monday or Thursday? Great, I will pick you up at 6:00 and he will explain more
& answer any questions that you might have.

Another script that will help you invite people to the presentation

     (Prospect name goes here)
Hi, ____________________,

You put gas in your car, right? (let your prospect respond)
I just learned how to get back .47 cents for every mile that you drive. The average
person drives at least 15,000 miles per year. 15,000 miles x .47 cents = $7,050.
Do you realize that is $7,050 that you get to put back in your pocket? Do you
want your $7,050? (let your prospect respond)

If you have a home based business you can get back .47 cents for every mile you
drive. When you have a home based business you receive 411 tax deductions and
that is including the gas mileage that I just explained to you. What I have just
shared with you is one of the many secrets that the rich use. They have many
other secrets like increasing your income with 30 to 60 days, taking FREE
vacations, & more.

I am meeting with one of the Regional Executives over the Memphis Area this
week. He told me that it is ok if I brought a guest along with me. He is a really
busy man, but he has agreed to meet with us to answer any questions that we may
have. We are on his time schedule, so he is available only on Monday @ 7pm &
Thursday @7pm of this week, which day is best for you.

Great, I will pick you up at 6pm!
What to do once you have personally enrolled a new Referral Travel Agent

   1) Give your new Travel Agent a Traverus welcome package.

   2) Show your new travel agent how to access their website, how to view his/her
   downline, and commission checks from the back office website.

   3) Tell your new travel agent to make a list of at least 21 people, including names
   & phone numbers. (Be sure to use the script when calling these people).

   4) Call your new travel agent every day to motivate him/her, and be sure that your
   new travel agent attends the weekly meetings, training sessions, &
   conference calls.

   5) Make sure that you have your travel agent order business cards & any other
   marketing material that will help your travel agent build his/her business.
   Marketing is the most important part of working the Traverus business.

   6) Every time you pass out a business card, make sure you write down their phone
   number, so you can follow up and show the business presentation. It is a must that
   you carry a notebook pad to write down phone numbers.
         Order your business cards & marketing material today!

   500 black and white business cards $50         1000 2/sided color business cards with photo $85

     2 black and magnetic signs $65                    2 Color magnetic signs with photo $95

First Name________________________ Last Name __________________________

Phone Number __________________ Email: ________________________________


              Circle the marketing material that you would like to purchase.

      500 Black & White business cards $50         1000 2/sided color business cards $85

      2 black & white magnetic signs        $65    2 Color magnetic signs with photo $95

Total Cost ___________________

                                                      Contact Dewayne Washington for
                                                      more information 901-315-9682