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The first thing you will probably have to do once you have put down
bags and ensured that you have a roof over your head for the time being
find internet access. From now on, everything you do will probably
with the internet. You will look for your job on the internet, you will
than likely find your next accommodation on the internet. You will also
search internet when you want to find out what’s happening where and
 how you
will be getting there by using the UK's travel planner called TFL. So
 if you
do not have internet at home, you will need to find an internet cafe
 that is
easily accessible to you and not too expensive. To find internet cafes
your area, click here, if you are paying more than £1 per hour, you
being ripped off. Ideally you will find somewhere where you will be
 paying a
fixed price for the whole day as you are very likely to spend your
 first few
days right there. In Tottenham court, there is a decent internet
that you will be paying £3 for the entire day. If you cannot find
like this close to you...this may be a good option.

Mobile phone
Getting a mobile phone contract is not the easiest thing if you are new
the country as you will not have a credit history yet, meaning most
mobile phone companies and banks will not know if they can trust you.
will be required to pay a deposit of £100 if you want a contract for
least the first 6 months of you being here. Obviously when you first
here, you will not have £100 to spare so we suggest that you get a
deal first. Click here for some of the cheapest mobile phone websites
they will deliver the phone and the simcard to your doorstep the next
and don’t worry guys...posting services is safe in London. If you do not
a debit card yet to buy it online, compare he prices of the different
networks on this website and then go visit one of the network
retail shops. The main networks in the Uk is in order of our

*      O2
*      T mobile
*      3
*      Orange
*      Virgin mobile
*      Vodafone

Keep in mind that it is much cheaper to make phone calls when you have a
contract than what it is on prepay so if at all possible considering
amount of phone calls you will be making in your first few weeks looking
accommodation and work, get a contract phone as soon as possible. In the
you get a few price comparison sights and online retailers that finds
best deals for you because there is just too many options available and
becomes extremely time consuming. Best that you get a 12month contract
first. The sights that we suggest are the following:

Landline and Broadband internet
Once you have moved into your house/flat that you will be staying in
 for a while, then you will probably want to get a landline with some broadband
internet. Various companies offer packages that include a BT or talk talk landline
together with broadband internet and sometimes even a few television channels. So
do your research properly as it will be expected of you or someone in your house to
a contract that can be up to 18 months long(depending on your contract). These are a
few broadband
providers that is quite good:

Phoning home
Ofcourse you will want to find the cheapest way of calling home as much as possible
and there is many ways.
Our number one choice is using skype, just because it is the cheapest and most
effective. To find out what it
is or buy cheap skype credit, click here. If you already know, read on. Other ways is
dialling access numbers
before you dial home if you have access to a landline. You can also get some great
cheap international deals with
Orange (link) and O2 (link) if you want to make the call from your mobile but these
can still be expensive if you
have looong chats. You can also go to some internet cafe's that allows calls from
satellite phones which is not too
pricey either, click here to few a few locations. Last resort is buying a phone card
from a off-licence and phoning
From a phone booth, they tend to rip you off and you can never speak the amount of
minutes that you are paying for.
If that is your only option, click here for a word of advises.