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									DRAFT 2-5-09

FEBRUARY 2, 2009

The meeting was called to order at 12:05 pm by PPC Chair, Dee Brennan.

Members Present: Dee Brennan, Yvonne Bergendorf, Kathy Berggren, Lee Ann Fisher,
John Knoblauch, Sarah Long, Karen Danka Lyons, Inara McGroarty, Karolyn Nance,
Brian Shepard, Shawn Strecker, Matthew Suddarth, Intern: Take Sashayed

Ex Officio Members Present: Bradley Baker, Robert Doyle, Donna Dziedzic, Lou Ann
Jacobs, Carole Medal, and Legislative Consultant, Kip Kolkmeier

Observers Present: Alice Calabrese-Berry, Joe Harris, Kathy McSwain, Skip
Mosshamer, Dorothy Novacs, Bev Obert, Ellen Poppit, Kathy Roegge, Francis Roehm,
Denise Zielinski

The agenda was approved with the addition of, “Update on Plans for Advocacy Day.”

The minutes of the previous meeting, 1-5-09 were approved unanimously by voice vote.

Bob Doyle said that the Secretary of State’s office is still interested in the
Obama License Plates Project. Since the inaugural is now passed, the plates would say,
“Illinois Salutes President Obama.” Plates would be for sale initially at the Chicago Auto
Show, February 13 – 22 at McCormick Place. As special event plates, approval of the
General Assembly is not needed. However the plates are valid only for 60 days. Plates
bought at the Auto Show will expire in April, 2009. ILA will be the exclusive sales agent
and will be able to sell the plates for longer as souvenirs. Price: $50.

 Kip Kolkmeier noted the departure of former Gov. Ron Blagojevich. He said the new
governor, Patrick Quinn, will devote himself initially to the budget situation. It is very
bad with some estimates as high $10 billion. Senator John Cullerton (D) as the leader of
the Senate and Senator Christine Radogino (R) as the minority leader are working
together very collegially. The grid lock that has kept the numbers of bills down is
probably a thing of the past. Expect many more bills including filtering bills. Also the
Rules Committee has been used in the past as a way to keep bills from getting to the
floor. That approach is probably a thing of the past. To date only a few bills have been
introduced but many more will be filed. Bob Doyle prepared a memo on HB 49, 146 and
211 with information on other possible bills. The memo is appended to these minutes.

HB 49, Disposal of academic library materials. PPC voted to support this bill on a
motion by Yvonne Bergendorf, seconded by Karolyn Nance.
HB 146, Increase in fees (by $5) for county law libraries. PPC voted to support this bill
on a motion by Kathy Berggren, seconded by Brian Shepard.
HB211, Libraries in name only. PPC voted to support this bill on a motion by Yvonne
Bergendorf, seconded Karolyn Nance.

Kip talked about HB 84 re support for an Illinois consumer health website and suggested
that this $200,000 appropriation be included in the Secretary’s budget. The Secretary
seems willing. Alternatively as bill, PPC voted to support it on a motion by Sarah Long,
seconded by Karolyn Nance.
HB 242, Removing the tax cap on increases in the CPI with regard to bonding authority.
PPC voted to support this effort introduced by Rep. Elaine Nekritz on a motion by Kathy
Berggren, seconded by Brian Shepard.
HB 369, Harmful materials to minors introduced by Rep. Bob Pritchard. The bill would
add, “depicting or exhibiting” to the language in the Harmful Materials to Minors section
of the Criminal Code. Kip guesses Rep. Pritchard is concerned about computer screens.
There is a blanket exemption in the code for libraries. Kit will pursue and research this
bill. PPC took no action.

Kip reported on other issues that will probably be coming forward. The Attorney
General’s Office is interested in FOIA reform. Someone from the AG’s office called
Kip, but had no specifics. Kip will keep us apprised.

Bob McKay, Director of the Prairie Area Library System has been working with Kip on
language for a bill that would amend the Open Meetings Act and allow entities with a
service area of 4500 square miles or more to have legal meetings with an electronic
quorum. Bob has researched and has not found other entities that would be affected
except several of the regional library systems. . There was a discussion about appropriate
sponsors. Sarah Long will ask Bob to take the lead on finding a sponsor and to work
with Kip on this. PPC voted support of this effort on a motion by Sarah Long, seconded
by Matthew Suddarth. Kip said this effort needs to move quickly and become a bill in
the next week or two. See ILA Handbook pp 36 + 37 or ILA website for more
information on how to get a bill passed.

Regarding the state budget, the timeline has been delayed until March 18. Before Gov.
Blagojevich, the Governor’s budget served as the basis of what would eventually become
the state budget. We will probably see a return to this. The Constitutional Officers
(including Sec. White) are expected to be heard by Governor Quinn before the budget is
presented. Kip reported that Pres. Dziedzic, PPC Chair Brennan, Bob Doyle and himself
met with Sec. White several weeks ago. Terri Coombs, Nathan Maddox, Anne Craig and
other members of the Secretary’s staff were present. President Dziedzic thanked the
Secretary for his past support of libraries and asked for full funding for the three per
capita grant programs: public libraries, public schools and systems and equalization
grants. Kip reported that the Secretary’s people were encouraging about everything
except the system per capita grant. PPC Chair Brennan presented the idea of a range of
programmatic support efforts to help the people of Illinois in this difficult economic time.
Support for job searches, resume writing, education and career materials and financial
counseling were mentioned. She suggested a dollar per capita or 12 M for this effort.
The Secretary’s staff asked for a more complete proposal. Kip said a meeting with
Chicago Public Library Commissioner, Mary Dempsey is scheduled this week to ask for
her input and gain her support. After that, a further meeting with the Secretary and his
staff will be arranged.

After the state budget is settled, Kip said the Governor will move on to a capital bill.
There have been no capital bills since Gov. Blagojevich took office. Speaker Madigan
prevented it. But now a capital bill is being discussed and the view of what might go into
it has morphed from hard construction projects perhaps to softer projects. Kip is pushing
to make library projects eligible.

Kip said that the library community should be aware that the Governor has created a new
ethics commission re gifts, campaign finances, etc. He said such commissions typically
pertain to state agencies as well as units of local government, such as public libraries.

Bob Doyle said that it is really important to lobby our two U.S. Senators now. The
words, “public library” are not in the version of the stimulus package passed by the U. S.
House of Representatives last week. We have a small window of opportunity to get the
words, “public library” into the Senate version of the bill.

The survey undertaken by Bob to identify “shovel ready” library construction projects
has been successful with 240 responses. Most (90%) are from public libraries. Bob will
do an ILA newsletter article and ask for additional responses in the next week. He will
also make the survey results document more appealing since we want to use this
document with state and federal officials to convince them of library needs. Dee Brennan
and others will meet with the staffs of the two U.S. Senators and underscore the need of
Illinois libraries

Donna Dziedzic reiterated some of the details of the meeting with Secretary of Sate and
his staff members. She said a follow- up meeting will be arranged.

Donna noted the creation of the new Advocacy Committee and referred to the list of
members that was distributed. She said the purpose was to encourage more local
Donna said that Bob has given us a checklist for preparing for Advocacy Day. She said
she wants to encourage ILA committee chairs to undertake similar efforts for recurring
events or programs so that successors will not have to reinvent the wheel.

Brad Baker reported that Advocacy Day (April 23) will be more focused on meeting with
legislators and less on ancillary activities.

Lou Ann Jacobs reported on a recent meeting of the state Board of Education at the
Thompson Center. She and three other library enthusiasts attended. The budget did not
at first include money for databases for schools. But the group talked to various people
and at the end, $2.5 M was put into the budget. It is understood, based on recent
experience, that the library community will have to work very hard to keep this money in
the budget. Lou Ann also reported that access to broadband is an issue for schools. She
also said that it is false to assume that every student has access to a public library.

It was reported that the federal Consumer Product Safety Commission has delayed its
product safety rulings re books and other items for children until 2010.

ADJOURNED: 2:10 pm

Respectfully submitted,
Sarah Ann Long 2-5-09


TO:    ILA Public Policy Committee DATE: Friday, 30 Jan. 2009

                      FROM:         Robert P. Doyle and Kip Kolkmeier

                      RE:    2009 Library Legislation in the Illinois General Assembly
                 Current Bills

                 House Bill (HB) 49, sponsor: Representative Dan Brady (R-88,
                 Bloomington). This bill concerns the disposal of academic library
                 materials and would amend the State Property Control Act. With
                 respect to the transfer of books, serial publications, and other
                 library materials to which the Act's transfer procedures do not
                 apply, the bill adds items withdrawn from the transferring agency's
                 library collection through a regular collection evaluation process;
                 and adds non-profit agencies, whether located in or outside Illinois,
                 to the list of entities to which such items may be transferred. The
                 bill further authorizes sale of those items to the public at library
                 book sales or to book dealers or the offer of those items through
                 exchange to book dealers or to organizations, providing that
                 revenues generated from such sales be retained by the agency and
                 used for the purchase of library materials. Dane Ward from
                 Illinois State University has been instrumental on working on this
                 issue. ILA supports this bill.

                 House Bill (HB) 146, sponsor: Representative Marlow H. Colvin
                 (D-33, Chicago) and Senate Bill (SB) 103, sponsor: Senator
                 Donne E. Trotter (D-17, Chicago). These bills allow county
                 boards to authorize an increase in county law library fees (now,
                 $13) of not more than (i) $18 in 2009, (ii) $19 in 2010, and (iii)
                 $21 in 2011 and thereafter. ILA supports this bill.

                 House Bill (HB) 211, sponsor: Representative Frank J. Mautino
                 (D-76, Spring Valley). Referred to as “Libraries in Name Only,”
                 this bill received extensive discussion in the ILA Public Policy
                 Committee (PPC) because of developments regarding four
                 township referenda (Fall River Township, Farm Ridge Township,
                 Freedom Township, and Wallace Township in LaSalle County)
                 where library districts have been created without clear intention of
                 providing library service. The bill was crafted using language
                 recommended by ILA PPC and mirroring language in Park District
                 laws regarding dissolution. ILA supports this bill.

Possible Bills
A bill proposed by Illinois Library Systems Directors Organization (ILSDO) intends to
amend the Open Meetings Act to permit a public body with statewide jurisdiction or with
jurisdiction over more than 4,500 square miles to include members participating in a
video or audio conference at specified locations when determining the physical presence
of a quorum at an open meeting (now, a public body with statewide jurisdiction may
include members participating in a video conference at specified locations when
determining the physical presence of a quorum at an open meeting). The bill will provide
that the requirement that members of a public body with less than statewide jurisdiction
be physically present at a closed meeting is limited to public bodies with jurisdiction over
4,500 or fewer square miles. Bob McKay from the Prairie Library System has been
instrumental on working on this issue.

ILA is closely monitoring the possible introduction of any “filter bill.”

ILA will continue to monitor and bring to the association's attention other bills, as filed,
on a variety of issues, including funding for libraries, intellectual freedom issues, local
government operations, Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund developments, and other
issues of importance to the library community.

Robert P. Doyle
Illinois Library Association
33 W. Grand Ave., Ste. 301
Chicago, IL 60654
phone: (312) 644-1896
fax: (312) 644-1899

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