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                          CU Peru Branch                                      HSA Debit Card                       keeping your kids                          nearest Shared
                          nearing completion.                                 Conversion is just                   safe on the internet.                      Branch is now just a
                                                                              days away!                                                                      phone call away.

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                                                                                                                                                  volUme 4             2007

                                                               Beacon	Introduces	DebitPass,	
                                                               the Reloadable Debit Card Program
                                                               Beacon Credit Union is pleased to offer a new         •	 A	DebitPass	Card	is	great	for	traveling,	
CERTIFICATES/IRAs ......................APY
6 Month Certificate ($2,500 min.) ...........5.22%             Reloadable Debit Card program called DebitPass.         particularly internationally.
1 Year Certificate ($2,500 min.) ..............5.22%           DebitPass is a MasterCard branded debit card          •	 If	you	have	a	student	at	home	or	in	college	
18 Month Certificate ($2,500 min.) .........5.33%              that can be pre-funded with your money and              that you help support or to whom you provide
2 Year Certificate ($2,500 min.) ..............5.33%
                                                               used to make purchases or                                               an allowance, getting them a
3 Year Certificate ($2,500 min.) ..............5.33%
4 Year Certificate ($2,500 min.) ..............5.33%           withdraw cash. The card is                                              DebitPass card to access their
5 Year Certificate ($2,500 min.) ..............5.33%           reloadable, meaning you can                                             money is a safe, inexpensive and
IRA Account (18 Month Cert.) .................5.30%            deposit money onto the card                                             convenient way to send them
15 Month Certificate Special ..................5.43%
                                                               over and over again. It is not a                                        their money and monitor their
LoAn RATES........................................... APR
Primary Res. 15 yr. fixed                                      disposable gift card.                                                   spending. There is no minimum
(20% down) ...........................................6.375%                                                                           age limit on who can have a
Primary Resident 1 yr. ARM                                     Ways to Use a DebitPass Card                            DebitPass card however, a child must have a
(25 yr. amort./20% down)......................6.125%
                                                               Your DebitPass card can be used worldwide               Social Security Number.
Primary Resident 3 yr. ARM
(25 yr. amort./20% down)......................6.375%           wherever MasterCard is accepted. You can              •	 If	you	are	looking	for	ways	to	budget	your	
Farm Operation (1 year max.) ..............7.750%              make purchases in person, online, or over the           everyday expenses, maintain a separate
Farm Real Estate 15 yr. fixed                                  phone. You can also use your card to get cash           account for “personal”, or other money
(35% down) .........................................6.900%
                                                               at virtually any ATM in the world or by using the       management reasons, putting a set
For a complete rates listing, visit
APY is Annual Percentage Yield · APR is Annual                 cash-back feature at retailers. Due to increased        amount of money on a DebitPass card is
Percentage Rate
ARM is Adjustable Rate Mortgage
                                                               fraudulent activity, Beacon Credit Union does           an inexpensive, safe way to manage your
Rates effective July 10, 2007                                  not permit Beacon Credit Union Debit Card or            money.
Rates Subject to Change
                                                               ATM Card transactions from several countries          •	 If	you	regularly	transfer	money	to	a	relative	
                                                               including Mexico. With a DebitPass card, there          internationally, getting them a card and
                                                               are no restrictions on where the card can be used       using it to transfer the money is safe, more
                                                               including those countries restricted. DebitPass         convenient, and less expensive than money
                                                               Cards are also part of the MoneyPass ATM                transfer services.
                                                               network, the nation’s fastest growing surcharge       •	 ..	and	many	more	great	uses	of	a	DebitPass	
                                                               free ATM network. Here are some of the more             card.
                                                               popular uses of a DebitPass Card:
                                                                                                                         See DebitPass Continued on Page 2
                                   DebitPass Continued from Page 1
SCHolaRSHiP                        Ways to fund your DebitPass Card                        Spending and Withdrawal limits
  WinneRS                          There are four ways to fund your DebitPass Card:        You	can	withdraw	up	to	$1,000	per	day	and	you	
                                     1. Transfer money from your Beacon CU                 can make purchases, including cashback for
                                       savings or checking account. You can set up         purchases,	up	to	$2,500	per	day.		
Beacon Credit Union has                a one time transfer or recurring transfers.
announced that it has awarded
                                     2. Payroll direct deposit from your employer          How to get one.
eight (8), five hundred dollar
scholarships as part of its          3.	Cash	deposit	at	your	nearest	Beacon	CU	            Simply stop by your nearest Beacon Credit Union
annual scholarship program.            Branch.                                             office and fill out and submit an enrollment form.
                                     4.	Transfer	money	from	another	DebitPass	Card.        It	will	take	5	to	7	days	for	you	to	receive	your	
      BRiTT foSTeR
                                   You can have any amount of money on the card            card	and	Personal	Identification	Number	(PIN).			
A recent graduate of Logansport
High School. Enrolled at Purdue    that you want.                                          There are no monthly or annual fees, no costs for
University.                                                                                purchases.
                                   viewing your balance and transaction activity
      JaCoB BaBeR
                                   You can obtain your balances and transaction
A recent graduate of Peru High
School. Enrolled at Taylor         activity at or by calling
University.                        a toll free telephone number. You may also obtain
                                   card balances at most ATM’s. Beacon Credit
      Kyle milleR
                                   Union will not have access to your balances or
Currently a student at Herron
School of Art & Design at IUPUI.
                                   transaction information.
A 2006 graduate of Peru.

      BenJamin ReaSon
                                   oPening Soon: neW PeRU offiCe
A recent graduate of Caston High
School. Currently enrolled at
                                   Final touches are being put on the newest Beacon Credit Union
Notre Dame.
                                   Branch	Office	at	904	W.	Main	Street	in	Peru.	The	facility	will	
      KaSSi DySon                  mark	the	4th	Miami	County	location	for	Beacon	CU	which	has	
A recent graduate of Northfield    banking facilities on North Broadway in Peru, the Grissom
High School. Currently enrolled    Aeroplex	and	an	Agricultural	and	Commercial	Lending	office	on	
at Ball State University.
                                   Old Key Drive in Peru. Located adjacent to Wendy’s and Pizza
     Joel THayeR                   Hut	Restaurants,	the	former	KFC	location	provides	the	benefit	of	
A home-educated student            access for Beacon Credit members to their accounts and credit
in Sharpsville. Enrolled at        union services on the West side of Peru in one of the town’s
Cornerstone University.
                                   major retail business areas.
     laURen CooPeR
A sophomore at Duke University.    The	one	story,	1,600	square	foot	structure	will	contain	enclosed	
A 2006 graduate of Warsaw High     offices,	3	inside	teller	stations,	4	drive-up	lanes,	a	Night	Deposi-
                                   tory and an Automated Teller Machine. Design and manage-
     JoSHUa THayeR                 ment of the project is by Romary and Associates of Fort Wayne.
A home-educated student            Opening for operations is within weeks and an Open House for
in Sharpsville. Enrolled at        the public will be announced following completion.
Cornerstone University.

                                                                          Just Arrived: New ATM’s have arrived at
                                                                          the Rochester and Peru (North Broadway)
Attention: ATM, Debit Card, and HSA Debit                                                                    To KeeP
Card	Conversion	is	August	15,	2007!                                                                         KiDS Safe
In order to sustain long term health of the ATM and Debit Card programs, final preparations are being
made to move these services to a new provider on the early morning hours of August 15, 2007.
                                                                                                          The internet is a valuable
                                                                                                          resource for kids. But, there’s
 If you carry a Beacon CU ATM,                                                                            also a dark side. Use these Web
 Check Card, and/or HSA Debit                                                                             sites to learn about the risks
                                                                                                          kids face online and to find
 Card, it is very important to note                                                                       internet-safe information.
 the following information:
                                                                                                               fBi innoCenT imageS
   •	You	will	be	receiving	a	new	ATM	                                                                          naTional iniTiaTive
    or Check Card prior to August
    15. The new cards will have a
    new look, a new card number,                                                                               fBi PaRenT’S gUiDe
                                                                                                               To inTeRneT SafeTy
    new	PIN	(personal	identification	
    number)	and	different	expiration	                                                                     pguide/pguidee.htm
    date than your current card.          You will receive your new Beacon CU Debit Card (above),
                                          new ATM card and/or new HSA Debit Card prior to August 15.          THe CongReSSional
                                                                                                              inTeRneT CaUCUS
   •	The	current	ATM	or	Check	Card	                                                                           aDviSoRy
    you carry will no longer be valid beginning at     As part of the change, Beacon Credit Union             CommiTTee
    3:00	a.m.	on	August	15,	2007.                      will join the MoneyPass® surcharge-free
                                                       ATM network, which translates into significant          geTneTWiSe
   •	You	must	activate	your	new	card	prior	to	use.		   benefits for you. MoneyPass® has thousands of

    Activation may take place via the telephone        surcharge-free ATMs coast to coast — and the
                                                                                                               CyBeR TiP line
    or	at	any	Automated	Teller	Machine	after	3:00	     network continues to grow. When you complete
    a.m.	on	August	15,	2007.                           a transaction at any MoneyPass® ATM, the
                                                       credit union or bank who owns that machine will
   •	You	may	choose	to	reset	your	newly	assigned	      not charge you a surcharge fee. Beacon Credit
    PIN	at	any	Beacon	CU	Automated	Teller	             Union will also remain a member of the Alliance
    Machine or by phone after activation of the        One surcharge-free network, which offers similar
    card.		PIN’s	may	be	reset	to	the	same	number	      benefits. For more information on MoneyPass®,
    as	your	current	PIN.                               including the MoneyPass® locations nearest you,
   •	Any	preauthorized	debits	or	transfers	that	
    you have set up using your current ATM or          If	you	have	any	questions,	you	may	contact	our	
    Check Card must be changed to the new card         Beacon	Credit	Union	Contact	Center	(press	
    numbers and expiration dates as the existing       Option	3	when	calling	any	of	our	Beacon	CU	
    card	numbers	will	not	be	valid	after	August	14,	   offices)	or	visit	any	of	our	Beacon	CU	offices.

   •	Select	machines	will	be	equipped	to	include	
    directions in Spanish.

                                                       The Compass, a publication of Beacon Credit Union
How to Contact
Beacon Credit Union                                    Education Savings Accounts,
Wabash                                                 529	College	Savings	Plans,	and	more...
(260) 563-7443
                                                       If	you’re	faced	with	the	rising	cost	of	
north Manchester
                                                       college, either now or down the road
(260) 982-7551
                                                       sometime, education savings accounts
(574) 223-4871                                         and	529	college	savings	plans	offer	

Peru (n. Broadway)                                     you tax-free ways to save. For more
(765) 472-3472                                         information about these plans and other
Peru (W. old Key Drive)                                ways to save for college, please contact
(765) 472-1022                                         us.
Logansport (216 Mall Road)
                                                                                                                                          Beacon investment Services
(574) 722-2161                                                                                                                           Located at: Beacon Credit Union
Logansport (1405 W. Market St.)                                                                                                      586	S.	Wabash	St.		Wabash,	IN		46992
                                                                                                                                 Michael D. Farner ChFC, CLU - Financial Advisor
(574) 722-6395                                                                                                                              (260)	563-7443,	ext.	2009
(765) 664-9537                                         Representatives are registered through, and securities are sold through, and Investment Advisory services offered through CUNA Brokerage Services, Inc.
                                                       (CBSI), member NASD/SIPC, A Registered Investment Advisor, 2000 Heritage Way, Waverly, Iowa 50677, toll-free (866) 512-6109. Insurance sold through
Huntington                                             licensed CUNA Mutual Life Insurance Company Representatives, and in New York, licensed insurance representatives of other companies. Nondeposit
                                                       investment products are not federally insured, involve investment risk, may lose value and are not obligations of or guaranteed by the credit union.
(260) 359-9680                                         1385-P1360F(0403)

                                                                                                                              Finding a shared branching service center just
(574) 268-1276
                                                                                                                              got	easier!		We	realize	that	life	is	hectic	and	
Grissom Aeroplex
                                                                                                                              sometimes stopping by your regular branch to
(765) 689-9181
                                                                                                                              take	care	of	your	financial	business	is	just	not	
Department extensions                                                                                                         an option. That’s why we are part of shared
CD/IRAs................................ ext. 2230                                                                             branching – to give you access to your account
Collections ............................ ext. 2215
Human Resources ................ ext. 2270                                                                                    close	to	where	you	work,	live,	and	play!		But	how	

                                                          It’s easy
E-Services ............................ ext. 2260                                                                             can	you	find	a	location	near	you?
Consumer/Ag Lending .......... ext. 2200
Real Estate Lending ............. ext. 2205
Beacon Inv. Services ............ ext. 2245                                                                                   On-the-go members can now take advantage of
New Accounts ....................... ext. 2235

                                                                         to find a
                                                                                                                              a new way to locate a convenient service center
VISA...................................... ext. 6015
Contact Center ..................... "0" or "3"                                                                               when out and about around town, on vacation, in
                                                                                                                              the car, or any variety of places. Our new phone
                                                                                                                              locator	service	will	help	you	find	a	Credit	Union	
Send all mail inquiries to:                                                                                                   Service	Center	near	you	when	you	call	1-800-919-
Beacon Credit Union                                                                                                           CUSC	(2872)	and	search	the	directory	by	zip	code	
PO Box 627
                                                       Call: 1-800-919-CUSC                                                   or street to receive the address, phone number,
Wabash, IN 46992
                                                       Online:                                                operating hours, and even driving directions to the
                                                                                                                              branches	nearest	you.		In	addition,	you	have	the	
Each account insured up to $250,000 by Ameri-                                                                                 option to receive the information in Spanish if you
can Share Insurance. By members’ choice, this           Access your accounts                                                  prefer.		With	this	new	alternative,	finding	a	service	
institution is not federally insured.
                                                         at any Credit Union                                                  center	has	never	been	simpler!				
                                                            Center today.

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