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					                                                                                      KidPix 4
                      KidPix 4 Social Studies Projects
Goal: Learn about more Kid Pix tools and create a sample Social Studies project for your

1. Let's explore today’s new tools and the options in the menus. Look around. Think about
how you could use these different features.

                                          Special Tools
So far we've used the regular drawing tools. But there are four spiffy tools you need to explore!

         Add backgrounds to your projects. These are great story starters. Not only that, you'll
find lots of ready made projects here. Most of them are slideshows. Later you'll learn to put
slideshows together. Explore the options here.

       Add Stickers to your projects. Lots of graphics are available here. Unlike stamps, these
stickers "float" over your picture. They can also be easily resized using the handles or
flipped      left/right or top/bottom.

          Add Animations to your project. These can also be resized. You can      play just one

animation. Or use the big play button to play all the animations on your page.

      Add Sound to your project. You can only have one sound on a page at a time. The

Trash can will delete the sound. The Play Button            will play the sound and animations on
your page.

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                                                                                       KidPix 4
                  The Menu
                       There are also several tools to discover in the menu

Add                                                Toolbox
The Add options assume that you have a file
from another source. If you have a graphic or
sound file, this is where to add it.

                                                   Edit ABC Text

Controls                                           Here you can enter different text such as a
                                                   student's name or spelling words you're
                                                   studying. This option changes the Wacky
                                                   Brush ABC option under Brush, Tray 4.

                                                   Check Spelling This option is available if you
                                                   typed text with the text tool.

Here you'll find several options for controlling   Flatten Text This will ‘paint’ the text to the
the sound. If you don't have headphones for        background – the box around your text will
your computer, you might want to turn off the      disappear and you will NOT be able to move
fun sounds!                                        the text.

Small Kids Mode                                    Idea Machine There are lots of templates of
If you turn this on, the text tool changes to      projects available here. Use Feelings to
letter stamps and the colors are shown at all      address conflict resolution and responsible
times.                                             behavior. Use the places to explain different
                                                   locations in the world (habitats and
                                                   environments are in the Social Studies
                                                   curriculum as well as Science).

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                                                                                      KidPix 4
2. Project Choices
  1. Create an example page that could be used
     in a Do's and Don'ts mini slide show. For
     Divide slide in half vertically
     Write Do rule on left side with illustration and
     Don't rule on right side with illustration
     Examples: Do sit up straight at the computer
     and Don't slouch
     Do share on the playground and Don't hog
     the ball
  2. Draw a map of the classroom and label. This
     helps students with orientation to the
     classroom in the fall.
  3. Draw a map of your neighborhood.
  4. Draw a picture showing the ways your family produces and consumes goods and
  5. Use the stickers or backgrounds or a map from backgrounds to identify a place
     (geography) or to illustrate a culture. Write a sentence to describe your illustration.

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