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               Previously I said:

                       Ray Vickson <RGVickson@xxxxxxx> wrote in

                               The following was posted in the forum
                               'sci.math', and the poster
                               asked whether it was a fake. They then went
                               on to suggest we would,
                               ourselves, all turn to popcorn.


                               R.G. Vickson

               A few corrections are added below

                       [quote]US analogue phone had a maximum transmit power
                       of 3.6 watts.
                       Other digital mobile technologies, such as CDMA and
                       TDMA, use lower
                       output power, typically below 1 watt.[unquote] The picture

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                                            Re: Cell phone popcorn
                        shows 4
                        cell phones.

                        Let us assume each puts out 1 watt at about 1 GHz (900 MHz
                        cell phone
                        band is very close to the X band radar and microwave oven

                I was wrong. X band is 10 GHz, 3 cm, S band is 2.5 GHz, 10 cm.
                Microwave ovens operate in the S band. Cell phones operate at 900 and
                1900 MHz. None the less, water absorbs energy at these frequencies
                rather well.

                It still appears to me that the video might be 'legit'.

        There is also the minor problem that popcorn alone doesn't pop worth
        a damn in a microwave oven.

You need the right kind of popcorn with the right moisture content.
Regular popcorn will not work because the moisture content is not enough.

        That's why there is metal in the bag and a label that says "pop with
        this side down"; it is the metal getting hot that actually pops
        microwave popcorn.

That is incorrect. Show me metal in a popcorn bag. None of the bags I have
seen have any metal or anything special in the bag.

The reason the bag says 'this side down' is so that the bag stays in one
place as it is expanded by the popcorn. That way the heating popcorn
doesn't move out of the area where the microwaves are strongest and where
the bottom of the oven has started to be heated by the bag.

The bag will work if you put it upside down, but it will move around as it
expands and some of the kernels will probably not pop and others may burn.

Nothing metal should ever be put into the microwave oven, unless the metal
object is carefully designed to be used in the oven. It can detune the
cavity, cause damage to the magnetron or cause arcing to the oven walls.
There is nothing metal in the popcorn bags I have examined.

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                                          Re: Cell phone popcorn
Some items like 'microwave pizza' have a resistive element that gets hot
to 'brown' the pizza, but metal in the oven can arc to the oven walls.
Some ceramics get very hot in a microwave oven. I once picked up a cup of
tea from the oven, only to find that the handle was just short of red hot.

Use only microwave safe cups in your oven, unless you are trying to smelt
metals. I have played with a 'free' microwave oven that I picked up by the
road, trying to smelt metals (it can be done with the right material for a
crucible). http://www.popsci.com/diy/article/2003−09/smelting−microwave

        Also, Snopes allready debuked this.


Their debunking needs debunking. I agree that an egg can't be cooked by
cell phone. Snoops title says eggs or popcorn but they don't do any trials
or calculations for popcorn. They certainly don't do a good job of
debunking the popping of a few kernels of popcorn.

They also mention 0.25 W AVERAGE power, 2 Watts PEAK power from the cell
phones. Cell phones put out max power at the beginning of a connection and
throttle back on output if the tower reports strong signals.


please pardon my infinite ignorance, the set−of−things−I−do−not−know is an
infinite set.

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