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									Graphic Design and Software
Adobe Illustrator has self-paced courses and instructor-led courses for a price. (I didn’t get the
cost – the site loaded so slowly that I gave up before getting that information)

Free Illustrator Tutorials from Colleges and Universities:
1. The University of Washington
2. Iowa State – Hidden Tricks
3. Brown University Wiki – short tutorial
4. Whitman – Intro to making posters
5. Florida Atlantic University handout
6. U C Berkley
7. Painting with Illustrator (Virginia)
8. Johnson C Smith

Some other free sites:
1. Smashing Magazine has two pages of Adobe Illustrator tutorials: Part 1:
2. and Part 2:
3. Mike’s Sketch Pad has a multi-part tutorial on The Anatomy of a Vector Illustration
    for Illustrator.
4. Designer Today has free tutorials for graphic design software including Illustrator and
5. has video and other tutorials for essential techniques and fun tutorials that
    include such topics as Making Party Invitations, and Creating a Pop-up Box
7. Pixel2Life
8. Tutorial Guide
9. Creative Cow
10. Learn It 2
11. Tech FAQ
12. Lunar Eclipse - Fun with Illustrator
Tutorials and courses from colleges and universities:

1. University of Arizona Corel Draw 12 The Basics
2. NC State University - Mitosis Animation (I don’t know when you’d ever
   need this, but if you have an interest in science it might be fun.)
3. Edgecomb Community College Ed2go CorelDRAW X3 ($55 for a 6 week instructor-
   led course)

2.   Computer Technical Tutorials
3.   Advanced Artist
4.   Mike’s Sketch Pad has a multi-part tutorial on The Anatomy of a Vector Illustration
     for Corel Draw.
5.   Designer Today has free tutorials for graphic design software including Illustrator and
6.   Tech FAQ
7.   Designer Info’s Producing a Logo with Corel Draw http://designer-
8.   Grafx Design

   1. There are a lot of short tutorials on specific topics at Tutorialized.
   2. Photoshop Tutorials:
   3. HP has a free course for Intermediate Photoshop CS2 which may transfer to ps2
   4. Chabot College Photoshop Step by Step Handouts: (by the way there are many
      other handouts on this page for Excel, Word, Blackboard, Adobe pdf, etc. )
   5. If you’d like to take an on-line course with an instructor check out the ed2go
      Photoshop courses at Edgecomb Community College I think most of the Photoshop courses are
      taught by Beverly Schultz; I took her course on photography and I found her to be
      a good instructor. I wouldn’t hesitate to take another course with her. (There are
      many other teaching institutions that offer ed2go courses if you’d rather take one
      in your home state. )

Free courses and tutorials from colleges and universities:

1. Graphic Design Basics from San Diego University
2. Graphic Design from Duke University
3. Cornell Art, Design, and Visual Thinking
4. MIT Computation Design 1: Theory and Applications (This is from Open Course
   Ware which consists of lecture notes, reading assignments, etc from an actual college
5. MIT Fundamentals of Computational Media Design
6. MIT Computer Graphics
7. Online Graphic Design Courses and Tutorials Offered Free by Top Universities and
   Educational Websites
1. Computer Graphics and Design
2. Ag Design – a Graphic Designer’s blog (it’s very visually busy)
3. Design Web Resources from the Library at the University of Michigan
4. Computer Art and Design from Wanna Learn
5. The Graphic Reporter

1. Grafica Obscura
2. Drawing and Graphic tutorials at Computer Technical Tutorials
3. Grafx Design
4. University of Toledo Imaging Tools
5. Laser Cutter and CorelDRAW

1. Graphics Software
2. Beginner Basics
(Pertains to Desktop Publishing):
3. Elements of Graphic Design
4. Graphic Design Basics
5. Design Basics

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