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					November 12, 1998                      CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — SENATE                                                           S12997
federal    government      lawyers    are     quizzing her students on the great European      no matter what level a student is, if they
charged; and it is easy to imagine in-        explorers: Christopher Columbus, Vasco da        have Mrs. Younkers, they’ll have a wonder-
stances where a number of their mem-          Gama, Sir Francis Drake and so forth. You        ful year.’’
                                              wouldn’t think a roomful of 13-year-olds           Younkers beat out 23 state semi-finalists,
bers may have an affirmative stake in
                                              would be interested in a bunch of long-dead      who were chosen from among Maryland’s
frustrating that enforcement.                 strangers, but that’s clearly not the case in    49,000 teachers. She now advances to the na-
  Perhaps my concerns will turn out to        this class.                                      tional Teacher of the Year competition.
be misplaced. I understand that one              Hand after hand shoots up in the air, stu-      For the national contest, she must adopt
important concession the Senate ob-           dents eager to supply the appropriate an-        an issue that she will advocate. Younkers
tained in the negotiations leading up         swers. Later, when the class adjourns to the     said she will work to encourage the best and
to the inclusion of this provision in the     library, the youngsters rush about looking       the brightest students to become teachers.
omnibus legislation is a 6 month delay        for the needed information. There’s a certain    Maryland, like other states, will face a se-
                                              excitement in the air, a feeling that school     vere teacher shortage in coming years, and,
in the provision’s effective date. This
                                              and learning and even homework can be,           as Younkers said, ‘‘Our students deserve to
will give us some opportunity to see          well, fun.                                       learn from highly qualified instructors.’’
whether the result of the adoption of            Plum Point Principal Michael Reidy sums         The national Teacher of the Year will be
this provision is a greater effort by the     up the situation this way: ‘‘Mrs. Younkers       selected in the spring. In the meantime,
State bars to accommodate federal in-         has a spirit about her that creates magic in     Younkers is maintaining a rigorous speaking
terests, or the opposite. It will also        the classroom.’’                                 tour—talking to other educators, as well as
give us a better opportunity to assess           That spirit has won Younkers the title of     politicians—and her students are getting
                                              1999 Maryland Teacher of the Year.               used to the extra media attention and the
what the real impact of applying exist-
                                              Younkers, 27, is the youngest teacher to win     parents who stop by with gifts and words of
ing State rules in the context of federal     the award in its 12-year history and the first   praise.∑
prosecutions will be. In the long run,        from Southern Maryland. She received the
however, it seems to me that the right        award—which includes a $5,000 check and
answer here is not for the federal gov-       other prizes—at a ceremony Friday evening        THE 90TH ANNIVERSARY OF ST.
ernment to abdicate to State bars the         in Baltimore.                                      MARY’S BANK IN MANCHESTER,
important responsibility of establish-           Younkers has taught seventh- and eighth-        NH
ing these rules, but, at least with re-       grade social studies at the Huntingtown
                                              school for five years, her entire career in      ∑ Mr. GREGG. Mr. President, on No-
spect to its own officers, to perform         education. Younkers, a native of Calvert         vember 24th, we will be celebrating the
that responsibility itself.∑                  County, said her inspiration in teaching has     90th anniversary of the birth of credit
                                              been her mother, a social studies teacher at     unions. St. Mary’s Bank of Manchester,
                                              Northern High School. One of the most im-        New Hampshire opened its doors in 1908
    TRIBUTE TO 1999 MARYLAND                  portant lessons her mother passed along was
       TEACHER OF THE YEAR                    the importance of actively involving stu-
                                                                                               as a true local establishment serving
∑ Mr. SARBANES. Mr. President, I rise         dents in their education, she said.              the community on which it was built.
to recognize the remarkable achieve-             ‘‘My teaching philosophy is based on an       St. Mary’s Bank was formed by
ments of one of my constituents,              ancient Chinese proverb: ‘Tell me, I forget.     Manchester’s French-Canadian immi-
                                              Show me, I remember. Involve me, I under-        grant and working class families to
Rachael Younkers, who has won the             stand,’ ’’ Younkers said.
title of 1999 Maryland Teacher of the                                                          help other working class families. I
                                                 And involve her students she does. During     want to congratulate St. Mary’s Bank
Year. This honor is a tribute to her          a class on Tuesday, Younkers divided her 28
dedication to and mastery of the art of       eighth-graders into teams and dispatched
                                                                                               on being the pioneer in the field of
teaching seventh and eighth grade stu-        them to the library to research a specific ex-   credit unions and for continuing to
dents at Plum Point Middle School,            plorer. Among their tasks: Finding the ex-       grow and provide community support
and is even more impressive by the fact       plorer’s photograph on the Internet, drawing     for the last 90 years.
that this 27-year-old is the youngest         a detailed picture of his ship and writing a       In these times of bank mergers and
                                              daily log of weather conditions during his       takeovers designed to expand markets
person ever to win the award in its           voyage. The students even had to compose a
twelve year history. I am so proud to                                                          beyond boundaries of local commu-
                                              letter to the king and queen explaining why      nities, St. Mary’s has always stood by
congratulate Mrs. Younkers, the first         they should fund the explorer’s trip.
winner from Southern Maryland, for               ‘‘Learning is not a spectator sport,’’        its roots and the people of Manchester.
being named the 1999 Maryland Teach-          Younkers said. ‘‘The kids are the actual         St. Mary’s Bank exemplifies a commu-
er of the Year from 23 other Maryland         players in the game, and they need to be ac-     nity institution built on local values
candidates.                                   tively involved in their own learning. I see     and relationships. It continues its tra-
                                              myself as a partner in their education, and      dition of donating to community
  Mrs. Younkers is a native of Calvert
                                              that’s how we win.’’                             causes and has begun a $10 million in-
County who, according to students and            Her students seem to like the technique.
peers alike, brings a unique energy to                                                         vestment in the Manchester commu-
                                              ‘‘It’s not like we’re talking about a lot of
her classes which serves to excite her        dead guys,’’ said Nathan Bowen, an eighth-
                                                                                               nity to help low and moderate income
students about social studies topics          grader from Prince Frederick. ‘‘She really       families purchase and rent homes, and
that may otherwise seem dull or out-          brings it to life.’’                             to provide assistance in emergency sit-
of-date. Through the use of innovative           Nathan said he especially likes all the fun   uations.
                                              games Younkers comes up with, including            I wish to recognize St. Mary’s Bank
teaching techniques, including learn-
                                              baseball and basketball matches that are         of Manchester, New Hampshire for its
ing games and exploration of the inter-       played in the classroom and adapted to the
net, Mrs. Younkers has brought a fresh                                                         90 years of service to the community of
                                              subject being studied. Treasure hunts and
perspective to her teachings.                                                                  Manchester’s West Side and for mark-
                                              ‘‘Social Studies Jeopardy’’ also are frequent
  It has always been my firm belief           occurrences in Room 216.                         ing the beginning of credit unions na-
that the education and training of our           Larkin Jones, also an eighth-grader, said     tionwide.∑
young people is one of the most impor-        she admires her teacher’s personality. ‘‘She’s
tant tasks in a democratic society. Mr.       always smiling and happy, and she knows a
                                              lot about you.’’ And that fact that she’s        OMNIBUS       CONSOLIDATED          AND
President, I would like my colleagues                                                            EMERGENCY           SUPPLEMENTAL
                                              young makes it ‘‘really easy to talk to her,’’
to join me in recognizing the hard            Jones said.                                        APPROPRIATIONS FOR FISCAL
work that has led Mrs. Younkers to re-           Indeed, Younkers has made such an im-           YEAR 1999—CONFERENCE REPORT
ceive this recognition. I ask unanimous       pression on Larkin that she recently con-
consent that an article from the South-       fided in her mother that she might want to         (In the RECORD of October 21, 1998, on
ern Maryland Extra to the Washington          be a social studies teacher when she grows       page S12785, a page of the text of Mrs.
Post be inserted into the RECORD im-          up, ‘‘just like Mrs. Younkers.’’                 FEINSTEIN’s remarks was inadvertently
                                                 ‘‘She’s been a tremendous influence on        omitted. The permanent RECORD will
mediately following my remarks, and I
                                              her,’’ said Donna Jones, Larkin’s mother.        be corrected to reflect the following:)
yield the floor.                              Jones, a guidance counselor at Plum Point
    (From the Washington Post, Southern                                                             QUINCY LIBRARY GROUP LEGISLATION
                                              added that Younkers has a unique ability to
        Maryland Extra, Oct. 22, 1998)        help all students—whether they’re honor roll     ∑ Mrs. FEINSTEIN. Mr. President, I
  In Room, 216 at Plum Point Middle School,   or in need of remedial instruction.’’ As a       am very pleased that the Quincy Li-
social studies teacher Rachael Younkers is    counselor, it’s very comforting to know that     brary Group bill has been included in

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