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aetna doc find

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									                         Finding a doctor in Aetna DocFind

DocFind is Aetna’s online provider directory and it can help you find a participating health care
provider. You can search DocFind by name, ZIP Code, miles willing to travel, city and sate, or
county and state, to easily locate participating providers including:
    other healthcare professionals

Accessing DocFind
Log onto and look for the Find A Doctor shortcut. Next, select the DocFind icon
and click on Go to DocFind.
    Select your search criteria (name, specialty or geographic search)
    Select your plan:
    o HMO: click on Aetna Standard Plans, then HMO
    o HSA: click on Aetna Health Fund Plans, then Aetna Choice POSII

If you are already registered for Aetna’s member website Aetna Navigator, then simply log in and
click on the DocFind link on your home page. If you wish to contact Aetna, call 1-888-287-4296.
The CISD group number is SI 208102. If you are in the HMO plan you will need to know the
seven-digit Provider ID found in DocFind at the time of enrollment.

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