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 “Your One-Stop Shop”
Look familiar?
 The UCF Bookstore is operated by Barnes
  & Noble College Bookstores.
 General Reading area.
  – Over 20,000 titles in stock.
  – Can order almost any book at no charge!
 Starbucks® Café.
 Required school supplies.
Why shop at the UCF Bookstore?
 We carry 100% of the             Lowest Price
  book list.                        Guaranteed!
 Largest selection of               – We will beat the
                                       competitor’s price by $1.
  Used textbooks.
                                   Daily Buyback
 We give 11.5% back                 – Retail 50%
  to the University                  – Wholesale %
   – Keeps university fees down
                                   Students and faculty
   – No one else can say that!
                                    play a vital role in
                                    keeping prices down.
We are #1
 Largest selection of UCF merchandise in
  the world!
 Currently 8 of our 18 personnel
  management team is UCF Alumni.
 We are the largest employer of student
  workers on campus.
 Looking for temporary student workers for
  Fall Rush.
  – Only UCF Bookstore employees get discounts on
 15 Textbook
  scholarships are offered
  every year.
 1 page (250 word) essay
  “If I was a book, my title
  would be….”
 Free textbooks for Fall,
  Spring, and Summer.
Online Textbook Ordering
          Go online
          First dibs on used textbooks.
          Option for in-store pick up or
          Registration Integration
          through
          Convenient way to get all the
           books you need and avoid the
Help with the cost of college
Frequently Asked Questions
 Can my child use my check/credit card for
 My child has a scholarship for books, how
  does that work?
 Does the UCF Bookstore take the Reader’s
  Advantage card?
 What if my child drops/adds classes?

Please visit the store after your child
 registers for classes. Books for the
current semester are available now!