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     18th Biennial Theme Exhibition
       (Formerly the “Traveling” Exhibition)

       With the Special Theme

             “Extreme Sports”

                           General Chairman

 Keith Vaughan, 7 Amberwood Court, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, B3M 3X6

        This International Exhibition of Photography has been awarded
recognition by PSA, the world’s largest patron of international photographic
exhibitions. Acceptances received by PSA members in approved Divisions
of this exhibition are eligible for PSA Star Ratings, listing in the worldwide
PSA Who’s Who of Photography, and credited toward the PSA Distinctions
PPSA and EPSA. PSA is a non-profit organization promoting the
advancement of photography in all its forms to novice, amateur, and
professional photographers worldwide. For information regarding
membership and the many services and activities of PSA, contact:

                 Photographic Society of America,
               3000 United Founders Blvd., Suite 103
               Oklahoma City, OK 73112-3940, USA
                   Web Site: www.psa-photo.org
                          E-mail: hq@psa-photo.org

                    Tanya Ricker, Halifax, N.S.
     Award-winning photographer; Member of PGNS eight years;
            Member of Atlantic Lighthouse seven years.

                     Clive Elson, Halifax, N.S.
      Award-winning Photographer; Member of PGNS two years;
             Member of Atlantic Lighthouse two years.

                       Ken Renton, Bedford, N.S.
                     Award-winning photographer;
             Camera club member for more than 40 years.
   Galashiels (Scotland) 1960’s; St. Laurent Camera Club (Montreal,
               Canada) 1970’s; Member of PGNS 4 years;
                Member of Atlantic Lighthouse 4 years.

                                 Slide Section
                                 BEST OF SHOW
                              PSA PJD GOLD MEDAL
                             Keith Gillett (Illinois)
                            "Wrong End of the Bull"

                                Honourable Mention
                      Keith Gillett (Illinois) for "Steer Wrestler"

      Walter R. Centeno                     Wrestler
      Walter R. Centeno                     Teamwork
      Walter R. Centeno                     Upright Rider

      Keith Gillett                         Steer Wrestler HM
      Keith Gillett                         Wrong End of the Bull Medal

      Dennis Poeschel PPSA                  One Up, One Down
      Dennis Poeschel PPSA                  Hard Fall

      Louis F. Romain FPSA EFIAP            Rodeo Gal

                                 Print Section
                                 BEST OF SHOW
                              PSA PJD GOLD MEDAL
                              Keith Gillett (Illinois)
                               "In Harm’s Way"

                              Honourable Mentions
                    Keith Gillett (Illinois) for "Dirt Bike Racer"
                 Dennis Poeschel PPSA (Wisconsin) for “5 in a Row”

     Wolfgang Behrndt AFIAP         Triathlon
     Keith Gillett                  Dirt Bike Racer HM
     Keith Gillett                  In Harm’s Way Medal

      Dennis Poeschel PPSA          5 in a Row HM
      Dennis Poeschel PPSA          14 H

                                     Digital Section

                                       BEST OF SHOW
                                    PSA PJD GOLD MEDAL
                                    Albert Peer (Austria)

                                     Honourable Mentions

                           Bernd Mai EFIAP (Germany) for "Speed"
                     Bernd Mai EFIAP (Germany) for “Superman Seatgrap"


       Albert Peer EVÖAV                Marathon Lady
       Albert Peer EVÖAV                Huskys Medal

     Bernd Mai EFIAP                    Speed HM
     Bernd Mai EFIAP                    Superman Seatgrap HM

     Eugen Mihai EFIAP                  Butterfly

     Rolf Ackerberg AFIAP               Curvefight


Division   Entries    Acceptances     Min Score      HM’s   Medals
                                    For acceptance
Slide        24            8            11 pts        1       1
 Print       16            5            12 pts        2       1
Digital      24            6            12 pts        2       1

 Total       64           19                          5       3

                                     Chairman’s Remarks

       I would like to thank the photographers who took the time and trouble to enter

this exhibition – all ten of them! The lack of interest in this, the 18th PJ Biennial Theme

Exhibition of the PJ Division of PSA, is a most distressing state of affairs. The executive

of the PJ division will have to consider seriously whether to make a commitment to the

19th Theme exhibition in two years time. The other factor to be considered seriously is

the choice of the theme, which was obviously a problem this time around. The chosen

theme, “Extreme Sports”, apparently created a difficulty for entrants and potential

entrants to interpret.    There were a number of queries back in the winter from

photographers expressing confusion about the theme.

       The choice of the theme, “Extreme Sports”, was a decision taken at the PJ

Division Business Meeting on my recommendation. One possible interpretation of the

expression Extreme Sports is the range of sporting events exemplified by the “X-games”,

both summer and winter versions. Extreme Sports are different from conventional sports

in terms of the level of risk and danger involved in the activity. The majority of the

images entered by the 10 entrants would not qualify as Extreme Sports, although a few

images represented the “extreme” interpretation of a conventional sport. In total, 64

images (slide, print or digital) were entered. 58 of those images were images of

conventional sports, such as motocross, arena cross, rodeo, air show, windsurfing, pool

diving, skiing, snowboard, marathon, pole vault, gymnastics, dogsled racing, speed

skating (short-track), cycling, racing car (formula 3), white water kayaking, equestrian,

thoroughbred horse racing and speed boat. At one point, close to the closing date, I really

considered abandoning the whole business and returning the entries un-judged.

However, reason prevailed and the judging went ahead. Nevertheless, the judges had a

hard time finding winners.

       So, what are “Extreme Sports”? or to rephrase the question, what are the X-

games? Google to the rescue! The summer X-games started in 1993 in Los Angeles and

take place annually in August. The winter X-games are more recent (1997) and take

place in February. The recent winter X-games have been held at Buttermilk Mountain in

Aspen, Colorado.

       The current range of sports to qualify for the summer X-games include freestyle

BMX (big air, superpark), MotoX (best trick, freestyle, supermoto, supercross, Big Air,

Megaramp and Street), supermoto, skateboarding (street, Big Air, Best Trick, Superpark),

Surfing and Rallying. Several extreme sports have been eliminated from the official X-

games list, but are still pursued (legally) in non-authorized events: X-venture, bungee

jumping, wakeboarding, barefoot jumping, sport climbing, skysurfing and street luge!

The current official winter X-games list includes: snocross (snowmobile flying, in the

air!), skier-X, slopestyle skiing, superpipe, Big Air skiing/snowboarding, monoskier-X,

snowboarding-slopestyle, snowboard-X (superpipe, best trick) snowmobiling (snocross,

freestyle, speed and style, snowskating) and mass snow boards. Sadly, we saw virtually

none of these activities in the images submitted by the entrants.

       In hindsight, I might have been a little more pro-active and had this information

available, someplace, well before the Exhibition deadline.      What is the future for the

Theme Exhibition, in light of the low submission for this one? I can only suggest that the

choice of a theme will be more enlightened in the future.


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