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					English I – Roché                                Name _________________________
Summer Reading – The Hobbit
Study Guide

I. Be able to match the following characters with the correct identifying information:

       1. Thorin Oakenshield

       2. Beorn

       3. Carc

       4. Balin

       5. Girion

       6. Bard

       7. Gloin

       8. Bombur

       9. Gollum

     10. Bilbo Baggins

     11. Gandalf

     12. Belladonna Took Baggins

     13. Smaug

     14. Elrond

     15. Dain

     16. Durin

     17. Necromancer
English I – Roché
Summer Reading – The Hobbit
Study Guide – Page 2

II. Match the following places with the correct identifying information:

       1. Lake-town                                     7. Middle Earth

       2. the Running River                             8. Dale

       3. Bag End                                       9. the Lonely Mountain

       4. Mirkwood                                     10. Moria

       5. Rivendell                                    11. Misty Mountains

       6. the Last Homely House                        12. The Carrock

III. Match the following characters with the correct identifying information. Note:
     Characters may be used more than once.

       1. goblins

       2. wizard

       3. hobbits

       4. dwarves

       5. elves

       6. trolls

IV. Multiple Choice: This section will be based on the following questions:

       1. Who scratched a strange sign on the hobbit’s front door?

       2. How many dwarves came to the hobbit’s house to join in the adventure?
English I – Roché
Summer Reading – The Hobbit
Study Guide – Page 3

     3. The dwarves referred to the hobbit as ____________________.

     4. What was with the map of the Mountain?

     5. Who made the map?

     6. What was promised to the hobbit for participating in the adventure?

     7. What were the dwarves riding?

     8. Two dwarves especially good at making fires were _____ and _____.

     9. William, Bert, and Tom were _______.

    10. According to Elrond, Thorin’s sword was named _____.

    11. Gandalf’s sword was named _____.

    12. What information was included in the map?

    13. What animal would signify the time to open the hidden door?

    14. The two dwarves that were the youngest and had the sharpest eyes were __?

    15. What attacked the dwarves and the hobbit in the cave?

    16. Which dwarf was the strongest and carried the hobbit?

    17. Who found the ring on the floor of the tunnel?

    18. Who had lost the ring?

    19. Who called himself “my precious”?

    20. Who participated in the riddles?

    21. What power did the ring yield?

    22. The ring was made of _____.
English I – Roché
Summer Reading – The Hobbit
Study Guide – Page 4

    23. What did the hobbit lose when he escaped from the goblins?

    24. Describe the wild wargs (wolves).

    25. Who rescued the hobbit and the dwarves from the wargs?

    26. Into what animal did Beorn sometimes change?

    27. What did Beorn eat?

    28. What helped Beorn serve Gandalf, the dwarves, and the hobbit?

    29. Who had a favorite past-time of blowing smoke rings?

    30. What did Beorn promise to Gandalf and the travelers for their journey?

    31. Where did Gandalf leave the hobbit and the dwarves?

    32. What advice did Gandalf give the hobbit and dwarves?

    33. Which animals were found in the woods?

    34. What animal did they see by the enchanted stream?

    35. Which dwarf fell into the enchanted stream and fell into a deep sleep?

    36. What did the hobbit name his sword after he used it to kill the spider?

    37. What names did the hobbit call the spiders?

    38. What was used in the battle of the dwarves against the spiders?

    39. Who had carried away Thorin at the end of the battle with the spiders?

    40. How did the hobbit and the dwarves escape from the forest caves?

    41. Where did the hobbit and dwarves go right after their escape from the caves?

    42. What animal(s) revealed the secret passage to the Lonely Mountain?
English I – Roché
Summer Reading – The Hobbit
Study Guide – Page 5

     43. What part of the dragon’s treasure was recovered first by the hobbit?

     44. Where was the dragon’s weak spot?

     45. Who ate cram?

     46. What leader was killed during the Battle of the Five Armies?

     47. Which of the dwarves were killed during the Battle of the Five Armies?

V. Discussion: Be prepared to answer the following questions in a well-developed

1. Discuss the general theme of good versus evil in The Hobbit. Give specific
   details from the book.

2. Compare and/or contrast the characters Gandalf and the Necromancer.

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